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Charlotte and Sarah, (two naughty schoolgirls who find a cane!)

Sometimes my girls are what they act out for me…naughty schoolgirls!

They are dressed up for a shoot, which you have probably seen…

Click here…

….they got dressed up in their sexy little uniforms and were in a playful mood, so I told them just to carry on, and be themselves. Here is what they got up to.

I asked them not to mark each other, because they needed smooth pink bottoms for the start of the shoot.


Update – 12 …….I have had a vintage spanking day today!

As you ought to know by now my vintage section has 6 SECTIONS, each with up to 9 SUB-SECTIONS

Been updating…

Bors Girls

Vintage Pornography

Vintage Domestic

Vintage B.D.S.M

Vintage School

Vintage Bondage

With photos like these…

You’ll need a good hour or two to go through my vintage sections, imagine there is a long candle lit corridor, with lots of doors, through each one is another corridor, with lots more, all full of vintage spanking, masturbation, lesbians, dildos, pussy and lots lots more!


Update – 11 …….a real life account of a spanking of a girl over her Mummy’s knee, just added.

You will know now if my friend Karen. She has just added her true account if her spanking when she got home from her all girls Grammer school with her first detention slip which needed to be signed by mummy. It was also her first taste of the slipper.

Click here to read…

Enjoy….and… might need a tissue handy!