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The Spanking Adventures of Up Skirt Evans – Part Ten

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A musical interlude – another Saturday at No.6 Arcadia Avenue

After yesterday’s slippering from her Mistress, Charlotte’s bottom was still a bit tender. She rather hoped that any spanking games today that she played with Samantha would be more gentle. She was becoming accustomed to hard spankings, and indeed welcomed them to maximise her pleasure. However, she felt she needed to recover fully before indulging herself again!

She showered and dressed, selecting a pretty floral Summer dress, and the black suspender belt and stockings that she knew Samantha loved to see her wear. Every time she put on this underwear, she felt little flutterings of arousal, as imagined the games that they might play.

After a light breakfast, she set forth for Number 6, Arcadia Venue, full of cheerful anticipation, humming a little song to herself set to the Teddy Bears’ Picnic song, except that her words were somewhat different to the children’s version. Her version went something along the lines of:

If you go down to Samantha’s today,
You’re sure of a big surprise!

She’ll pull down your drawers
Past your knees to the floor

And spank your bottom a rosey red
Before taking you right up to her bed!

On arrival at Samantha’s door, she knocked and it was quidkly opened. Samantha’s eager face peered around the door and smiled, “Come in Charlotte, come in!”

As with the previous visit, Samantha was virtually naked apart from her red suspender belt and seamed stockings.

“Go on through to the kitchen, Charlotte, and make yourself at home, whilst I make the coffee.”

Charlotte walked down the corridor and quickly stripped down to her suspenders and stockings. She no longer felt inhibited appearing naked in front of Samantha. In fact it felt very naughty and nice!

After chatting for a while, drinking coffee and munching chocolate digestives, Samantha produced two cleaning cloths. “Right, Charlotte. Time to clean the chandelier up there, she said nodding to the chandeliers hanging down over the table. “It gets so dusty.”

They both stood and stretched up to clean the glass ‘teardrop’ balls that hung down from beneath the light fittings. As they wiped the dust off, they kept glancing at each other, silently admiring each other’s breasts which were displayed to perfection by their stretching upward stances.

“How’s your bottom after that slippering I gave you yesterday, Charlotte?” Samantha enquired, glancing down at Charlotte’s naked cheeks framed beautifully by her black suspenders. “I can’t see any signs of damage and your skin has virtually returned to its usual creamy colour!”

“Oh it’s fine, thank you Samantha. It’s just a little tender. You certainly gave me a good walloping!”

“I hope you’re not complaining, young lady?” laughed Samantha.

“Oh no, Samantha. It was wonderful, but no wonder very few of the girls return for a second dose!” chuckled Charlotte, rubbing her bottom.

As they continued cleaning, Charlotte turned and glanced down at Samantha’s bottom, and then commented, “You really are very naughty Samantha, encouraging me to walk around almost naked in a room with so many large glass windows! I can see your neighbours through the hedge over there!”

Taking the bait, Samantha gave a little chuckle,”I suppose I am rather naughty!”

“Well you know what naughty girls get, don’t you young lady?” said Charlotte, adopting a more dominant tone of voice.

“I suppose they get their bottoms spanked,” said Samantha, pretending to look contrite.

“They certainly do, young lady. Let’s adjourn to the privacy of your lounge unless you want your neighbours to witness your bottom being spanked.”

“Oh no! That would be awful!” Samantha replied.

“I thought you wouldn’t like that. You had better go into the lounge, young lady, and present your bottom to me over the end of the sofa.” Charlotte followed closely behind Samantha, giving her bottom a few light hand slaps to chivvy her along, admiring the roll of her hips and buttocks.

“Over you go,” said Charlotte pushing Samantha firmly over the arm of the sofa. It was just the right height, beautifully elevating Samantha curvaceous cheeks at a spankable height.

“Naughty young ladies get their bare botties spanked hard, don’t they?” said Charlotte sternly, as she gazed down at Samantha’s succulent cheeks.

“Yes Miss,” said Samantha, in a mock little girl’s voice.

“Your bottom is rather pale at the moment, but I’m sure that I can soon put some colour into it!”

So saying, Charlotte started to spank Samantha, relishing the skin to skin contact as she peppered both cheeks lightly, making them wobble and ripple delightfully. Every now and again, the slaps were replaced by soft caresses, as Charlotte’s elegant fingers traced the contours of Samantha’s lovely mounds. Samantha lay there feeling totally relaxed with her eyes closed, almost purring with pleasure.

Finally, without warning Charlotte gave Samantha a dozen harder smacks in quick succession, covering all parts of her buttocks, generating a delicate pink glow across the otherwise unblemished skin and a series of welcoming little yelps.

“Now you’ve had your ‘starter’, I think it’s time for the ‘main course’, young lady!” said Charlotte, rather enjoying playing a dominant role for a change!

