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Happy Customers Become Friends – Part 3

To understand you ought to read parts one and two. Here is a link to part two which has a link to part one…

…after spanking Charlotte and Kate, Emma asked if she could be spanked by them. She kept to the role of Victorian Mistress and her maids.

In candle light the girls and Mistress talked about spanking as they spent a while at the dressing table. Then they moved into position and Emma described what she needed.

She asked, “First a hand spanking, then the strap. Do it real, I mean hard and fast. Only stop when you think my bottom is red enough. Do not listen to me begging you to stop…punish me. I need a proper spanking.”

So they did., soon moving on to the strap! ..

TheY did indeed spank her until they felt satisfied, taking it in turns, hard fast whacks. Leather slapping into soft red swollen buttock time and time again. “Stop, stop…please that’s enough, stop owwwww ohhhhhh stop stop, enough….owwwwwwwww owwwwwwwww owwwwwwww!!!!”

As instructed, they ignored her pleas and thrashed Emma’s bottom!

When satisfied the girls soothed, kissed and stroked her well spanked bottom…

And so ended Emma’s visit. We hope she comes again…

Kate’s Third Visit to Miss Kenworthy

Click here for part 2 which has a link to part 1

Miss Kenworthy lived alone, and after school she often thought of the girls she punished and the sights and sounds of those young round cheeks being spanked or caned…

Two girls out of the hundreds she had to punish in her job as Head of Discipline at Saint Helena High School for Wayward Girls came to her mind frequently as she rubbed her wet pussy. ( see )


They were Charlotte and Kate. She imagined owning them, like maids in frilly outfits, to punish and use.

Unbeknown to Miss Kenworthy, Kate felt the same, and she too thought of her whilst masturbating.

Usually at her desk, the smell of the school and cool wood on her bottom made her think of her spankings.

Charlotte had another year to go, but sadly Kate was leaving soon, and unusually had asked if she could come to see Miss Kenworthy a week or so before she did. So after school Miss Kenworthy waited at the allotted time. A knock on the door was followed quickly by Kate, who burst into the room crying!

“Oh Kate! Whatever is the matter?

“You! You are the matter!” She sobbed. “I have fallen in love with you….and..and…”

“And what?”

“I love my punishments! I don’t ever want them to end! I need them so much. I think I am going mad. I leave soon, and feel like my life is coming to an end! I am so sad….” Kate spluttered through her snot and tears.

Miss Kenworthy sat her down and explained her own feelings and offered her the post of live in maid! Kate was dying to get her own place and leave her home, so she said “Yes, yes! Fucking hell! YESSSSSS!” So, in the briefest of moments their wishes came true.

“First, you need a bare bottom caning for bad language!”

“Oh yes please Mistress! Can I call you Mistress in my job?”

“You may. I will pay you, but I shall expect jobs to be done correctly, perfectly, or else!”

“I will make sure I am very lax in my duties then Mistress.”

Miss Kenworthy laughed. ” Cheeky maid! Get over there and bare your bottom!”

With her bottom presented high and bare, Miss Kenworthy laid it on hard and fast.

No matter how much a submissive wants it, the pain of a cutting cane never fails to surprise and schock, especially when given full force and at speed. Both were in spanking heaven…

You can read about Kate’s subsequent role in the service of her Mistress in other photo sets…

The Slave Girl – Part 4

If you go to part three, it has a link to part two etc etc

…it was time to see how her new slave girl reacted to punishment. Charlotte was excited, Spanky the slave girl was too, but also anxious and desperately wanting to please.

“Follow me.” Said Charlotte, and she took her to a small frame, to position her.

She tied the rope from her Gorean Slave collar to the frame, and told her to stand with legs apart and straight. “I am giving you six of the best with my cane.” Announced Charlotte.

She walked to Spanky’s left side, flexing the cane, she could tell by the movement of her head that her slave girl was following her feet. The vast empty room went eerily quiet. Distant sound of traffic, bird call, and a barking dog were noticed by them both. She took her stance.

As she took aim, the sun went behind a cloud, cool air drifted in through the open windows, and made goose bumps cover their flesh.

It was like some kind of ceremony, Charlotte stood there for a whole minute, cane raised, watching the nervous quivering body, and the twitching expectant bottom.

CRACK! The silence was broken by the whistle of a swishing one metre length of best German yellow rattan which struck the glorious cheeks dead centre. Spanky let out a long wail…

“Owwwwwwwww, oooooooh oh ohhhh.” But held her position well.

The scream and whack echoed through the open windows into the outside world, Spanky gripped, and Charlotte raised the pulsating cane again…

To be continued…

Mistress is waiting ~ Part One

It’s time for you to go to her, she has pulled the cord, the little bell, like a ‘dead ringer’ has rung in your room. It is your turn, you strip naked, and open your door, to climb the stairs. Honoured that she has chosen you tonight…but also scared.

