Photo Stories



Charlotte is sure she is alone in the big old house where she works.

maid 1 post

She lights a candle, and creeps down one of the creaky corridors and stops at an oak door. She listens, just to make absolutely sure all is safe.  It seems quiet, so gently she opens the door and creeps in.

maid 2 low

Oh good, just as she suspected, all is quiet. She likes this room, it’s exciting to her. She walks over to the dressing table and stands in the silence to smell the fragrance of her Mistress.maid 3 low

She lights the oil lamp and bends down, in her usual delightful manner, to blow out the candle.

maid 4 low

She watches the smoke rise wistfully into the still air and laughs to herself happily.

maid 5 low

The dressing table has the punishment hairbrush which belongs to her lovely Mistress, resting upon it, and she recalls some of the spankings she has received.

maid 6 low

You can see her in the mirror gazing at it.

Her attention then goes to the beautiful dress, and she remembers how her Mistress looked in it, just the other night.

She walks to it and takes it in her arms.

maid 8 low

Her hand slips down to where the soft curvy bottom of her Mistress would be, and she dances around the room with it, holding it close, smelling the exotic perfume.

maid 7 low

Now feeling in a somewhat dreamy state, she hangs the dress back up, and her eyes go to the dressing table, and in particular the spanking brush!

maid 9

She caresses the brush and an idea comes into her mind, and not for the first time in this room!

maid 9a

Oh I think she heard us say those words out loud! Look how naughtily she looks at us. Yes little madam! We know where you are taking us.

maid 9b

Slowly she watches herself draw up her dress and undergarments.

maid 9c

To bare that naughty bottom. Now come on Charlotte, you can do better than that, present that bare spankable bottom for us!

maid 9d

That’s more like it. Oh I love it when she bends over and her pussy shows, don’t you?

maid 9h

Oh God yesssss!!!

I adore open back bloomers. What an invention! I love the Victorians for creating such styles.


She decides it is time to give herself a spanking, she is rather good at self spanking is our naughty maid Charlotte.

maid 9e

What a lovely smile, but it soon alters to gasps and squeals as she does it harder…








and harder…

maid 9g

The spanking left Charlotte the very naughty maid feeling somewhat moist, it was still quiet in the house, so she sat on the chaise longue.

maid 9j low

The candle in the holder looked inviting and naughty, slender and long.

A little song she used to sing with her friends came to mind.

All the nice girls love a candle,

All the nice girls love the wick,

Because there’s some thing, about a candle,

That reminds them of a prick!

Slips in easy

Nice and greasy

It’s a poor gilrs pride and joy

so…. etc etc

maid 9k low

She took it from the holder.

maid 9l low

And examined it very closely, “Oh my, it’s true, they are greasy!”

maid 9m low

She opened her bloomers, and looked from the candle to her pussy.

It didn’t look to big at all, maybe a little long, but…

maid 9n low

She rubbed it up and down her clit, slowly for ages and ages.

The moans she let out were little at first, but slowly grew.

maid 9o low

She held it on the edge of her lips, and slowly slid it in.

maid 9p lowS

She took the full length and could resist no longer, it began to slide in and out,

in and out,

faster and faster.

maid 9q low

Before long her her arm was moving faster than a fiddlers elbow as she fucked herself hard with it, she moaned even louder as the first signs of orgasm rattled through her clit…

She was making such a lot of noise, and her eyes were closed. She never noticed the door begin to open

TO BE CONTINUED…. at a later date.

* * *

here is a little one about a school secretary…


The school secretary loves spanking and anything related to it. It is the reason she took the job, she knew she would be involved in some way. But imagine her surprise when she was told that it was her job to  keep the punishment log and help with spanking administration.

By this it meant that when a girl came for the cane or a spanking, she would have to book them in, take their knickers and send them to sit on the stool outside the PDA room, (Punishment, Detention, Adjustment Room).

When they were inside, getting the slipper or whatever, she creeps to the door to listen.

At the end of the day she often stays behind and sneaks into the room to masturbate.

secretaryd low

She strips naked and plays with canes, rulers, and the slipper, often spanking herself. Sometimes the handle of the cane slips right up her pussy and she rubs herself hard against the curve to orgasm.

One day she was fantasising and masturbating…

secretarye low

Flexing the cane and swishing it onto an imaginary upturned naked bottom.

She stood at the blackboard like a naughty girl…

secretaryh low

Then the door opened, it was Miss Black, the Headmistress.

“Charlotte, last time I caught you masturbating in here I spanked you, and said if ever I caught you again i would cane you! Now bend over the desk you naughty secretary!”

secretaryi low

secretaryj low

She did as she was told, her pussy twitching and dribbling love juice in anticipation. She listened to Miss Black’s footsteps clip clop clip clop towards the cane. She thrust her bottom up as she walked behind her…

I’ll leave the rest to you! But this will have more added.

