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This will be a huge section,  I am slowly going to fill it up with my old tumblr photos. Be patient!

Just a note before we start. I love to spank maids, and have acted in videos doing exactly that. With certain girls I love to role play too. Not for the camera, but just special time for me. The love of a victorian maid in all her finery has thrilled me for years.

When I spank a maid, I seem to time travel! Everything else in the world fades away…


So! Off we go! My girls in Victorian attire….

This is Samantha acting the part of a Victtorian Mistress, reprimanding Kate, who is acting the maid…

Click here for a little story with eleven saucy victorian spanking photos of Samantha and Kate…

The Unusual Punishment of a Naughty Victorian Maid

This is Claudia, known on Twitter as Miss Iceni. I have chosen her to be the owner of my Victorian Bawdy House, the Inveigle.

In a story that is!

Just right for the part isn’t she?

Here is a set I have done in black and white of Samantha as a Victorian Mistress in corset and bloomers, with Cherry as her submissive…

Look at Samantha here, she looks just how you want a naughty maid to look.

Ready for the number of strokes to be decided upon…

She has just been told it is two dozen with the birch, hence the look of shock on her face.

I love the way bloomers frame a bottom to be spanked, and which in turn frames the pussy on view…


Of course, a naughty bottom needs a few cane stripes, and if a maid deserves it, she gets it!


I very much like how the bloomers slid down slowly when Samantha was in this position, almost like a silent invitation to punish her…

Here is a little sequence played by Samantha, of a maid going over the stool for the first time

“Go to the stool Samantha.”

“Bend over.”

“Dress and petticoats up girl!”

She turns, trembling.

“Hold your position for six of the birch. Do not move! If you do, we will start again!”

‘Yes Master.”

And now you have met my two maids. Rather nice are they not!

Much more to follow, pop back often.

There is something delightfully erotic about a naughty maid, neatly turned out in her fine starched uniform, a good God fearing young woman in a time when they were taught to respect their elders and betters, and corporal punishment was normal.

I know my version is a fantasy version, and in real historic times, things were hard. But here, I love to see the mass of uniform with its aprons, mop caps, and petticoats etc lifted to reveal a beautiful Victorian rump, for spanking!

And my dear friends, I do!

When I spank a girl in these outfits (all made in Edinburgh by a seamstress, to original drawings, even the bloomers) I escape this world. The only thing in my whole world right then is the delicious bottom bared for one reason…


I am back in time, I am a Master with a naughty maid. It is so real! I love it!

So let’s go and look at the bottoms….. Rumps! We must call them rumps in this section! Some spanked, some ready for spanking. You will find my other girls in similar attire in my stories too, but for now, let’s feast our eyes on the naughty rumps of Samantha and Kate…

What a beautiful look
I love a winking eye!
All on show for Master!
Looking worried
Higher girl! Higher!!
Please Sir, spank me

The beautiful winking eye of Kate…waiting…

Waiting for starters orders
Up high and ready
Waiting on Neddy
Keep still
Bottom presented well
Ready to gallop
Bend over
The bloomers open
Push out dear!
Ready and bared
Ripe for spanking!
Hold it there for me
What a beautiful target
Ohhhh, the shape!
You are a naughty maid
Spanking profile

I love the tuft of hair!


HERE YOU WILL FIND 7 SECTIONS, all are in their infancy, but I have loads of material to add, so please, call back from time to time.







7 Etc….The etc is rather naughty and at the bottom of this long page!

YOU HAVE TO PATIENTLY SCROLL DOWN THROUGH THE LOT!! (WordPress did an update and I am finding the new version hard! This is the easiest way to do it….for me!)




Not the largest photo, but this is my personal favourite,

Louis Malteste 1862 – 1928

Try to imagine him if you will, working under oil lamps at his desk, in his wood panelled study, creating these beautiful works.

This is why I do what I do, he inspired me so much! I can draw and paint a bit, but could never do anything so good as these, so I use my own photographs to illustrate my stories. In these little snippets I am using the names of the girls in my team… Claudia (Miss Iceni), Charlotte, Kate, Lucy, and Samantha, also known as Tamara or Miss Kenworthy.

Here is some of his work, (lots more to come)

Number 1 – An After School Birching

Lucy had long been long overdo a good birching. Coming from a well to do family, her Daddy was a Governor of the school and she thought herself immune to punishment.

But today was different, she had been a nuisance all day, and had been told to stay behind when the bell was rung.

She thought it would be lines again, but no! Four years of pent up feelings were about to be imprinted on Lucy’s bottom.

“Oh no young lady, it is no lines tonight, this time we are going to stripe your bottom well! Hold her still Miss Charlotte! Let me pull her bloomers down, and then we’ll begin! We have two birches for you Lucy and I expect to see them both almost devoid of twigs by the time we have whipped your cheeks!”

“Noooo noooo you can’t! My Daddy is a Governor.”

“Let me correct you on that young lady, he was dismissed from that post this morning!” Said Miss Kenworthy.

“Nooooooooooo awwwww blahhhhh!” The girl began to scream and cry wildly.

And the thrashing has not even started!


Number 2 – The Enima Birching

Look at the glee in the maid’s face.

You see, Katie was the ladies maid of the eldest daughter, the young lady, stood on the right, Tamara. In the middle is the mother, Lady Iceni.

Like all maids, Katie knew her place, and tried not to complain. The daughter has recently become very pompous, due to some friends who encouraged such behaviour. She found it great fun to ridicule the maid as often as she could, pointing out her low rank in society and life.

Tamara witnessed this first hand and had asked the maid about it, she got the full story and went straight to tell Mummy. Mummy took matters in hand and thus the scene you witness…

“I cannot believe what you have turned into Lucy! A spiteful, selfish young girl who finds it fun to ridicule our faithful maids! You are getting the birch on your bare bottom, thirty six strokes, administered by Katie! Last time you were birched you emptied your bowels after three strokes and made a terrible mess!!…”

“No Mummy, stop! Don’t talk so loud, stop telling her that!”

Katie could not help but laugh.

Mummy continued. “To stop the same happening again, Katie is going to give you a warm soapy douche up your bottom, then thrash you, mercilessly! I mean that Katie, show no mercy at all!” Instructed Lady Iceni.

“Noooooo Mummy…..


No3 Figging

The young woman Charlotte  turns to her  Samantha. She is in a victorian flagellation brothel for women (yes, the did exist, and I have researched them, see my story ‘The Inveigle’). Her Domme has a bit of what first appears to be carved parsnip.

“What are you going to do with that!?”

“Shove it up your rump hole my dear!”


“The last time you came, I saw that you needed more, so you are being figged my dear!” She spat on the piece of hand carved ginger root and inserted it into her fine plump rump.

It began to burn, especially when she tightened her anus onto it, so she relaxed….THWACK! ….and on it went, every time she relaxed she got a thwack from the hard hairbrush!

a note on FIGGING

It was first recorded as a punishment for female slaves in Ancient Greece.

In Victorian times it was used in prison on both male and females being birched or caned. As described above, the purpose was to make the person being punished relax their buttocks, and at that moment they would strike! Relaxed buttocks feel much more pain! Fiendishly clever, because on deliverance of a brutal judicial stroke of a half inch diameter five foot long cane, the first reaction is to clench the buttocks. On doing this the intense burning around the anus was by all accounts unbearable, so they relaxed! THWACK! The cycle would continue with regular insertions of fresh ginger, which hurt more.

It seems when a woman was sentenced to three months and twelve (of the cane on the bare buttocks) the man who would deliver the thrashing was put in charge of her. She had to behave, because he decided on the severity.

Damn clever these Victorians!

No 4 Mrs Walter’s Spanking Bench

If ever you go to Bristol in England, get yourself a street map, look for an area called Clifton and search for Oakfield Road, number 53.

A Mrs Walters used to live there, in Victorian times, and ran a house of correction for Wayward Girls. Yes, it’s true, (look it up) people who had wayward daughters would send them to her, maybe for a year, maybe for a week, maybe for a day. For one reason….discipline! Think of Miss Iceni when you think of her.

There were newspaper accounts of her, (easy to find). She was known as ‘The Lady of the Birch’

Yes, she made a good living from spanking, birching, and caning naughty girls bottoms.

The girls had a uniform, a long dress open at the back, like an extravagant hospital gown! Imagine that, all firm young women, with long dresses, open at the back, to reveal bloomers, all ready for spankings….the bloomers would have open backs you see. And yes, women. The girls could be sixteen, they could be twenty one, it was a finishing school.

I am writing a story of it, it is in the photo story section.

Here she is, in one of her famous punishment rooms.

Doors permanently hooked back, a small raised Dias with a spanking bench. The day before, at tea time, a notice would be put up outside the room on the information board. The girl, the crime, the punishment time, number of strokes, and implement, could be read.

The girl had all night and next day to worry and be taunted.

Girls were encouraged to watch and jeer as the unfortunate girl was thrashed, wiggling and screaming. Nothing she could do, she was there for that reason, to have some sense birched or caned into her, and her parents were paying handsomely.

Like I have just said, she could be twenty one.

So, if you go, and stand to look….imagine what happened in there, every day, to naked rumps, for decades.

No 5 – A Bare Bottom Spanking in the Park


The girl with the upper crust accent.

The girl who thinks herself untouchable.

The haughty girl from well to do parents.

Don’t you just love to see them come crashing down, falling from grace and humiliated, ideally by a very public spanking on their bare bottom, which of course they take very badly with much fuss, making a spectacle of themselves.

Meet Isobel, who has just stormed off the tennis courts claiming she was robbed, and that she never wants to play at the ‘stupid’ tennis club again!

Not a huge offence, but it was Sunday, Mummy had been to church, and has just been told of the hullabaloo by a friend, who said it was a shameful outburst of spite. It was the straw that broke the camels back!

This spanking was long, long, long overdue!

Unfortunately for Isobel, just as she threw her expensive, top of the range racket Into the bushes, as she told two children who also played at the club, that they were ‘stupid, silly poor children, who ought to be banned from the silly club for not being worthy to play against people in her upper class’ .

