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“Hmmm?” said Princess Spanky

You will find two developing stories about Princess Spanky, here…

…”Hmmmm?” said Princess Spanky. “How does that work then? Its nearly night time, yet when I put my parasol up, it turns to day time!”

Inside the conservatory the Governess of Spanking Dreams smiles and says… “Why are you surprised my dear? We are in a spanking fairy tale. It’s magic of course.”

Princess Spanky looked all around, and could not see her Mistress.


Another Taster of what is to come…

In the story of Princess Spanky working for the ‘Governess of Spanking Dreams’

I am afraid to tell you, that whilst she was sure that the Governess would be ages at her meeting. She was sadly mistaken.

Getting a little bored with her chores, she got a carrot from the refrigerator, and was using it to satisfy herself, as her Mistress came home. Having no idea she was caught, by Mistress, who in shock watched through the window….Princess Spanky carries on towards orgasm.

Oh dear, another spanking on its way!

“Whatever next?” I hear you ask.

Wouldn’t you like to know!!!

Be patient, lots of fun is coming your way.


A little change I am trying

The number of people viewing my ‘threes’ compared to me posting a part of a story that might be a full chapter, is nothing short of remarkable.

Three photos, and less to read…hmm, it seems to suit both the reader, and the viewer. In other words almost evryone.

It suits me too, so I am extending it to other areas.


Another little taster…

In the story of Mrs Pollard and her naughty girls, you saw her in Part One, masturbating at the end of a busy week in her study. She was thinking of all the girls she had spanked in her school that week, and her mind went into the lovely fantasy you saw.

It is the same in week two!

As you know, she is letting the girls who have been bullied, spank the bully over their knee, on the bare, in turn.

But in her fantasy this Friday night, she lets them have her as their slave girl!


Been updating my vintage sections today…

Hello, it’s a lovely sunny day here, I am sat in my garden, a cup of tea is resting to my right, a friendly little Robin is bobbing about eating some mealworms I have just sprinkled to my left. A chocolate buiscuit is on the chair arm to my left as well….spanking is in my mind, and I have just added a few to my BORS SECTION 2

Here is one I have just added…

Click here to see more…

Do you remember the photo of the latest book I had on order?

It was lovely, the pages were almost like linen with a texture to them. It has been shipped off for trading, and a slight profit made!

Here is a photo from it…

Don’t these two look deliciously naughty! I bet they are looking at a spanking book and will be twiddling with each other’s pussies soon!

Click here to see more…

Don’t go! Sit and gave a cup of tea with me. There is a warm gentle breeze now. This corner of my garden is my sanctuary! That little pump on the trough is trickling nicely, and making a smashing noise. Let’s relax a while.

The ‘Love Lies Bleeding’, over there on the left, always looks nice this time of year, don’t you think? Each flower looks like a broken heart dripping blood…..sad but beautiful. It makes you wonder who called called it that doesn’t it?

And look to my right, what a ‘flight of fancy’ the Iris look as they come into bloom. I always think that instead of flowers, macaws or parrots are going to burst out of them!

There is a lovely woman on here whom I write to. Her name is Bridgitte, and she needs a bit of comfort for a few worries she has. I wish you were here right now, my little flower petal, sat with me! With a bit of luck I would end up spanking you, then caressing your rosey bottom a while…..and then a cup of tea! A perfect remedy for a troubled mind I reckon!