** ** **


Let’s go back to my favourite spanking times…


We’ll go to The Inveigle, it is a wonderfully sexy place in London, where women go to seek other women who are interested in spanking. As well as being an all female brothel of sorts it has a theatre wich puts on beautiful spanking shows,  with dancing girls, trapeze artistes, and… oh all sorts of things!

The woman who owns the place is called Deborah,  and the girls who work for her, (The Inveigle Girls) affectionately call her Mummy Bear…

So here you are, allow me to inroduce you to ‘Mummy Bear’, a refined beautiful lady who  as well as running her spanking emporium specialises in the instruction of the violin.

violine low

She has appeared at the Albert Hall, and is an accomplished violinist.  Nowadays nearly all her time is devoted to The Inveigle, but she allows herself an afternoon a week, in her parlour.  for violin tuition. It is a break from the normal and the violin is something she could never give up.  She expects all her students to be as keen as herself and adhere to her methods, which include much practice and preparation.

If students do not stick to this regime, like the Inveigle Girls, they are dealt with severely.

Charlotte, one of her favourite students has been slacking lately, and Mummy Bear suspects that she will not have rehersed her practice piece as much as she should have. Charlotte knocks at the door…”Come in!”

As usual a very friendly greeting and the usual niceties ensue.

violinf low

“Hello dear, I hope you didn’t find the pice too difficult, I am looking forward to hearing it, it has always been a favourite of mine.”

Charlotte fidgets and blushes. “Well I have tried really hard Mummy Bear, but confess that I am struggling with it.

“Then play it for me my dear, let’s see if you are any better than last week, I’m sure you will be if you have put the practice in.”

violinh low

So Charlotte tried her best, which in all honesty was terrible. It was soon apparant that she had put very little work into it.

Oh Charlotte! No matter what time in history you live in, you are always so naughty!!

violini low

Mummy Bear had been waiting for this, she knew exactly what her performance would be like. “That my girl was the worst rendition of that beautiful piece of music it has ever been my misfortune to hear!”

Charlotte looked down feeling very guilty, her lips pouting and eyes pleading for forgiveness.

“It’s no good looking to the floor for help is it? Have you actually tried the piece at all?”

“No Mummy Bear.” Charlotte began to cry, she knew what was coming. Her parents and herself had signed a disciplinary document and she knew that she was to be punished.  “I’m sorry Mummy Bear, hosest, I’ll practice for next week, honest I will!”

violinj low

Some of the Inveigle Chorus Girls were walking by the room and heard the raised voices. This haughty young lady had ignored every offer of friendship given by them when she came for her lessons. She looked down her snooty nose at them and felt above them.  She usually walked by them with a superior look and her nose pointed in the air. They loved what they heard, and took it in turns to look through the keyhole.

“You naughty girl!” Admonished Mummy Bear. “I am going to teach you a lesson today alright, one you will not forget in a hurry!”

Charlotte was ordered to come to Mummy Bear’s right hand side. Her voice was commanding and clear, gone was the anger and annoyance, it was replaced by authority and domination.

violink low

Charlotte, even with her outward haughty appearance to girls around her own age, was very different sort of girl inside. She felt a little excited by this, her pussy twitched as she was chastised. She meekly walked to where she was told.

Mummy Bear grabbed her arm and pulled her over her knees!

violinl low

Pulling back with all her might Charlotte could not stop being pulled over. “Don’t you resist me young lady, over now!”

The spanking began almost at once and the girls at the door loved every smack, eagerly waiting their turn to kneel and look through the keyhole at Charlotte’s punishment.

“Ohhhh she is getting a full strength Mummy Bear spanking! Go on Mummy Bear, make her squeal!”

violinm low


The blows were fully hard from the onset, Mummy Bear saw no point in building up slowly, this was not a pleasure spanking, it was a punishment. Charlotte began to kick and scream and her legs were close to the violin at one point. “Keep your legs down, if you kick that violin off you will get such a thrashing!”

violinn low

The thought of that happening made Mummy Bear decide to move on to a bare bottom spanking, so the dress was pulled up and her open back bloomers pulled apart. The smacks really echoed through the air then, and the girls huddled the other side of the door giggled.

violino low

Mummy Bear heard the giggle and knew it would be very embarrassing for Charlotte. “Yes I can hear them too, I have a good mind to open the door and let them all look! I have seen how aloof you have been with my girls!”

…..smack smack smack, the slaps got harder and firmer.

Charlotte was horrified to know the girls were there and tried hard to stifle her squeals, without success. But at the same time, deep inside, she loved the thought.

….owwww ohhhh oh my bum my bum….owwwwww!

The girls laughed at this point! Even Mummy Bear managed to smile too, despite her concentration.

violinp low

By this time every burning smack made  her bottom feel as if it was on fire, she began to kick about again!

“Ohhhh I have had enough of this, kicking about like a little girl, get up!”

violinq low

The girls outside knew what was coming, the heavy backed ebony hairbrush. Oh this would hurt a lot, they so wanted to hear the cracks of wood on already sore plump rump flesh! Especially hers!

