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Some days I need a slut. Some days I want to torment. Some days I want to make a girls juices run freely…

This was one such day.

I understand about caress, sweet words, seduction and taking my time. Giving is fabulous, but some days I need a slut to fuck selfishly and hard.


“Strip down to your stockings and lay flat on the bench, the only words you say today are to answer my questions….understood?”

“Yes Mr.Jones.”

“I am going to greet my guests, stay there.”

“Yes Mr.Jones.”

Ten minutes pass as I meet and greet two couples who asked to meet a pain slut. I walk back in….”Stand up you dirty little bitch, back against the Saint Andrew’s Cross.”

“Yes Mr.Jones.”

“You want pain, don’t you….slut.”

“Yes Mr Jones.”

“You are a dirty little slave girl who needs to be used…aren’t you?”

“Yes Mr.Jones, I am.”

I ask the ladies to put pegs on her nipples and pussy lips.

“Say thank you to to nice ladies, thank them for the pain.”

“Thank you for the pegs on my cunt and nipples ladies, they hurt, and I love it…really love it….thank you.”

“Gentlemen, pull the pegs, twist them, pinch them hard together, make her yelp like a puppy.”

“Ooooh yes, hurt my tits, smack them, pull the pegs…oooooh owwww owe oww…yes …thank you Mr.Jones thank you!”

“Turn around and show them your bottom, open your legs wide!”

“Yes Mr.Jones…ohh yes!”

I give the guests latex gloves and oil…”Please….do as you like, rough, fast and hard….you love it don’t you, you city bitch…beg for it, go on…BEG!!”

“Finger my bum….finger my cunt, spank me, call me dirty names, spit on me, pull the pegs, hurt me…please….God yes…..use me, use me for Mr.Jones!”

They did. The ladies said some really dirty stuff, they loved it. I promised not to use the photos of them doing it. But you can see customers on other pages.

“Follow me slut!”

We take her from the cross and get her up against a stool, the guests fondled her…alllll over! She loved it with her legs wide apart.

We all told her what a dirty whore she was, a filthy bitch who wanted to show herself….she was bobbing about….uncontrollably, she was so turned on!

“Look at her cunt Ladirs and Gentlemen, her juices are dripping.”

We all crouch to see the slut’s torment. “Don’t touch her now, she is absolutely desperate for fingers to probe, for cunts to lick, and cocks to suck. Aren’t you….you dirty bitch.”

“Yes Mr.Jones…yes, yes, yes.”

We watch as it drips and splatters on the floor.

She was so excited that she shook, she trembled and moaned deliriously. I ordered her not to move…but to listen, and answer.

“Thousands and thousands of people look at my photos slut, men will be wanking, wishing they were fucking and using you. Women will be fingering their cunts saying all sorts of things…calling you names like trash, worthless cunt, tart, and much worse…do you like that?”

“Yes Mr.Jones, it is what I want, what I need, I am a filthy piece of trash who wants to be used and shown. I want to be humiliated.”

“What are you?”

“A slut Mr.Jones.”

“What are you in the day?”

“A teacher Mr.Jones!”

“If only they knew what you were, what you are….a slut.”

“You are a naughty teacher…you need punishing.”

“Yes Mr.Jones”

It was like turning a tap on up her cunt, it ran freely, trickling out faster and faster.

I changed her position, the visitors all masturbated as they talked pure filth, she said much worse back. I lit a candle..the mood was lust…dirty, filthy lust. The room was full of it as each orgasmed in turn. Knickers were stretched, so to were pussy lips. Foreskins were back as spunk shot in huge spurts.

I took her to a desk and bent her over. “What do you need slut…what does your bottom crave pain slut?”

“A long hard caning Mr Jones. Make me squeal Mr.Jones, punish me Sir….please Sir…please, please cane me!”

Oh how she pushed Up for it!!! How that plump bottom begged for pain!

I picked up my finest dragon cane and floggrd her buttocks fast and hard, between her screams were the unmistakable sounds of pleasure as she otgasmed from pain.

The visitors left, satisfied.

I stripped naked, my manhood swayed from side to side as I moved towards her, it’s magnificent proud purple head glistening in pre cum. I gripped her hips and with no finess I fucked her cunt mercilessly. It was like a hand milking me hard, I swear it true…her cunt gripped my shaft like a fist, in what seemed like three vibrating spirals her filthy whore cunt wrapped itself round my shaft and in pulses, drained every drop of spunk from my body.

