The Incident Log of Saint Helena High School for Wayward Girls ~ Incident 4 ~ The Intruder in the Study! ~ Part 6

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Her spanking was over, it was now time to display her bare red bottom.

“Right then young lady! Your spanking is over, it is time for you to stand in shame facing the wall, with your red bottom on show. You will look a very silly naughty girl won’t you? Especially as my visitors usually start arriving around now! No matter who comes in, or for how long, you stay where I put you. Understand?” Asked Miss Kenworthy.

“snifff….sniffle….snifff….yy-yes Miss.”

“Don’t pull them up you stupid girl! Your bottom is going to be on show, to show how much of a silly naughty girl you are…did you not hear me?”

“Awwww….ooooooooh…er, sorry Miss, yes Miss.” Kate replied in a daze.

“Face the wall, stand still, do not move, no matter what happens or who comes in……and put your hands on the top of your head!” Miss Kenworthy said strictly.

She pulled her knickers down low and jacket and gym slip up high, so everyone could have a good view of her naughty bottom.

“You look a very silly girl now don’t you?” She asked.

Blushing just as much in her face, as her bare bottom, Kate agreed.

Miss Kenworthy went to sit back at her desk.

She sat and did some work….as a few minutes passed by.

The intercom buzzed.


“The girl from the catering supplier is here with some samples for you Miss Kenworthy.” Said the secretary.

“Oh good, send her in.”

Kate cringed and wished a hole would swallow her up, as the knock came, and door opened.

The girl uttered. “Ohhh, er, am I alright to….?”

“Yes come in, Kate here is a very naughty girl and is stood in shame! As you can see by her red bottom, she has just had a spanking!” Miss Kenworthy beckoned.

Kate let out an embarrassed moan.

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Photo Set 541 ~ Part Three of set 530 ~ Navy Blue Knickers, White Vest, White Socks, Plimsols…and Miss Kenworthy!

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There are only a couple of lines in this part…

Kate, wearing only her P.E. Kit, looked a little disheveled on entry into the Study, after her exertions in the gym. But now she looked decidedly worse, as her bare bottom spanking with a hairbrush over Miss Kenworthy’s lap continued, with the naughty girl wriggling, and squealing…

I was so tempted to put what I took next in with these, but…they are too good to be mixed, they are shots of Kate’s red bottom and some of Miss Kenworthy’s bottom as she spanks! Trust me, it is worth the wait.


Her spanking comes to an end, but her punishment does not.

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Cumley Bottom Grammar School ~ Part 2 of my AI Story…

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Well, as expected the new term at Cumley Bottom got off to a spanking good start.

One of the most spanked girls last term has carried on from where she left off….beginning the night before she left home to go to the Boarding School.

“Why are crying darling?” Asked Mummy, “I thought you was excited about seeing all your lovely friends?”

“I am.” replied Carla, “…but I forgot to do my homework.”

“Oh Carla, you have had six weeks! Well I have no sympathy, I am keeping your books in my room, you can start off your new term with a damn good spanking for all I care! Goodnight!!”

“Please Mummy…no…let me have them!”

“Do you want a spanking now?”

“No mummy.” She sniffs.

“Then get to bed!”


The hockey team came back together, but on their way to school, on the day before term began, one of them had a bottle of vodka. They soon emptied it and started singing rude songs. Miss Thistler said that if nobody owned up, she would spank them all.

They did not realise she meant in the fresh air beside the bus!

Skirts were lifted and knickers came down, the traffic slowed down and everyone was hooting their horns at them and laughing!

Not a good start to the new term girls!


Charlotte’s cousin is just like Charlotte, and gets in just as many scrapes, she was caught smoking in the bike shed on the first day, and ended up with three of the cane on the seat of her tight trousers!


Brigitte, the French girl came on a bike, which is fine, but with a skirt that short and only a thong? Really?

She was soundly spanked and made to cycle around the front lawn twenty times, minus the thong and her very red bottom on show!!!


Mrs Rubalotte was true to form I heard, and agreed to swap a caning for a spanking for a naughty girl. So long as she got a good look at the naughty girls pussy, (which was so engorged she rubbed it to orgasm for her)… as she masturbated herself whilst looking.


It did not take long for some girls to be deemed as letting the school uniform down either. Various girls let the uniform down in various ways, and degrees of seriousness, some more than others.

And we all know what happens then!