They soon got their wish, Mummy Bear really let her have it, the brush landed time and time agian, loud cracks and squeals made them all look at each other. Outside the door the girls were now all masturbating in a group to the sound of the haughty girls bare bottom thrashing!

violinr low

Mummy Bear was in full flow now, and Charlotte was in burning sore bottom agony, she could not care less about the girls now and screamed and screamed. The whacks got harder as the brush was raised higher and higher. Even at this point a part of her craved and lapped up what was happening.



violint low

Mummy bear was now not just spanking her for being a disobedient student, but for being a haughty upper class girl who needed bringing down a peg or two. And for the Inveigle Girls too, she wanted them to enjoy this as much as they could.

For poor Charlotte the unthinkable happened then, all the girls were marched in and told to stand in a semi circle, all eight of them, to watch a bare bottom caning of sorts, with the violin bow! Charlottes pussy dripped, despite the pain. She was on show to The Inveigle Girls!

This is what they saw…

violinv low

…her bottom and the top of her thighs were already red raw, surely the violin bow marks would barely be visible, but as the thin bow swang and landed with a loud crack, after each whistle, they saw even deeper red lines rise up on that poor bottom.

This was one of the hardest caning style spankings ever, and they loved it!

violinw low

They clapped every stroke and cheered Mummy Bear on.

Charlottes bottom was aglow and she was squealing for England at every viscious cutting crack of the violin bow. It was playing it’s own tune now at the hands of a maestro!

violinx low

violiny low

violinz low

Now as we all know the last stroke is always the hardest, and this was proved true by Mummy Bear. She took a step back, adjusted her stance and the violin bow almost bent double as it whistled through the air to strike Charlotte’s bottom, her head threw back and her hair shot up under the impact…


violinz1 low

Her thrashing was over, she sobbed and said she would always practice from now on. She was made to stay there a while and not allowed to rub her bottom as the girls just stood, with satisfied smiles.

The thrashing over, but a need deep inside Charlotte was lit. Night after night after her thrashing she masturbated as she looked at her fading marks.

She had a dream now… to be an INVEIGLE GIRL! and be spanked every day if she could!!!

* * *


Back in her days at school, Charlotte was such a naughty young girl, who got into lots of scrapes, and was spanked or caned many many times. (Luckily for us eh?)

She went to an all girl’s school, where next door there was an all boys school.

You can imagine the goings on near the railings or gates and such like, it was a constant worry for the staff. All the girls were told not to fratenise with the boys, but of course, telling girls at the ages of 16, 17, 18 not to do something, especially when boys are involved, was like telling them to try it!!

Charlotte found a little corner of the playing fields, where, behind a large bush was a space, which bordered onto the boys school. To keep a long story short, she eventually got to know quite a few of them and  found that showing her bare bottom to them whilst they masturbated could be quite rewarding financially!

The word spread eventually to the staffroom, and the headmaster at the boys school caught her out, and after getting her name from a school book in her satchel, he reported her to the Headmistress of the girls school.

Her Mummy was summoned to the school to hear all about her daughters behavior, she was a proud lady and had never been so embarrassed in her life as she was at the interview. After all her previous misemeanours it was a case of sort it out or remove her from the school!

Charlotte had already suffered a spanking from Miss Black, and was in great danger of a public caning in the main hall.

Mummy managed to talk Miss Black out of exclusion, by saying that she would deal with her at home, and make sure she would never repeat this action again.

This is where our story begins,  Mummy has driven Charlotte home in silence, obviously fuming!


spoon a

Very little was said during the journey, Mummy just kept tutting and shaking her head. But when they pulled up the drive the wrath of Mummy exploded!

“Don’t you ever, I mean EVER show me up like that again young lady. My word you are going to have such a sore bottom tonight!”

Mummy got out of the car, leaving Charlotte very nervous indeed.

spoon b

Mummy made her way to Charlotte’s door, the footsteps getting closer made her shudder in her tummy.

spoon c

Mummy opened the door and yanked Charlotte out by her hair!

spoon d

Poor Charlotte knew a very bad spanking was on its way and was soon out of the car heading towards it!

spoon e

Her bottom got its first smack before even reaching the back door, everyone around could hear, Mummy was telling her off so loudly!

spoon f


It was a sunny day, people were around, and soon they began to gather at the end of the drive, or across the road, to see what the commotion was! It didn’t bother Mummy at all, and things got rapidly worse for our naughty girl, her dress was pulled up and she got some smacks on her knickers, whilst the people could see.

“Stop Mummy please…people can see!”

spoon g

Things got rapidly worse for Charlotte, or from the onlookers point of view, better!

Her Mummy spoke very loudly to them all, “She has been a very naughty girl and is going to get a damn good spanking on her bare bottom! You all wait there for a while and you’ll hear, but let it start right here!!”

