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Been adding to my glamour/photo sets section…


I am still slowly working my way through my back catalogues, looking for unused photographs of mine. A lot of them I posted on Twitter before they kicked me off, but now, it is like seeing them for the first time. Such as…

Can you see the Saint in the picture looking to the sky for guidance on how to deal with these two! I think ‘guilty’ and ‘naughty’ would be perfect names for Charlotte and Amber in this one I took at the old house I used to shoot in. But, which one would be ‘naughty’ and which one would you call ‘guilty’?

And here is a photo I took one day of a cane, a desk, and a pair of A naughty girl’s knickers.

It’s nice to have a section to put my photos of this type in, here it is…

Click here…

Have a nice day, I hope you are all coping with Covid okay these days, and keeping well.


Photo Set 333 – A Trip to the Cafe

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I have a mate with a cafe, one day I borrowed it and shot two videos. One was all about a naughty waitress, the other was about two schoolgirls who got caught stealing….

Here are a few photos to tempt you!

In one, I acted as the cafe owner, and spanked them. In the other I was a customer, and watched.

Charlotte said I got a bit carried away on her bottom…and sulked…then said she loved it ”cos it was really real!”

Don’t naughty girls look cute?

Here was my days work tempting and teasing me, before their spanking.

Make it a good one Mr.Jones…..giggle giggle wiggle wiggle

Oooooh the naughty girls asked for it! I mean, who could resist but make it as real as they could? With these wiggling and begging for a jolly good spanking!

I can assure you that they both got what naughty girls deserve! In the video I called their school after getting their names from the books in their school bag. The Headmistress, Miss Black came down. She spanked them first.

Here they are after the shoot, thanking her for their lovely spankings!

I got kisses an the cheeks too! So of course I kissed the naughty girls cheeks, both on their face and their bottoms! Always a gentleman!



I like to play around on the computer, and this type of photo, with writing on are dotted around my site here and there. This one is going into my ‘Glamour’ section. Why? Because it also serves as a place to put all those that I am not sure where to put!

So keep an eye out for her, she’ll probably be in a saloon wiggling her bare bottom for the customers, doing the can can or something!

You have my permission to drag her off, but her over the table, or bar, and give her your reward in public!


Photo Set No – 332 ~ Charlotte’s Request.

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Anyway, let’s begin…

You know how it is, you get asked to go to see a friend for a cup of tea and a piece of cake, and somehow or other, you end up spanking them. I always have my camera, just in case, and on this day I was so glad I did!

We had talked about all sorts, some gentle music was on and one of those delightful silences drifted down from spanking heaven, like a blushing pink cloud. We looked at each other…”You need a spanking don’t you?” I asked.

“Yes please.”

“Roll play?”

“Not today, just tell me what to do and spank me.” She smiled seductively.

“Okay, naughty girl, get on that chair, and kneel.” I said firmly as I picked up the camera.

Her bottom looked good in jeans, but I wanted to see it bare. “Slide your jeans down, let me see what knickers are covering your cheeks today.”

“Oh! Cane training knickers, how nice.”

She turned to me curiously.

“I could lay the cane down on each line, then slide them down to see how accurate I am!.” She looked shocked as I said this. I continued…”But not today. Mind you, they would be a useful tool in the classroom. I might use that idea in a story, Slide them down Charlotte.”

I think this talk of caning and the classroom had really excited her, she became very submissive and her wiggle told me she felt a tingle…down there. She slid them down.

“I know I have told you a million times Charlotte, but I have to say it again, your bottom is perfect!”

As I was contemplating tracing the indentation of her knickers with my fingertips, she did what she always does, and got what she wanted at her right time…”Thank you Mr.Jones, that’s nice of you to say, but personally I think it looks better all rosy pink!”

Her smile was so disarming, that the elastic indentations drifted out of my mind.

So I gave her her favourite sort of spanking, quite hard, but slow, with lots of bottom stroking and straying fingertips in between the smacks. It went on a while.

The spanking and stroking satisfied her need. “Thank you Mr.Jones, that was perfect. Would you like me to stand and wiggle my red bottom as I say what a naughty girl I am, and how I like to have my bottom spanked?”

I gulped, and said, quite weakly…”Yes please Charlotte.”

And so she began, as she swayed….”Ohhhh my bottom is sore Mr.Jones, my naughty bare bottom has been spanked again, I am soooo naughty Mr.Jones, I need spankings, lots of spankings on my bare bottom. You like me to say spanking, bare bottom, naughty girl and things like that don’t you Mr Jones? Oh! That didn’t take you long!….”


What a naughty girl needs.


That is what is needed. A firm hand, someone who is backed by the school, and the Board of Education. Every parent who has a daughter at my school has signed a document giving permission for corporal punishment to be used, at my discretion. I can flog a girls bare bottom any way I want, as hard as I want, for as long as I want. I have total authority, and a girl must respect it. Or else. All my staff know that I am the ultimate deterrent. I back their judgement to send a naughty girl to me, in every case.

So, if a girl is naughty, there is nothing she can do, but bend over, bare her bottom, and accept whatever fate comes her way.

Some girls in the fifth and sixth years are strong, if I foresee any trouble, I get my prefects to help, or use short pieces of rope to tie arms and legs in position.

A good thrashing on the bare, after a jolly good reprimand, and followed by a stern and severe warning is enough.

Until the next time, for some silly girls.

Mr.Jones. (Headmaster)

Three winks….

The other day we were shooting a scene for ‘Mr.Jones’s Office’ and to finish off I asked Charlotte, Samanth and Stephanie to wink for me….

“Ready? One….two…three….WINK!”

“Missed it…..try agin….1….2….3….GO!”

“One of you!….try again!……1…2….3…CLICK!”

“Got you! Well done!”

…cute eh?


The naughty daughter in law…

I came across a few photos I took on the day we shot this video, I thought you might like to see them…

You will recognise this lady from the ‘Friday Night Masturbation Club’ where she acted the part of Miss Black….very well she did it too! Here she is spanking her daughter in law who she found out was cheating on her step son. She shaves her pussy and makes her dress as her little school girl when he is at work…or else she will tell him!

A joy of a job!

Not very often you see me on here, but I came across a few photos the other day of me in a video. It was when Charlotte and Amber played two naughty school girls who altered their reports! I was their Daddy and had the delightful job of slippering their bottoms briskly…

Judging by their faces I think I was doing an okay job of it!