It was ‘payback time’ after the severe slippering Samantha had given her yesterday afternoon! Without further ado, she pressed her left hand firmly down on the middle of Samantha’s back to hold her in place. Then raising her right arm up high, she brought her hand down hard, landing with a satisfying SMACK! across the crown of Samantha’s bottom, leaving a clear reddish impression of her hand. Samantha’s body jerked and she emitted a loud hiss.

Charlotte drew her hand away and delivered another hard slap, this time to the undercurve of Samantha’s left cheek, this time causing Samantha to yelp loudly. Charlotte rapidly got into a steady rhythm, smacking away as hard as she could manage. Samantha responded beautifully, her bottom wriggling animatedly over the sofa’s arm and yelping loudly as each spank was delivered….

SPANK! “Ouchhhh!”

SPANK! “Yeeowhh!”

SPANK! “Yeeouch!”

Samantha tried to stifle her responses by burying her head in the sofa cushions, but Charlotte could still hear the effects that her playmate was emitting. Samantha’s bottom started to glow red and Charlotte smiled in satisfaction at her handiwork. She continued spanking away, her eyes closely focused on the lovely target so well presented for her to ‘deal with’. “This is fun!” She thought, as her hand made Charlotte’s rump jump and wriggle with each stinging slap. It was an extremely exciting and arousing sight. She felt a strong urge to touch herself with her free hand as she spanked away with her right. However, she decided that this might distract her from her main task…namely that of giving Samantha a really sound walloping!


Charlotte finally stopped, not because she wanted to, but because her hand was starting to hurt far too much. Unlike Samantha, her hand hadn’t been hardened by use on numerous schoolgirl bottoms! She had thought of hunting around for a hairbrush to relieve her hand, but thought better of the idea. Samantha might just decide to use it on her own bottom when it came to her turn for a spanking. Given her own bottom’s current tender state, she didn’t relish that idea.

Reluctantly, Charlotte instructed Samantha to stand and said, “I hope that is sufficient punishment for you, young lady?”

“Oh, yes, Miss. Thank you for showing me the error of my ways!” She then gave Charlotte a little hug and kiss, before gingerly rubbing her now very reddened bottom. It may not have been the hardest of spankings that she had ever received, but it had nevertheless been sufficiently stingy to satisfy her urge for one for the time being. She had loved being spanked by her young beautiful protege. It was so naughty and so exciting!

Taking a deep breath, Charlotte reverted to her submissive self. “I suppose Samantha, that you would now like to spank me?”

“That would be very nice, thank you, Charlotte. I’ll try to go easy on you after yesterday’s slippering, providing that the sight of your lovely bottom doesn’t inspire me to get carried away!”

She paused before continuing, “Would you enjoy being spanked over my knee again, like our first time? I really enjoy the intimacy of OTK spankings.”

“Yes, that would be lovely, Samantha. I really enjoyed being in close contact with you as well the last time you put me over your knee. It felt very comforting!”

“Good! Now I had one other idea before we get started. Do you think you might enjoy being spanked to music?”

Charlotte looked a little puzzled…’spanked to music’?!’ What was Samantha on about?!

Seeing the mystified look on Charlotte’s face, Samantha went on to explain what she had in mind. ‘’When delivering, or for that matter receiving, an erotic spanking, I have sometimes found it rather pleasant to choose an appropriate piece of background music to inspire the spanking ‘rhythm’ and intensity. Have you ever seen the film ‘The Story of O’?”

Charlotte looked blank, “No, I’ve never seen that film.”

Asa’s note….

Search for it, especially the video clips, you will not be disappointed. I would like to post some photos, but had better not, due to copyright.

Here is a collage, to give you an idea…


“It’s all about a beautiful young Parisian woman being trained as a submissive. At one point in the story, a high class ‘Madame’ instructs one of her other trainees to whip the girl with a dressage whip. Her hands are tied up to two upright posts and her bare back is severely whipped. During the whipping, the ‘Madame’ plays a lovely piece of music on an old-fashioned gramophone, a waltz of some sort. I think she played the music partly to drown out the girl’s screams. However, I believe that the prime reason she played it was to help guide the speed and intensity of the whip strokes. Each stroke seemed to be delivered on the downbeat of each bar. Any change in tempo was matched by a change in the pace of the whipping. As the music got louder, the whip strokes became harder and harder. I found the whole scene extremely erotic, although sadly it was her back rather than her bottom that was whipped.”

Charlotte listened intently to this account. It certainly sounded very erotic to her, although she had no desire to be whipped with a dressage whip, especially not across her back.

“I have a recording of the piece on CD if you feel you would enjoy trying something a little different for a change. I would of course spank your bottom with my hand, not whip your back with a dressage whip! I have no desire to hurt you that much.”