Mummy walked up, slowly, hearing every word.

“You spiteful, horrid child! I am ashamed of you. I thought I had bought you up better than this…COME HERE!”

Right there, on the court next to the busiest path in the park, Mummy lifted her skirts, pulled down her bloomers and spanked her.

Then she made her hunt for  her racket, with her bare bottom on show, and walk home holding her skirts up for all to see. With a good crisp smack every few steps!

Imagine that…an angry mother, with a pair of bloomers in her hand, smacking her daughters naughty bottom all the way home!

Well done Mummy!

Number Six – Lucy the naughty maid admits her crime.

It is Saturday tea time in a grand old town house, in a crescent. The Mistress of the House is Lady Charlotte Elizabeth, she has six maids.

It is a tradition in the house that naughty maids are punished before their Mistress at this time of the week, by the strict, no nonsense Miss Kenworthy, the Housekeeper.

On Wednesday Lucy was found with chocolate around her mouth, and crumbs on her pinafore. Sat in an armchair by the fire. She denied stealing biscuits!

So here she is baring all, ready for a dozen with the tawse for stealing, and a further dozen to follow with the cane, for lying.

“Ask the girl why she did it Tamara.”

“Well girl? You heard your Mistress!”

It was now or never. Lucy took a deep breath and At the same time took the breath of her superior, and her Mistress away!

“To be perfectly honest, I did it so I would be caught. I have heard accounts of the punishments in here, on a Saturday, and was jealous. I need thrashing often please Mistress.”

Lady Charlotte Elizabeth and Miss Krnworthy looked at each other in amaement for a full minute. The fire crackled and spit in the grate.

“Thrash her without mercy before me Tamara, then put her in the corner. Bring me my relaxation aide from drawer number three as you leave.”

“Yes Mistress. Lucy, stand! Bottom to Mistress and legs wide apart. I want you to count each stroke out loud and clear.”

“Oh I will.” Said Lucy with a twinkle in her eye. Especially the winking eye between her legs, thrust out to her Mistress, with her juices trickling down her thigh.


“One Mistress!”….



The second artist I am showing is another great favourite of mine, Cheri Herouard, also known by his pseudonym Herric.

1881 – 1961

He illustrated lots of spanking novels, these he did under the name of Herric. You can see his name at the bottom of the front cover here…

Very 1930’s film star aren’t they?

I have quite a collection, I will show you inside them, but in another section.

But in his own name he illustrated in colour for a society magazine in Paris, called La Vie Parisienne. Not all were as cheeky as this, in fact, a lot wasn’t, but I am not showing those!

Here he is in his studio. He used the same girl models for both sides of his work, how they must have giggled at times.

Not all these were spanking related, but even working for them it was never far from his mind! I am starting with those…

A little gift for you! All wrapped up in a pretty how, holding a martinet. I wonder what on earth you will do with her. Be a nice one to post for Christmas wouldn’t it, and a bit of editing it would make a lovely suggestive card too.

I bet bet this Governess did not stand for much nonsense!

And like I said, even when the article he illustrated had little to do with spanking, often it was about fashion houses, art, literature, society etc, you could see it was never far from his mind. Just look at her cheeks. I think the lady is some sort of disciplinarian with her sub, in his mind it was probably an erotic art school….or is that my mind…lol

Here is one of his book illustrations, beautiful isn’t it?

Set in a Tea Room, one of the customers tried to leave without paying, so she is spanked with a martinet before the customers. But you see, this is a tea room where ladies with a certain interest frequent.

Maybe a vintage version of my story, ‘Rosie Bottom’s Blushing Buns Cafe’…. Wish I could go in a time machine and find it! What a way to spend an hour or so, watching all the naughty sexy ladies find various ways to get into trouble!

1924  Paris, a hot summers day, the Love of the ancient Greeks influences this Domme, her little bitch is made to wear a toga. As her Mistress lounges, smoking a cigarette, she tells her to fan her, and keep her cool.

‘Then my little pet, when I am cool, you can lift your toga, pass me the fan, and get across my knee for a vigorous spanking.

‘Yes please, thank you Mistress.”

“Oh Mr Hourard, please, please Sir, turn me over, call me a naughty girl and spank me again, but harder and longer than last time, and keep chastising me all the time, calling me naughty, lots of times!”

“Of course I will my little darling, roll over!”

We have seen his studio, I suspect this is another of himself in his La Parissienne Office, a wistful fantasy, to suit an article.

Here is another of his spanking novel about lustration so, as always, lots of detail and meticulous attention to that detail.

A wayward daughter? A secretary? Maybe a wife, who knows. Looking at the papers I would say an office setting, so let’s go for some personal assistant to a spanking author, that has made an error.

….or is that me being wistful…”I’m sorry Mr Jones, I’m sorry!”


The Third Man I am going to look at is

Pierre Louys ….b1825 – d1879

He was a highly honoured ‘man of words’ in France, getting the highest awards a man could get. His poetry inspired music by Debussey. His erotic literature mainly about sapphic desire, (lesbians) were fantastic by all accounts, inspiring the minds of artists and photographers. Many a lens captured ideas spawned by his erotica.

He was also a photographer, highly interested in lingerie, the larger rump, and porn! And prostitutes!


It has to be said that prostitutes came in a huge array and variety. From the mega star courtesans, with Dukes and Kings as clients right down to the slum girls.

Pierre was interested in the higher class…music hall dancers, artist and photographer models, and many well to do girls and groups making a good living. Bawdy houses too, with Madams caring for them.

Here are a few of his books…

Let’s have a look at some of his photos. Here is a rare spanking related one of his…

But….butt! It was the larger bottom, that his photos are famous for…

Here are his prostitutes…

Even the stars of the burlesque, and can-can dancers were available!…

And his lesbians…

Victorian Lingerie was a particular favourite and he would make the odd appearance himself…as you will see.

Some of the girls would be extra naughty, like this girl masturbating with an umbrella…



Most of them have the female bottom on show…surprise surprise! “Now then my dear, you have been a naughty girl again. You know what to do!”

‘Yes Sir.’

Look at this naughty girl showing her bottom in her lovely knickers. When you buy this type at an erotic postcard fair, often from a pretty you g lady you ask for ‘Bottom Lingerie’…I like that.


Here we see another, looks like she is in the woods. Her knickers are undone at the crotch and it looks like she has something in or near her open pussy….how lovely!


And another, (I have so many…blush) also outdoors getting ready to have her naughty bottom switched against the fence.


So many ways to show off a lovely bottom isn’t there? Like the diaper position, I have spanked many girls like this. Always nice to see a wet excited pussy whilst spanking!


This variation shows her pretty bottom off very well too…

Many more to come.



Book covers from girls books often depict schoolgirls who need a spanking! ( in my mind anyway!)

I mean look at these smoking in an out of bounds store room! Surely the whole lot of them should form a line and bend over for a bare bottom spanking! Except the ringleader!

She can bend over before them all for six of the best on the bare!

….and as for this girl!

It looks to me like the word ‘prefect’ will be rubbed out soon. She has been caught stealing from jacket pockets in the cloakroom.  Miss has asked if anyone else knows of any misdemeanours she has done, and all are putting their hands up to tell. I think it will be knickers down before the class for six of the best, then corner time!

Now this young lady has been sent home from school in disgrace, for cheating in exams. Mummy is talking to her…

“You can kneel on that chair and bare your bottom! Stay there whilst your sisters come home, and remain there until Daddy comes home! I have just rung him and he says it is the belt on the bare for you, young lady!”

Oh!! …you naughty girls! Peeking at Miss Antoinette, the French Mistress getting undressed!

The girl taking her turn says…”Let’s take our knickers off and finger ourselves as we take turn to look.”

i cough…”Ahem!! Yes, you can take your knickers off girls! Then get to my office for twelve of the best each, and with the senior cane! Come on! Off with your knickers, pull your slips up and run…come on! I am not bothered who sees you! And after you can stand on the school stage bent over, throughout dinner!”

Oh dear Brenda! It looks like a public thrashing for you my girl, what have you done…tut tut…

Look how the girls are giggling and getting excited at her plight! I think she will soon be over that desk, gym slip up, and knickers down, being spanked with a plimsol. I bet she is one of those haughty girls who thinks she is better than the rest. How nice to see those get their come uppance!

This book cover says to me that he is going to spank her bottom as he rides all the way back to his tent, then…excuse me for this, fuck her brains out!

As for this one, in conjures up this in my naughty mind. A man has never really thought of tying his wife up, until one day she loses control of her dog as it chases round and round her.

He tells her she should be more careful, especially as her bag drops to the floor and money is on view. He pulls her lovely panties down on the spot and spanks her, much to the onlookers delight. That night she sexily asks him to tie her up and spank her again!


Miss Dean, owner of a finishing school and dance school in Paris who ruled with a very strict code of practice. Some lovely illustrations inside if ever you see a copy.

What a picture this book cover from the early 1900’s has. What happened on the boat? And look at the martinet dangling over the empty wine bottle, the crying girl rubbing her bottom. I know they say do not judge a book by its cover, but I do!

What an interesting cover this is. At first glance it looks like a dear friend or mother tending a sick friend or daughter. The sinister writing gives a clue to what lies beneath the cover.


The girl in the bed, her feet are secured, and the woman is binding her wrists!

Oh I do love my collection of books! This is another lovely one..

Not many lines in the drawing, but just look at it! The way the whip wraps around the ellipse with the girl frantically balancing on her knees. I like to bind a girl if she is happy with it, but this, with the dungeon window looks rather scary! I think she could asphyxiate don’t you? Let’s go and rescue her and put her in one of my stories instead!

Once again I am not sure what the story is about, but look how she is looking at the chair.

“You naughty girl being rude to Grandma! I am getting the strap for you young lady, kneel in that chair, I want your bottom bare for when I get back!”

“Lift up your gym slip and show me the cane lines from yesterday Samantha”, asks Cherry.

