The Inveigle – Chapter Two – The Misadventures of Molly the Victorian Maid

Unlike my other stories which are illustrated using photos I have taken in my studio, this chapter will use a lot of my vintage photo collection.

THE ‘INVEIGLE’ STORY IS STILL UNDER CONSTRUCTION, (although fifteen chapters are drafted, and I think it could well end up a trilogy)

I suggest you read ‘THE INVEIGLE’ intro and chapter one, but not necessarily so, THIS IS ACTUALLY CHAPTER TWO. You will find it here…




My name is Molly Jones.

I remember the day I arrived at ‘The Beeches’, a beautiful large family house on the outskirts of the town I had grown up in. I walked up the long copper beech lined drive with Miss Markham, the owner of the orphanage and ragged school I had quite happily attended, she had given me a book as a present and as I read what she had written to me I cried. But I knew we would still see each other and excitement took over.

As I approached it, the sheer size of the grand gothic mansion frightened me.

It was the family home of the Rumptons, who had made a fortune from coal and the developments of the industrial revolution.

Now it was the home of Reginald Rumpton a prolific and quite famous  artist, and his wife Gloria who had raised a family of ten daughters, including a set of twins who lived there, with a huge array of downstairs staff. Mainly female.

You will meet them all, and I hope you will enjoy the many encounters and adventures that befall us all as my narrative unfolds.

I have worked here, and The Inveigle, for many years now, and would not want to be anywhere else in the world. This is a story of spanking, lots of lovely Victorian spankings. They will unfold before you like the parting of a pair of open back bloomers, but for now be patient with me, let’s go back to the beginning of my time here.

I mentioned briefly my time at school, there I was punished many times. An experience that I could never say was too distasteful, in fact, many times it was just the opposite. Even at the end of a long beating I can still recall pushing my bottom up for the next stroke. It could be said I suppose that spanking is within me, it is something I crave along with everything that goes with it, from being caught and chastised, all the way through to corner time and humiliation. I suppose that is why my time at school was to me, at least, a good time. I could never understand the fuss some of the girls made when being beaten on the bare bottom.

Maybe I am a little strange, but if I was, so we’re quite a few others!

Talking of my bottom, I have been blessed with an extraordinarily beautiful one. A curvy rump perfect for spanking. In my childhood I discovered the delights of self spanking in a mirror whilst using my other hand to masturbate. Nothing much has changed ever since, apart from the number of different people and implements that now serve my need.

And that is it. I need spanking, I desire it, I crave it. I love it. I love everything about it, like I have just said, all of it, from the chastisement and baring of my rump, to the pain, to the corner time, all mixed in with a heaping dose of humiliation please!

Prior to coming to the ‘Beeches’ it was as if my life was a drawing, where I spent a great deal of time imagining spankings. After that wonderful day, my life became an array of real life sumptuous spanking in all their glory.

Let me tell you all about it.

I know now what this place is, a disguise for some kind of spanking emporium, a punishment bordello almost! A place where the outside world is kept away, and only those with a deep rooted sado-masochistic instinct are allowed. Either to live, serve or visit. Miss Markham is a regular visitor to this day, and I found out later in life that she, and many other clients like her were actually a sort of grooming parlour for would be maids. Those with the ‘push the bottom up’ attitude were observed and finally selected.

But of course when I arrived I had no such inkling.

I was greeted by the Housekeeper, a Mrs Fletcher, a kindly looking soul whom I found to be stern but fair, and the best pastry cook in England. She showed me to my room and calmed my nerves. Then she did the best thing anyone ever did to me, she introduced me to Rose, who was to become my lifelong best friend and lover. She just left me at the old dark brown stained panelled door, and gave me a key. “In you go my lovely, it’s time to meet your room mate.” She walked away laughing, leaving me quite breathless.

“Good grief! I had my own key!”

I walked in and there sat on our sofa, as bold as brass, showing her stocking tops was Rose.

“Hello Molly, my name is Rose, I hope we get on, because we will sleep together in here, and I am to show you the ropes ‘n all.”

She turned, and I blushed. I could not take my eyes off her crutch and the most marvellous knickers I had ever seen!

“Oh I can see what you are looking at you naughty girl! I think we will get on fine!” She said wagging her finger. “I am a good judge of people, I think we will get along fine and dandy.”

