Photo Set 342 – A Gallery of Kate’s Spanked Bottom

Kate ticks all the spanking boxes! She texts me saying she has been naughty and needs one, and when she gets it….she wriggles, makes lovely noises and never says stop!

I like to pose her close to my desk, in corner time, as I write or edit my photos. Here are a few of my views…

As you know Kate loves to be on show. I get lots of visitors, not just spanking people, but people who work close by, such as the girls in the offices below, or a mechanic from the garage next to us, the maintenance team, window cleaners, postmen, etc etc…she never moves a muscle. Bless her. It is great fun watching them trying not to look, or hold a conversation with me, like the reps. Best of all is when I have to fetch something! I leave them stood there…lol


Disgraced on a Work Placement

You will have seen photos very similar to these in story No-14 ‘The April Fool’, click here…

Similar, but not the same, these are some I did not use. I am slowly going through all my stock, it seems a shame for them to sit in files on my computer, you may as well see them.

A Scenario to fit the photos…

The Headmistress had a call, from the local company which makes stationery items. Samantha, a troublesome girl has been getting work experience there. Something all the Sixth the formers did.

The call was bad, Samantha is in disgrace, and ready for collection. She has been extremely rude, and not for the first time it seems, to the two people she had been put to work with. They had had enough, and refused to work with her.

The Headmistress arrived and was sent to find her in the ‘Dispatch Room’.

After talking to the man and woman, it sounded that she has behaved as she does at school…badly. The Headmistress had dealt with her before. She told the two people to go to their work space, and she would deal with Samantha, and then send her to apologise. She smiled as she left the door to where she was, wide open, and went to see Samantha. She was given a very loud dressing down, and then much to the delight of the man and woman, she was told to remove her knickers for a bare bottom spanking! They crept to the open door, to watch.

They watched with glee, as the troublesome girl, already acting meek and mild, fumbled with her knickers, her bottom clearly on view. How different the brat looked now, having been put firmly in her place.

She passed her knickers over.

The Headmistress took them, and told her that she would not be wearing them again that day, even when she went to apologise to the people she had been so rude to.

At the edge of her vision, Samantha saw the man and woman at the doorway, “How embarrassing! Miss, they are watching! Please don’t spank me before them!”

“On the contrary young lady! I think it quite fitting that they should see you dealt with, now turn to me, and tuck your gym slip right up at the back. You know how I like it. She heard the man and woman giggle.

She did as she was told, her bare bottom was now facing the delighted man and woman.

“Now get over my knee young lady!” Said the Headmistress as she picked up a flexible green ruler.

The Spanking.

I will add this soon.

Open Doors and Naughty ‘Tease Maids’

Hello, I thought that this strange title for one of my posts might draw you in, I cast my line with a bait of temptation, and….got you! No escape now, so you may as well stay and have a read.

In my photo illustrated novel, ‘The Inveigle’, set in Victorian London, we follow the fate of two orphans, from the orphanage, to a mill, and into service, for the cruel Lady Jacqueline. They escape, into the care of a somewhat risqué photographer, who specialises in spanking. He recommends the girls to his friend Abigail, who runs a fabulous theatre, ‘The Inveigle’, and a bawdy house, for women seeking women, for spankings. They put on spanking shows every Saturday, and in the week the girls offer their services. The girls become stars….but Lady Jacqueline tracks them down.

Enough of the storyline, you see, the point is, that in ‘The Inveigle’ there are girls of different levels, ranks if you like. One of the middle ranks are girls who dress up as maids for clients to use. They are temptresses, they get spanked in public, especially in ‘The Lanes’, which have spanking booths, and rooms around the huge maze of a building….with the doors open. They are gloriously called…’The Tease Maids’.

I thought they would be popular with my readers, so have been through chapters 11 to 17, (after that it is too exciting for tease maids!) and put lots of open doors around the story, where you can see clients, using girls.

Here are some views….