She almost passed out, her eyes rolled as she howled like a wolf and had the most vigorous multi orgasm of her life.

The day after, my cock had a bruise…..all down the left side. I kid you not.


Roy Tersley – Set Three – The Elves Final Thrashing and a Christmas Surprise for them!

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This set shows another punishment for our naughty Christmas Elves.

I detailed the first few punishments of Pixie and Trixie, after being sent to me by Santa, then their next batch of punishments were seen in the gallery and sets, now we are at this Christmas….and I have received a serious message…

It seems that they found swapping a vibrator for the intended Christmas Gift from a Bishop to a Lady Priest very amusing……it has caused quite a stir!

“You naughty elves! Bend over! Roy, would you go to the chest of implements and bring a selection to use on their naughty bottoms please? And your camera of course, and don’t forget the mystery item..”

“On my way!” Comes an excited, cheerful reply from Roy!

Have you been wondering what the mystery item is? Well, very cleverly in this sequence of photos, Roy has let a vaulting horse creep in almost unnoticed, can you see the light on the varnished wood? Look up again, it has been there all the time.

“Right, you are now both getting a damn good caning! It is one thing doing silly pranks, but messing about with presents? Really!?!?? You are messing about with every principle that Santa has set, you are toying with the ‘Spirit of Christmas’, brace yourselves!”

THWACK! ….’Owwwwwwwwwwoooooooooooh!!!’


THWACK! ……’Oooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooh!’

THWACH! …’Yiiiiiiieeeeeeeeeeooooooowwwwwwwwwwooooooohhhh!’

THWACK! …..’Ooooh Ooooooooh Oooooooooowwwwwwwooooowowow!’

SWIIIIIISH THWACK! …..’Ooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo!!!’

SWIIIIISH THWOPPPP! ..’Ohhhhoooooooooooowwwwwowowowowwww!”

CRRRRAAAAACK! ……’Ohhh God! Owwwwwwoooohhh my bottom my bottom, stop stop no more….please I’m sorry I’m sorry!’

‘No…no…no…no more please!’ THWOOOOOPPPPPPP!! …’Aaaaaaaaaaaiiiiiieeeeoooowwwwooooooohhhhowowowowowowow!!!!”

‘Me to, me tooooo! No, no no nooooooo!’ THWAAAAACK!! …..’Yeeeeeeeooooowwwwwwwwwwwwoooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooohhhhhhhhh!!!’

Roy had one cane, I had another ….we filled the halls with the sound of rattan, screams rang merrily on high, Christmas embers burned in buttocks as they both finished with a ding dong of a thrashing!

“Now both of you stand there, you can show all the good boys and girls what it is like to be naughty!!”

“And there is news for you two! Trixie….Pixie…you are NOT going back to the North Pole, you are both going to spend a whole year with Miss Kenworthy! At Saint Helena High School for Wayward Girls and Elves!!!!”

“Merry Christmas one and all….and eh, Roy…remember Marleys Ghost That haunted Scrooge? In a few years from now me and you will be drifting the skies draped in canes, tawses, plimsolls, birches, slippers, straps and bloody all sorts!”


Week One – Thursday – Part 3

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“Right!….” There was a deliberate pause for effect. “Let’s get those bottoms presented in a different way shall we? Is this lesson starting to sink in to those cheeks? Hmmmm?”

‘Sniff, yes Miss.’ Said Charlotte quietly.

‘Sniff, yes Miss.’ Said Samantha subduedly..

‘Sniff, yes Miss.’ Whispered Stephanie submissively.

“Very good, now, hands on heads! Walk to the other side of the form and face the wall.” Instructed a very strict sounding Mrs.Pollard.

The three red bare bottomed girls did as instructed, and stood there sniffing and whimpering.

“Hands down! Keep them clasped at your midriff, shoulders back, chins up….look smart!” Bellowed Mrs.Pollard.

The secretary was now at the keyhole, her knickers at her ankles and skirt up around her waist…..gently toying with her swollen pussy lips and clitoris. She had the view that you have, right now.

“Now sit down.”

“Further back please, I want your bottoms poking out to me.” Ordered Mrs.Pollard.

Obligingly, yet sensitively on the hard cold wood, which felt as if it pushed up to greet them, the girls shuffled into their spanking positions.

“That will do nicely, now bend forward!”

