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The Second April 2024 Competition…

For now, this will be just a photo-shop type competition, the writers amongst you will come to the fore with the winning entry, writing your story around it.

This is Claudia, she is very keen to come back and work for me, I cannot wait to see Suzette over her knee. She is the perfect Mummy, Strict Aunt, Teacher, or Headmistress. I have so many idea for her, but what with my wife and her cancer, and my studio going through some work, I must give way to frustration and just put up with things not happening right now.

Time for patience…

Here are three photos of her in action…I took them a few years ago, in my old studio.

I think the last one with the blurr of the leather paddle will be difficult to blend into a new scene, but on seeing how good you are…maybe not.

I would like a sequence or if not, just one of your choice, of a girl getting a good spanking in a very public place with lots of onlookers.

Anywhere you like….Maybe you would like a couple of ideas, but your own will be most welcome. I envisage a bus stop, at a bus station. I imagine a shop. I also see a cinema foyer…but do what you like.



A funny few minutes or so… One of those photos of behind the scenes, that you like so much…

Hello, come and sit with me five minutes, let me tell you a bit about yesterday….

Oh me and Charlotte had a super time yesterday, full of fun and laughter. Many cups of tea, lots of chatting, a good bit of work on the studio, and a small shoot. She has just been away and has a lovely tan, she looked very vibrant.

She showed me a video of her drunk, (it was a girlie break),…she was she was trying to get her dress off, Amber and Liz, (you have met them) took the video and they were laughing so much. She was trying to sing ‘Bat out of Hell’, at the same time, it is what she sings on karaoke….( well, she tries to anyway ). Lets just say she got in a tangle with the straps…still singing, and very much naked underneath. Very sexy and very funny.

We kept chuckling of it, she is rather proud of it I think!

Then we went down to the Chapel, to shoot one of my ‘Girls Sent from P.E. Sets’. Now remember… We were in a jolly mood after watching the video. I needed her to hang her knickers on a hook and had carefully positioned the props for dramatic effect.

Those of you who have met her at my events know how giddy she can be, she can giggle for England!

Well, she tried to get these knickers on the hook, kept missing and wobbling off almost, and started laughing. “Bloody Hell Mr.Jones! You don’t make it easy for us do you!?”…imagine this said in a strained croaking voice, as she stretched. Because we had been giggling anyway, anything would have set us off, but this was something else… I just had to take a photo of the situation. We could hardly stand up, and straight after this we were in each others arms quite out of control with laughter.

Priceless memories….I have so many!

We regained composure, but please, try to remember what happened behind the scenes when you see the finished Set.


A taste of what is to come…

Just what I needed today, my last visit to my studio saw me get some criticism of the state it is in and how slow I am….lol….I am 72!!

But it was a fair comment, and I have cancelled shooting and events and am concentrating on it. Two new walls, two new doors gives us our own entrance now with a new room thrown in. Radiators being fitted and more.

I have been busy today with my valuable assistant, Charlotte. We worked on her specialist area, bondage. She is a strong young lass and helped me a great deal, although watching her bottom in those stretch yoga pants tested my reserve!

I had four hours to spare, which is very rare for me, so spent it down at the studio. Towards the end, temptation took hold. Its the only thing I cannot resist…temptation….so just one thing in life is not bad is it?

So I said, ‘Shall we spank and do a little shoot?”

She said…..”Oh thank God! I thought you were never going to ask!!”

So I carried on with the girls in gym sets, and chose bottle green knickers for her today. I gave her a lovely spanking, and a lovely little caning in this position….sigh……dreamy sigh…..::BIG DREAMY SIGH::

After last time it was perfect, and all of a sudden my studio is my warm welcoming friend again….like Charlotte is .

So back to normal.

Strange how sharing my thoughts with you is so good for me, thanks for listening!


Various things! and…I touched 5000 visitors in a day for the first time….woo hoo!

This is actually for Asa Jones Spanking Club Members, but it is nice for the casual visitor to see what is going off, and what will be happening in the future.

There will be no comments to this post allowed I’m afraid, CLUB MEMBERS have their own way of responding.

Note to club members, without being too blunt, I am fed up of continual e-mails saying ‘what’s the password?’, ‘how do I get into the forum’, how do I e-mail other members, where are the photos for the ballet dancer and swimsuits shoots, mentioned in club postst?’ etc etc….so no e-mails about this post please, I won’t answer them, so from now on, unless its an e-mail between us discussing a story, a photo, an event or project between us etc, use the Club Main Page….it is why I spent many hours of my life creating it!!!

So go to the club page for information on all this below, and find out about…


The Re-Opening of the Studio and invites.