“Okay, let’s scare these birds off and get behind this bush. Are you going to rub your pussy again as you look?”


“Hello Miss, Friday night again! I so look forward to it!! Please put one of my gym slips on again and my knickers, I have a paddle for your bottom this week you naughty naughty girl!”

“Yes, yes, yes, yes, and keep calling me a naughty little school girl all the way through my spanking!”

On a similar vein….

“Hello Miss, can we both get naked again like last week as we spank each other?”

“I am already naked underneath this pretty dress my dear, and dripping wet! So finger me hard as you spank me again!”

“Oh yes please, and you mine Miss, as I do!!”




I bet the postman had a wry smile when he delivered these, and I admire the senders bravery! Not forgetting the publishers.

I bet he gets an ace! Thwaaaack!! Imagine her jumping over the net holding her bottom!

Not the most subtle postcard phrase is it?

I have a guess this was a private joke, hand delivered to someone called Arthur, probably spanked like this as a boy. Maybe his older brother never letting him forget it!

At least this one has a clever holiday caption and a message.

A good old fashioned saucy English sea-side postcard, I remember seeing this exact one as a child, that is why I purchased this one!

It’s hard to believe this was intended to go through the post, obviously not censored by Mr Horatio Tumblr like nowadays!

Good advice, that is what I did! And look where it got me!! …

Oh look, here are Samantha and Kate’s ancestors. I just knew it was in their genes…..God! Have you seen their bottoms in jeans? I walked behind them the other day, it was like watching two people eating a mouth full of toffee!

Probably the oldest colour one in my collection. Nice isn’t it. Wish I knew what it said, maybe a reference to a real event?

I trust you are going to raise her attire and lower her bloomers Sir! I should open the door too. After knocking of course.

Skegness !! I used to go there for my jollies! Never saw this though….shame!

Not all postcards were for posting of course, but they could be. Many were for collectors.

I have seen this in colour and sepia too. Looks like a nice place for a holiday and a quiet outdoor spanking!

Anyone fancy translating this for me? Be nice to know what it says, I should have listened at school. But too busy thinking of my girlfriend Rowena, the first girl I spanked!

This too please, looks a lovely country scene, what had she done? Let me know please.

Well, so is this! So my dear little postcard, you have ended up in just the right place….”we are having a lovely time. Wish you were here!

This is colourful…

Not sure it is a postcard, but it seems to fit in this section doesn’t it?

I love to see evidence that the postcard has been used, like the stamp and writing on this one. Not spanking I know, but bottom related is enough for me! Imagine the postman! And the recipient taking it at the door, blushing!



That’s a sexy cover! I never had comics like this did you?

and how about Harley ?Quinn? She has always deserved a spanked bottom! Just for looking like she does!

Maghella is always getting in bother! And her bottom does invite a spanking!

This has to be the best of all time….

Every older man with a spanking fetish dreams of being in this situation, perfect! Absolutely Perfect!



Come and have a look in some of my books. Sit down, leave the busy world. Put another log on the fire and share a glass of port with me. Let’s talk about spanking as we look at these naughty bottoms….

Maybe one of my girls, or me, can read to you whilst you…er

…relax ::smile: turning the pages, looking at the bottoms.

Outdoor spanking, mmmmm yummy! Always exciting and a bit risky!

Not sure what he is up to really, it looks like her hand is busy on herself. I posted this for her bottom, and the inviting room. Warm isn’t it…

A little bit of bondage here, look how the Domme is thrusting her pussy to the plump rump of her sub. I love the idea of vintage sub/Domme.

Two dear friends of mine, Miss Iceni and LUCY, are so much like these!

….it inspires me to dress them up in vintage clothes and duplicate it!

What a lovely domestic discipline scene.

Self spanking….oh yessss! I love the idea of a girl who loves to be spanked, desperate for one, and thrashing her own bare bottom. In my mind I am looking through the key hole masturbating hard, hoping that soon she will be rubbing her pussy too.

Corner time, and in this case, naked. I think this is before the punishment. I am guessing she has been told to stand there until a knock on the door. It has just happened, and she is opening it to let the witnesses of her punishment in. Maybe she is a young Mistress and the maids of the house are going to walk in.

Oh I do love showing you these glimpses inside, I can just I agile you sat by my side as I tell you all about them! Let’s have a look at a few more…

Ohhhh my god, look at this. What a rump the submissive has, legs open, waist down, bottom pushed up! She is literally begging for a spanking.

Note to self…get two old window cleaning g ladders for my girls to be tied to! I love this idea, and although I try not to be distasteful, you have to admit, they are perfectly placed for taking from behind, walking from one to another…a few spanks on each! But which one does one pick to deposit in? Decisions decisions!!

Imagine an old house, dimly lit, lots of red velvet, mahogany, and brass.

The walls decorated with puctures from old books…

Can you remember earlier, I showed you this book with the ‘HERRIC’ illustrations?


Well, let’s have a look inside. A bit bondage style, which I like. The detail is awesome…

Truely an accomplished artist


A little selection of beautiful art…

Here is a painting of a girl’s school and a naughty girl about to ‘get it’..

Not a spanking in this one, but I loved the image and thought I would put a spanking idea to it. A newly married couple, she is a school ma’am and has just spoken of how she enjoys spanking her naughty girls.

He says, “that is very naughty, but I love it! You must tell me all about them.tonight though, you are the naughty girl! I will count to twenty and gone to find you, with your slipper!”

Even Cupid gets a spanking in art!

Nuns, there is something about a Nun giving a naughty girl a sore bottom…

This old style American art really suits this outdoor switching…

Okay, I know the last one is not spanking…lol. I put the Nun spanking the girl up on Twitter. It had a lot of reaction about how cruel they were at times, especially with the rod in various institutions. I invited them to get their revenge, so posted the bottom for them,  and a cane to get revenge!

One man said I know what I would do, especially if I was a monk in charge of them! So this is for him….lol

….it has done me a favour, it leads me into the naughtiest section of my site very nicely!


Can you remember the reference to the etc…….at the top of this page?

…here it is, the quaintly named FEMALE HYSTERIA, otherwise known as the female orgasm. 

You see, the poor repressed woman, especially in the inhibited Victorian times, with their self denial and religious doctrines, became so poorly with it, it was for a while classed as an illness. 

It was strange, a married woman never seemed to get it, lower classes not as often as the educated, and the non church going liberal minded never did. Doctors researched it, thank God! Because some poor frustrated souls ended up on lunatic asylums, or convents! And all because their pussy needed a good fingering! Poor girls.

Doctors researched it….I bet they did! Even giving some women an orgasm on the table as they investigated!



They invented a cure, and many doctors did lots of home visits with a rather special piece of equipment. It proved very very very very popular!


Adverts like the one above soon came to every local newspaper. Daughters, widows, spinsters could other enough of it! It was the art of rubbing a clitoris to give the patient an orgasm!

All this is true. It led to this miraculous device, a cure all for the woman prone to female hysteria….”it’s a miracle it’s a miracle!!” Was shouted out throughout the land.

It was the Vibrator, which soon, due to popular demand became smaller in the working parts, (not the ones with a dildo attached of course! That part had many variants!)

But thank God, many women were not repressed, they were liberal minded, and masturbated regularly or got a friend…


Mmmmm bliss, and just howit should be. Nobody should be inhibited and repressed so much that they become ill with e tremendous sexual frustration! Go for it girls, with anything you like as often as you like! Especially here!

And with your friends too…

So here we are, let’s enjoy watching them, and feel free to join them, that is why I here, wether you are man or woman, I want to please! So get that hand, or fingers, or vibrator or whatever!! And relax!

Enjoy yourself!

…remember the old song? Enjoy yourself, it’s later than you think! Enjoy yourself…la la la…

Judging by this lots faces, they certainly are!

Imagine the atmosphere in this studio, I agine too, seeing the image come magically from the plate to the card.

Just pretend you are a stable lad and you walk into a field behind the stable to find these naughty girls!

As you watch, they change places. Look at the dildo, I have one! You can see Charlotte as a maid using it in a video if look hard enough around my site. I remember the sticky little clicking noises it made as it slipped in and out to this day!

The full ripe rumps and pot bellies of the naughty Victorian girls are rather lovely and soft, the soft cheeks pushing against her belly when fully in and pumping away, must have been grand! Imagine the quickening slaps of belly against bottom as hysteria races to climax!

Oh WOWZERS! This is rather glorious ladies! Don’t let me stop you!

Mutual masturbation is a sexy thing. Maybe some secluded room in a grand house, a long sexy exploratory conversation slowly building up to the moment when one says…”Oh God, I need to rub myself!” The other agrees. Both watch, listen, and rub hard to a shared orgasm, each spurred on by the other….lovely!

These are doing the same but wait!!! Is it? Surely not! Is that a little puppy lapping away at the naughty girls juices? What a treat!

Not just little puppies who like to lick away at a slippery clitty is it dear?

“Oh I hope Mistress does not come back early! What if she does?”

“She will spank us both!”

“Really…oh…ohhhh I say!”

The other girl smiles, knowingly. It is exactly what is going to happen, her Mistress told her so half an hour ago, she is just playing (with her pussy) for time… any minute now!

Look at this trio having fun with a strap on. Very sexy. A lot of these ‘artists models’ were dancers and had huge followings. Imagine seeing them on stage often, then getting a copy of this.


LOTS MORE TO CUM…….oops! I mean come, lol



FLICKERING IMAGE – a spanking time machine…

This will be a huge section, and I hope, never end, as my search for new items goes on and on…

…welcome to my Flickering Images of Spanking, enjoy! Our grand and glorious spanking time machine!

All aboard for a wonderful spanking history tour….

Our first landing, in a grand old theatre foyer. Mummy has found out that her daughter and niece have decided to take an afternoon off school to go to a matinee. She is stood in wait, and before the laughing and jeering crowd of theatre goers she bares their bottoms for a spanking. Maybe lots of smacks all the way home with the added threat of ‘Just you wait until Daddy finds out!”