The three naughty red bottoms were now correctly positioned to Mrs.Pollard’s satisfaction, and ready for their final onslaught, which lasted a good fifteen minutes…

Mrs.Pollard sat down, out of breath. The secretary had one last gushing orgasm and moved back to her chair. She listened to the final magnificent reprimand of the sobbing girls, as she finished typing the letters to their parents.

Having been told they were a disgrace, that they had let themselves down, and we’re having all their house points removed. They were told to go and collect the letters to their parents, adding that they were suspended tor a week.

“Now listen! I know all of your parents very well indeed! They are coming to collect you now! They are humiliated, angry, ashamed and disgraced. I suspect that you are all in for another thrashing as soon as you get home! It damn well serves you all right, I hope you will not sit down for the week. IF ANYTHING LIKE THIS HAPPENS AGAIN, YOU WILL BE OVER THE VAULTING HORSE FOR A DOZEN OF THE CANE EACH! ON YOUR BARE BOTTOMS! Now pick up your knickers, put your hands and knickers on the top of your heads, and get out of my study you naughty, NAUGHTY GIRLS!”

Crying the trembling girls listened to their doom.

The girls stood and collected their knickers.

As instructed, they held them on their heads, and left, sobbing and wailing and in disgrace.

Mrs.Pollard left her final shot as they reached the study door…

“I do not mean for you to go to your classrooms! Your parents have already picked up your things and are waiting at the gate! They have slippers in their hands!

To much derision the girls made their way down the corridors, by all the other girls going home, and across the quadrangle.

Down the drive they went, still with hands still on their heads, and red, very sore red bottoms on show to everyone!

Each were dragged by the ear, heads low down, by their Daddies, with their bottoms stuck up high and bare, for a walk to their cars, and Mummies smacking their bottoms at every step, saying…”Just wait until we get you home!”

To be continued…


Kate’s Story – Part Thirteen

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Kate punished at home for smoking.

After her punishment at school for smoking, the journey home on the bus was horrid, with the goody-goody girls making fun and saying what would happen when she got home. The looks from the older people did not help, especially some of the men who almost salivated at the thought.

Tentatively she walked through the door and got her latest naughty slip out..

“Oh no!! Not another!….what have you been up to now!” Asked Mummy.

She passed the note to Mummy and Daddy with a trembling hand…it was like a ticking bomb…






“SMOKING! BLOODY SMOKING! You naughty girl! Mummy, get the spanking bench out, I’ll fetch your brothers and sisters! Open the curtains wide, and the window too. Let the neighbours see and hear!”

With her grinning siblings standing in an arc, the distant noise of outdoor chatting filtering in, Kate got in position. Her father got a size ten slipper, whilst mummy got her size six. Then taking a cheek each, they whacked away for fifteen minutes, only stopping to change sides… twice!

More to come…


Robyn’s Erotic Words – 7

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A visit to a sculpture gallery
By Robyn Jones

is a very fine line between art and pornography when it comes to the depiction of the nude human body. However, I am not going to get myself embroiled in an erudite discussion of the subject here, particularly as I do not consider myself in any way to be an expert on the subject. I do, however, enjoy looking at paintings and sculptures of the human nude. I particularly like nude sculptures because they can be appreciated and explored with both the eye and with the hand! Unfortunately this is not something that is normally encouraged in art galleries and one can feel very inhibited in doing so in the presence of strangers. Having said that, I have occasionally plucked up the courage to do so when admiring a particularly fine piece of sculpture. After all, who could resist the opportunity to caress a beautiful set of carved buttocks or even give them a few playful smacks! Smacking cold polished marble is not quite the same as smacking warm, soft flesh, but it can still be fun!


‘Cold marble and warm flesh’:
Photographs by Nikolai Endegor,
from a series of photos entitled ‘Live Marble’

‘Three Graces’, a Roman copy of a Hellenistic original, 200 AD

The Nymph Echo by Paul Lemoyne (1821)


There is a particularly fine sculpture gallery in Chatsworth, Derbyshire. It was built to house an extensive collection of sculptures by William Cavendish, the 6th Duke of Devonshire in 1823. It houses an amazing selection of marble sculptures, including some masterpieces by sculptors such as Antonio Canova. However, the one I was particularly drawn to when I visited Chatsworth was one by Lorenzo Bartolini entitled ‘Recumbent Bacchante’, a bacchante being a female follower of Bacchus – the Greco-Roman god of wine, freedom, intoxication and ecstasy.