Anyone who looked like her, called me a naughty girl and wagged her finger, was always going to be a big hit with me! That was it, from that day on we were unseparable soul mates, what on earth had we done without each other!

She took me down to the kitchen, where we met many other maids, all curious in me, and all lovely. We had hot chocolate, and the most delicious apple pie ever. I wolfed it down as she watched.

“Bloody hell, hungry then.” She laughed.

She told me a lot about the place and the people, I just could not keep up. Soon my eyes were almost shut, her voice was like summer rain falling gently from the sky, it just tinkled along at a steady entertaining pace, that you could let wash over you all day long.

“Come on Molly, big day tomorrow, we are off shopping!”

She took me upstairs, we had a little chat and then I fell into bed, the next thing I knew it was 6 o’clock in the morning and she was having a wash. “We are off to get you kitted out in your uniform today Molly. We will be out all day, so you can tell me all about yourself. I have been given money and we are allowed an hour for lunch in a cafe.”

I had never been in a cafe, nor in many shops truth be told.

We went to an outfitters that specialised in women’s wear, undergarments, and maids uniforms.

Next door was a place that specialised in bloomers and corsets.

I had had never felt so special, it seems the Rumptons were good customers and greatly respected.

We stopped for lunch, and went to ‘Higgingbottoms’ a very well to do establishment. I had never seen so many glasses, cutlery or China on a table. I was nervous at first, but had been brought up well and managed more than adequately. Plus Rose was wonderful at it, she even tipped the waitress.

Then we went back in for my fittings, and before long I was stood showing myself to Rose in my underwear!

In my bloomers and corset too.

My waist had never been so tiny, nor my hips so ‘child bearingly capable’!

Then finally I showed her my maids outfit.

“Oh they are going to love you!” Shouted Rose in glee.

I was not quite sure who ‘they’ were, I presumed it to mean the other staff.

Then off we went home, I felt happy, I felt that I was starting to belong to somewhere, and… I had a key of my very own!

The first two months were spent meeting the family and other maids as I learned my more mundane duties.

These were such things as, holding the chamber pot as I helped my new Mistresses with their toilet. This often led to trimming of the lady garden

I love washing and bathing the ladies of the house, especially drying and powdering their delicate little creases.

Dressing them, and handling the beautiful clothes was always a joy, and I became quite adept at doing hair and helping pick jewelry that matched.

Chores too! I learnt how to cook, not as good as Mrs Fletcher, but not bad at all really.

The latest thing is a new type of cleaner, it is ever so modern and uses electric to create something called a varicuum or something like that. Anyway it sucks up muck!

Rose showed me how to use it, in her usual naughty manner!

So that was my training in household duties, and we all worked hard as maids. But, when the lights went off, or there were parties, or one of the ladies of the house had a fancy, then things were altogether different!

Firstly it was our room, I mean Rose and my bedroom. We soon got to know each other intimately. Firstly by naughty talk about spankings, then about how it feels nice to rub our cunts.

Rose taught me that word!

We show each othe our cunts in candle light as we masturbate, talking naughty or reading the naughty penny dreadful type comic books. Sometimes we even had friends in and we all did it.

Oh the orgasms as we finger each other as others look are fantastic. And knowing that at the same time it is happening in other rooms makes it so naughty and erotic.

Some nights we writhe together like snakes, nobody quite sure who is fingering who, or what hole, sometimes we finger and lick bottoms too.

Getting to know everyone in the large house was lovely, the other maids were all so charming, and the sisters just as nice, and naughty! I often saw them with maids, or friends and even each other getting up to all sorts of frolics!

Talking of the girls, one of the first spankings I saw at the Beeches was of Beatrice, one of the older girls who was always daydreaming. We all love her, she writes wonderful spanking stories and sometimes reads them to us. She also knows some fine artists who illustrates them for her.

She had been late to finishing school, and was warned not to be late again,  but the next day she walked off with her head in the clouds as always! It wasn’t as if she dawdled, she actually took great strides, in a determined way, but not always in the right direction. She sort of meandered briskly!

She went through the park as she often did, but when warned not to be late is was probably not the best idea she had made in her life.

Before she knew it, she was late again and the familiar sight of her running to finishing school amused many who knew her and saw her. “Late again Beatrice?”