Without further ado Mummy pulled her knickers down and gave her six brisk smacks!

spoon h

“Awwww no Mummy no, please don’t, look the girls from the posh school are here now!”

Two of her biggest rivals from the posh estate were now stood laughing and pointing at her.

Mummy was still not deterred, she pushed Charlotte into the kitchen, and deliberately left the door open, so Charlotte could hear them talk and giggle, and the growing crowd could hear the smacks and squeals!

spoon i

smack…. owwwwww   smack… ohhh Mummy stop my bottom my bottom it hurts! ….smack smack owww ooooh!!

“This is only the start young lady!”

The crowd outside hushed as they listened to the proceedings… everyone knew what a very naughty and sometimes quite haughty young girl she was. Little sympathy was coming, in fact a lot were saying ‘she has needed this a long, long time!’

Her telling off went on and on and people began to laugh again as details of her naughtiness were shouted by Mummy.

“Ohhhh don’t shout so loud Mummy, please!”

“Shut up! Everyone is going to know your shame you little hussy!”

spoon j


“It’s no good looking so sorry for yourself, and mark my words you will be doing soon, it’s the wooden spoon for your bare bottom madam!”

Charlotte heard the intake of breath and murmers from the crowd outside and the neighbours over the fence too.

spoon k

Charlotte was close to tears, but a strange feeling was rushing through her body. The fact that people could hear, and had already seen her get spanked a little excited her. Her pussy liked the experience, she wanted more humiliation.

spoon m

She watched sulkily as Mummy went for the wooden spoon.

spoon n

When Mummy came back she told her, “Right, I am going to show your bottom no mercy with this Charlotte, upstairs with you, to your bedroom, right now!”

spoon o

And so the chase began. Charlotte desperately trying to avoid the stinging smacks of the wooden spoon and Mummy trying to redden her cheeks every step of the way…

spoon p

Charlotte had been chased upstairs before, and as soon as Mummy began lifting her skirt she was off!

“Did I give you permission to pull those knickers up Charlotte?” shoted Mummy, her voice could be heard outside and this bought forth a fit of giggles, they could all picture  what was happening!

spoon q

The staircase acted like an echo chamber, each smack resounded as did each squeal! The upstairs windows were open and the ‘audience’ could follow the performance!

spoon r

smack! oooooowwww!

Charlotte tried so hard to flee, but Mummy had a firm hold of her dress, she could feel herself losing her balance!

spoon s

whack!! oooooh….ooh oooh

Mummy pulled her back, she was going to make the most of the spanking on the stairs, poor Charlotte felt like she was climbing through treacle, another resounding smack on her left cheek made her scream…..owwwwwwwwwwww my bottom, my bottom, oh Mummy please stop please stop!

spoon t

That will be a bruise in the morning!

The stairs gave an ideal position for her bottom to be spanked almost at eye level, so Mummy did just that!

spoon u

Charlotte was wriggling furiously now, but there was no escape for the naughty girl.

spoon u spoon v


As one mark faded another was applied, Mummy was in full swing, and with all her might Charlotte pulled almost free. Mummy was hanging on to her knickers!

“Mummy you are ripping my school pants!”

“I’ll rip them off in a minute, conme back here!”

The crowd outside laughed at this.

Oh dear, Charlotte slipped and the step onto the landing acted as a spanking bench where Mummy got two really good stinging smacks well placed on the centre of each cheek of her delightful rump!

spoon wspoon x



At least at the top of the stairs there was an end in sight for the burning of her cheeks, her bedroom, “Right…in you go!”


spoon y

“But Mummy, everyone will hear my spanking, they are all out there and the window is open, please please no…no no Mummy please!”

No choice was given…smack smack smack…”In  NOW!!”

spoon z

“Get over there” shouted Mummy. The bedroom glowed a beautiful pink to match her rosey bottom!

spoon z1spoon z2


Charlotte was now doing exactly as she was told and hurried to the spanking position, her bedroom window, where the crowd was stood below, waiting.

“Here she is!”

Oh the humiliation…

“Right young lady, present that bottom, come on, on tip toes. Now keep your eyes open and look at the all, now tell them you are a naughty girl and need a jolly good spanking!”

She could see them all, twice as many as expected and right at the front were the posh girls, but now six of them! They pointed and giggled at her predicament again.

“I am a naughty girl and need a jolly good spanking, don’t I?”

They all shouted…”YES!!!”

spoon z3


And so it began….Charlottes most humiliating spanking ever, a public one on her own street, in her own bedroom, before neighbours and rivals, oh the shame. They saw her hop and jump about, they heard every smack and squeal.

spoon z3

spoon z4


spoon z5


Once more the sensation hit her, being on view, being humiliated made her pussy throb, it made it moist, she was so turned on!

“Right, that’s the public spectacle over with, I hope you feel disgraced and ashamed of yourself!”

Charlotte thought…. “Actually I was almost cumming!”

spoon z6


She was pulled into Mummy’s bedroom…

spoon z7Her spanking from Mummy was over, then as she finished her telling off she told her to bend over the clothes rail.

