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A Vintage Day Today, (of sorts!) Do you like to see a birching?

If you do, come to my very own vintage creation and witness one, click here, and go to the illustrated index of one of my photo illustrated stories, scroll down to Chapter Eleven…

…where you will find a rather glorious Victorian Birching from start to finish.

Why not stay at my Victorian Bawdy House of Spanking, (for women only), and see more?

Why not take in a Saturday Night Spanking Show at the glorious ‘Inveigle’?

Come on in.

Immerse yourself into the dark streets of Victorian London, where spanking abounds!

Jump into a Hansom Cab, walk into the opulent foyer of ‘The Inveigle’, meet the stars, Charlotte and Samantha! Meet the owner, Abigail, and if you dare, stare into the cruel but seductive eyes of the sadistic Lady Jacqueline.

Follow the adventure of two orphan girls…to the mill…see their escape… Watch as they pose in spanking photographs for Mr.Trentham, see how they learn to be naked, spanking, trapeze artists and the stars of the Inveigle!

Enjoy the Adventure!


Good Grief! My girls have been out together again, and instead of sore bottoms, they have sore heads today… so….shhhhh.

I received this from Amber, Charlotte, Samantha and Stephanie. Looks like they were enjoying themselves! I wonder if any have got up yet!

I think to myself, that all the men and women who are out, have no idea who they are or what they get up to! Little do they know that those wiggling bottoms on the dance floor are red and sore!

Good luck to the lovely young ladies, as for me, I was curled up with a cup of tea, watching a crime drama on the telly! “Eye eh you can’t beat a good murder can you!?”

I thought of my friends obviously, and part of me thought how nice it would be, to be 40 again, and have a little boogie with them…it would make them laugh if nothing else.

I am happy to share their nights and days out with cheeky texts thank you very much! Now I’m off to put the kettle on, and edit some photos of their bottoms.

Bye for now.


‘Anticipation’, by Asa Jones

There is something about a naughty girl being told to come out to the front of the class. To see her squirm in embarrassment before friends and rivals.

Hoping that she might get a spanking! Some are loving it!

Let’s dwell on a typical scene…

The teacher, Mrs.Pollard is in full flow, telling the naughty girl off quite loudly. As the saying goes…’she is getting a good finger wagging’, or a ‘tongue lashing’.

The naughty girl, Charlotte, is doing her best to look sorry, but not too much as to make herself look silly before the class.

And what about those two shapely young ladies on the front row? Stephanie, the nearest, is wriggling in her seat in anticipation. I bet her pussy is twitching and feeling quite delightful as she pushes it to the hard seat repeatedly, especially as her friend, Samantha, sat next to her, has just whispered…”She’s going to get a spanking!”

Mrs Pollard has just said so you see.

And now, she has just told naughty Charlotte that it is going to be on her bare bottom, before the whole class.

Stephanie can hardly contain herself. I bet we all know what she will be thinking of tonight, in bed, as her fingers play.


Today’s Shoot


Another super shoot with my lovely team of girls today, including the new member, Elizabeth. Who actually worked for us years ago, and has been welcomed back with open arms.

We shot for ‘The Inveigle’ Chapter 11 and a new story, about Mrs Pollard.

Here they are getting ready…

And one from each story shoot…



They will filter in over the coming weeks! (Or months….lol)