“Oh bother, yes! I am afraid I am!”

Her sisters had arrived home first later in the day after finishing school, and of course told their Mummy about Beatrice. Their Mummy, Mrs.Rumpton,  had been embarrassed a few times before, having to stand there in front of Miss Holyhead hearing about her daughter’s failings.

I was lucky that day, I was polishing the bannister rail when she came through the front door, her head hanging in shame, to hand a note to her Mummy.

Lady Rumpton erupted, and without delay dragged her upstairs by the ear, to her bedroom. I felt in the way, but with no escape I ran before them!

She gave her a long bare bottom spanking, with me looking on from the landing. What with the door open the smacks and her squeals echoed down to the entrance hall where I could hear her sisters giggling.

Afterwards I just stood there, not knowing what to do.

The Mistress of the house pushed by me, as Beatrice lay sobbing on her bed. I walked in and asked if I could help. She looked up at me and smiled through her big brown eyes and asked me to rub some soothing cream on her bottom.

She still had her lovely hat on. The smell of her was like a summers day in a meadow, her fine scarlet bottom was raised and sore as gently I rubbed the cream in. She thrust at me and I just could not resist letting my finger tips brush her pussy.

Before long our fingers were in each other and we kissed.

We moved over to this lovely green a white chair by the window, where our legs spread wide open.

First I fingered her to orgasm, then she me. I stayed for three hours, and nobody missed me!

That shows how important I was to the house doesn’t it?! Nobody missed me!!

But that is how it was, little dalliances where happening everywhere, it was normal, and nobody minded at all. Unless of course you were to be somewhere important, and I wasn’t.

The house was a heaven on earth. A place where women were not afraid to kiss women, and where behind the scenes, class and position did not matter. We were truely Bohemian.

One of the most exciting people on earth is Abigail she is the oldest daughter and performs on stage as a Masher. It seems she is descended from a famous lady who also performed on stage, she calls herself ‘Abigail Hayes’, the name being taken from her mother’s died of the family, it seems they had a rather famous, very naughty ancestor..

When a young woman is besotted with another, they are said to be mashed, especially schoolgirls. It was from this saying that the term ‘masher’ grew to mean a music hall girl who dressed as a man. A gentleman usually, in top hat and tails, probably with a rose in the lapel, and even a monocle.

Abigail is quite famous and has an army of adoring fans and the most I teresting group of friends ever! Many from the circus!

Her fans would come to see her hoping for a kiss or more, and their wishes were nearly always granted!

She arranged for a group of circus performers to come and give us a private show, a sort of erotic circus! She said that this would be the birth of an idea she wants to put her considerable wealth into, something she will call..


We had no idea what she meant, we just listened captivated.

We all gathered together in the main dining hall which had a conservatory leading to the beautiful lawns where a big top had been erected! It started with the best pair of hips I had ever seen. Abigail got us all singinging along to ‘the girl I love is up in the gallery’. We all clapped the melody as she dressed in her masher outfit, started swinging this delicious girl to and fro on a low trapeze! Smacking her bottom on her return swing in time to the music. We all shouted ‘More more!’ And then she shouted for a volunteer.

Rose got up and ran out, getting undressed!

She shouted to me as she ran out, “I’m not missing a chance of a flamboyant public spanking from Mistress Abigail”

So soon, to another well known, but ruder song, they all began again to ‘all the nice girls love a candle’. Both girls having their bottom smacked as they swang to and fro, we cheered every smack!

Rose ran back to cuddle up to me naked, someone threw us a blanket and said ‘Behave yourselves under there!’

We didn’t. It was wonderful having her naked by my side all afternoon.

The trapeze act continued with a naked girl who asked for a girl to come out and lick her pussy at the end of  her act. They both left together to many wolf whistles and cheeky comments!

Abigail then sang another song for us, it was surreal. A wooden hoop descended and up she climbed. She straddled it and sang until she had an orgasm! Her pussy was right over the hoop as it swung to and fro, it was so sexual, and beautiful, I will never forget it. She kept singing, and her face as she began to cum was so sexy!

She climbed down to be greeted by a still tranquil silence, we all knew we had seen something special, we were in awe of her. Her face shone in the limelight, due to her sweating, it was one hell of an orgasm.

Then, after the silence, we all applauded.