Charlotte wondered why she was there if her punishment was over, but then came those awful words….

spoon z8


“You just wait until daddy gets home!!” And just then she heard a car door….oh no!!!!


Charlotte still continues to be naughty, and still gets her delightful bottom spanked quite often, but let me tell you about what happened around three months after the above story.

It began in her bedroom, which incidentally  is decorated in the manner of a Princess, suits her don’t you think?


She earned a little money from odd jobs and helping out after school at a cafe from time to time.  Shoes were a great love and she was saving up for a lovely pink pair she had seen. Only that morning she had counted the money, and in her bedroom after school she had three pounds to put away in her special box, so feeling pleased she counted it again, only to find there was £30 short!


Her little face looked quite sad as she tried to puzzle out what could have happened, an idea shot into her head, but surely it couldn’t be that, so she checked the money again, just to make sure.



It was definitely missing!

Her mind raced and no matter how hard she tried to think of another explanation, she couldn’t. You see, her Mummy also had a passion for shoes, and had been wanting this pair for weeks whilst they were in a sale, which ended today, surely she wouldn’t have  taken it,

      ….surely not!

There was only one thing to do, ask her, but how?


So off she set, she could hear her downstairs, in the kitchen.


Half way down the stairs she stopped to think, was she being silly?

No! It was the only possible reason she could think of.


“Mummy…are you there, I don’t suppose…ohhh!”


There, before her very eyes was Mummy, proudly looking at the shoes, and she knew from what Mummy had said that she could not afford them.


Mummy tried to explain best she could.




All the usual excuses which Charlotte herself had tried many times came tumbling out of Mummy’s mouth.

I was going to put it back.

I was only borrowing it.

I needed the shoes, the sale ended today!


A strange but wonderful thing happened then. Where her voice of authority came from she will never really know, but she told Mummy that if this was her she would spank her for it, and seeing as the roles are reversed she thought the same should happen to Mummy!

“So Mummy, I am going to spank you, over to the sofa NOW!!”

Charlotte walked over to the sofa and sat down.


It was an amazing feeling, she began to use the same words Mummy would use, and believe it or not Mummy obeyed her, meekly.


She looked up at Mummy, and as calmly as you like she said …

“Well? I’m waiting, over my knee now young lady!”

Young lady indeed, but yes, she altered the roles completely and Mummy did as she was told without question!


Just like a naughty school girl Mummy began to bend over her knee, oh Charlotte was going to enjoy this! All those times she had been over her Mummy’s knee for stinging spankings. Now she was going to make her pay. The moment she began to bend over was wonderful!


Charlotte’s face lit up the moment her Mummy was over her knee!

Look at her smile, she is loving it isn’t she?


Mummy’s trousers came down in an instant

“Are you ready Mummy, you naughty girl?”


“Awwww, yes I am, I am ready for my spanking, I am indeed a naughty girl” said Mummy, and it began in ernest, a resounding smack echoed across the room instantly.


smack, spank, crack….. Charlotte’s hand began to rise and fall, cheek to cheek as the memories of those spankings flooded in, she knew exactly where it hurt most and how it felt!



“Ohh owwww ooooh my bottom, I’m sorry, I’m sorry!”

Mummy tried her best to get mercy but none came, Charlotte new very well what it was like to ask for mercy, only for the smacks to get harder and faster!

So without further ado she yanked her Mummy’s knickers down and proceeded on the bare!


“Yes Mummy, on the bare bottom! You are a naughty girl and need a bare bottom over the knee spanking don’t you?”

Charlotte hated it when Mummy asked her this, so knew how Mummy would feel.

“Yes, I am, owwww a naughty oooooooh girl smack smack smack, and I need a good hard bare bottom, oohhhh owww over the knee spanking!”


Charlotte giggled which added to Mummy’s humiliation!

smack smack smack spank!


The spanking was now in full flow, Charlotte was enjoying her role and Mummy was finding out what a heavy hand her daughter had got.


Charlotte could see her Mummy’s bottom getting red, so she concentrated on the ‘sit spot’ she knew how much it hurt.

Then she saw a movement out of the corner of her eye, Mum was trying to move the slipper out of sight, so she told her Mummy sternly, “Pass me the slipper you naughty girl!”

“No not the slipper, please no no no not the slipper!”

“Oh yes…the slipper!”


Mummy was wriggling and kicking like a fourteen year old, screaming and making such a fuss!

whack! went the slipper, as it landed full force…ooooowwwwwww!


Another ten or fifteen smacks with the slipper followed fast and hard as the spanking came to an end.

Charlotte, panting and out of breath then said something which made her feel powerful and dominant.

“Now get to your room!”

Oh how often had she left the room with a stinging red sore bottom with those words ringing in her ears!


“…and don’t let it happen again Mummy”

Mummy was crying and dying to rub her bottom as she left saying.

