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Two Naughty School Girls Crawl and Display their Bottoms! ~ Part Two…

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I asked Stephanie and Charlotte to crawl right up to the warehouse crane door. “Crawl to the door and lay on your tummies. I want people to be able to see your faces if they look up. I know they will wonder what you are doing, but that does not matter. It will be nice for you to have your bottoms smacked again as you look down. A sort of public spanking.”

Both girls looked at each other with wide eyes, and agreed excitedly…and began to crawl. Their navy blue school knickers stretched, their cheeks moved like pink fleshy silk, smooth and pleasingly plump flesh, moving like only a crawling bottom can. Their pussies were on show…and glistened.

“Right, get as close as you dare, and then lie flat on your tummies.”

“Yes Mr.Jones.” Said Stephanie.

“Yes Mr.Jones.” Said Charlotte.

When they know a spanking is imminent, they like to talk like that.

“Are you excited? Sexually?” I asked.

Both nodded the affirmative.

“Anybody there?”

“A car has just pulled in, right below us, a white one. There are people in their garden at the end of the car park, and three men loading a van at unit number seven.” Panted Charlotte, quietly.

Remember when you showed me how you used to masturbate by bobbing up and down and clenching, then unclenching your pussy and bottom?” I asked provocatively.

They both said yes.

“Do it now, and I’ll smack your bottoms with our little friend.” I offered.

Our little friend is a very tightly rolled piece of brown paper, stiffened with coffee stirrers. It makes a nice smack but only hurts a little. I bet you know which old rascal made it!!

They began bobbing…

They got more excited and bobbed up and down harder and faster.

I started spanking them both quickly and firmly with ‘our little friend’…..Charlotte soon orgasmed and let out quite a guttural noise, there was no mistaking what it was!!! people lookeded up and they both retreated!

We survived!

More to come.


Get ready to catch some buttons!…..I mean it! ..get your hands cupped and ready!…

Remember Barbara Windsor in the ‘Carry on Camping’ film?

Well, my girls in their tight little blouses and lovely plump firm breasts are having a P.E. Lesson today.

“Ready girls? Big breaths!” I shout.

“Oooooh, thank you Thir!” Shout the girls in a sexy short tongued way!

“You know very well what I mean! You naughty girls…now BIG BREATHS!”

“Breathing deep here Mr.Jones!” Shouts Samantha.

“Big breaths here Mr.Jones.” Shouts Charlotte.

“BIG BIG Breaths here Sir!” Shouts Kate.

“Ooooh right big breaths for you here Mr.Jones Sir!” Giggles Amber.

“Yes, yes, yes….very funny! Just remember I will be spanking you all for the final scene of this shoot! And you are all being very naughty!”


“Good grief! What is the matter with them today?”

You will be seeing more of their exercise class here…

Can you imagine all the buttons flying off as they stretch!!


I have been updating the ‘Incident Log’ at Saint Helena High School for Wayward Girls…

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The story is coming along nicely, a different kind of high jump for Samantha and Charlotte today! No cane wrapping around their naughty bottoms…just a skipping rope they are playing with.

“Come on Kate!! You can do better than that! Shall I go for my cane to help? We need the story to look real, so jump higher please!”

“Yes Mr.Jones!” Shouts Kate.

::chuckle::….I have to keep my girls on their toes, they are lovely, but more than a little naughty at times! A threat is usually enough…usually!


Saint Helena High School for Wayward Girls – Book 3 – Chapter Three ~ Part Four

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“Hmmm it seems I am going to see a lot of these girls and their bare bottoms!”

This time they have been reported for being rude, and having an air of haughtiness.  This complaint has come from no less than eight members of staff! I put them in detention and made them write an essay on good behaviour, respect and manners. However, the end product was ridiculous, untidy, and silly.

“I think a few strokes of the cane across your bare bottoms might make you think about the subject better! Then, you can come back and write a better essay. Stand up! Raise your gymslips, lower your knickers and get into my office!”

…There is something very satisfying about seeing a row of naughty girls, bottoms bared, walking to be punished, with sulky looks and heads down.

My office has two doors, one at the end of the corridor, the other leading into, or in their case, out of, the detention room. In they walked solemnly…

“All three of you, in a row, facing the back wall!”