To keep the story authentic, I insert lots of the photographers (Mr.Trentham) images. You see it is his job, to wander around and take them. The theatre sells them as souvenirs. Here are some…

Isn’t it lovely, and both heart and bottom warming, to know that our ancestors enjoyed it too!
This is the real Abigail of the Inveigle enjoying a bit of ‘slap and tickle’ as they used to say. The tickle was not under the armpits, it was gentle and in another warm, yet moist, hairy place!
Mummy Bear spanking Charlotte
Mummy Bear dealing with naughty Samantha

I know that Victorian rumps in bloomers, wiggling bottoms in petticoats, birchings and spankings of naughty maids etc is not everyone’s cup of spanking. But why not give it a try? I have had a few e-mails saying it is a cracking read. It’s not short, but winter is on its way, why not curl up at night in a few mahogany furnished parlours, or sit quietly in oil lamplight, reflecting on brass in boudoirs, or maybe candle light reflecting a well spanked rounded, and ample soft pair of buttocks….tempted?

Then click on ‘Photo Stories’ in the menu above, scroll down and follow Samantha and Charlotte’s bawdy adventure!

If it isn’t your cup of blushing bottom, why not look anyway, and scroll down through naughty school girls, maids, mistresses, and even a spanking vampire…or two…..come on, what ya waiting for? I have been waiting for you to find me for ages! There are about six thousand photos, and getting up to around a hundred stories.

If that has not tempted you….try this…it’s free!!!

I do it all for the love of that most joyous of pastimes….spanking!


Another previously unseen photograph I have just added to my ‘First Time Seen’ Section

I have been going through my old stock as you know, and in the story ‘Kate’ you see the masturbation scene with the banana. So many photos I never used, here is one of the really curved banana sliding in.

I will put a full set of these up soon, they are rather nice.

To view the ‘first time seen’ section, click here…



The Spanking Adventures of Up Skirt Evans – Part 9 b

To read the rest, click here…

Part 2: The slippering

Charlotte entered the study and stood in front of her Mistress, her eyes downcast. Samantha picked up her rope lead and attached it to Charlotte’s collar.

“Well done, my pet,” said Samantha, pleased with Charlotte’s submissive gesture. “At least I won’t need to chastise you for not showing full respect for your Mistress! You’re a quick learner. Now stand up and follow me,” she continued, pulling gently on the lead to encourage her to rise.

“Now pass me the plimsoll with which you will be punished.” Charlotte handed over the slipper to Samantha’s outstretched hand. Samantha then hung it on one of the dolly handles.

“Come over here, my naughty pet. Stand on the stool and grab the handles of the washing dolly firmly. Then dip your back and stick your bottom out as far as it will go.”

Charlotte complied, stepping gracefully onto the stool. She then dipped her back, her bottom rising automatically as she did so, ripe and ready for its slippering.

“Now, my pet, apologise for your outrageous behaviour in my storeroom last week and ask me nicely to spank your naughty bottom with my slipper… hard!” Samantha instructed.

“I’m so sorry, Mistress. I was very naughty to enter your storeroom without your permission and I apologise for masturbating with one of your canes. It was very wrong of me. Please Mistress, spank me with your slipper, please spank my bottom very hard,” said Charlotte in a soft, slightly apprehensive voice.

“With pleasure, my pet! Now keep that bottom sticking up as high as it will go. I think a dozen or so hard whacks may suffice and bring a lovely red colour to your cheeks!”

Charlotte shivered in anticipation. She was now entirely at the mercy of this exciting, commanding woman. She knew this spanking was going to really hurt. Nevertheless, it excited her enormously. Already she could feel her juices beginning to flow! She gripped the dolly handles tightly and waited.

Samantha tapped Charlotte’s bottom with the slipper to check her aim. “ Try not to clench your cheeks so tightly, Charlotte. It’ll hurt less if you relax your muscles. Besides which, I just love watching your soft flesh wobble on impact!”

“If that pleases my Mistress, then I shall try to keep my buttocks as relaxed as possible,” Charlotte answered submissively.

Without warning, Charlotte suddenly heard a loud WACK! as the slipper slapped hard into the centre of her proffered bottom, almost knocking her off her perch. “Yeowwhhhh!” she cried out loudly, unable to remain quiet as she felt a burning, smarting sting spread rapidly across her bottom. Her eyes opened wide as she thought, “God!” That stings atrociously….far more than a hand!”