A factory near Norwich is our next stop…

Testing canes ready for shipment to various schools. I remember each teacher at my school had their own. She must think of caned bottoms a hundred times a day!

We get back on our grand old mahogany and brass machine, it chugs away to our next destination…

I love the idea of a victorian maid spanking her Mistress. The relationship between maid and Mistress has been widely explored, and without doubt, it must have happened, quite a lot I think. All those quiet moments together.

To prove it We land in a boudoir one minute she is combing her Mistresses hair, and then a few minutes later, she is punishing her.

We listen to the sounds of smacks and squeals as we drift away. Soon we will be able to stop longer, these controls are quite complex!

It is time for our first sleep, we pull one of the photos of the maroon walls, and sit together over tea as we talk of her…

Vintage Domme – No 1…

Here is Lily Elsie  ready for her next client…could it be one of you maybe?

In my mind my companions are my girls. Samantha, Charlotte, Kate, Lucy and Claudia. You must know them by now, if not, browse my site, get to know them and come back…

We all sleep, and I make us breakfast. We arrive in London, 1961.

Imagine the shock when we open the door, the girls all dress in swinging sixties attire, find themselves in a protest march. Kate shouts, “Look over there, that ‘Bobby’ is spanking a girl!

The look on the Police Seargeant’s face when he recognised his daughter in the protest! “Take her out of the way and give her a damn good spanking, then take her home to her Mummy and let her know the cane is coming out when I get there!”

Samantha wants to follow her home to see, we all do, but as yet, we do not know how to!

Off we go again, not many years, it is 1952

I saw a girl get spanked in my local park when I was young! 

It was very much like this. I hoped her Mummy would pull her knickers down, but she didn’t!

Imagine the scene as people pass, some stopping to look and gloat. Other children making fun of her as the crisp smacks land on her bottom and Mummy scolds the naughty girl, bottom up for all to see! We stand and watch. Obviously nobody can see us, so we get up close and listen to every word.

Annoyingly things begin to fade, we dash back to our transport through the ages and jump on.

It s as if it had listened to Samantha, we were back in the 1960’s

…the local Bobby often took a naughty girl home who had been caught doing something she shouldn’t, with a threat of prosecution. The alternative was a spanking, either to be meted out by the parents as he watched until satisfied the crime had been paid for; or by himself for the less able.

Our Bobby (policeman) was known as Bobby Harrison, he knew everybody, and everyone knew him. Very often if caught scrumping he would clip you around the ear and that would be it. But if you saw him leading a girl by the scruff of the i neck, we would shout…”you will be getting the black glove!”

He always spanked with his glove on!

We watched. Lucy wanted to be the girl and asked if I could get a uniform! We all laughed. What a jolly trip this is going to be.

Vintage Bondage No 1

Rather wonderful isn’t it? We all had our supper sat at our vintage table, the oil lamp flickering away as we talked about it. That night in bed I could hear the girls masturbating, I joined them and did the same.


Next morning we were in Oxford, outside a school. We have no idea what had occurred, but a girl was being caned on the school steps!


This next one is like a photo like I might take. Spanking was accepted in these times, again 1960’s and office discipline in some places took place. It was no surprise to me, to find ourselves in an old engineering factory drawing office. A girl tracer had messed up and the office manager was attending to the matter. Kate said she wanted a job there, the others agreed! Not Claudia, or Samantha, they wanted to be the office managers!

Then we arrived in an interview room, I remembered the event well, and told the girls of it…

I love this one, just for the strictness in their faces! Remember the 1970’s t.v. Interview about the feather duster? Something like….’the cane was banned, so we use a feather duster now, well of course, if you turn it around it is a cane!

I am not sure of their names, but I think they had a brother called Murphy.

Sisters of Murphy….chuckle.

….on to the next after that attempt at a joke!

The abolishment of the cane, was supported by many and made lots of girls organise a protest. I agree that the idea of measuring the length of a skirt is a bit harsh, but rules are rules girls. Some girls went too far and risked being very naughty, but we’re soon sorted! 

We all arrived at Saint Helena High School for Girls.

Look at these naughty girls….some forgot that it did not come into force immediately and ended up like this girl. We walked around the school and heard raised voices, and dashed to see a naughty girl protester getting her come uppance!

Another day done, we all settled down for another look at a picture or two…

Vintage Bondage – No2

I could just pull those down and spank her, couldn’t you?

The idea of a public spanking always appeals to me, does it to you? How sexy, to be a witness with a good view.

The next day found us witnessing one! We all pushed into a Victorian Classroom….

Before the class is bad enough for the spankee, but before the world’s press, that is amazing!

It was a real day to remember! After being in Victorian England, we zoomed away to 1940’s Hollywood!

We all agreed there was time for another, and pressed the select button to fly off again…maybe a daughter or a girl in service. And then straight after a man dealing with his unruly wife!

We all agreed this chap has a wife with a lovely fine rump to keep in line, and watched her get some much needed discipline!

Another we all shouted, and it was back to Victorian England…

It doesn’t really matter who they are does it? All we wanted to see was a naughty shapely bottom get a good spanking with lots of protests and wriggling. It is just so lovely to see a haughty, stroppy young woman get her just deserts!

It was time for sleep. I heard the girls join each other. I listened to smacks, and moans. Then slept soundly…

Lets go back in time again we all said eagerly at breakfast, we went to a sensual situation.

To see this girl, back in the late 1800’s reading her spanking novels, probably illustrated by the fabulous Malteste, Herric, Wighead or similar. Laid on her tummy, her husband, playing her Master, says. “Put the cane by you, keep bobbing up and down like you do on your pussy, when you get to your favourite part and you go faster and faster, say ‘now’ and I will cane your bottom!”

She thrusts her growing hard and fast, pushes the book to one side and says “Now!”

She takes it well, he puts cane back and begins to masturbate as he watches her, and listens to her moans…

And on their deliciously naughty life goes on. How happy for like minded spanking orientated people to meet. We all masturbated together as we watched, and for the first time, we managed to stay.

The next night, another book, another favourite scene…

We spent the whole day on that house, looking at another life, and another time. That night it felt calm, how happy we all were as we sat with hot chocolate, relaxed in our company, looking at another picture off the wall.

Vintage Bondage – No 3

What wonderful apparatus. I love having a woman restrained, either for me to spank or watch another woman do it to her.

Shall we have another public spanking? Well, caning. I had been experimenting with the controls, and typed on the old type writer. Off we went…

[I have been asked to keep the location and names secret by the descendants].

Because this is a real ‘finishing school’ public caning.

You can sense the tension as the first stroke approaches can’t you.

A real naughty girl.

A real punishment! Perfect. We all stood in the sunlight to witness a thrashing.

Once again we managed to stay.

“Let’s go to a dormitory tonight.” Suggested Charlotte ( Paris )

We spanking devotees love a dormitory spanking. One of these girls is soon to be over the edge of the bed, bottom bare, getting spanked as all the others watch. Friends will sympathise, rivals will laugh.

Goood idea Charlotte! We all agreed, and stopped to witness more girls being kept in line.

She looks a strict merciless Matron,  “I think she is looking at the girl second up on the left.” Said Charlotte, and she was right! What a glorious spanking she got!

Come on, follow me! We are off to the theatre. Jump into our time carriage!

This exotic dancer has let the troop down, and the lady in charge will not stand for it…

“Do that again young lady and this will take place on stage, before the audience!”

Sounds like a scene form my Victorian Theatre story, ‘The Inveigle’ doesn’t it!

We came back there,  the next day she is a strict Theatre owner, and does it often. She did the same with another girl last week and every week we found…

The girls loved walking around the theatre, I enjoyed the changing rooms and all the bloomers. Between you and me, I masturbated watching them change.


That night we had wam scones as we looked at more photos.


Vintage Dommes –  No 2

Isn’t she fabulous? Just right to make my girls crawl to when they have been naughty! The girls agreed they would love to sub,it to her, but that whip looked an title harsh


As you must know by now, I love maids, especially naughty ones!

This one overslept, again! I am guessing she awoke wth quite a shock when The Housekeeper pulled back the covers and thrashed her bottom!

We were there to witness it the next morning after a lovely fry up before our journey…

Mind you, it was a fabulous job for a girl who liked to be spanked, like my dear Lucy. Here is the same girl at night time, remembering it, getting ready to masturbate. Little did she know she had us for an audience!

I am sure you have heard of Mrs Walters from Bristol who kept a house if correction for wayward girls. An expert with the birch. I am writing a story of her…out soon.

This is her… Claudia loved it here.

So too is this, not the best quality though…sorry.

We stayed at the school for two days and saw four spankings, you can read of them in my story.

Bloody hell! Look at this woman!

We zoomed…well chugged sedately, over to France.

“Strewth, I don’t think there would be much point in asking her not to spank you too hard!” I said, the girls found my comment amusing.

Flagellation Brothels, for women seeking women,  were very common in the late 1800’s, see my research in ‘The Inveigle’.

I am sure this is a French picture of one. Photographers went to take photos I read once.

And so our journey continued, day after Rosey bottom day…

Corner Time, what is there not to like about corner time? It does not have to be a corner of course, anywhere will do. It is just a place to put someone after their punishment.

Like this young lady sent home from school with a letter of her disgrace. She was spanked at the gate, and has now been made to stand their as the other young ladies from the finishing school walk by on their way home.

We stood and listened to her humiliation. Samantha in particular loved it all.

‘Let’s walk by together you and I’ she said to Claudia, …”and give her a couple of smacks each, just to amuse the other girls”. If she makes a fuss, her Mummy will come back out and give her some more!

We were in spanking heaven, gently drifting through history. And it looked like going on forever.

Once more we sat for supper and looked at our collection.

Vintage Bondage – No 4

From the Ostra Biederer Studios. Always very inventive and original. You can see much much much more of their work n my BORS section.

Lets all pay homage to the ‘Saint Helena Finishing School for Wayward Girls’ and it’s fine uniform. Their days out were famous, always a spanking or two, or three…or…or…more!