Only one Dormitory spanking to report so far, a silly girl was smoking under the sheets and set the bedclothes on fire! She was spanked before all the other 19, and told she is getting caned before her class in the morning. Mrs Goodeye gave the other girls a real icy stare!


And finally, on Saturday night the ‘Old Girls Spanking Club’, put on a show for the other 327 members via a Zoom Call, and cleverly did it in black and white. They consider it the largest group masturbation on screen ever, but nobody dare ring up the Guiness Book of Records!


So the first two weeks of term have been eventful to say the least.

More to come…


Victoriana ~ Part 9 of the latest spanking story from ‘B’

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Victoriana part 9

Penny, one of the tellers, pushed my door and was invited to have a seat. At first she was quite shy, but soon gained confidence.

“Miss Alicia, you may not know that our manager’s secretary is my aunt. She told me that your future secretary in Calais is retiring. I would like to replace her. I understand that I will have to be French fluent, both my father and my aunt are willing to pay for that …huh… special school. As a branch teller, I have no future. Please take me with you Miss.”

I guessed that her aunt must have come across the invoice for the Ecole Ecarlate, and added two and two. Still feeling that belting, I painfully fidgeted in my seat, but managed to keep a smile for Penny. Having a devoted secretary is one of the secrets of success. I accepted her offer with a wide grin.

“Yes, I will be happy to have you tag along.”

“You won’t regret having me, I promise!”

“You don’t have to be perfectly fluent as a secretary, two sessions should be enough, but that school is no picnic!”

“I know…. I saw Monsieur Maurice yesterday.”

While saying that, she absentmindedly rubbed her mini-skirted nates. 

I laughed, “That was l’apéritif!”

“I am hoping not to be caned.”

“Oh, but you might be.”

“Ah… Que sera sera!”

I philosophically added, “We can’t have an omelet without breaking a few eggs, that’s a French saying.”

Later when she was chatting with our accountant I imagined her red bum showing through her white skirt…

For dinner, I joined Josephina at out village’s coffee shop. “Yoh Josy how’s you?”

With a smile she said, “Yoh Alice, I am well, but my bum is still smarting! Poppa gave me a belting for my poor grades. He made me dance! I hadn’t danced as much since I was in college. I got two dozens!”

I told her about my own punishment.

“Whoa! How embarrassing!”

I blushed for the memory.


A few days later, Monsieur Maurice welcomed us back at the Ecole Ecarlate. We had assembled in the lounge and he called us one by one in his study. As I demurely stood in front of his desk he inquired, “Have you showed your report card to your parents?”

“Yes Sir, but it wasn’t exactly my father.”

“Hopefully you were nonetheless severely punished.”

“Yes Sir, and I was told to give you this letter.”

I handed the sealed envelope “Uncle” Harry had given me. Monsieur Maurice opened it and read aloud, “At her father’s request, I have punished Alicia for her grades being below the requirements of your esteemed establishment. She is to show the evidence of her punishment for the school to further chastised her if my ministration wasn’t up to its standards.”

I didn’t know what “Uncle” Harry had written. I sure didn’t imagine these lines. and blushed as a peony when Mr Maurice ordered. “Skirt up and knickers down!”‘

I stood frozen on the spot, and Mr Maurice frowned. “What are you waiting for Alicia?”

I blushed the more and slowly raised my shortish uniform skirt over my reddened thighs. I remembered the marks escaping my knickers for having looked this morning into my tall mirror.

He approved and added. “If you again have poor grades after this cession you will be presenting Monsieur Harry your report card with a complimentary cane provided by us.”

I gulped.

Later in our dorm room we were as curious as kittens in heat. We teased each other. “You got a good belting, and it shows if you aren’t careful to keep your skirt down.” Josy and I hurriedly tugged our skirts down with a blush.

Another girl chimed, “Don’t be such prudes!” She raised her skirt as she said. “I also got a belting.”

One more turned to Amelia, “Yoh Miss Silky Legs, you’ve escaped Pappy’s belt ?”

She blushed crimson, and we chanted, “Raise your skirt! Raise it! Up! Up! Up!”

She eventually raised it as we danced around her, and stopped with ohs and ahs.

“She was caned, and it looks like six of the best.”

“Your report card was that bad?”

“Only 9/20 for grammar and Monsieur Maurice had written that I should be severely punished. Mom got my bro’s cane, and I got six.”