“No Charlotte, I won’t, I’m sorry….sniff”


That night somthing happened.

Charlotte lay in bed masturbating at what had happened.

And at the same time, Mummy did the same, as she lay rubbing her bottom feeling the heat.

*  *  *

My next story is inspired by a real incident in my life.


When I was a boy of around thirteen I went on a train trip with one of my brothers, and my Mum and Dad. I was born in 1951, so I calculate this to be 1964.  It was a works trip to the sea-side, my Dad was an ex-military man and quite strict, so we behaved pretty well, near enough all the time.  On a day like this, all the children were expected to behave, it was a treat, and everyone’s family was on show. We were in a compartment on the train when a woman and a girl of around my age, maybe a couple of years older, came in. The girl was in a right mood and showed her Mummy up all the time by being rude and obstinate, eventually her Mum lost her temper, (my Dad kept looking at her in a most dissaproving way!) and threatened to spank the girl there and then.

I remember the girl looking straight at me, as if to read my thoughts, which were… ‘Go on, keep being naughty, let me see your bare bottom get a spanking!’

Alas she behaved…::sigh:: …but that night I wanked hard thinking of it and pretending she got the spanking.

This story is quite different in all honesty, but it is set on a train, and, well, you’ll see!

The story…. (the photos are stills I have taken as snapshots from the video I made of this) you can buy the video from my site.

Two girls are on a day out with Aunty Donna, a rather strict Aunty, only about ten years their senior.  But she had the authority and in those days, as you know, things were different. Their Mummy’s had given her full permission to make them behave if needed, and the girls knew it.

They had been good girls in town, and Aunty Donna was impressed. On the journey home the train had to change at a station to take a branch line to their home town. She trusted the girls to take a look around whilst she had tea and cake, and read her book a while.

The two girls went over the footbridge to the other platform and walked down it, it was a hot day, and girls will be girls at times, they felt rather naughty….in a wet pussy sort of way!


They came across a row of carriages, no engine was attached, they were just parked. They looked through the windows to see inside.


It looked inviting, and quiet, you could even say it looked private.

The row of carriages were actually longer than the platform, if they could get on and walk to the end, they would be safe to see to their growing naughty need…

Eventually, after trying a few doors, surprisingly they found an open door


and climbed aboard


 Slowly they made their way down the train to the part where the carriages were stuck out of the platform, eventually reaching the ‘First Class’ Carriages.

{this gave the name to the video ‘A First Class Spanking’}


Then they found it, a beautiful British Railways First Class Carriage.

Just right for naughty fun!


By now the excitement, the heat of the day, and the location made them as moist as they had ever been. Their pussies screamed for attention, so in they went, and giggling they settled down on the comfy seat.


They talked so naughtily, and then decided to do it!

“Let’s masturbate, you keep watch for me, and I will keep watch for you, lets get our pussies out in public and cum!” So after a quick look up and down the corridor, Charlotte decided to take her knickers down, she was now quite desperate to get her fingers sticky!


Before long she was sat by Amber, her dress up, rubbing her wet swollen pussy, the noise of the sticky walls rubbing together around her probing fingers was delicious!




Soon the railway compartment was full of her orgasmic groans of pure pleasure, it really made Amber wet!

“Oh God I need to finger my cunt now!”


So Charlotte kept a look out whilst Amber slid her hand in her knickers to finger herself wildly.



When they had both achieved their climax, they still felt sexy on that sultry warm summer afternoon.

“Haven’t we been naughty!” Said Amber proudly, she was the younger of the two.

Charlotte picked up on the word ‘naughty’

“And you know what naughty girls get Amber.”

Immediately Amber replied with a smile, “Spankings, on their bare bottoms, don’t they!”

“Yes they do, shall we spank each other for being naughty then?”

“What? Here!”


So they did!!

First Amber looked out into the corridor as Charlotte spanked her.



The smacks were crisp, loud, and echoed down the corridor unheard by anyone. The two girls loved it, they felt so daring. Soon Amber’s turn finished,  and Charlotte asked if she  was sure she had been spanked enough. “Oh yes! It was lovely!”


So it was now Charlotte’s turn to poke her head into the carriage corridor for her spanking. She began to undress, her excitement mounting.

The thing with Charlotte is, she always lets the excitement get the better of her, her mind began to race as they spoke.


As her bottom was being spanked, she looked up and down the corridor, and her confidence in the situation grew.


Her spanking quickened and she pushed her needy bottom up to the smacks to greet them.




owww ohhhh mmmm!


This was the moment she shocked Amber…

“Spank me naked over you knee! There is nobody around, and it is so sexy in here, it’s a chance not to miss!”

Amber, always easily led agreed wholeheartedly.

But haven’t we forgotten someone?

Aunty Donna was livid, she had been kept waiting far too long and the train they were supposed to get on has left, they are here for another hour and a half now, so she is searching for them.


She was a beautiful yet powerful woman, a no nonsense type of woman with a booming voice. She searched for them.