Samantha waited for Charlotte to recover and absorb the sting. Once she noticed Charlotte’s buttocks relax again, she delivered another blistering whack, this time focusing on Charlotte’s right cheek… WHACK!…. “Yee…OWWWHH!” Charlotte yelled out loudly again, waggling her bottom as if to try to cool it.

“That’s right, my pet. Make as much noise as you wish. Let yourself go. Don’t fight the pain. Welcome it! No one will hear your cries.”

Samantha then started to deliver a series of searing smacks, alternating between each cheek… WHACK!…WHACK!…WHACK!…WHACK! Each time, she raised the slipper high over her shoulder and twisted her whole body into the stroke, adding more weight to it. She soon had Charlotte screaming out loudly with each stroke. Her bottom wriggled and writhed in a vain attempt to avoid the punishing slipper as it relentlessly rose and fell…. WHACK! … WHACK! … WHACK! Charlotte started fo sob loudly as tears started to run down her face. Her bottom was taking on an increasingly redder hue as the slipper licked hungrily around her cheeks… WHACK! … WHACK! … WHACK!

Just as Charlotte was beginning to regret agreeing to receiving this slippering, she started to feel that miraculous conversion of heat and pain in her buttocks into a rising sensation of pleasure in her pussy. The slippering still hurt, but now a switch had been thrown in her brain. She accepted the pain now and started to welcome each stinging stroke, pushing her bottom up to meet each one.

Samantha noticed the sudden change and smiled. She was in heaven walloping this lovely young lady’s bottom and felt increasingly aroused herself. She didn’t let up, but renewed her attack on Charlotte’s now extremely red buttocks… WHACK! … WHACK! … WHACK! The slipper came down in metronomic preciseness. She was determined to keep smacking Charlotte’s bottom until she came! WHACK! … WHACK! … WHACK!

Moisture started to run freely down the inside of Charlotte’s thighs and her pussy lips looked increasingly swollen, until suddenly Charlotte emitted a loud lingering scream of joy as a massive orgasm swept through her….OH! …. OH! …. OHHHHHH!!

Finally Samantha stopped and dropped the slipper on the floor. She eased Charlotte off the stool and enveloped her in her arms, kissing her face and the top of her head, saying, “Oh, my pet. I do so love you!”

Charlotte continued to sob and buried her face in Charlotte’s warm welcming breasts. Samantha gently patted her back, whispering in her ear, “There, there my dear. It’s all over now! You took that slippering very well. I’m so proud of you.”

Finally, Charlotte lifted her tear stained face and smiled saying, “I do love you so, Mistress. Thank you for my slippering. It was truly painful and well-deserved, but in the end it was wonderful! Thank you SO much.”

They remained clasping each other tightly in silence for some time, enjoying each other’s presence, until finally Samantha kissed Charlotte on the cheek saying, “Well, Charlotte, I think it’s time we both went home. Would you like to come round to my house for coffee tomorrow morning and help me clean my chandeliers? They’re getting very dusty!”

Charlotte broke into a broad smile, “Oh yes please, Mistress. That would be lovely!”

Another photo for ‘First Time Seen’

As you know by now, I have started ‘teasing’ you with what’s to come by unveiling a new photo which will be used in a story within the next couple of months. Today’s unveiling is this…

A lovely shot I took in my schoolroom of Charlotte and Samantha with their crisp white school knickers draped where they fell, around their ankles. Their blazers are folded up, so to are their pleated skirts. The naughty girls are bent over a school desk, and are going to be spanked by me, very soon. The atmosphere in my studio is palpable.

It will appear soon in the next parts of ‘Charlotte and Samantha in Detention’, can you identify which legs belong to who I wonder.

You can see the photo set I put these in, hidden away in this section of my blog. Just scroll down, you’ll find them…

Click here…

I wonder which one of you, my trusty band of followers, will see it first?


I have added a few of the unused cafe spankings photos from the cafe story for you to see…

I love to see a girl who is being spanked, ridiculed by a rival, as in this shot I took for ‘Rosie Bottom’s Blushing Buns Cafe’. I’m not sure why I never used this one, I like it. Probably too similar to one I did use. Anyway, I have posted quite a few here today…

You will have to scroll through lots of lovely spanking and bottom photos to reach them, I do hope you do not mind!