“In that case, Samanth, I’m more than happy to give it a go!” replied Charlotte enthusiastically.

Samantha retrieved the CD and inserted it into her player, taking the remote control with her. She seated herself on the edge of an elegant Parka Knoll Chair and patted her knee, “Come, Charlotte, place yourself over my knee and make yourself comfortable.”

Charlotte slid across Samantha’s inviting lap, her legs, sheathed in black nylon, stretched out straight behind her. She loved the feel of being in such close contact with Samantha’s naked thighs. Samantha made slight adjustments to her position and then caressed her bottom, running a finger sensually up the inside of Charlotte’s thighs and the deep division between her lovely cheeks.

“You have such a lovely bottom, Charlotte. It’s so round and smooth. It really looks delicious. I could eat it!” she said, with a little laugh.

“Well thank you for the compliment, Samantha. I’ve always thought it was too big, but then I suppose many people prefer women with larger, classical buttocks, like all those ancient statues of Venus!”

“Oh, it’s just perfect, Charlotte. Don’t be so silly. It’s not too large. I much prefer it to the narrow hipped, small bottomed girls I have to regularly spank at school! Yours is highly desirable and invites a good spanking!”

Charlotte was thrilled with all this praise being ‘showered on’ her bottom, and smiled.

“Anyway, before all that goes to your head, Charlotte, I think I ought to commence spanking you don’t you think?!”

“Oh yes, Samantha, please start!” said Charlotte, waggling her bottom provocatively,

Samantha pressed play and the music started with a slow introduction, before the Waltz proper began with a relatively slow beat…ONE, two, three…ONE, two, three…ONE, two, three…Samantha quickly picked up the rhythm, alternately smacking Charlotte’s left and then right cheek on the downbeats….Smack! two, three…Smack! two, three… Smack! two, three…Charlotte’s cheeks jiggled beautifully on impact each time.

Initially the music was relatively quiet, so Samantha took her cue from the sound level and spanked her fairly gently. However, as the sound levels slowly rose in a crescendo, so did the intensity of Samantha’s smacks:

Smack! two, three

Smack! two, three

Smack! two, three

Smack! two, three

By the time the music reached fortissimo, Samantha’s hand was landing loudly across Charlotte’s quivering cheeks, almost drowning the orchestra! By the time the Waltz had reached its conclusion, Charlotte was wriggling and yelping loudly. However, Samantha noted that each time her hand descended, Charlotte seemed to raise her bottom up to meet it. She was clearly enjoying the ‘musical spanking’ and was taking her cues from the beat as much as Samantha.

As the music stopped, Samantha resumed caressing the now very warm and reddened cheeks. “How did you find that Charlotte?”

Charlotte lay across Samantha’s knee with a very happy smile on her face. “That was really good! I enjoyed it immensely, even though the music does rather make the pace and intensity of the spanking somewhat predictable!” she replied.

“Would you like me to restart the music for another go?”

Without hesitation, Charlotte replied enthusiastically “Yes please!”

Samantha laughed, “You really can’t get enough spanking can you, Charlotte! You really are an insatiable, young lady! I do have a slightly different version of the same music, with the sound of a dressage whip added in the background in time with the music. You might enjoy the addition of this unusual extra ‘musical instrument’? It makes a thrilling swishing sound.

“Gosh! That really sounds exciting. Yes please!’

Samantha selected the relevant track, pressed play again and the music started. As the Waltz began, Samantha’s lounge was filled with a slightly different sound from before:

Swish! Smack! …two… three

Swish!Smack! …two… three

Swish!Smack! … two… three

As the music became louder, the combined sounds of smacking and whipping became louder and louder, as did Charlotte squeals!

Swish!Smack! … two… three

Swish! Smack! … two… three

Swish! Smack! … two… three

Both Charlotte and Samantha found the experience exhilarating, the music adding a totally new dimension to the spanking.

Finally the music came to an end. Both ladies took several minutes to recover from the exertion of spanking and being spanked.

“Would you like a grand finale, Charlotte?” asked Samantha.

“That would be lovely, Samantha. That’s if you have any energy left!”

“Oh I think I can manage it,” Samantha replied with a smile. “I never get tired when I’m spanking you! Now, for the grand finale, or perhaps I should call it an ‘encore’, I propose to spank you on every beat of the bar, not just on the first! Can you cope with that?”

Charlotte hesitated, but finally succumbed to temptation. “Yes, OK Samantha, I’ll give it a try!”

Samantha started the original version of the music again and the spanking finale began!

Spank! Spank! Spank!

Spank! Spank! Spank!

Spank! Spank! Spank!