I went for the cane…

I made each one from left to right, pay for their crimes by giving them three strokes each.

more to come…


Saint Helena High School for Wayward Girls, Incident Log. No-1 ‘The Playground Caper

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It was one of those delightful days after a prolonged sunny spell and high temperatures, when we have rain, and all those lovely scents of nature drift up from Mother Earth.

I was walking by the Sixth Form Lodge and came across Kate, Charlotte and Samantha with a skipping rope, having some fun during a double free period.

Just as I passed by, the skipping rope whacked the bottom of Charlotte!

“Owwwww, my bum! That hurt!!”

I smiled as I passed by and said…”I would have thought you had had enough of that in my Study, without including it in your games!”

Charlotte blushed and replied, “Yes, more than enough thank you Mr.Jones.”

“Well, you know what naughty girls get!” I laughed.

All three resumed their game and shouted in unison. “Spankings Mr Jones!”


“On the bare bottom Mr.Jones!” They giggled.

“Crikey! You have actually got some of my questions right at last! Wonders never cease!!” I added wryly.

I walked away thinking of all their bottoms and the many many times I had attended to them. I could hear their happy laughter behind me as I did so, such a lovely noise on a day like today.

I went back to my study, which is behind the large window to the right, above their heads.

Many combinations of these girls had been in here lots of times, bare bottom up for punishment. But like all girls here, they are not always naughty. As I unscrewed the top from my Parker Fountain Pen, sat at my desk, I listened to their jolly laughter and banter, it was a nice change from their howls of pain!

They continued skipping, and I got on with my work.

Another pleasing young lady, Amber came to join them. I could hear laughter and happiness as in various combinations they tried to master the whirling rope.

A couple of times I saw movement, and I looked up to my window, I often put nuts and seeds out for the birds, then I realised it was Samantha’s head as she skipped. She can jump quite high, especially when the senior cane wraps around her lovely bottom!

Little did I know that the scent of mischief was in the air. It came in the guise of boys from the other end of the lawn, watching the girls. I never noticed any change in tone, I was busy working at my desk in the study.

They spotted them peering at them, the attention made them giddy, and a little silly, like most teenage girls when boys come into the equation.

They soon began to plan, and instead of the gaiety and laughter, whispers took their place. Naughtiness descended upon them in an invisible mist.

A plan was born and soon put into fruition. They waved and giggled at the boys. Who in return, became very very interested in the attention returned to them.

I encourage sport, well being, and exercise, so when I heard Charlotte shout, “Lets do our exercises.” It gave me no concern at all, I felt quite proud of them in fact.

“Breath in! Chests out!” Encouraged the leader of the work out.

More to come…


Week Two – Thursday ~ Part 6 …The Bully gets the Plimsol… and a Very Large Dose of Public Humiliation!

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After being spanked on her bare bottom by each of the three girls she had bullied, the nasty girl Shona had another shock. Mrs Pollard said, “Right young lady, don’t think it is over, I am going to punish you. Its time your bare bottom felt the thick rubber of my trusty size thirteen plimsol!”

How the girls giggled.

“Oh yes Mrs Pollard, that’s a good idea!” Said Charlotte laughing.

“I bet that will make her squeal like a baby Mrs Pollard!” Added Stephanie.

“Yes, make her squeal and jump about Miss, that is just what she needs!” Samantha said through her giggle.

Shona looked horrified when Mrs Pollard replied. “She will want to jump at every whack! Trust me, but with her bottom up high on here, and her hands on the floor, she won’t be able to move!”

“Oh what a sight that will be! Her bum stuck up glowing like a beacon as you whack it hard Mrs Pollard!” Said Stephanie as the girls got into position to watch.

Mrs Pollard had a little chuckle too, and went for the plimsol.

“If you think those three hand spankings over the girls knees hurt, then get ready for this my girl. It will set your cheeks on fire! I am giving you it hard…very very hard! NOW GET UP HERE!!!”

From thinking it was all over, suddenly the bully found herself in a terrible predicament. And how the three girls loved it, she glanced from the stool, to the terrifying plimsol, and then to the girls faces. They were full of joy and eager expectation.

