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Birds of Feather, flock together…

In this instance, Robins. Not red breasted, like the traditional ones, but red rumped!


Well…you already know of Robin, my dear friend and spanking wood carver extraordinaire! See here…

Now there is another one, a young lady I know, through my blog. Her name is Robyn….not unusual….but you will not believe this, her surname is Jones.

Here is her beautiful bottom….yes, she has given me permission to show her bottom to you all. You must message me Robyn, and tell me, how does that feel?

Robyn Jones…and ‘The Inveigle’.

‘In the process of revising and refining my story about The Inveigle, I am indebted to a young lady who goes under the name of ‘Miss Robyn Ann Jones’. Although she is not one of my relations, she clearly has inherited my spanking genes! Being of lesbian orientation she loved a spanking story almost entirely devoted to the spanking of female bottoms. She is also an avid reader of vintage erotica, much of which contains flagellation. She loves dressing up in vintage costumes and has an extensive collection of vintage underwear, including a few Victorian crotchless split drawers, which I am a great fan as you know!

It was the lesbian and historical/period nature of the Inveigle story that strongly appealed to her, which led to her offering her services in helping me to refine and edit it.

She informs me that in her own private relationships with other young women, she usually enjoys playing a dominant rather than a submissive role. She loves nothing better than thrashing a willing playmate’s bare bottom with a cane. However, she assures me that she fully understands what it feels like to be on the receiving end of a cane as she occasionally submits herself to dominant women to keep her ‘on her toes’. I have never met Robyn, although I would love to meet her some day. I haven’t any idea what she looks like. I’ve never seen any photos of her, apart from the one which she sent me a while ago holding a cane across her delightfully round bottom, which you can see above.’

A note on the Inveigle…

Click on the link below…

WHAT YOU WILL FIND FOR NOW, IS THE UNREVISED VERSION, however, I am happy to say that Robyn has now revised the story and it is a beautiful job she has done. We are now in the process of adding more photos.

So please be patient…not long to wait now.


Hello, a little update.

You will have noticed that I am working a lot on ‘The Inveigle’…it is going though an editing process and I am trying to get to the end so I can get all the photos in.

Writing a story like this, probably eighteen chapters, 100k words, maybe more, is not easy. If I change one line in chapter 16, it could alter another fifty in the book. I have changed a few names and adjusted….but there is lots to do.

Feel free to read, but it is not even sanded down yet, let alone polished.

Be patient with me, what you are witnessing being born in my major work. Along with ‘Saint Helena High School for Wayward Girls’ these are the stories I want to be remembered for. That too will have to go through the same process.

I am 70 this year, there is much to be done here, I do not want to die with my ‘babies’ still in the womb.


Paula Meadows and Janus

Where do I start? If I wrote three pages of thank you, thank you, thank you etc etc it would not be enough. Everything I do is based on what Janus Magazine, and Paula Meadows did, from the photos, to her art and writing, to masturbating in my formative years with their magazine before me. I find it hard to group them separately…

A magazine, with a shop in London I managed to visit just once.

I can’t do them justice, no matter what I write. Their work is so good that it should not be taken and posted elsewhere (like here), so go to whichever search engine you use and type in ‘spanking’ followed by Janus, or Paula Meadows….then sit back and enjoy.

These are the only pictures I am posting…. So here she is. A woman who loves spanking in all its forms, who drew spanking story pictures for Janus, and her own books. And also posed for spanking photos.

Here she is at work.
Here she is in model mode posing for Janus.

Please visit ….

Here is one of her story books, lavishly illustrated in comic book style. An exciting read (I have a copy) and brilliantly illustrated

There are people you come across in life, who you would love to sit down in some cosy cafe and sit and talk to. Paula Meadows is definitely one of them.

So off you go. Enjoy her, and like the other artists and photographers I feature, I hope in some small way I have helped them get even more noticed.


Some naughty boys and more BORS…

I know a lot of you would like a few more naughty boys, especially vintage. So today I have added some of these…

If you go to this section, you will find that they are at the centre of a spanking mystery and a possible ‘manage a trios’….

Click here…

And you can never have enough BORS girls like these…

Click here…

Enjoy your visit, and call back soon!