Geraldine had brought a bottle of bubbly and she got two glasses.


To be continued…


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Black and White Set – 36 ~ I caned Kate, and took photos of the red coming out on her bare bottom.

My apologies about the stray welt, I try to move about 3/8″ a stroke to make a good broad band of welts. But as often happens, the crook handle twists on a stroke and hence…the stray!

Here she is fresh off the vaulting horse, some welts are still white, to pink, but watch the miracle of caning take over…

As you can see by the shadows, it was winter, mid afternoon, the light streamed through a window, so I used no studio lights. All natural, which I like best.


Photo Set 540 ~ Part 5 of Mr Maxwell’s Chair.

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First a little apology. I know you would like photos of Kate being spanked in this story, but there was only me and her, and it is a pain to keep going back to the camera to set the timer between every smack and you cannot guarantee the exact same places.

You will be please to know that I have found a solution to this, but too late for this story. Also, it is for club members only.



The spanking was delivered on Kate’s well presented bottom.

He told her to stand up and place her hands on her head.

He slowly walked around her, keeping his eyes on her voluptuous body.

She glanced at him as he reached the other side of her.

He pointed to the old vintage cafe chair, and asked her to move over to it.

More to come….


Saint Helena Correctional Institute for Unruly Girls ~ 1965 ~ Volume 2 – Part 3

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Sentence had been passed and naughty Charlotte was in position, Miss Kenworthy took a step back to assess the situation, mainly having enough room for a good swing, and was the bottom at the right height.

She decided everything was perfect to give a naughty girl’s bottom a damn good spanking with her plimsoll, so she picked it up, and moved to her side.

She patted her bottom gently with it, and asked…”Ready?”

A nervous reply came back. “Yes Miss I am ready.”

Her full round cheeks clad in tight navy blue cotton made a fine target, and she studied it carefully, taking in the curves of the cheeks and the crack of her bottom, highlighted by the shadow and soft diffused light through the window and screen.

She began to spank…

The unique sound of hard rubber ‘thwopping’ on a knicker clad soft bottom filled her space, and immediately Charlotte let out squeals and began to kick.

Whack, whack, whack…

“Owwww, oooooh eeeeek!” Came the delightful noises that Miss Kenworthy loved and craved to hear.

Charlotte was already finding it hard to keep control, and both legs were kicking as she wriggled and screamed.

Miss Kenworthy stood looking and decided it was time to restrain Charlotte.

“I can see you are trying valiantly to keep in place, but do you see? If I do not restrain you, I could hit you somewhere I do not want to, your kidneys are close for instance. But I am not going to stop yet young lady, this spanking has been no where near long enough. It also needs to be on your bare bottom. So stay there, whilst I pull your knickers down and fix you in position.” She said keeping a stern assertive voice.

Charlotte only had one option. “Yes Miss Kenworthy.” She replied glumly.

more to come…


Samantha Tries the Other Side ~ Part 21

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Samantha walked stiffly from the suspension beam to the cross, as instructed, she was soon tied and told to present her bottom.

Charlotte wanted to keep the momentum going to keep the burning in her bottom at a high. So as soon as she could she continued with the thrashing.

The pain was now intense, burning deep, and at the surface of her cheeks, with equal venom. Charlotte smiled as she saw Samantha eagerly push her bottom out for more. She recognised this point well. She had been there many times…even though it hurts so very much there is nothing you can do to resist pushing up for more, eagerly begging for deeper searing heat.

She hit harder and faster…

CRACK, CRACK, CRACK, CRACK, CRACK, CRACK…like a cowboy emptying a six gun, Charlotte gave Samantha’s bottom a real thrashing!

She then held the thick stiff heavy tawse against her bottom, as Samantha pumped her groin, making the strap caress her cheeks.

With her pussy thrusting against nothing but fresh air, Samantha was on the lip of the chasm of a deep orgasm, and Chalotte kept her there with all the skill of a virtuoso violinist…

Charlotte watched and waited, suddenly as if a bee had stung, Samantha went into a spasm of a great orgasm, groaning deeply, guttural, and vulgar. She writhed quickly.

“One more as you cum?” Charlotte suggested.

“Yessssssss!” Begged Samantha.

She raise the unforgiving leather, the giver of pain and orgasm, high.


Samantha buckled and went limp, she had almost fainted with her energy all spent on orgasm.

We will leave them to recover.

more to cum