NOTE :- a dead ringer was a bell tied by a length of string, over two pulleys, to the big toe of a corpse in Victorian England. It gave the chance of a mis-diagnosed dead body, to attract attention. I came across it a year or so ago. I like horror books, and vampires. In one I was reading, a man was alone in this morgue…a bell rang, then another, and another. The bodies began to move!

Anyway…you start climbing those stairs! She’s waiting for you…

She can hear your footsteps approaching, and is getting excited…


She looks at the door, only an inch and a half of solid English oak separates you.

She takes a deep breath, and in a low, slow, soft, menacing voice, she says…


In the next part, you go in! See you soon…

My Victorian Maid ~ Part Four

Follow this link to part three…each part has a link to the one before…

…Well! I am flabbergasted! I thought I could trust her not to touch or mess about with things I specifically tell her not too….but no! My naughty maid Kate has excelled herself this time.

Most of you will know Neddy, my miniature rocking horse. I use it to specifically punish a girl with a riding crop. The rest of the time it just stands there, usually with my crop resting on it. When polished it looks lovely and makes a good conversation piece.

Imagine my shock and horror, when I walked by the parlour. Kate was supposed to polishing the brasses, including the coal skuttle which she was supposed to wash out and line with newspaper. Instead I heard giggles and calls of “Giddy up Neddy!” ….I burst in, fuming and spluttering, “what on earth?”

She was only riding on the damn thing!

“What the devil do you think you are doing? You silly girl! I don’t pay you thruppence a week to go having jolly japes in my parlour on one of my most special belongings! If you gave damaged it young lady!….ooooh! Stand up! Hands by your side, show some bloody respect damn you!”

She began to cry, she hates to think she has upset me. “Hah! Tears won’t save you my girl! Three dozen of the finest swipes with my most flexible riding crop will soon put you back in your place!”

‘Oooooh Master Jones, I have never seen you so angry! I’m sorry, I’m sorry!’ Sobbed Kate.

“Stop your blubbering, save your tears until your cheeks are glowing like the embers of the front room coal fire! Get over Neddy, bare your bottom girl!” I said as I went for my swishy crop. “My God, I am going to make this whistle and you sing!

“Bend forward Kate! I want that bottom out as far as you can push it! I am going to get you rocking like a young filly on a gallop!”

‘Yes Sir, yes Mister Jones, like this Sir?’

She pushed it out magnificently. I could see everything spread before me.

Sat on the edge of the saddle with her fine rump nervously hanging over the edge, I told her to start rocking…

Now I have seen Kate ride this saddle as a masturbation aid, it rubs in just the right place. The stains from her and others on the saddle testify to the fact. I knew that her orgasm would be wild.

She rocked more…and more, harder and harder, further forward then further back, faster, higher, even faster, even higher, the horse was swinging to its limit…almost….almost.

I began to whack, no mercy…thwack, whack crack!

She howled, and swung to and fro violently!

“Faster girl, gallop faster, there is a hedge to jump, I want you to clear it, come on!!! THWACK THWACK THWAAAACK!!!

The horse almost somersaulted on is forward swing, she almost fell off as she screamed on its return!

As her bottom came back, I greeted it with viscious swings of the riding crop, which wrapped right around her cheeks…”Faster”…THWACK, “higher, harder!” THWACK!

The sight was out of this world, she was like a jockey in the Grand National!

Sweat poured from her, juices gushed over the saddle as she came…

“Owwwwwww! Oh Mr Jones, thrash my arse! Stripe it well for me Sir! Thrash me! Thrash me! Yes, yes yessssssssss!”

Slowly things calmed, her bottom welted, red and bruised. It came to rest with a leathery creak, she panted. I knew what she wanted as she lifted her pussy over the edge…I unzipped my manhood. It slipped in as easy as an oiled finger into butter. I gripped her hips and rocked her…I came in just a few rocks….

What a memory to store….on my death bed, this might just be the last thought my brain recalls.

Did I ever tell you about my miniature rocking chair? Hmmmm, no? I’ll see you soon then!

The Slave Girl ~ Part 3

You ought to go to part one…

And then to part two…

Charlotte, the Mistress of ‘spanky’ her slave girl, began to educate her in the ways of Gorean life. “Do you know anything of Gor?”

‘No Mistress.’

“Good. I am pleased, I want no pre conceived ideas. All you need to know for now is that I am your Mistress, I have absolute power, I have an addiction to punishment, and will punish your beautiful bottom often, wether it is needed or not. It is done at my whim.”

‘Thank you Mistress. Good…I am pleased.’

Mistress smiled at her mimicry. ” …you need to learn basics. First, you must understand that slave positions exist, and all have names. You will learn every one. Once learnt, you assume them instantly, no matter where we are. Understood?”

‘Yes Mistress.’

“We will begin with Nadu. The position of a pleasure slave. You are my pleasure girl Spanky. Kneel down, and place your bottom on your heels. Knees wide apart.”

The natural way she slid into position pleased Mistress.