The girls all want a uniform now!

That night we spent a lovely time looking at more photos and together put a story to this one.

It doesn’t really have to be a spanking, just the pose with a naughty girl element is enough! Look at this 60’s ‘mod girl’ in her hippy hat!

Surely it portrays a naughty girl caught smoking and who is made to smoke a cigarette all the way from tip to the stub as she is spanked.

Or is it just my dirty spanking mind!

…lol probably! Fits the scene though.

We put the information into the machine and went to the shoot, we were right! Was the time machine influencing us, or us it!

But nothing beats a spanking does it? Even in the movies like this still…

We looked at a lot  of photos before bed, it was becoming quite a habit, all suggesting various scenarios.

Here is the youth club I used to go to! I loved playing with the table tennis bats! I typed in the address and we went to see a young me! 

The King of spanking, good old Elvis! He seems to be enjoying himself, perhaps she spilt something on his blue suade shoes! I said to the girls, “This machine is for us all, who would you like to see?”

Charlotte suggested Elvis because her Mum loves him.

He’s got it alright, they all swooned and wanted a turn!

Here is my Great Great Grandad, a photo from the family album. Having a lovely time isn’t he? It is nice to know where my spanking genes came from.

I put Asa Jones 1st in, and we all went to see him!

Kate suggested a birthday spanking in old America next.

Everyone seems happy about it. Except the spankee, I suspect someone is doing it a bit hard.

The spankee does not want to make a fuss, and the old lady knows it!


Another night found me showing the girls an old catalogue from my collection. I put it all in the time machine before we set off. In case we got bored one day….I doubt that will ever happen on this trip!

Vintage Domme – No 3      Yva Richard

Along with Diana Slip she was one of the main purveyors of bondage wear in  late 1800’s Paris.

Many of the Ostra, Biederer photos used their products. They were attributed the honour of being the introducer ofthe ‘Achilles Boot’

Think ‘killer heels’…

Here is a shop window with them on display.

Here is Olga modelling them for you…

Talking of Olga, she is Vintage Domme No 4

She was one of the main Ostra Studio models. It was lovely watching the girls pick I ahi are outfits from the catalogue. Probably because they were all on all fours in a group!

Back to another lovely spanking scene…

We set he controls to random and found two girls in Chicago having fun spanking each other in turn. If only they knew we were all watching!

I think the idea of a Domme sub relation ship quite beautiful, so whilst in Chicago we followed some directions the machine had given us and drifted in to witness one…

“Please Mistress, punish my naughty bottom, give me many stripes.”

“Of course my dear, beg me again, and again, and I will.”

Just think, people are passing by,  just the thickness of a pane of glass away. It makes you think what has happened behind all those windows you have walked or driven by in life doesn’t it?

That night back in our time machine Samantha picked the picture. “These two pictures are very sexy. Spanking does not have to be taking place. Just a girl suggesting it is enough isn’t it? Knowing it is vintage, makes it seem just that bit naughtier.” She said to us.

We agreed.

It was Lucy who took a turn to write a comment on the old typewriter. I am not sure what she wrote, but…

Look at these! I have caned two girls like that, one on top after the other. They said that the shock waves from the other were thrilling!

Imagine Doing it to these, I think they are stunningly jaw dropping!

Pass me my crop……quick!

I picked one up and whacked away! That was the day we found out we could interact some times. Of course, they all want a go now!

Our delightful spanking adventure drifted on and on, all of us getting to know each other more and more. Spankings were common place, some days we never left the machine.

On our next trip Claudia said “I love the way the lady spanking is sat on a table, to get a better swing! I love the kicking leg too, always a good sign that you are ‘hitting the mark’.”

That night Kate and Claudia acted it out. Lucy was jealous, so Cladia did it to her too!

Ohhhh what a delightful old photo this is. It just shows that spanking has been in the minds of people like us forever! I wonder who took this, and what was said just before? What led up to it! What was said afterwards?

We’ll never know, just another spanking frozen in time… Is what most people would say.

But not us, we put the info written on the photo I to the type writer, it told us that the naughty girl had borrowed her flat mates shoes without asking!

Now this naughty schoolgirl is being very naughty! I suspect showing her underwear to her boyfriend for this photo.

“I bet her knickers didn’t stop up long after this shot, and I do not mean for a spanking!” Said Charlotte.

…although she should get one! “Excuse me, young lady, what do naughty girls get?”

“Spankings Sir.”

“Are you being naughty? I think you are young lady.”

“Awwww….yes Sir.”


“I will take my knickers down and bend over Sir.”

We stayed by the lake to see her get spanked and lose her virginity.

Claudia picked our next random visit.

She spoke to the lady spanking.

“This is very nice Miss, and may I say that you look determined and have a great spanking face. However, may I suggest that you lift her dress, and lower her drawers. A little humiliation helps the spanking to stay in her mind longer.”

“Oh thank you Ma’am, I will.” She replied!

Yes, we found out that we could communicate! Not like a conversation, but by thought. 

“I think. that is why the spankee is looking at us like that, to say thank you for our contribution!” Said Claudia.

Charlotte tried it next! “Oi!!! You!!! Get back here! It is no good trying to creep of this page, get those French knickers down, crawl to me and ask for a spanking!”

She crawled back and self Spanker!

Lucy suggested typing in one of my story names to see if I had somehow picked up on historical events.

“Crikey! The masked spanking marauders strike again, with a birch and a martinet. I must say, you have picked  a lovely bottom to leave your mark on. Is it a letter ‘Z’ like Zorro used to leave?” Asked Lucy.

“No, it is lots and lots of crossing over lines.”

“Hmmmm….good choice! Carry on girls!”

So more and more we offered a little input.

At first sight we thought she was using a carpet beater! But it is just a picture on the wall, she is using a birch.

I have made a few birch floggers, and enjoy using them. I suggest fast and furious to get the cheeks ablaze. We all enjoyed this little trip back in time. To see a real birching.

I have a bench just like this!

This is realistic isn’t it. The person who sent it said it was, but the shadows look like studio lighting so am not so sure.

But their room could have lots of table lights, and the flash could be reflecting. So let’s keep to that version…

A real spanking? Let’s find out…

Samantha and Claudia put the details into the type writer and there we were! Yes…definitely real! It is her daughter in law, who she found out was cheating on her son!


Another cosy night…

Vintage Bondage – No 6

A well known piece of apparatus…

A thought for you…

We all have these urges to do things, and our brain tells us what good ideas they are at the time. I bet she thought the same….chuckle.

Lucy was laughing as she typed the next instruction, so we’re we a few minutes later!

I think she now realises it was not such a good idea to play out in reality!

I think this is the oldest photo I have come across. I bet the gardener thought that outdoor lessons were a really good idea! I bet he is behind the bushes masturbating like crazy! We found it was in 1876, and watched it all take place.

Our enthusiasm grew every day, each journey just as exciting, our passion for spanking growing. We went on another random trip to find that a Mummy has gone away to relatives for a few days and has told her oldest daughter to keep an eye on her younger sisters.

i think she is doing a great job and seems to be enjoying her role.

Then we flew back in time again…

These knickers are so bottom hugging, they almost don’t need pulling down.

“….almost!” Said Samantha laughing!

“I wish ‘The Inveigle’ was real I said one night as I was reading the story to the madturbating girls.

Next day they looked very proud as we arrived there! They had found it! It seems I am picking up vibes from the spanking past!

This is a little game they play at ‘The Inveigle’, always in open back bloomers. You see, the winner spanks the loser, bent over the table.

It appears it is a very popular game and you have to wait ages for a table.

I wonder if it is a spectator sport? Shall we go and see?

We found out it was, and drinking champagne we sat to watch game after game together. How nice of the girls to take me.


Surely this is the girl from up there, who was sat on the table!

What a lovely bottom to spank, don’t you think so? She must have lost!

Another night, four girls spanked, photos taken for all you to drool over in a couple of days back home was next.

Off to the shops to stock up with food, and watch the girls bottoms wiggle as they push the trolleys and bend over for things. Then back n to our trusty spanking time traveller and off we went. The brass knobs all set for


We found ourselves in a park again. We could hear an irate Daddy!

“Why can’t you four just go to the park like other girls and play nicely! Right, all of you, bend over and bare those bottoms! I think evey girl in the park will come over to see what the noise is. And it will just serve you right! Afterwards you can all bend over the other way round as they make fun of your red sore bottoms!”

We all positioned ourselves in the dappled shade of the horse chestnut trees and watched four naughty bottoms spanked to rise red, and then see them cry as they were mocked!

Claudia said she wanted to go back and watch Mrs Walters, so we put her name in and off we set.

Just in time.

“Two lovely bottoms all ready for a good spanking. Fancy helping her?” I asked. 

“I have lots of implements, take your pick.” Said Mrs Walters. Both Claudia and Samantha had a blast!

Claudia and Samantha were then treated to afternoon tea by two tearful girls, under strict supervision.

I love the diaper position as the Americans call it. I got a photo out and watched as Claudia and Samantha did it to all three girls before bed.

In the morning Lucy fancied going to school and typed in the word school.

Here is a row of naughty girls just about to bare there bottoms in a row, ready for a spanking on the school stage, before the school, for messing about during a school play!

Well done Lucy! We all really enjoyed the show, sat in the front row!

I like to keep my girls nice and trim, so it is time for some exercise!

I typed ‘vintage gym’ into the type writer, took out the paper and popped it into the adventure slot.

I encouraged them to keep going at a pace with some very important gym equipment…

With my Size 13 Plimsol!

This simply is not good enough girls!

Samantha, Paris, pull your legs up to the diaper position!

Lucy, Kate, bring your legs down!

I am pulling all your navy blue knickers down and giving each cheek, not bottom!! Six with my trusty plimsol!!

Afterwards I send them for a shower.

Then, next day….

they said…. “Please take us to the gym again Mr Jones!”

Well, being the obliging gentleman I am, off we went!