The more rapid repetition of each spank soon had Charlotte writhing madly and crying out loudly, even before the music had reached the crescendo. It was a fierce spanking, one that certainly had Charlotte dancing and singing in time with the music. As with most of Charlotte’s spankings, the inevitable conclusion was a mind blowing orgasm. She was one of those very few fortunate young ladies who didn’t need direct stimulation to cum. All it took was a bit of sound bottom warming! Samantha just loved this trait in her young friend. Charlotte’s pleasure was also Samantha’s.

Charlotte and Samantha in Detention – Part two

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The next day dawned with an air of excitement, even before I got out of bed, my manhood was stood to attention, and it was not because I needed the toilet, it was because I had spent much of the night thinking of yesterday. As soon as I awoke, my thoughts went there again, and then I thought of later today, and their second detention.

The night for the two girls had been similar, both had text each other continuously, and under their duvets they had face-timed each other, naked, helping each other with their orgasms.

The day at school went by quietly, only once did we get chance to be off our guard, passing each other in the corridor, when we winked at each other.

Thus so, the school day finished, they went to the detention room next to my office, in the quiet east wing of the school. I heard a noise as I sat at my desk, they were here, early! That is not a trait they showed for any other school business. They were eager for punishment.

I had arranged the room as I suggested, and walked in to find them sat facing forward, quite seriously. This was role play….but not ‘only role play’, it was serious re-enactment of times gone by, a new experience for them, and a ‘time gone by’, revisited by me.

Two modern girls were going to get a taste of old fashioned discipline. I knew they wanted it to be as real as possible, but thinking of our last time together, I hoped it would end differently to the old days.

“Impudent girls! When I enter the room I expect you to stand up immediately! Straight, with your hands by your sides, shoulders back, chins up! Then you say ‘Good evening Mr.Jones!”

They shuffled.

“Stay there! I will leave and come back in, and you had better do it correctly!” I said in my strictest voice, and left.

It was good to be the old me again, I counted to twenty and walked in sharply.

In chorus, the two girls spoke. “Good evening Mr.Jones.”

I walked towards them and stopped. “Out to the front! Both of you. Stand at the front desk, side by side….qui-et-ly….and smartly, facing the window. Come on! Don’t dilly dally! You are in enough trouble already!”

Nervously they did as they were told.

I stood and watched them squirm. “Are you tired? Do you need to support yourselves? Why are your hands resting on the desk. You seem to have picked up some sluvenly habits! Now let me see…” I read the report form. “Late….for assembly, four times in this half term! Late, to arrive at school, eight times, oh….I stand corrected, and late back after lunch six times. And what do we have here? Late! Late for handing in your homework! Seven times each. Good Lord! Well?….WELL??….WELL ???”

It logged in, their confused looks changed to slightly hopeful. Once again, in chorus, they replied. “Sorry Mr.Jones.”

“I should damn well think so! Well I have better things to do with my valuable time than waste it chastising tardy, naughty schoolgirls! I have a time honoured cure for tardiness! It is a dose of my trusty size thirteen plimsol….on your bare bottoms. It seems to me that a punished bare bottom is something else that is sadly late in your slipshod idle young lives. Bend over the desk, right now!” I carried on in my strict official voice, it sounds so much better when issuing a dire warning of an imminent punishment.

I walked around them and raised their blazers and skirts in a very ‘matter of fact’ way.

I stood behind them, the other side of the teachers desk, taking in the magnificent view of young, firm, apprehensive bottoms, clad in tight white cotton.

I hooked my thumbs in each pair of school knickers in turn, to pull them around the beautifully curved bottoms, and let them cascade to the floor.”

“You are getting six each, three on each cheek. Any silliness and I will get you to hold each other in turn, and we will start again. Trust me, once you have tasted rubber on your cheeks, you will not want me starting again!”

I walked over to get the plimsol off of the stool, and came back to stand by them. Their breathing was hurried and shallow, they trembled.

With no warning, I made my way down the line three times. Firm whacks, in quick succession…










In the time honoured fashion of no fuss, let’s get on with it! It was over. Two eighteen year old girls…punished.

I moved to stand between them, and dropped my trousers and pants, Charlotte took her right hand, and gripped my cock. Samantha took my balls to fondle in the cup of her left hand. With Charlotte wanking me, and Samantha gently jiggling my balls, I slid a middle finger of each hand in their cunts, the flat of my hands against their lips. Like three horses before a charriot we galloped together to a fantastic orgasm.

More to cum….oops, come!