“I will use you sexually, I will expect you to pleasure my need often. I am going to feel you moistness, I hope to find you slippery.” She knelt and felt at Spanky’s pussy.

She was delighted to find that her slit was as wet as it could possibly be. She fingered her gently. You like?”

‘God! Yessss! I find everything you say perfect. I am so excited and cannot wait to pleasure you.”

If you look under her arm in this photo, you can just see Mistress. If you look between the slave’s legs, you can see Mistress’s fiddling fingers burying themselves in Spanky’s wet cunt.

Her first orgasm at the fingers of Mistress rattled through her body, her muscles from neck to thigh twitching and convulsing, as she gasped and moaned erotically.

Charlotte was pleased with her choice, she made lovely noises and had a fabulous orgasm face.

She gave her two minutes to compose herself and then showed her how to do ‘Ko-lar’ a position of submission, a position to take the collar. “I will do a ceremony with you one day. I am going to have your collar engraved. It will say ‘Property of Mistress Charlotte’, you will be owned.”

Spanky smiled proudly, still red in the face and dribbling lightly from her slit.

“When I put the collar on you, you need to take the correct position.”

“It is very similar to Nadu, but with arms extended”. She instructed her once more.

Mistress Charlotte told Spanky that at the ceremony, she will have to put her hands together in a particular way, lift them above her head, and look down.

But that was all for now, next, it was punishment time…

Kate’s Second Visit to Miss Kenworthy

You need to read part one really, so click here…

…Miss Kenworthy was not at all surprised to see Kate again a few days after she put a lovely pattern on her bottom with the plimsol. She had been caught smoking, twice in a week.

Actually Miss Kenworthy was pleased to see her as she came through the door, and smiled. Kate smiled back…”I have been naughty again Miss Kenworthy.”

“Yes I know Kate, that is why you are on report!” Miss Kenworthy could not help but giggle.

She turned serious, and told Kate that she was not old enough to smoke and that it damages a person’s health.

“You can get yourself bent over the spanking rack, and feel two dozen of the strap on your bare buttocks young lady!”

‘Yes Miss.”

She bent over. The thought of Miss Kenworthy baring her bottom by pulling down her knickers sent a thrill through her pussy. As the knickers were pulled down by her, she saw a trickle of excitement running down her inner thigh.

Which was quite a coincidence, because she felt one run down hers too. Without delay twelve blistering cracks were expertly delivered to her welcoming cheeks. She screamed and jumped, but wished it was 36 not 24, or even more.

She will be back soon no doubt, I hope you will be too. Nice to have you along!

Want to know a secret?…’s the cane next!

The Slave Girl ~ Part 2

You ought to start at part one really, click here………………………

…they reached the top of the stairs, and Mistress Charlotte told Spanky to wait at the door to a large room.

Nervous and excited, the slave girl ‘spanky’ did as she was told and waited at the door.

Charlotte had previously left a collection of implements to use on her slaves bottom, at the door. Earlier in the day she had taken two pieces of apparatus too, and positioned them. Spanky watched interestedly as Mistress picked up the implements, and walked to the far end of the room which was on the top floor and had windows all the way around, it felt like you were outside, it gave Charlotte a feeling of being exposed.

She went to fetch her slave girl, and led her to a mat and a cushion she had placed close to the punishment apparatus and implements. As ‘spanky’ walked by, she looked at them wide eyed.

She stood her slave before her, and began to speak…

To be continued…

A Perfect Blend

Tamara, or Samantha? It has to be both. Domme or sub, she does it right, and is all the better for it.

As you know I am a Dom, being born in 1951 it seems and feels natural to me. I have no disregard for a male sub. To be honest I often fantasise…of being a woman, a submissive one. Sent to see Miss Kenworthy!

She understands, she can use empathy. I have had her over my knee, like all my girls. She is lovely to spank. I have filmed and photographed her as a Domme, and seen her deal with both men and women.

Like a perfect blended whisky or cocktail, she is just right. As a stand alone fine wine, red or white, she satisfies the palette. Let’s have a look at her…

Just like Mary Poppins, but without the ‘practically’…she is perfect as she is!

Up in the Purple Boudoir – Part Two

This will take you to part one…

….after an enjoyable prelude to sleep, they were left alone for the night. I went to my room and settled down for the night, and went to sleep listening to giggles and other noises.

Next morning, as always I was up early…lots to do! Eventually I heard a sound or two and went up to see them, with a cup of tea each and a biscuit, to see what they wanted for breakfast. I put the tea tray on an old table by the door and knocked..”Are you up?”

“Yes! Come in!”

I opened the door slightly, picked up the tray and walked in…”Bloody hell! That’s what I call a welcome to a new day! Slept well?”

We sat and talked…do you really expect me to remember what about?

I started telling them about their roles in the shoot I had planned, which seemed to excite them.

They asked for a full English breakfast each, something told me they would be ravenous when I got back…