She then spoke calmly to the room as she straddled a chair, with a whip in her hand. It was time for more unusual entertainment. We all knew she was building up to something, but what? And this strange word, ‘inveigle’ what was it?  She toyed with the whip and was about to speak, when she was interrupted.

One girl shouted, ‘use that on my arse!’

She looked at the girl and smiled, as she cracked the whip. ‘You my dear, are coming back to my room.”

The girl stood up, curtsied and said ‘Yes Please.’

Abigail cracked the whip again and shouted, ‘Bring on the animals!’

A girl came in with what is called a zebra, I have heard of them, and seen drawings of them in ‘The Echo’ when they wrote about an explorer, but this was the first I had seen. She stood on it’s back as it trotted and did somersaults! To be honest she did a private show for some ‘well to do’ ladies afterwards, and all I can say is two things…

It was unnatural.

And I wish I had seen it! It had fucked her as she lay on a little bed underneath. I wonder if it has a striped cock?

It was such a proud animal. The girl looked at us, after her acrobatics, and announced the arrival of ‘Our Special Animals!’

We all looked bemused as the lights went down, and when they came bright again we were treated to some lovely sights!

Two very naughty girls were riding big greasy dildos on a wooden pig! That got some cheers and ribald comments!

We cheered them on to their orgasms, the show was getting so rude! We loved it!

Two girls came on to the ‘stage’ flapping wings, they were ever so pretty in amazing costumes. Then we all had to stand as the girls layed two eggs! The eggs had numbers on, and whoever were sat at those numbered seats came to claim their game birds.

We could see what was happening then! We were all being grouped for some night time orgy which had been rumoured.

A girl dressed as a horse came on next, very slowly, whinnying and stomping her foot.

Who would Rose and I get? We squeezed each other in anticipation.

The Ring Mistress said this girl needed breaking in and training, she took off her top hat and pulled out a number. A great friend of ours, Eve squealed and ran to claim her prize. They gave her a crop and she rode her out of the ring, whacking her bottom crying ‘faster, faster!’

Then it was the slave girl Lottery!

Girls came out and did various acts, juggling, acrobatics, fire eating and all sorts of things. They displayed themselves in various exotic, erotic ways for the raffle, we had numbers twenty two and twenty three.

Here is Esmeralda, number twenty two, she is a contortionist.

You can’t see her face, but she is beautiful. A lovely cunt too, hasn’t she, and a ripe bottom for spanking. She came to sit with us, to find out who twenty three was. It was Irene, here she is.

She drifted down naked on a trapeze, and I walked down to collect her. I felt quite famous!

The show continued until we all had a girl. All were gorgeous! One of the last girls walked on her hands for ages, she must be so strong to do that.

The final act came on riding a bicycle with no seat, just a huge dildo! After she had fucked it, she rode over to the last girl in the audience, who was looking a bit forlorn, but her face lit up as the girl on the bike rang her bell and winked, it was magical. We can see why they made her wait now, it was Daisy! They rode off together, Daisy on her handlebars laughing loudly as we sang…

‘Daisy, Daisy give me your answer do,

I’m half crazy, all for the love of you….etc etc

The show was rounded off with the Ring Mistress on a chair. She said, ‘I have to do everything, so they have stuck a brush up my arse so I can sweep up after the show! She had a cute little Yankie hat on, and fired a gun to the roof to finish. She took out a sabre and waved it as she said ‘Goodnight all, let the orgy begin!”

Abigail walked down with her maid, and said she would speak to us all later,  and the three left together, what a night of debauchary followed…

The whole house was full of sex that night, some walked from room to room, others stayed in groups. We smoked stuff, and used opium with 22 and 23, music played and we just did whatever pleased us, needless to say there was a great deal of spanking!

Rose and I stripped naked and just walked around drinking it all in, it was intoxicating! Or maybe that was the gin! We said we would meet the ‘numbered girls’ later.

We saw an older guest spanking one of us maids in the first room we visited. “Don’t you ever try my jewels on again!” She was saying as she punished her.

Oh, her bottom glowed so bright! We stayed to watch, until she fetched the birch, then left them to it. Down the hallway was the billiard room and we could hear someone playing.

It was young Lady Evelyn, she was doing trick shots whilst the two girls who looked after the zebra and monkeys watched. She had her prettiest open back bloomers on. It was very erotic!