Long Haul…another from Ma

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Ma and Pa go on a special holiday and Ma gets a special request
: Ma and Pa were on a long-haul flight to celebrate a special anniversary. The Stewardess of this special flight recognised Ma and asked how she was keeping in spite of Pa.
: For Stewardess had seen passenger list and was delighted to find that Ma was on it. She was a member of the slimming club who had taken Ma to their hearts for her way with a board upon a Bare. They’d missed Ma’s ministrations had the ladies of the Group and since she’d been away standards had slipped and focus gone awry.
: Ma asked after ‘her’ Group and Stewardess replied “it’s not been the same since you’ve been away” and hoped she’d be back soonest. Ma smiled a smile and promised she would, whereupon Stewardess put in a request. “ Would you come and see me in my crew cabin for I have an itch I’d like you to scratch upon a patch you know quite well. I have a break soon so would you come up behind the saloon? : “O by the way Ma”, as she turned to go, “ I don’t suppose you have that Board, the badge of your ‘profession’?” Ma said with a twinkle “as a matters of fact it rests in my bag for one never knows when it must be used for cooking or walloping away (Pa benefits from both she added sotto voce).
: Stewardess said with a lovely smile and a slightly tremulous voice “well Ma that’s a date and I’ll see you at eight for a special ‘chat’ ”. Ma watched her go and thought what a figure that Stewardess had! She’d be very happy to help her ‘scratch her patch’, which clearly needed attention. Such a lovely girl so full of discretion, and Ma would use her Board, to wallop her Bare with all her might without making too much noise…
: The appointed hour it soon came and Ma set off up the aisle, leaving Pa fast asleep (these long haul flights muck about with the constitution). She carried her Board in her bag and for all the world was off for a walk.
: as instructed by Stewardess she made her way past the saloon and into the gloom past sleeping crew until she found the cabin she needed. With two quick raps, the appointed signal, she was in Stewardess domain. Now Stewardess was tall and broad – a well made girl who wore clothes well. But sensibly, as Ma had suggested, she’d removed her skirt and panties and they both had a giggle when this South Wales girl (from Maerdy) called her appearance ‘half-tidy!”.
: There was not much space in the cabin small so improvisation was needed. But one thing was sure that Stewardess, who took a delighted intake of breath, when Ma brought forth the Board from its resting place, ready to do its business.
: Ma sat down on the only chair (these cabins were really very small) and patted her lap and said to Stewardess: “ We’d better get started my girl for I hear that you have an itch to scratch, you’ve brought me all this way, so get that patch across my lap and I’ll begin walloping away!
: The Bare that was revealed to Ma when Stewardess bent across her lap was ivory white and a perfect shape for bottom-shaped Board to dish out its fate. Ma paused to admire and in a slight deviation from procedure ran her hand over the ovals which caused Stewardess to purr with content. She raised the Board and brought it down upon that Bare with a force that surprised them both.
: For Ma had been in Australia and keeping her hand in amongst the Ockers and distant family. Well the white of the Stewardess’ very fine Bare first turned to pink and then to red and in a fit of inspiration Ma thought of the colour of Ayers Rock and the Outback’s constellation. She resolved to paint the bottom at hand like a Red Centre sunset, with orange and blues and indigos – a source of fascination. It may be a while before Stewardess could sit but she’d asked for a scratch to be itched on her patch and this was it!
: Mindful of the ticking clock, Ma walloped away and realized that she was in a state of bliss. She was helping out a woman who had sensibility and sense to match, rather like Ma – if she could be so proud.
: For she became aware that this Broad acre bare was rather like hers (from the selfies she’d seen and the mirrors she’d looked in regularly). And a thought crossed her mind that she really ought to teach Stewardess to give as well as receive.
: Ma slowed the pace of for she realized that lost in thought it was time to stop. The clock was ticking towards end of break for Stewardess who would have to rearrange afore setting out down aisle once more. The sunset glow on her bare behind brought forth much heat. “Don’t stop Ma” stewardess said “It’s feeling just fantastic!”.
: Ma replied “my darling girl you have passengers to serve. But I’ll tell you what, since you’ve helped me a lot with holiday readjustment, we’ll set a date when next on leave to learn the art of give as receive. In short my bare-bottomed beauty, when you are next in Bare Acre Green, you can have a go at mine. I’ll teach you the art of wielding the Board and you can practice till your heart sings with joy. You can practice on me, and Pa and Schwas and in good time the other members of the slimming club! Now up you get before I change my mind or get tempted to spend the night a whacking away on your fair bottom bare when you should be out by 9!”
: Stewardess looked at her in wonder and said “‘tis a dream come true. I’ve admired you Ma for style and flair at walloping a Bare since that famous sauna fare. You are a role model I’ve longed to follow and in time I want to do you proud. I can say I was taught by the best. For ‘Tis as good to give as well as receive could be your Motto, you know”.
: Ma looked at her and decided then to show Stewardess, as a parting gift, something she’d only glimpsed before. Which was to give her a taste of what Ma meant, there was just a few minutes before start of night shift so they’d have to be quick.
: As Stewardess was adjusting her dress Ma stood up and stretched, said “keep Bare just yet” and gave it one more whack. She then unbuttoned her Australian jeans, of which she was proud for it showed off well her large behind. She slipped them down and there revealed her lack of underwear! And Stewardess saw a fabulous sight, Ma’s broad acre bare revealed by the glow of the cabin light. The Australian sun had given it a tan – but not too much in these days of health.
: “I want a few spanks, and I want them now” Ma said with a grin and wink. “we have five minutes so we better get on before you have to leave”. They duly changed places and Stewardess, very nearly had a flap as Ma settled over her lap. “mind you five minutes is plenty of time to wallop a bare if you know how. Start with a flurry upon each cheek, then right, then left, then centre. All Bares are different in size and scope but if there’s not much time then a rule of thumb is outside in!”
: Stewardess began to wallop, ignoring her own throb. “ That’s it girl! A great start made” said Ma in transcendental state. “ You are a natural, a real find. It makes a Ma (of ‘maturish’ years) so very proud”. “ You know of course we now have a bond of true devotees of walloping Bares. If your’e anything like me, it keeps you sane in a simple way…you’ll find this out in the Lord’s good time if you don’t know it now”. And she wriggled her Bare in satisfaction of a job well done.
: Reluctantly the women knew they’d have to part for the rest of the trip. Stewardess to the night shift and Ma to her seat. Anyone who was not asleep on that quiet plane good and true would have seen two women taking their leave from cabin crew. Their cheeks did glow, both face and Bare, and they looked in a blissful condition. But strange to say, if anyone looking would see a Stewardess statuesque of figure squeeze the bottom of a shorter woman, as they whispered “well, sweet dreams!”