She climbed up. Then a thought struck her, during her over the knee spankings her legs were mostly closed, but up there, her pussy would be stuck out before them! And she was on her period!!! The girls would see the string from her tampon! How humiliating….”But Miss…I ….I “

“Stop blubbering like an idiot, get up here, it is no good prolonging it!” Shouted Miss Pollard.

The girls were excited and let out gasps of “ooooh she is going to get it now”…..”Ohhhh yesss!”……..”Ohhhh ooooh oooh!!”

Shona hated every second, why oh why had she been so horrid!

Swinging the heavy soled plimsol too and fro, Mrs Pollard gave the order again…”Get up now, or else!”

She did not want the girls holding her so she mounted the old piano stool.

Stephanie could not control herself when she saw…..”Ha ha haaaaaa, ha ha ha…..look, she has her tampon in, she is on her period!”

Shona cried bitterly at the ridicule, as she found herself presented, her already red, bare, trembling bottom up as high as it could be! And her tampon string on view.

And the girls laughed at her. There was no mercy. She knew that her vile cruel actions had warranted no mercy. She was learning many lessons on that stool.

Humiliation was as high as her bottom!

Much more to come.


Uncle Redmoon ~ Part 7

Another spanking story written by myself and a dear friend, ‘B’ …To see the rest of this story, and more of her work, click on ‘Links and Contributors’ above.

‘B’ also runs an in depth spanking game…


Update from Uncle Redmoon…

I turn and smile at you from my deep red studded leather, swivel chair. I am sat in my study. “Ahhh hello, I thought you might come today. I know you like updates on our mutual friend Amelia. Well, believe it or not, her thrashing with the tawse on her bare upturned bottom, with her friend, seems to have done the trick. I have not heard a peep from her, or her manager at the bank…me? Oh I have had a quiet week, I have caned 8 naughty girls, tawsed 2, slippered 5, and hand spanked 15. I don’t have any appointments today, so I am concentrating on my modelling, do you like this one? I have called it Bridgette.”

…”I do like painting them. This has taken twelve weeks to make, and I have been painting it for two days now. I have just done her little red bottom! Oh I do so like painting their little red bottoms. I am making a chess set, this is one of the pawns….::chuckle:: …blonde haired naughty girls versus dark haired ones…the King is me, as a Headmaster, with a cane! Anyway, must dash, the paint is drying on my brush…..Toodle Pip!”


Announcing the Arrival of Reverend J

In the tea room, at the Antiques Centre where I sell my wares, I have befriended a vicar. A lovely man. last week I went to his church and vicarage for tea and cake. I actually rang a bell for the first time!

He was brave enough to approach me, he had seen the spanking art and few implements on one of my stalls. Our conversations over the weeks have become very deep. He loves all things spanking and likes to write the odd story.

So…we have a new contributor.

The First Meeting           

“So tell me,” the man sat across the table from her “Why do you want me to spank you?”

She looked around the genteel tea shop in which they were sat and realised that everyone in the room had heard what he said. The two teenage waitresses in their traditional black knee length dresses and white aprons continued to stand at attention, with their hands clasped together, but both had glanced across at their table, while the vicar and his wife at the table adjacent to them had paused their conversation and were idly stirring their teas and pretending not to listen. The other tables were a mix of older couples enjoying their cream teas, but their conversations had all dwindled to nothing and their attention was all onto her table.

She felt herself blush as she thought about her answer. She knew that a whispered response would not be enough and she would be forced to repeat it loudly enough for all to hear, so her words needed to be carefully chosen. “I want to go beyond the pain” she responded, doing her best to control her voice. “I want to stop feeling the individual strokes and just to feel the heat and the sensation of no longer being in control of my emotions”

He nodded. “In control of anything in fact.” He paused and then said  “And how will you feel when a man more than twice your age, a man wearing a dog collar, you hardly know removes your dress and your underwear and commands you to place your hands on your head, while you stand in front of him, exposing your most intimate areas to him and anyone else he chooses?