 One of the girls unscrewed the end of the cue and fucked herself with it! After she had orgasmed, she got her friend to do the same herself.

The soft lubricated noise it made up her cunt was so sexy, we knelt before her and watched it sink in and out as we drank champagne out of tall, elegant cut glass flutes. Evelyn walked over and two more friends came in, but we decided to try the next room.

Hand in hand, naked, and more than a little stoned we walked along swaying, our soft shoulders bumping in to each other’s.


What a lovely surprise we had. Mrs Fletcher the Housekeeper was fucking one of the cooks! God she was going hard at it! She just turned to us and smiled. “Hello girls. Having fun?” Then carried on ramming her attachment up her friend on all fours, fast and hard.

I moved to the side of the cook and smacked her bottom in rhythm, and Rose did the same to Mrs Fletcher, who said she wished she had bought two of her long handled wooden spoons for us to use.

We left them gasping, and close to collapsing and stumbled on to the next room.

Where we found the girls we had won, fucking each other in a similar manner! Like us they had wandered around, stoned off their faces. They had been drinking laudnum, so we tried some. It’s wonderful, and later we tried absynth, a creamy green liquid, that was good too.

We watched them fuck a while, then Rose blurted out, “That looks fucking good fun girls, can we join in?”

And we did!

It was utterly beautiful, disgusting, sensual, terrible, erotic, debauched, filthy, lustful, sordid, decadent, immoral, perverse, magnificent, sexual, sex… I mean… SEX!

How many orgasms we shared, none of us knew. We fucked, we licked, we sucked, we buggered, we fingered all through the night.

My tongue went in mouths, cunts and arses!

We squirted our juice over each other and rubbed it in. We put our knickers on and delighted in peeling them down time and time again.

The crescendo, hours later was like an earthquake, we lay in a square all licking cunt and arsehole slowly for ages and came together as if we were having fits.

I used others, and was used myself, time and time again. People watched and cheered, our sexual fame grew.

The orgy continued into the next day. We all awoke feeling ‘hung over, from drink and opium.

Slowly we recovered and ate, Mrs Fletcher seems to have a wonderful recovery rate, by mid day we were eating bacon and sausage sandwiches, drinking lashings of tea.

The orgy was not over, it was to continue that evening in the guise of a Domme / sub party. Lots of our favourite clients arrived through the afternoon and we all chatted excitedly in the mess from the previous day.

Abigail announced that it must stay as it is, she wanted us to ‘wallow in our decadence!’ It was during that little lull that we all talked of Abigail’s upcoming surprise, what would it be? What is an Inveigle? All we could do was guess and watch the new guests arrive and enter our delightful mess! It must have smelled dreadful. Abigail delighted in the disgust some of the ‘posher’ ones showed!

Young, and mature, spankers and spankees. All lovers of spanking and humiliation walked up the drive all that afternoon. Lots of them!

The evening began with an announcement by Abigail. She looked eatable!

She stood there with a part of a steam vibrator in her hand. (Yes they did exist! And we’re very often used by visiting doctors to calm a woman who had stress etc) she told us that someone would be trying it out with her later. “…it will be the last survivor of the hunt!”

This meant that tonight’s party was going to be for the Dommes. All us maids, and nuns (girls who are not maids, but are Submissives) go off and hide. They are hunted down and punished for being caught, with no limit to their punishment.

This meant there were certain women you did not want to catch you, such as the evil young Lady Jacqueline of Westminster, who had a fancy for our friend Victoria, and had beaten her so severely once that it had to be stopped. When she arrived, she walked up to Victoria and said “I have unfinished business with you my little slut, and tonight when I find you, I will finish it.” After which she just turned away, as if Victoria was nothing but meat.

We all decided to protect Victoria, and make sure someone else found her. That woman, dressed in her usual Forrest Green scared us all, there was something unnatural about her.

Victoria felt safe, we were a resourceful bunch and could look after our own when we had too.

So when the night came, even Victoria was excited.

Abigail blew the horn, which signalled it was time to hide, we all ran off like mice when a light is lit. Rose was with me and off we went to our room, we wanted to be found, of course, and we’re not that bothered about winning really, we knew some of the older girls were desperate to be fucked by Abigail, our time would come.