Visits to ‘The Inveigle’

Now the first volume of ‘The Inveigle’ is written, I am going to concentrate on the various clients and whom they go to see…

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Visit One

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Visit Two

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Visit Three…

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Coming soon!

After the Workplace Spanking…

A little diversion…

It is quite amazing just how much spanking role play can affect a woman, especially when in my studio!!…or so it seems to me anyway. Maybe it is because we build up the story over weeks, prior to the shoot. Maybe because I am a story teller, and before and during the shoot, I tell the girls the story, and discuss feelings with them, and ask what might happen in their minds. Who knows what it is, I am just glad it does.

All I know is that we live the stories, we are a team, and feel exhilarated afterwards, like travelling to another world or time. On our return, from wherever we have journeyed, we are full of more ideas for the characters, and want to meet them again…and again. That is why so many of my stories go on and on. We do not want them to end, we do not want to say cheerio to the characters we meet! Sometimes when I say that we are not working on that story for a while, I see a sulky bottom lip come out on a girl or two. But final decisions have to me made by someone, and that someone is me. I try to be as tactful and nice as I can.

Often we sit and chat, such as at the end of this story, ‘I wonder how the bus journey home, for the girl was?…. does she get a spanking at home do you think? ….what about the man and woman, they must have talked and talked about it, and the Headmistress?

I remember this well, …Jersey spoke.

Oh, of course, you might not know the Headmistress’s name. It is Jersey Pearl. It seems that pearls found close to the island are very rare, and beautiful. So she was named after one….anyway!

She spoke…”That’s obvious! She’d find somewhere to finger her pussy as quick as she could.”

Us more common type were quite surprised, “So is that how you feel Jersey?” Asked Samantha.

“Yes, do tell, we often do that after a shoot!” Blurted out Kate.

One thing led to another, and to cut a long story short, she agreed to do so. She was obviously desperate to cum, she sat the way a turned on woman does…squirming and almost grinding her bottom into her seat.

I promised to only to use photos she would allow, if she let me take some. So before me, Samantha and Kate, (Mr Harris had left), she did do. It was quite a sight! Here are the photos she said yes to…


….the Headmistress rushed home, excitedly, her pussy was screaming for attention, as it often did after punishing a girl. Especially a pretty one with such a shapely bottom. Once in her bedroom, she ordered herself to lower her knickers and spank her naughty bottom.

“Yes Miss.” She said to herself.

“Owwwww, Ooooh! I’m sorry Miss…Yeeeow! I’m sorry!”

With a warm bottom, and her eyes closed as she re-enacted the day’s events in her mind, she sat down, opened her legs and massaged her engorged lips.

Harder and harder, faster and faster, until she reached a lovely, long, shuddering orgasm.


“What a naughty Headmistress you are Jersey Pearl….you need a spanking!”

“Yes I do!” she replied.

But I have no pictures of that, sorry.