She squeezed her legs together, pushing her clitoral hood piercing harder against her clitoris and sending a wave of pleasure coursing through her body. She looked down into her lap, trying to control her facial expressions “I would feel embarrassed” she replied “But I would always comply with your orders.” She shifted slightly, feeling her vagina lubricate, leaving a small dark mark on her white cotton knickers. The thought of exposing herself to a stranger – a vicar! – not to mention the spanking that would follow excited her greatly, despite her apprehension that he might order her to do so as publicly as he was currently questioning her. She looked up into his cold, grey eyes. They showed no malice, only a level of intensity she found almost hypnotic and slightly disconcerting, and she knew she would never be able to disobey him. She imagined being almost naked in front of him, with just her blouse covering her pert breasts and rock hard nipples, but perhaps he would tell her to strip further, make her bend over in front of him, fully exposing herself – or perhaps he would arrange for an audience to witness her humiliation. The local W.I., the flower arrangers, or ‘Mothers Union’ ?

 How would he spank her? Perhaps draped across his lap while he sat on a dining chair, or even a pew, or in the nursery position, flat on her back, with her legs held high. Perhaps he would strap her to a bed, or a cross, or maybe have her held down on a bed while he reigned blows from above. She was desperate to hide her sexual fantasies, but she sensed that he already knew. She desperately needed the release that only a spanking could bring her. Penetrative sex alone was no longer enough to satisfy her lustful desires and She needed the combination of pleasure and pain to reach the point of ultimate orgasm; her body wracked from the pleasurable spasms, her face contorted with pain from the blows.

He stood quite suddenly, shaking her from her revelry and indicated to the waitresses “The bill please” while he placed a £20 note on the table. “Please finish your tea and scone before you leave, I hate to see waste”, and with that, he swept out of the café leaving her alone and more vulnerable than she had ever known. Had the vicar pulled her over his knee right there and then, soundly spanked her and then had his wicked way, she would not have been able to raise a single protest and would have submitted meekly to his predations. He had forced her to publicly vocalise some of her most innermost desires in front of a room of strangers and this left her feeling more exposed than she had ever felt before.

A waitress approached her with the bill and set it on the table without a word. With a slightly shaking hand, she placed the note on the saucer without even glancing at the amount. The waitress bent down to retrieve the money and whispered to her “I envy you, I wish I had your courage” and briefly touched her hand in an unexpected act of solidarity. Then, in a louder voice she said “I’ll just be a minute getting your change” and was gone, leaving her alone once more. She quickly sipped her tea and consume the last of the scone, as the conversations around her started to pick up again. She sensed however, she was still the topic of many conversations, most of which would continue after she had departed.

A short while later, she left the café, knowing that all eyes were upon her. She smiled at the waitresses as she crossed over the room towards the door, receiving a smile and a mouthed “Good luck” from the one who had served her.

She walked down the road towards the railway station, hoping the brisk air would cool her ardour, but it was to little effect. She desperately needed relief and was aware that the damp patch in her knickers grew almost step by step as her vagina continued to lubricate and she became more and more turned on. As she arrived onto the platform, her train pulled in and she gratefully boarded. Mercifully, it was almost empty and she found herself a seat tucked out of eyeshot of the other passengers.

From her bag, she extracted a small remotely controlled vibrator. She headed to the small train toilet and locked the door. It was far too smell and dirty for her to consider masturbating in, but she used the privacy to pull up her sundress, work her knickers to one side and to insert the vibrator deep inside her soaking vagina. She quickly adjusted her clothing and returned to her seat, the remote control carefully secreted in her hand.

She closed her eyes and allowed the motion of the train to start to set her rhythm. At first she had no need of the additional help from the vibrator and started to fantasise about what might happen if she were ever to visit the café with him again. In her mind, he was sat there waiting for her, at a table in the centre of the room.  The 2 waitresses were with him, ready to assist, and a small audience was assembled. She imagined arriving and him being displeased that she was late and keeping everyone waiting. She pictured herself standing like a little girl being told off in front of the class for not doing her homework while he spoke in measured tones about how she need to be more punctual, and how a little more discipline in her life might help to improve her time keeping.

The formalities out of the way, she pictured him motioning to the waitresses and them approaching her, unzipping her summer dress and helping her out of it. She saw herself standing there in her thin cotton knickers and bra, her nipples straining for release. With the dress neatly draped across a nearby chair, the waitress completed their task and removed the rest of her underwear. It took little effort to imagine the gusset of her knickers sticking briefly to her labia, bringing a smile to the waitress kneeling in front of her and gently pulling down on the garment, as in reality, her knickers were almost soaking and in danger of leaving a damp path on her dress and even the train seat.