A bit of disappointment.

How to get to spank Charlotte and Kate within our club.

The all women school at our club.

New events team suggestion.

Spanking Parties.

and last but not least….The most beautiful model who loves spanking, and will take a long caning without limits, even in public, working for us.

So no e-mails about this, just go through the club channels which I have been telling you about regularly…. sarcasm, synicism? ME??? No, not from me….lol


A New Competition… Competitions 8 and 8a ~ April 2024

My competitions seem to be going well. Let’s have one a month…

This is two fold, after a shoot with me, Samantha gets home feeling very aroused, but dutifully, she does some chores after putting her apron on. However she was so turned on, that she cannot stop thinking of the shoot, and soon has to stop and masturbate…

For writers…Competition 8

What shoot was it? What is she wishing had happened, and thus playing out in her mind?

For AI/Photoshop enthusiasts….8a

She fantasises about being caught masturbating….where could she be caught?

Put her somewhere where she should not be masturbating!



Good luck!


The Entry I missed…for competition 6

To see the competition, click here…


This was the late entry from Alex… (my fault I should have made a closing date…but…then I would never have seen it!)

So, to make amends, just for this entry. Go and fetch the cane Alex, and indulge yourself.


Charlotte walked in to the kitchen and stopped, something was wrong; her mother was sat at the kitchen table, her head in her hands, her father was stood gripping the back of one of the chairs, his hands filled with so much tension that it looked as if he was about to tear the red leather back from the aluminium frame. Then her beautiful blue eyes alighted on the brown envelope laying at the centre of the table and at the centre of their collective woe.

“They’re for an art project..” she stammered, “at college…Samantha took them… it was her idea!” Charlotte’s voice rising with each utterance, the last a shriek of futility.

“DON’T LIE!” roared her father, a voice he had once used to great effect as a Sgt Major in the army, cowering aspiring soldiers and forcing them to great feats of endurance.

He strode from the far side of the table to her at the door, grabbing her upper arm in a vice like grip, “With me now” he stated in a flat tone, his anger plateaued.

He led her past the sitting room to his study, reaching behind the door he pulled out his military drill cane from its leather sheath; the polished brass cap flashed in the late afternoon sunlight coming in the hall window.

“Outside now” he menaced in her ear as he dragged her to the back door. Once outside he continued to stride up the concrete path to the garage towing his daughter behind him. He opened one of the large double doors enough to push the petrified young girl in, he followed close behind.

“Put your hands on the bench and bend over” he said.

“No Daddy, please no!” Charlotte wheedled.

“Do it now you disobedient little girl or it will only take longer”

Charlotte looked at her father, pleading with him to change his mind and offer clemency for her foolish actions. The cane rose above her head and quick as a flash the brass cap hurtled down like a miniature comet striking the back of her left leg, she yelped first in surprise and then in pain as the fire of the first stroke spread through her nerves.

“Lean forward you terrible child!” he pushed her upper body down with his left hand causing her round posterior to rise, his right hand whipped down and the cane tasted it’s first bottom in many years.

Asa’s note…

…well done Alex, brilliant writing, the image it created in my head was fabulous, I could hear and see it all. I do hope you try again.

A note on competitions…

In future, I will give competitions a time scale. I was just looking back to find comments that need moderating, and found a lovely entry to the Charlotte and the Photographer competition, and of course I have just displayed the winners.

I should have thought of it before, but…sigh…I didn’t.

But good news! It won’t happen again.


Attention Women!…. especially those who like spanking!…top or bottom.

Suzette has had an idea.

She is a bit lonely here, she is friends with my girls, but all the rest of the club members are men.

If we put a Taster Day on at my studio, where you can come in complete safety, to meet Charlotte, Kate, Samantha and Suzette, would it be of interest?

No pressure, feel free to take selfies with the girls, maybe spank one or two or get over your favourite’s knee. But again I say…. NO PRESSURE, NOT EVER, NOT FROM ME, or the girls.

So be brave, be bold, be adventurous, come and have an all girls spanking day. I will be there of course! But honestly…. you can trust me. You will be safe, and of course, tea and cake will be on offer.

It could become a regular thing…..we could have themes, perhaps with a school classroom day to start?

Me and my studio might be the only offer you will ever get to come to a safe all girls spanking day.

Contact me.

go on….some of you must be curious…be brave. Come and try the victorian maids outfit and bloomers, or try a school uniform, come and sit on Neddy for a giggle….make your own school name up and come, just for fun….it has to start somewhere….the first all female spanking club….with the possibility of joining our mixed club one day. The only drawback is me, I have to be there, it is my studio…..but I am a nice enough old bloke, so come on!