The Work Experience Spanking – Part Three

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“Right then young lady, ever since the first year you have had a chip on your shoulder, you seem to think you are better than most. Academically, in many ways, you are. But today has proved to me what an annoying brat you can be! Now, you can keep the back of your gym slip up, and your red bottom on show as you walk down the corridor to Miss Cooper and Mr Harris’s Office, where you will make a formal apology. You will also tell them…. That you will be staying here for a further two weeks! During which time, they have my full permission to spank you as often, and as hard as they wish for any more bad behaviour. You can add that at the end of the fortnight, I will inspect the punishment book I am leaving them to fill in, and if I deem fit, madam! I will use a cane on your bare bottom! Now be off with you!”

The corridor which she walked down was long, and always busy. People had heard about her and the visit. She received many comments, gestures and giggles. “Oh this must be her!” And on passing…”Oh God, look at her red bottom, she has had a proper spanking!”…..”OOOH! That looks sore, you’ll be sleeping on your tummy tonight luv!”…. “Don’t let your Mummy and Dady see that red bum you naughty girl, you’ll get it smacked again!”

Eventually she reached her destination, sniffing, and whimpering, rubbing her poor bottom. “Hello Miss Cooper. I am sorry for being so horrid and rude, I will be on my best behaviour from now on. The Headmistress is giving you a punishment book to fill in, and you have permission to spank me as hard as you like on my bare bottom if I am naughty. I won’t be, I promise….sniff.”

She walked over to Mr.Harris’s desk.

“Hello Mr.Harris, I have left a punishment book with Miss Cooper. My Headmistress has given you permission to spank my bare bottom if I am naughty again. I will try not to be, honest I will. I am ever so naughty for being a naughty girl.”

She turned to them both. “I am here for two more weeks.”

As she walked back by Miss Cooper, she shouted her over. “What will your Headmistress do if she sees too many entries in here?”

Samantha winced, and trembled. She whispered…”She will cane my bare bottom Mis Cooper.

“Then you had better be very, very careful!” Smiled Miss Cooper with an evil smile.

We will have to see what happens!

The Headmistress left poor Samantha’s knickers on the desk, and smiled to herself, if she did not get them back, her bus journey home would be interesting, and how would Mummy and Daddy react to seeing her bottom?

Such is the lot of a naughty girl….

Asa’s note….I intend to write more.

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You know me by now, this will never really be finished, I have plans. There will be visits from clients. So it is not goodbye…yet.


Saturday Night at the Inveigle

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We all die, I will, one day you will come and all this will be gone. Abigail, Charlotte and Samantha will in this story…sad, but true, old age comes to us all. But my next plan is, just after the First World War, Charlotte’s daughter, let’s call her Rosie, decides to re-open the Inveigle, in the Roaring Twenties!

There was a lovely rag time song…’The Black Bottom’ ….Saturday night at ‘The Inveigle – Volume Two’, will start similarity to this one, but with flapper girls, singing, wait for it… know what’s coming, I just know you do!


1920’s eh? What a coincidence, I have a huge vintage section, and the BORS GIRLS PHOTOS are from that era, what with them, and my girls, it will be magnificent. The Inveigle Theatre shop will sell stereoscopic views….’how frightfully modern Millie’, we just have to have a Millie!

It will be something shocking! I think anything goes!

Just like it did in volume one…😊



The Workplace Experience Spanking – Part Two

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The. Headmistress began in a determined fashion, the green plastic ruler was not as flexible as it looked. It cracked loudly on her cheeks, instantly leaving bright red marks. The crisp bouncing contact lasted only a second at a time, but the sharp stinging pain lingered, and sank in…deep.

Samantha was in shock. She never expected it so hard and fast…smack, smack,smack,smack,smack,smack,smack,smack! As regular as a fast running machine, although she was absolutely resigned to not making a noise before the man and woman, her resolve vanished in the first minute.

“Owwwwwwwww, Ooooooooh, Owwwwwwwooooooh!”

The watching man and woman loved every single second, and every single smack. This was exactly what they had hoped for! A proper spanking. The haughty, naughty sixth form girl in a very embarrassing situation, bucking, wriggling, crying and screaming, with her legs kicking wildly, and her bare bottom ablaze.

They did the very last thing Samantha wanted. They laughed, they mocked, they pointed and worst of all, urged and encouraged the Headmistress!

The Headmistress was urged on to a truly magnificent performance, literally swinging the ruler as high, fast and hard as she could, grunting like a tennis pro. She needed more room, so made the naughty, sobbing bare bottomed girl bend over the desk.

“Well done!” “Bravo!” Shouted the man and woman…”Teach her bottom a lesson it will never forget!

And she did exactly that.

Put yourself in Samantha’s shoes…imagine how it feels. The pain growing with no escape, and no sign of stopping. In fact it is terrifying, awful, horrid, you need help, you need to escape, you look up and around frantically, squealing and begging for it to stop. But all you see are people pointing at you, enjoying it, and laughing as they shout for more. Suddenly you fly to your feet, hoisted and bent over….the whacking gets even worse, the pain reaches a level that you cannot stand!!!….yet you must!