Stripped and prepared, she fantasised about standing there, hands on head, while the waitresses cleared space for a sole chair to be placed in the middle of the café. All the café customers were gazing at her, looking at her naked body without pity or embarrassment. She could imagine the vicar, his erection straining against his trousers, while his wife gently stroked her own moist vagina through her nice, sensible slacks, no doubt warmly anticipating the show to come.

Once he was seated upon the chair they ushered her over and positioned her over his knee. One waitress kneeling in front, clasping her around her shoulders; in a tight hug that was both comforting and restricting. The other girl knelt behind her and firmly held her ankles in position, her face just inches from her thighs and vulva. She could imagine the girl inhaling her aroma and moving in closer, perhaps even briefly kissing her vagina and sliding her tongue along her moist slit.

Her bottom now positioned and secured, he would rest his hand upon her rump. He would gently stroke the creamy white skin, and wait for her to relax a little.

She now pressed the first button on the remote control and the gently pulsating vibrations started to push her towards some release. As his hand descended, she pushed the second button, timing the surges with the imagined spanks. Slowly at first, but building into a rhythm, he was firm and precise with his blows alternating his spanks onto each buttock, every stroke a little harder than before. The skin would start to ripple as the strokes got harder and the pain would be translated into the trance like state she so desired.

She groaned audibly, hoping the noise of the train would prevent anyone else from hearing, and squeezed her legs together, increasing the sensations. She could feel she was nearly there, as stars clouded her vision and she became dizzy, so much so she knew she no longer needed the artificial stimulation of the vibrator and cast the remote aside. She could almost feel the strokes descending as the train lurched along, her eyes screwed tightly shut and her hands tightly gripping her breasts squeezing her nipples between the side of her thumb and finger. At last, she came, with a great swooping orgasm that would have knocked her off her feet had she been stood. Her arms collapsed to her side and her head rolled against the window as her well greased vagina expelled the vibrator like a bullet.

Breathing heavily, she opened her eyes and looked around her. She was still alone and not in anyone’s eyeline, so she continued to enjoy the experience. She slid her hand under her dress and retrieved the vibrator from her knickers, dropping it into her bag and safely out of sight. She sat up a little straighter, adjusting her posture so that the most tender spots were not making contact with either the seat or her piercing, and she started to relax as the last pleasure waves began to die away.

A little later as she got off the train, she prayed that he would never arrange for them to meet in that tea shop again, but of course, many prayers go unanswered…

In Threes – Number Eleven ~ Two Naughty Schoolgirls Play Truant – Part 3

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What surprised the girls, was that even though the building shouted age, it was obvious that this top floor had been used for something else, something interesting, false walls and shapes were everywhere, the wall at some time had been painted or even wallpapered in places..

“How odd.” Said Charlotte.

“Hmmm, very odd indeed.” Replied Stephanie.

“I looked on the internet and it said that at one time, a man called Mr.Harrison had this place. He was a photographer, and I think he took naughty photos. I think they were a bit kinky.” Said Stephanie.

“Really? I think I could do kinky!” laughed Charlotte.

“Definitely, me too!” Chirped Stephanie in reply.

Opposite the top of the stairs was a window. There were a lot of windows evenly spaced along the longer walls. Curiosity invited them to take a peek outside.

Even though it was a warm summer’s day, up on that huge spacious top mysterious floor, it was cool, not cold, but delightfully cool.

Charlotte pulled her short pleated school skirt up.

Stephanie giggled at her. “What are you doing….you naughty girl?”

“I feel naughty and excited, and want to do naughty things! Do you?” Asked Charlotte.

“Bloody hell yes! We shouldn’t be here, and it is exciting. Imagine if that Mr.Harrison came and caught us….took us prisoners and kept us here, doing all sorts to us!”

“Sounds good to me! like making us his sex slaves, or spanking slaves or something.”

Stephanie looked to Charlotte and smiled…a distinctly naughty smile it was too.

More to come…