Anyway, enough of the history! Back to my visit. I was casually wandering around the exhibition when I stumbled on this lovely sculpture shown above. I strolled slowly around her several times, my palm itching to trace the shape of those beautifully full, plump rounded cheeks and deliver a few slaps. I wondered whether anyone might object. As I stood there mesmerised by her lovely rotundities, a lady steward approached me saying,“She is rather beautiful isn’t she?”

I smiled, “Oh yes! She’s got a beautiful figure and certainly has a bottom to die for!”

The steward agreed, “She certainly has!”

Plucking up courage, I continued, “I bet you see many visitors surreptitiously caressing her bottom.”

She giggled, “Oh yes! In fact, I’ve seen a fair number not only caressing her cheeks, but also smacking them as well! In fact, I’ve done so myself a few times when the gallery has been empty. Such a bottom invites that sort of attention, don’t you think?”

Losing any inhibitions I might have had, I responded, “Oh yes, it certainly does!”

She looked around the gallery and then mischievously said, “Go on, feel her and give her a few smacks. There aren’t any visitors in the gallery at the moment and I won’t stop you!”

Needless to say, I didn’t need any further encouragement. I reached out with my right hand and ran them gently along her hip and round the curve of her raised left buttock, before circling back up with my fingers trailing in the deep cleft between her cheeks. It felt good! I then delivered two sharp slaps to her bottom, the sound echoing loudly in the large gallery space. The statue may not have noticed my attentions, but my hand certainly did! Smacking hard, unforgiving stone with your palm hurts!

The lady giggled and asked, “It’s very easy to forget that what you’re smacking is hard stone! Such is the artistry of Bartolini’s work, you think it’s real flesh until your hand makes contact with her bottom!”

I laughed my agreement, rubbing my hand and then thanked her for indulging my perverse urges. She walked off, leaving me to continue my inspection of some of the other delightful statues to see if there were any other spankable bottoms on show. I was not to be disappointed!


Here is a cleverly created digital painting by Danilo: it depicts the statue of Venus Callipyge having her bottom caned by a naked man. Venus Callipyge is also known as the Aphrodite Kallipygos or the Callipygian Venus, all literally meaning ‘Venus (or Aphrodite) of the beautiful buttocks’

The Naughty Elves Christmas Countdown – 4

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It wasn’t all bad news from the naughty list! I looked at what they had got up to in March, and they had been caught doing a spanking show for a huge group of other elves! What naughty elves they are! I did not spank them for it.

I asked them to do the same for Roy and myself!

And very entertaining it was too!


The Naughty Nurse

Being the thoughtful and caring soul I try to be, I thought of a way to cheer my dear friend Samantha up. She fell off her horse, see here…

She has been feeling more than a little bored, and as she is in pain, a little glum. Although, credit due to her, she is putting a very brave face on and keeping as cheerful as she can. Bless her xxhugxx.

I asked…”shall we make a story up about it, and you can spank the naughty nurse who comes to see you on a home visit, with your other arm if you think you could manage it?”

“Oh yes please! How interesting, and definitely yes to spanking Charlotte! Can I use a shoe? I might not be able to spank hard enough with my hand today?”

“Of course!” I said happily, and Charlotte agreed enthusiastically.

Here is what we came up with…



A well known local stable owner, Lady Kenworthy of Fessengham Towers had taken a nasty fall off of her beautiful horse. Riding over fields, through rivers, and country lanes was something she loved. She was missing it, and was feeling grumpy. It had been two weeks now, and the Doctor had told yesterday, not to remove the sling or do any lifting for at least another three weeks…and it could run in to months.

The district nurse was coming to check on her, this meant adjusting the sling, giving medication and generally making her comfortable. She pulled in to the country estate and went into the Lodge. She was told to report to the first cottage on the right, Lady Kenworthy thought it easier to see her there, rather than have her drive up to her country house.

Samantha Kenworthy was not looking forward to it, the district nurse in this area was a daydreamer of a girl, called Charlotte, pleasant and kind, but not unused to knocking things over, she was more than a little clumsy it seems. Only two weeks ago, Amber her friend had taken a fall, and said that she dreaded every visit of the clumsy girl, and she was definitely not the gentlest of nurses. She had actually complained about her.

Samantha was quite rightly house proud, she kept her house beautifully, the cottages on her estate were no different, everyone loved them. She had just had an expensive, beautiful new carpet fitted in this cottage. She was going to keep a close eye on this girl.