Samantha does exactly what she vowed in her mind she would never do, she begged and said sorry between the onslaught of that savage plastic ruler…

THWACK….”I’m sorry, I’m sorry, I’m sorry!!!”…..”YEEEEOWWWWWWWW!”

THWACK…”Miss Cooper, please ask my Headmistress to stop!”….”OOOOOH!”

THWACK…”I am sorry for being a naughty girl!”…..”OOOOH OOOOH OOOH!”

THWACK…”I will never be naughty again!”…..”OWWWWWOOOOWWWW!”

THWACK….”I am sorry Mr Harris, please stop, stop!”…”OWWWWWWWW!”


“Stand up you naughty little girl, look at Miss Cooper and Mr Harris, and say sorry!”

“I’m really sorry Miss Cooper, I am really sorry Mr.Harris, I have been a naughty, silly, little girl….I won’t be again.”

More to come.


The ‘Workplace Experience Spanking’ – Part 1

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Look, can you see the authority in the Headmistress’s face? Ultimate power over her school girls! The Board of Education’ back her, the parents have signed consent forms, for corporal punishment. She knows that if she says “Get over my knee for a spanking!”, the girl simply has to comply. No matter where, no matter when. If in school uniform a girl is under her control. Even here, away from school, on a work placement.

Let’s not forget the two viewers, both annoyed and fed up with the insolent brat. What joy to be able to stand there and see her put firmly in her place! To see her bottom bared, to hear the telling off, and now, there she is, bare bottom up high, having to comply. She knows you are looking, she hates it, really hates it. And that makes you love it even more.

As for Samantha, well, she is at that age where she feels like an adult in a girls body. Dressed in school uniform, in which she shows her defiance with non regulation shoes, and wearing her gym slip far too short. She is desperate to feel and look grown up, in proper clothes. She has make up, and looks like a fantasy adult schoolgirl. Those two…..oooooh they are boring and set in their ways! She will be so much better than them one day, she hates them! Yet here she is, to be spanked like a little girl before them! On her bare bottom…”I am not going to scream, or cry, or kick, and I am not going to look at them!” She thinks.

The ruler the Headmistress picked up is cold as it rests on her bottom.

Ohhhh the shame, the humiliation, the hurt, the embarrassment. She wanted to show the world she was ready for work, all grown up. But here she is, she can feel the Headmistress’s lap, it feels nice. She can feel the cool air on her bare bottom…that feels nice too. She almost wants it to start.

And them, staring at her predicament, seeing her get a bare bottom spanking! She can hear them snigger…yet somehow, impossibly, it also feels nice, and sends a tingle right up her pussy.

More to come…


Disgraced on a Work Placement

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Similar, but not the same, these are some I did not use. I am slowly going through all my stock, it seems a shame for them to sit in files on my computer, you may as well see them.

SA Scenario to fit the photos…

The Headmistress had a call, from the local company which makes stationery items. Samantha, a troublesome girl has been getting work experience there. Something all the Sixth the formers did.

The call was bad, Samantha is in disgrace, and ready for collection. She has been extremely rude, and not for the first time it seems, to the two people she had been put to work with. They had had enough, and refused to work with her.

The Headmistress arrived and was sent to find her in the ‘Dispatch Room’.

After talking to the man and woman, it sounded that she has behaved as she does at school…badly. The Headmistress had dealt with her before. She told the two people to go to their work space, and she would deal with Samantha, and then send her to apologise. She smiled as she left the door to where she was, wide open, and went to see Samantha. She was given a very loud dressing down, and then much to the delight of the man and woman, she was told to remove her knickers for a bare bottom spanking! They crept to the open door, to watch.

They watched with glee, as the troublesome girl, already acting meek and mild, fumbled with her knickers, her bottom clearly on view. How different the brat looked now, having been put firmly in her place.

She passed her knickers over.

The Headmistress took them, and told her that she would not be wearing them again that day, even when she went to apologise to the people she had been so rude to.

At the edge of her vision, Samantha saw the man and woman at the doorway, “How embarrassing! Miss, they are watching! Please don’t spank me before them!”

“On the contrary young lady! I think it quite fitting that they should see you dealt with, now turn to me, and tuck your gym slip right up at the back. You know how I like it. She heard the man and woman giggle.

She did as she was told, her bare bottom was now facing the delighted man and woman.

“Now get over my knee young lady!” Said the Headmistress as she picked up a flexible green ruler.

The Spanking.

This is something different I am trying as an experiment. More detail on some of the photos. I seem to get lots of contact about individual photos, so, if that is what some of you want, then that is what you will get 😊

A better view of Samantha taking her knickers off…

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