Good grief!! I thought yesterday was a shambles, right!!! All of you, naked …now! Hands on the floor, knees on the stools. It’s the cane for you all!

The keep fit for spanking campaign grew, they all loved being together and exercising. Although occasionally I found some hanging around and had to spank them!

I introduced cycling for them too, which was quite eventful and unusual, to say the least.

The seats needed a lot of polishing, they always came back to the bike shed, around the back of the time machine a little sticky. I never did figure out why.

After all the exercise, I decided some relaxation would be good, so I took them to an opium den! We went to China Town in New York, it was 1929.

I don’t the girls will ever remember going!

Anyway…back to spanking!

I let them recover for a day as I posted some photos for you.

They ate a light breakfast and off we went on a mystery tour…

Two girls have been caught scrumping! Time to make four rosey red apples, using their bare bottom cheeks! Said the orchard manager. How we loved the outdoor spanking on a warm summers day. We had a picnic afterwards, I had packed a quiche, and strawberries and cream for afters. 

The he girls loved it and sunbathed naked. I watched, and…er…well, you can guess! 

I set the machine to 1966, “Come on England!” We won the World Cup that year!

Having been a teenager in the sixties, mini skirts, frilly knickers and beehive hair-do’s were a familiar sight. I still get a buzz from that era, I had a scooter and was a mod. Look at this group of beehive bunnies getting into a spanking scene.

All the girls now want a beehive!

We heard them say they worked together as typists, their conversation somehow got around to spanking. They decided to meet somewhere privat to talk more and one thing led to another!

Another picnic as we watched!

That night we drank beer and wine and talked of television spankings. So the next morning I typed in T.V. spanking…

What a surprise!

We came across this t.v. game show, have a study of it….it has an automated spanking paddle, where I presume the loser of a competition of some sort has to bravely position herself! Maybe the winner sets it off. Look at the arrow on the game show counter, is that signifying the number of smacks?

We stayed for a game, Lucy lost and the girls set it to 50!

As a young man attending the local technical college, I had been to the pub for lunch and a game of poker with some mates. On the way back, down a rough area of town, through some old ‘back of the houses passage ways’ and behind a factory, I came across of bunch of women screaming and shouting. Two factory workers from the Trebor Sweet Factory were having a real good fight! 

I told the girls of it and put in the information…

I stopped to watch, because it was near the end, one girl was straddled the crying vanquished. The older women baying for more shouted ‘Rip her knickers off!’ And she did!

I saw everything.

The same old women shouted to me, “I bet yer enjoyed that duck, didn’t ya!”

I agreed, enthusiastically! Then added, “I should give her bottom a few smacks!” 

She did….honestly, she did. Such cheers went up and they were so hard! The poor girl must have been really pleased that I came. I wonder if she got her knickers back? The winner threw them to the old women you see.


Lets watch a girl fight…

Oh I say! One has a clothes brush, and the other a riding crop. I wonder what they are fighting about?

It looks like they are in a student bedsit, so maybe rent, one doing more than their fair share of cooking, or cleaning? Maybe a boyfriend dispute? Who knows…who cares? Let’s watch some more!

It seems evenly matched doesn’t it? Who will win? Let’s see..

Looks like the long haired girl. The girls loved watching so we went to some more from the sixties here, this really does remind me of the one I witnessed, but they had more clothes on…shame!


I live in Derbyshire and we are prone to snow, the highest village in ENGLAND is not ever so far from me! It is snowing outside the time machine as I write this.

I suppose I ought to tell Kate to come in soon. But she was soooo naughty! Another ten minutes then I will fetch her in and spank her cold bottom, that will warm her up!

These next photos are reputedly to have been taken at a French Finishing School’s summer picnic. It seems the girls were split into groups and sent off to gather wild flowers and suchlike whilst the staff prepared a rather grand outdoor meal. The idea being to use the schools latest equipment, a camera and plates, to record the events.

I had read about it many times, so told the  girls the story. Off we went the very next day!

Miss LeVante, the owner of the Marseille establishment had set herself up a dark room in the school and was to do regular magic lantern style shows for the girls.

One group did not come back at the allotted time, and thinking something like ‘picnic at hanging rock’ might have happened, her and her deputy, Miss Waitnhrop from Camebridge went off to find them, taking camera and tripod, carried by the Head Girl, and Senior Prefect. “If anything untoward has happened to my girls, I want to record what we find! As evidence! See how useful our modern addition caould prove to be!”

Two more teachers were left with the rest of the worried girls, it seems five fainted in some kind of panic.

Unfotunately the girls had just lost track of time and had no idea they were 45 minutes overdue. They were caught playing with each other’s private parts! Yes! Really!!

…so the event was indeed captured on film, they all got a bare bottom switching from the ladies as the two fellow pupils recorded it on plates.

It seems the lantern show took place, where the girls all received six of the best with a heavy martinet, on the bare, before the whole school.

I have posted the only two surviving photos, some detail stands out better in each colour. ( update…I have found another, will put it here soon)

Just imagine the sounds in the tranquil forest on that summers day. As the girls were all spanked. Imagine too the night of their humiliation, shame and second punishment.

We took a little rest for a day.

Let’s pause a while, and just look at the glory of the female bottom either in or out of lingerie, it is such a beautiful thing to admire…and spank! I got my camera out and asked the girls to duplicate these poses for me…



The Victorians were rather good at lingerie/rump photographs, so I have included a few of those too.




Nice aren’t they? But my girls look better!

We decided to go to hospital. Samantha it seems is rather fond of masturbating to naughty nurse scenarios in her head. Off we went!

Naughty Nurses…

Naughty nurses are an interesting theme. I have read many accounts. I can’t see the point of being skeptical, out of the many stories some must be true. My glass is always half full, the sun will come out soon, all will be okay. Why spend life under a dark cloud?

From all the accounts I have read, this seems the most plausible.

…it is 1958… We went for a look and found it to be authentic….

A trainee nurse goes for her yearly appraisal at St.Hughs, and sits before the Matron. It is not a good report.

“Hmmmm, this is not good. It is time for you to make a choice. Do you know what I am alluding to?”

“The spankings I guess.”

“Yes, it will not be unbearable, but it will hurt and you will be embarrassed. You do not have to agree. I can write ‘unsatisfactory’ on your report and describe why. It will be on your record. Or, you can agree to go over my knee. It will be over in ten minutes, and your record will be clean. It is up to you. It has gone one here for years, everyone knows of it. It happens in all training hospitals. You will be sniggered at, people will know. But in a year or twos time, you will walk by my office and hear slaps and a squealing girl and smile. It is up to you.”

She agrees, blushing profusely. Such is the manner of a naughty girl.

The Matron lifts her uniform, and swiftly pulls down her panties.

“What!?!? On my bare bottom?”

She hears giggles, people are listening at the door. 

A crisp hard spanking begins, the girl kicks and squeals.

Matron loves the experience, she has a lovely bottom to spank. She giggles as she hears the laughter, but all the girl can do is wriggle and squeal.


The next ten minutes became engrained on the young girls mind and bottom. She knew that the news would be spreading like the fire in her bottom.

When she got back to the ward, walking stifly, Doctors, other nurses and patients would know. Every time she rubbed her bottom they would giggle….but her record was clean.

Training at St.Hughs would carry on as before.

She was looking forward to next year already, and watching a blushing first year walk stifly down the ward! And she decided that one day she wanted to be a Matron.

What a tool spanking is! So effective, and it is free on the N.H.S.

“Oh good grief! The girls all want nurses outfits now!”

When a naughty girl had been punished, it was quite common for her to be sent home with a note, two things could follow of course, she risked not showing it, or not. If she didn’t the chances are that on parents evening the teacher, or Head of Year would ask the parent if they received it.

So, with an already punished, maybe welted bottom, the journey home would be to say the least, forlorn.

Charlotte loves this fantasy, so she set the time machine, off we goooooo!

This girl was told to stand in disgrace while she waited for Daddy to come home…

Imagine how that feels, especially when she hears the car stop, the gate open, the door open and raised voices….”What? Right, where is my slipper!”

This girl did not have to wait, it was the cane straight away and then sent to her room. She too would have to wait for Daddy.


Let’s go back to vintage bondage shall we. In particular the Saint Andrews Cross, and punishment frames. I have a lovely one….a black cross. The change in a girl when tied to it is amazing,  so sexy and sensual. Look at this vintage spanking chamber, kinda scary isn’t it? Imgine walking in and seeing that collection facing you, it almost looks official, like a birching station in a police station.

Lucy is a big fan of the cross, so she arranged the next interesting spanking day…

I jut want to add…yes, over the years I have used canes, birches, tawses etc hundreds of times, sometimes at my full force. But always with the blessing of the spankee. Usually a safe word, but not always. Some visitors to my studio specifically say …”No safe word Mr Jones, punish me to your satisfaction.” And sometimes it has been no harder than patting a puppy!

Vintage Bondage Number 8…

A set depicting the use of frames, especially the St.Andrews Cross. Lucy was thrilled to see these for real!


Lets see a frame in use by a Victorian Domme, what a photo! I wonder where and when. They do not have to be a cross, an ‘a frame’ is good too. Or two back to back, a girl on each, even better.

I have a man working on one!

Nuns seem a popular Victorian spanking fetish addition! Often with a cross, symbolic maybe, but not the Christian symbol, always a St. Andrews. I have a photo in my collection of a girl tied to a Christian symbol type cross, and a Victorian Domme. But I don’t like it, it upsets me a bit. Must be my Sunday School upbringing.

Samantha is going to be a Nun for me soon.

Look at this naughty Nun, playing with a sinners pussy! She looks at you and says… “Not for pleasure! Oh no, she was a whore and addicted to the sins of the flesh. We are withdrawing her from her addiction slowly. I birch her bottom afterwards.”


Have you seen the pictures of my girls in their nun’s attire? Very sexy!

Here are a few more cross photographs. Quite a nice selection for you…

I have never used my cross like this next picture, but am going to, it looks exciting!