A knock on the door was followed by a cheerful, ‘Hello, it’s your nurse here! I’ve let myself in like the man at the Lodge said!’

The girls reputation amongst the womenfolk of the pretty village was not good, her uniform was always far too short, with skimpy knickers. Their husbands loved her and many joked, (and you know what they say about many a true word being spoken in jest) that she was worth breaking a keg for!

Rumours were rife, saying that she was rather free with her affections too.

Instantly, Samantha could see why things were said. Charlotte walked in, wiggling her hips with a uniform that barely covered her bottom!

“Take your shoes off! I have just had a new Axminster Carpet fitted! I don’t want you clod hopping all over it!” She pronounced…as patients in pain and somewhat fed up, tend to do.

Charlotte recognised this attitude, lots of patients were like this. But the way Samantha said it, was rather nice, she thought. She had a ‘bit of a thing’ about authorative women, and instantly complied.

“No harm done. I’m not usually so sharp, it’s the constant pain and doing nothing. It’s getting to me, I am a woman of action and like to be around my stables, buildings and land, running things, some of those stable girls need a firm hand and keeping in line!” Said the patient.

“Sorry Lady Kenworthy.” Said Charlotte meekly. Feeling quite turned on by being told off and having to apologise. She had tried it in other houses, and nobody had quite spoken with the authority that she craved. But this fine Lady, on her estate, was different.

“Apology accepted, but really young lady, after all the houses you must visit, I would have thought that taking your shoes off would be second nature by now.” Smiled Samantha, who loved being called Lady, or Misstress.

“I’ll go and get a glass of water, and bring your medication Lady Kenworthy.” Announced Charlotte with a smile.

“Thank you, you are no longer a naughty nurse! And I will be a more patient patient.”

“And I will be a good nurse, nurse.” Smiled a joking Charlotte, as she turned to go into the kitchen.

Samantha admired her carers bottom as she did so, she could watch her from where she was sat if she pushed to the edge of her seat and bent to look.

Charlotte noticed, and liked it. It was one of the reasons she wore her uniform so short. She knew that she possessed a beautifully shaped bottom, and wherever she went she tried to bend and move in certain ways, it turned her on, knowing that eyes were feasting on her bottom.

Samantha was the perfect voyeur in that case, because she spent many hours looking at the female bottom, on line. As well as admiring the shape and movement wherever she was. The movement of the bottoms of her shapely stable girls in jodhpurs had always stirred her loins, and watching them mount and dismount was quite lovely. In the saddle, bobbing along, the female bottom bouncing in a saddle was rather erotic.

Lady Kenworthy’s eyes followed Charlotte as she busied herself.

Lady Kenworthy sat back as Nurse Charlotte made her way back to her patient.

Part Two

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Part Three

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The Naughty Elves Christmas Countdown – 3

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I sit reading the naughty list that Santa sent with Pixie and Trixie, two of his naughtiest elves.

Pixie is over my knee now, as Trixie waits her turn. You see, according to Santa’s list, they got a rival team of helpers chief elf, who had laughed at them when Santa spanked them for bad behaviour, tied her to a reindeer enclosure fence, pulled her knickers down and pelted her bottom with snowballs!

“What are you like!?” I asked rhetorically.

‘Naughty.’…..”Naughty’, they replied.

“And what do naughty elves get?”

‘Spankings Mr.Jones’

“Indeed they do!” ….smack, smack, smack….

I never thought of elves having tattoos, you learn something every day!


The Naughty Elves Christmas Countdown – 2

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And so it continues…

I read the next offence, still last January.

“Good Lord! You were caught doing what on your pet reindeers antlers!?” I asked, quite shocked.

“Well, he is well rewarded and likes to shake the bells we put on.”

“Yes, and he had some carrots as we….well…you know.”

I continued…”so let me get this right, Mrs Claus walks in to find your reindeer on its knees, shaking in its head from side to side, eating carrots, as you two are crouched, hands on knees, knickers around your ankles, with an antler up each of your pussies as he wiggles his head from side to side eating carrots and ringing his jolly little bells!?!?”


“What did Mrs Claus say?” I asked curiously.

‘she fainted.’…said Pixie, as Trixie giggled.

“Bend over! You naughty elves! Roy! Get your camera, and bring me something out of the box!”

“I must say Roy, these implements from….are just right for naughty elves bottoms!”


More to come!