She reached the row of coaches and began trying door handle after door handle, and at that exact moment, Charlotte was settling over Amber’s knee for her spanking, neither of them were keeping a look out anymore!



So her playful spanking began.

Meanwhile Aunty Donna had found an open door and boarded the row of carriages, she was walking towards them, and as she did so she could hear the giggling and the smacking.


Aunty just knew that this was them, they were once again up to mischief, she slowed down and slowly crept up to the compartment they were in …


They were caught red handed!

“Charlotte! What on earth are you doing naked on a train! Look at you both, I hardly dare think what you have been up to besides play spanking. But my word, the play is over, you are both getting a real one young ladies, right now!”

She made Amber get over her knee first.

She got a hard fast spanking, her cheeks soon glowing!

This time people could hear, the smacks and squeals drifted through the station!


“Owww Aunty stop, people can hear!”

“Not so much of a game now is it you naughty girl!”

Charlotte looked on horrified, she knew hers was going to be worse, much worse, it always was!


She was not to be disappointed!

“Right….you! Here! Now!

Oh dear, this was going to be the hardest one yet.


Oh the shame!

To be spanked over her Aunt’s knee, naked!

She could not help but let out squeals and yelps as the hard spanks rained down on her rosey red cheeks, and…. oh no, she could hear people talking, they must be able to hear!

Oh but my dear little Charlotte, it got so much worse.

….her spanking was the hardest yet, her cheeks were on fire, and the only clothing Aunty let her put on after her spanking, were her shoes, as she smacked her bottom on the way down the corridor, off the train and on to the platform!


I hope you like this enough to buy the video.

* * *

Millbank Prison 1868

My next adventure for Charlotte is in a prison, a Victorian Women’s Prison.

Come on, I’ll take you a stroll. We are going to walk the streets of Victorian London, so put this cloak on, we don’t want to look out of place do we? It’s a misty night, the gas lamps give a nice yellow glow in the dark, it sounds hushed, even the horses hooves sound as if they are wrapped in old sacking.

I take you to the River Thames, we are near the Houses of Parliament. The fog is thicker now, and dropping fast, but we can still see the other side for now. There is a huge formidable building, austere and threatening. It is Millbank Prison, in Pimlico.

It is a women’s prison, every week they have new inmates and today some have arrived. They will have their hair cut into a bob, be washed and if needed de-loused. Their crimes are read out so everyone knows what they have done, and then as is the custom on the first night, they are put in solitary. The sound of their cries is pitiful.

After a few week when they have learned the routine and got used to the boring hard work of picking coconut fibre and such like, the reality of the future hits them…every day will be the same, for years.


After maybe two months, the wardens have wighed each one up, and the pretty ones, who seem to have a certain type of disposition are made an offer. A one time only offer, which they cannot think about, they are offered it and have to decide there and then. There is a list of Victorian Ladies who are seeking female sex slaves, to do their bidding.  They often let themselves be know at a birching, which at this time was a public thing, where people could see many a day for a few pennies.

You are told of this list…. oh sorry, did you not notice me leave?

You are now prisoner 081151 Corbin. The wardens have just asked you if you want to voluneteer. They tempt you by saying that you will be moved to the top floor where the sun shines in. The corridor doors are locked all day,  but from six in the morning  until six in the evening the cell doors are  left open. It is like a small community, they call it Millbank Village. The food is better, the work minimal. You need your strength for the Ladies who will visit twice a week. You must comply to their every wish… so, what do you say Corbin?

“Can I have flowers in me room Miss?”

They agree.

“Yes then, when do I start?”

They tell you that you have just started and take you up to your new cell, where you settle in for a week.

In a large house, called ‘The Inveigle’ is Lady Charlotte Elizabeth. She was playing a tune at her harpsicord when one of her maids hands her a letter. It tells her about you. She clasps her hands in delight, and that night she makes plans.

Soon the prison has a letter, and a date is set.

Today is the day you meet your Mistress, you sit on a stool in your cell and are told not to move.

pim1 low

You are trembling inside, the cool air on your body washes over you, you are naked, never in your life have you felt so vulnerable. The words of the warden drift in to your mnd…

“You must comply to their every wish”

Suddenly you hear voices, a new voice, posh and clear stands out, you know instantly that it is your new Mistress. her footsteps come into the cell.

Lady Charlotte Elizabeth stands still to examine you, she is pleased. You can feel her eyes searching your nakedness.

She does not speak but a satisfied little “Hm” comes from her lips, she walks in with a small woodden rocking horse under her arm, and a canvas bag.

pim1a low

The temptation to look at her is overwhelming. So you watch her as she takes her instruments out of her bag.

pim1b low

“Did I give you permission to turn around?!” Shouts lady Charlotte.

pim1c low

Unsure wether or not to speak without permission, you shake your head.

“Get up, and bend over the stool, you are going to have your first spanking… right now!”

pim1d low

The word spanking was a word you already loved, inside you, your tummy felt little quivers as you rested your tummy on the warm stool and presented your bottom for your Mistress.