Lucy!…Lucy!! Come here, I want to try something! She Spent the night like this.

We set the machine to random again…

Nobody can see us when we land, just us can browse a scene like haunting ghosts, come on girls in, type in spank and let’s go on another ‘historical spanking mystery tour’ together, let’s watch and listen…let’s see where it takes us!

Oh here we are at a house in the early 1900’s …”I have warned you time after time young lady! It is time you got my belt across your bottom! You will never disgrace me like that again!”

whack, whack, whack……”owwwww ohhhh I’m sorry Daddy!! I’m sorry! Owwww ooooh owwwwww!”

Oh I enjoyed that did you girls?

….hold tight! Here we go again! woooosh…

Oh look we are in the caning and birching room of a local police station! It seems sentence was passed this morning, twelve with the cane by the sergeant, a well built man, and twenty four with the birch to follow, administered by the woman she stole the silver from. A repeat offender, not at all poor either it seems! Oh wow, let’s get close for this one. She has a nice bottom too.

I went to Fort Wiiliam once, they had the birching table in their old museum, which was the old police station, so it all looks very real.

Who is this walking in? Oh, it is the local magistrate, it’s time to begin. We watch the thrashing and leave quietly. It was judicial and harsh. As expected. 

Come on, let’s climb back in, imagine it like a Jules Verne invention, all brass, mahogany and steam!

We land in a cold miserable room of a Victorian Ladies Finishing School.

A young woman is bent over a single desk, bare bottom on display. We watch as she twitches nervously every time a noise is in the corridor.


Five minutes go by and we begin to feel quite cold, the poor girl is not just trembling from fear. The door opens, the girl pushes her bottom up high., as a severe looking woman in her early sixties walks in, her hair in a tight bun. “I think ten minutes contemplation about telling untruths is enough! It was misguided loyalty. Your friend has just received a severe caning on the bare, and sends her apologies for making you give her an alibi. I told her you were getting two dozen with the slipper, and she volunteered to take it for you. I gave her a firm dozen on top of her caning!”

We look at her hand holding the largest leather soled slipper we have ever soon. The sole is shiny from constant use.

“You are getting the remaining dozen young lady! You will count them out and say thank you for each one!”

“Yes Miss.” Says the now tearful girl.

THWAAAACK!!!… ‘Owwwwwwwwwoooooowwwww! one, thank you Miss”

We watched the whole spanking.

Then we went back to the machine, I don’t know about you, but watching these are getting me very excited. Around our brass beds there are red velvet curtains, with lots of books and pictures. We close them and relieve ourselves of some tension.

We have tea, a cosy chat, I listen to the girls moans and a few smacks behind the curtains before I sleep!

….next morning. I have made breakfast again, let our spanking adventure continue girls. “Come on!”

They joyfully follow me, in a line of five, all arm in arm.

We arrive in a park in suburban Glasgow on a sunny day in 1930. A girl has been caught smoking, and in public at her age, her Mummy who came to look for her spanks her. People stand and stare, to applaud the young mother who has come armed with a long slender strap and is spanking her on a park bench. 

“Well done Madam, they need a firm hand at that age! May I suggest pulling her pants down, that’ll teach her!” Shouts an older man.

The crowd all agree and urge the Mummy on! The knickers are soon whipped down, the girls bottom gets striped and she is marched home with extra whacks along the way, much to the amusement of everyone on the way!

…I think today is going to be a good day! We will have a lot to think about behind those curtains tonight! 

On we go!

Our time machine comes to another halt! We look at each other, having no idea where we might be, or what time in history. “After you girls”.

They open the door.

We are in a brothel, in New York, it is 1938. One of the girls has had a series of complaints from the punters, so the Madam of the house comes to her room to sort her out. “You…smack do not …whack get to pick …thwack which punter ….smack you see! I pay you ….spank smack ..well, very well! So …THWACK…. DO …THWACK THWACK…. YOUR JOB …THWAAAACK!! Owwwwoooooowwwwooow! LIKE ALL THE OTHER GIRLS!

She stands up and leaves, the girl lies on the bed crying rubbing a bright red bottom.

We are quite taken aback, and without saying a word get back in. “Well! I didn’t expect that! Look well if her next client walks in and says he wants to spank her!”

The girls chuckle and off we go to who knows where.

Once again the antiquated machine we are in shudders to a halt, a little like a vintage lift in a department store. You smile at me and point to the door, I go first. “Bloody hell! We are in Downton Abbey!”

…they giggle.

Before us is a wonderful scene in some grand country house. We listen to the goings on, and it seems that after a visit from royalty the Mistress has summoned the downstairs staff to the drawing room. “I have never been so humiliated, the whole shooting  weekend has been a farce! Suitcases in the wrong rooms, cutlery being dropped on the Princesses lap at dinner, the debacle of the missing monocle, three of you not turning up to serve breakfast yesterday because you had got drunk on the left over wine!”

…we stare at each other, mouths open, eyes wide.

“All of you, yes Sykes, that includes you, Housekeeper or not! Are getting the cane, six of the very best each! I will not have it, do you hear! I will not damn well have it!”

Each girl in turn makes their way to a chair, bares her bottom and gets caned. 

The Butler is invited to stay and is asked To hold any girl who struggles!

We go back on board for supper, and discuss the journey, talking over each spanking in turn. What a splendid spanking adventure we are on. 

We sit in a circle and talk well into the night.

“Good Morning!” I greet them with yet another breakfast, a full English. “We need our strength no doubt, I wonder what we will see today?”

[truth is, I have no clue, I have put my collection in a huge file and shuffled them, I have no idea what is coming next! It is a great exercise for my writing and imagination.]

I press the blushing pink button, the antiquated H.G.Wells style machine lurches, and off we go! We wait for it to shudder to a halt, I open the door and wave them through…

We step into a dimly lit Victorian bedroom, or is it a boudoir. There is a young girl with her camisole top up, bloomers undone and wide open. Too well appointed a room for a maid, and there are some nice clothes around. These interest you, you walk around looking at the finery.  I go to the girl, and as if weightless I sit on the bed. Surprisingly I can feel it under me, she has no idea I am sat. I put my hand gently on her bottom, it is warm, soft, and trembling. I can feel it! And she has no idea! I can squeeze it! Can I smack it? I give it a smack, she does not even flinch. How odd! How wonderful!

The girls almost run to my side, and do the same. We smile at each other, this gets better!

We see her flinch, but not because of us, it is because of footfall on the stairs, then the landing and then the door. A beautiful Mistress walks in and speaks French, oh I wish I had paid more attention at school! She produces a martinet and strikes the girls bottom ten times, it stripes with what seems a thousand lines, all rising  before us.

The girl cries out. No words are spoken, the woman leaves. We stand, holding hands, watching the girl sniff and examine her bottom in the mirror. Another unknown part of history.

I hold out my hand, they take it…

We walk back, and settle down for the next trip. 

A beautiful, quite innocent little trip it was too. We walked out of the door onto a balcony, it was 1972, and two girls were on holiday together somewhere.

One of the girls drops a coin, and bends over to pick it up. Her dress rode up, and she lingered.

The other girl smacks her bottom. Instead of objecting, she does just what the girl smacking it hoped for. She pushes her delicate, so far unspanked bottom out and says. “Oh that was nice, do it again.”

There on that balcony we saw her have her knickers pulled down, and gripping the rail get her first ever spanking. Not hard, but enough to send her tender bottom crimson. The other girl put her hand between her legs, and rubbed her to orgasm, asking her to say she was a naughty girl.

We decided that they would be very happy together, and left them to it.

After a little refreshment we decide to continue on our erotic spanking journey in time, and out we stroll into an English summer scene, it seems like the inter war years, the smell of freshly cut hay is wonderful.

Samantha sneezes!

We hear smacks! And little giggles, very very close. We walk around a haystack to find two naughty naked girls spanking each other in turn.

We watch as first one, and then the other spanks and gets spanked.

Then they lay on their back, and both masturbate as we watch.

I look at Lucy…”I like being invisible to them, don’t you?”

” Yes. A lot!”

It is late evening, we make tea and eat it in the hay field, then return to our crazy machine to sleep. I start adjusting the controls. “What are you doing?”  They ask.

“Well, there are a few spankings in history I know of, and a certain duel too!”

“A duel?”

“Yes, two women, bare chested!” I grin.

We retire, and when morning comes we set off for the duel. It is early morning, we can hear the posh voices of Ladies. Quite a hullabaloo! Soon followed by a clash of blades!


Over the years it has been portrayed romantically, as you can see here…


One was Princess Pauline, the other a Countess Anastasia, it seems one sustained a cut nose, the other a cut arm, and it all ended quite respectably.

Why did they fight?

Funny really! A flower arrangement!

Why bare?

Because most deaths from duels was by sepsis, due to a small piece ofcloth being dragged into th wound.

Was sword play common between women, ….yes, ….duels? No, but we’re heard of.

Here they are, it was worth coming to see them!

Yes, these acre the real ones!

But….after the sword fight, the loser had a forfeit to pay! The winner, spanked the loser!

It seems they became very close, and rumors of a lesbian affair was rife.

And so, after mixing with Royalty and witnessing a much documented scandal, we went a gentle stroll through beautiful Austrian scenery back to our time machine, and talked more of spanking.

They ask me what tomorrow will bring. I reply that it is a magical spanking mystery tour again, and set the machine to random spankings in history.

…The next day bought a bit of a dark cloud, we landed in France, just after the end of the war. I remember when I saved these photos years ago, I felt a little uneasy looking at them.

Collaborators, the girls who had been with the enemy were made to pay.

I am not going to dwell, the sight of women having their hair cut off and daubed in tar upsets me a bit to be honest. They deserved something, fraternizing with the enemy is not good, to say the least! But love and war are strange things, and some just did it for money, not for love, so yes, they needed punishing. 