Can you remember hiding as a child, or being chased? That feeling it gave you? In games like hide and seek. Well let me assure you this was a hundred times better, and a hundred times scarier!

We hid under our bed, naked! The horn sounded, and a huge cry went up! The hunt was on!

The  beautiful old house was full of screams, whacks and smacks all night long! Caught girls were subjected to all sorts of whims and fancies.

Some punishments were odd to say the least, and always accompanied by a spanking of some sort.

Every room, every single room and the marquee were used, the noise was so sexually exciting.

Victoria was found first, and soon crawling with a martinet in her teeth, so she was safe, and the lady who found her lovely. But this meant that Lady Jacqueline was on the loose, and angry.

Soon, naughty girls were in corners everywhere. But the night was young.

Maids spanked maids, Ladies spanked Ladies, ohhh the combinations and scenarios in that house that night were endless!

Not many open back bloomers stayed closed that night, let me tell you. And there were so many types of them. Where the girls got some of them I do not know, but…awwww! I want some!

Implements of every type were used, no bare bottom was spared a bruising. The hunt continued on and on…

Scenarios of all types too, but by far, a simple maids outfit was favourite.

Lots of girls when found were dragged into the main ballroom for public spankings, the walls soon filled with bright red bottoms doing corner time. Or rows of unspanked bottoms awaiting their fate.

The beautiful sound of spankings, squeals, laughter, orgasms, screams, whacks, cracks and joy, filled the whole house!

Girls were spanked by open windows so people could hear their squeals, along with the noise of smacks, outside. The beautiful summer evening filled with the scent of honeysuckle was a beautiful place to be. Those inside could hear those outside being spanked too! Some girls were spanked before large groups and some had to stand in line nervously awaiting their turn, and still many had to be found! Including us two!


We were eventually found and well spanked by a provocativly dressed Scottish Lady who used a tawse on us both….ooooh it hurt! There were still a third of us to be found as we were led away on leather leashes to the garden.

As we were led like slaves to an auction the vastness of the spanking orgy could be seen. Writhing bottoms, swishing canes, blushing cheeks were on stairs, on tables, on windows, you name it and somebody was spanked or punished with it or on it. These are some of the spankings we saw…

Our favourites were watching the maids spanking the Mistresses, and we bumped into Victoria with a carpet beater walking to Mistress Fanny’s bare bottom. She quipped, “I wish this was for Lady Jacqueline!”

Unfortunately for her she was just walking out of the next room. “Your old friends from the orphanage will pay for that…bitch!”

The hate in her eyes was as cold as a shark, it frightened us both and instantly silenced Victoria. What did she mean?

She looked stunningly sinister, but we had no time to linger as our slave Mistress tugged us away to the beautiful english rose gardens.

On entering the garden we saw Ivy being spanked by a lady with a  bunch of nettles and freshly cut birch.

It was late, drink flowed, so did cocaine and opium. The party changed again. It was time for the Dominatrix girls to get serious. We were put in a sort of yoke and made to trot like horses.

But that was mild compared to what some girls got. As we trotted around the house being ‘cropped’ along we saw so many inventive things.

Both inside the house and out in the garden! Costumes of every kind had been brought along.

The thing what excited all us submissive girls, craving control, humiliation and punishment very much indeed, was the appearance of our Dommes. They were …




And those who worked in groups were..



and Alluring!…

The party then faded away and people left, apart from two ladies who had been set on to record the events in erotic art, and a man! Yes a man, his name is George Barlow, and he took all these photos. The ladies were the friends of Beatrice’s, who illustrated her spanking novels.

This is my favourite.

Isn’t it wonderful?

Victoria was troubled, about her friends who worked at Lady Jacqueline’s Mill, and vowed to rescue them! So much was happening, our laudanum and opium filled minds found it hard to cope!

And then…

Then… Abigail made an announcement “We are moving! We will still have this place, but I have purchased an old theatre and the building next door to it. You are all going to be famous one day. I am to call it. THE INVEIGLE.

She sat and told us of her plans, the Inveigle Girls were born, and Abigail Hayes got a new name.

Rose invented it. She said ‘Oh Mistress Abigail, you do look after us all, you are like Mummy Bear in a story Mrs Markham used to read us.”

From that day on Mummy Bear ruled us all.


keep coming back, this is only the start!


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