Your Mistress, and she was beautiful!

How you loved to be able to think of her as your Mistress.

pim1e low

Then you felt her hand for the first time, warm, gentle and searching.

pim1f low

You pushed your cheek up to her hand and sensed that she loved it.


The heaviness of her hand surprised you, it landed with such force and the crack echoed around the cell. Again you pushed up, greeting each smack eagerly. Your Mistress had already begun to know that the selection of her slave was a good one for her.

smack smack spank smack… fifty hard smacks were delivered quickly and sharply, and you needed it, it hurt, but all the same…

you loved it!

In a voice full of control, yet seductive, she told you to stand with your hands on your head.

pim1h low

You could feel her stare again as she hardly moved her eyes from your bottom, oh you so hoped she was pleased with it, was it blushing enough? Did you make enough noise? Did you wriggle enough? Or too little? You wanted to please her so much.

She sends you to a corner, which you later found out meant that a change of activity was due. You sit there and look to the floor, you can tell she is looking at you, but dare not return her gaze. Then the silence is broken, her voice still sounds strong, in command, yet it also sounds so alluring.

“Crawl to me”

…being as feline as you can you crawl, trying your best to make your hips sway as invitingly as you can.

pim1i low

She tells you to kneel before her, and asks your name. On hearing you reply with the phrase ‘Mistress’ she is pleased, and says you must always address her thus.

 pim1j low

Between you is the little wooden rocking horse which she carried in.

“Can you ride?”

“No Mistress.”

“Hm… no matter, you can learn. You can start by riding this little chap, he is called Neddy, say hello.”

You look to the horse and smile. “Hello neddy.”

Her face changes slightly, it is obvious her arousal is growing.

“Mount the horse for me, my pet.”

You loved being called pet, and climbed onto its back.

pim1k low

“Now ride it for me” said lady Charlotte Elizabeth as she produced a riding crop!

pim1l low

You got you balance as best you could and rocked back and forth. Before you knew it she was stood by your side, cracking the crop accross your bare bottom!

You learned quickle and picked up the pace.

pim1m low

Sweat began to run down your back, you panted and galloped as fast as you could as the crop struck your rump faster and harder. She sat just behind you….”Faster you bitch, faster!”

pim1n low

 OH! the pain…

crack whip smack crack whack!

You bottom was on fire, it felt as if she was using a sword on your bottom and it was cutting into the ripe soft glowing flesh.

crack crack whack!

You galloped as fast as you possibly could…screaming!

pim1o low

You wanted to please your Mistress so very much and galloped hard, trying to push your bottom up for each and every crack of the delicious riding crop.

She let you rest a while then, whislt she rummaged in her bag.

Then you were summoned to her again.

pim1p low

Resting on top of Neddy was a cock, a huge purple cock.

This is for you, to help you ride faster, but it is a little dry, so suck it for me, suck the cock as I watch you.

pim1q low

You slide your mouth over the cock as she watches and talks to you.

“Oh you like that cock don’t you?”

Almost gagging and close to vomitting you suck the cock hard and slide up and down it, taking it deep intpo your throat.

She stops you and tells you that you have to fuck it whilst riding, so instructs you to straddle the horse and take its cock into your cunt.

pim1r low

pim1s low

She drools over the sight of it and watches it slide into your wet slit.

“Now fuck it hard, ride neddy for me, ride that big purple head deep!”

Your orgasm was tremendous, and she loved it.

It was time to rest again, and she told you to look to the floor, whilst she did something. You heard rustles but dare not look. Not long passed before she beckoned you again.

pim1t low

Oh she looked lovely, her dress shimmered like a wedding gown.

“You have pleased me, and I have enjoyed watching you ride Neddy, he will come often. but now I want you to ride something else…”


She revealed a huge strap on cock as she lifted her dress.

pim1u low

“I’m going to fuck you hard in all three holes..

your mouth

your cunt

and your arse.”

You nod in enthusiastic agreement.

“First suck me, as if I am a man, suck me and slide me in deep to make me spurt in you.”

pim1v low

This meant you could hold her and pull her to you.

Once more, like with Neddy, you gobbled and sucked. You moaned and lost control almost as your head flew up and down the shaft in a frenzy, it must have put pressure on her pussy, you could feel her thrusting back.

Then she told you to bend over the stool, which you did willingly, wantonly, eagerly. You wanted your Mistress to fuck you, you wanted to please her so very much.

pim1w low

She rode you then, like a sweating stallion she thrust deep into you time and time again. You knew she was close to coming, the movement and her sweet noises told you so.

She withdrew, got hold of your hair like a horses main and slid the shaft deep into your arse and fucked you mercilessly until she came with a long scream of an orgasm.

pim1x low

Out of breath she sat down and told you to stay where you were.

She looked at you, and said she was pleased.

How you long for her visits now…

to be continued.

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