If you read about it, you soon discover that in every area of France, girls found guilty were spanked on the bare bottom, very often naked, on the Town Hall steps, or in the market place, often on a hastily constructed staging. Before huge cheering laughing crowds. In many cases they were forced to walk from prison, naked, to the spanking place. 

That should have sufficed in my opinion.


The walk of shame…

The spankings…


We did not stay after the spanking, it was not our cup of tea, the tar was ready and a huge laughing woman came with some rusty sheep shears. But we understood the need of the people, so left them to it. Let’s hope the time machine takes us somewhere sexy tomorrow!

Another sexy night talking spanking and satisfying our needs was spent, we had bacon sandwiches for breakfast and off we went again. To land here.

We were back at Mrs Walters establishment, Cladia and Samantha were delighted, she was just spanking two of her girls at the finishing school. We looked at each other and smiled. This was much more to our taste! They joined in and the rest of us watched.

we set the machine to random and flew off again …

We next arrived to find a young housewife over the knee of her father, before her husband and brother. She had not been diligent enough with her household duties. How times have changed. 

It was lovely to witness, but not on the bare.

We got back in the machine and went off to our next mystery spanking.

We landed at a large country house, and drifted through the corridors to land quietly in the  Governess’s room. The young lady of the house was just about to get a birching! What a moment in time to witness. We stayed to watch her plump wholesome rump get a good striping and followed the girl as she went crying, clutching her bottom to her own room. Where she lay on the bed, for ages.

…around two hours later her bottom was not so bad, and we left her.

We thought we would put one more magical spanking tour in before bed time, and we were so glad we did. We ended up on a film set in Hollywood and Bridget Bardot had been acting around. The director spanked her on the bare!

Another nights rest brings us to breakfast and off on another spanking mystery tour, we land in a military establishment where a ‘WREN’ is about to get the cane.

If you search, you can find quite a few accounts of Naval punishments of young ladies. I was reading some older women’s accounts of them only a week ago. Thirty six strokes were allowed, with little mercy too!

Lots of unusual terms like ‘kissing the gunners daughter’ were used. These are all worth reading about. 

But this is not research time, it is time to look at a fine bottom in uniform get a thrashing, and we did.

With her squeals still ringing in our ears, we return to the time machine and zoom…well, chug! Off to our next venue.

The 1930’s…

A ‘Speakeasy’ and last nights nights dancing was a shambles. All the offending girls are led into the dance class and spanked naked before the rest of the troupe in time to music! All the other girls clapping time, as the Dance Mistress whacks  their bottom with her slender walking cane.

A lesson in ‘in time to the beat’

The Dance Mistress kept perfect time, and the noise of each naughty girl’s yelp in time to the music was very arousing.

So where next? Today had been very erotic, I was hard and my companions wet, we both needed attention. “Let’s see one more!” 

They agreed enthusiastically.


Oh how lovely, the Board Room of an English Engineering Company in 1957. The Company Secretarey has reported to theManaging Director…again.

We see to each other’s need as we watch the spanking, and them havIng sex afterwards.

And so to bed…

i listen to Samantha and Kate chattering, and Claudia giving Charlotte and Lucy a spanking…I drift to sleep.

Another dawn breaks, and off to another spanking, a domestic one. We find that a teenage daughter has been repeatedly horrid to her young brother and is being spanked on the bare before him!

We all love it, what a start to the days adventure!

Once again we get that feeling that we can be seen, or is it the other side of the girls naughty wish? She looks straight into my eyes, the girls notice and smile at my intense interest.

We hear the sound of bird call, and the wind rustling the leaves in the tall poplar trees as we land again. A garden, somewhere in England 1937. A girl has been caught stealing in a shop and her older sister heard about it. “If I tell Mummy and Daddy you will get it sooooo bad! If you let me do it, I will say nothing.”

The older sister agrees to a switching by her younger sister, how humiliating! She gives her twelve strokes on the bare.

It looks like being a good day today!

Feeling aroused and eager to see what is next, we get back into our time machine, our wonderful….Magical Spanking Time Machine…


We land in a 1960’s Headmaster’s Office, a girl has just had six on the bare, and has also been told she is suspended until the end of term. He has rung her parents and Daddy has just walked in, she is crying.

“Those tears won’t save you girl!” He shouts as he removes his belt and grabs her arm, you can come with me to the playground for another dose before the whole school!”

We hear her screaming and begging forgiveness as she is pulled down the corridor, her knickers on one leg flapping about, other girls running behind to see.

We follow too, and watch a real bottom blistering belting on the bare! Before at least a hundred girls….oh dear, she’ll not forget that! Neither will her rivals when she comes back in the new term!

Yet another days travels done. We sleep again, happy in the knowledge that our journey is still young.

We awake in a holiday camp, possibly Butlins at Skegness. This young girl got drunk last night and disgraced the family. Oh my, what a way to start a day, hung over and spanked next to the caravan, for all to see.

I don’t think she will be writing a postcard home to Mummy saying ‘wish you were here.” Her Aunty has just told her she rang home last night and an angry Mummy and Daddy are on their way. She is laughing because she has just delivered a message, …”the size thirteen slipper is on its way too!

“Wherever next?” We ask.

We soon find out, a mid west American School stage in 1910, a young lady  is on stage, bound in position, before the school.  She has just had six from a very strict Gym Mistress and making quite a fuss.


She is not a popular girl judging by all the hoots of derision and nasty comments being shouted out. The Headmaster, Mr Jones, has just taken the cane and is walking up to the kicking squealing girl.

“Give it her good and hard Mr Jones.” Shouts a large young girl.

“Oh trust me, I am, twelve of the very very best!”

A huge cheer goes up as he calls for four prefects to come and hold her.

We stay to witness a very severe beating.

We were a little quiet that night, lost in our own thoughts.

Next day, I went to somewhere I have dreamed of going all my life. We went to see Mrs.Beeton.

At the age of only 22, Mrs Beeton wrote a very famous book on Victorian household management, which is still in print today. My mother and mother-in-law both had a copy. She was a remarkable cook, and I grew up on her recipes. Little did I know of her spanking household, until the BBC did a programme on her ‘Secret Life’.

Her husband and publisher, Samuel Orchart Beeton, was the first UK publisher of Uncle Tom’s Cabin and perhaps of more interest to readers here The Englishwoman’s Domestic Magazine.

this is a quote from Damien Black…

The EDM, although considered a wholesome family magazine of the time, did feature extensive accounts and suggestions on the discipline of young women. 

Indeed, so graphic did some of the articles and letters become that even today the respectable magazine is often denounced as “to contain barely disguised episodes of sadomasochistic fantasy in the form of lengthy descriptions and discussions of whipping.”

Here is the type of thing reported in the magazine:

“I am distinctly in favour of the rod, duty, obedience and discipline make for very good, well behaved girls. Even ladies of rank must on occasion be treated like a child and put across the knee. She must make her own arrangements for her punishment, as it is essential that she must loose all sense of power. Failing this the party administering the punishment should always part or lower the girl’s draws as this adds to the feelings of shame.”

As to witnesses, this can be can be held as a threat to ensure that there is no rebellion. However, if one carries out this threat, then have a care who is present to avoid a possible scandal. If done with propriety it serves the lady well to be taken down a peg or two.”

Here are some photos taken for the magazine, showing Mrs Beeton in action.  She hired a photographer and selected some witnesses. She positioned a mirror strategically so that the maid, Roberta could be seen at ‘both ends’

We managed to find a good position…


The struggling Roberta was dragged in by Mrs Beeton who promptly bared her bottom, by parting the bloomers.

Mrs Beeton talked all the way through as reports wrote detailed accounts of her every word. Telling of the ‘sit spot’, how to cut down with a rod or birch, and not across. She pointed out that smacking alternate cheeks took the surprise away…’so always do this ladies and gentlemen!”

She varied her slaps, 3,6,4,1 etc etc! Soon the shrieking maid had a crimson bottom.

Her bloomers soon came off.

It was noted by one female observer that Mrs.Beeton had the strength of a man! ‘She hauled her back over her knee after she wriggled off and held her firm for two dozen tremendous smacks, as she told her not to move off her lap again!”.

With her arm around her waist, and the unfortunate girls skirts pulled high, it was soon like a naked spanking! “The girls exposure before witnesses adds much embarrassment, can you see her ‘woman’ as she kicks? This will make her think twice about coming back!”

She pointed out that the window was open, so the rival girls of the house next door could hear! Another reporter said that her screams must have been heard ‘streets away’ and also added that great laughter and uproar could be heard coming from outside!

The spanking was reported to be long, hard and severe. ‘A spectacle to be seen indeed!’

She did displays with the rod and birch, I think I have the photos somewhere, I will try to post them one day. I am not very organised! I need a secretary!

We all agree it was one of our best ever days.

A lovely breakfast was prepared by Kate, and our harmonious arrangement drifted on, none of us tiring of our journey in the slightest, quite the opposite n fact.

As a reward to Kate for a beautiful breakfast, we let her choose. She sat at the vintage typewriter and typed one word…Domestic.

What followed was a delightful day. Quite ordinary, just what we needed after our historic day yesterday.

Four spankings in four vintage homes…

The first was a girl who had been rude to Grandma, getting a traditional over the knee spanking.

The second however was a young woman getting a brutal spanking of her life with a hairbrush.

It seems Mummy had got her a job at the same Department Store as herself three month ago

Today she got the sack for being caught having sex in a store room!

The next one was a girl in a room all alone. We never found out what she had done, we just enjoyed watching her squirm, and then burst into tears as Daddy came in with his belt in his hand to deliver a fast hard dozen.

We all instinctively knew she would take it badly and make ia great fuss.

And we were not wrong!

The last one was wonderful. A naughty  schoolgirl, caught cheating in her exams! The Headmistress had rung home, and Daddy was waiting witha cane.

Oh she got it hard! 

We loved it!

That evening we sat drinking tea and eating scones with jam and fresh cream, looking at, and talking about some more vintage bondage photos…

Vintage Bondage No 9

Claudia went off to try it with the girls, and I watched.

Another lovely day..


much more to come, call back often!