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The Cottage Window, and the ‘Sit Down Dance’.

I took these for ‘Spanking Theatre’. A commission. There were a lot more but here are four. I used Charlotte for this one.

It was a story to do with a man who walked by the same window in this country cottage, and each night he saw…

Well, visit the site. It is a good one, just google SPANKING THEATRE…

See how she is turning to look at you in the last one…

Another commission I did for the same site was the rather ingenious ‘sit down dance’…

A punishment for a naughty girl prior to a spanking, in this situation I want you to imagine Kate is one of a dozen pets, who has misbehaved. I leave her in a room for ten minutes with the other eleven, taunting giggling girls, watching her squirm and wriggle with her knickers pulled up very tight.

Let’s rewind…. imagine the other girls all stood or sat around the chair, eagerly waiting. Chattering excitedly as a blushing wriggling Kate is brought in by me, and made to sit on two cushions.

“Make her do a long wriggly dance for us Mr.Jones!”

I hoist her knickers up high, and tie them securely to the chair.

Then I bind her hands behind her back.

And then as the other girls stamp their feet, and making a ‘build up noise’…taunting “are you ready Kate? It’s time to dance.”

I whip out the cushions making the knickers pull very uncomfortably and painfully in a ‘wedgie’ right up her bum crack and pussy!

“Oooooh, owwww, oh oh oh, ooooh!”

Then a wonderful thing happens as pain and discomfort turn to absolute pleasure, the dance begins as she bucks and wriggles frantically to orgasm. Rubbing her clit against the tight panties faster and faster, sometimes the chair moves two yards as she bucks along to the embarrassing, humiliating taunts, out of control desperately seeking a climax, her legs aching as she cums violently to cheers and applause.

That is when I come back, to untie her, make her kneel on the chair, bottom out, holding the back rail, and spank her bottom until the chair is back to where it started!

Her Chair

The young lady of the house was spanked yesterday, at her bedroom window. It hurt, it humiliated her too, because the window was open and she could hear people below giggling.

But…she had the best orgasm of her life last night.

She looks at the chair, her old worn comfy chair next to her desk. She had to bend at it. It is as if she had never seen it before, it is now like a shrine to her spanking.

She sits in it, and remembers every moment of her spanking in detail.

Before she even realises her hand is in her bloomers, her fingers in her slit.

She has another wonderful orgasm. Ohhh, the power of a spanking on a young woman’s mind. Another submissive is born…

Waiting for Daddy

Only three in this one.

These two girls have been caught cheating in a very important exam, and have been sent home, suspended until the end of term. School has rung home for Mummy to collect them. She has rung Daddy, who has used some hours owed, to come home and give them two dozen of the punishment slipper each.

The slipper is a heavy duty size thirteen, with a wicked stiff, shiny, leather sole.

He is going to give them the thrashing of their lives.

Mummy has just told them so. His car has pulled up, she puts them in position.

They hear his quick determined footsteps come up the path, they hear the gate open and bang. They hear him cough.

The door opens…..”RIGHT YOU TWO!”

A Study of Two Tawses

No writing needed here really. I just wanted to contrast the beautiful, soft, plump, tender flesh of a full round bottom, to two tawses. One softer and supple, the other thick, harsh and brutal.

Here is the supple one…

See how it bends under its own weight? It is lovely to use, you can wrap it right around the whole buttocks if you change sides after each half dozen or so.

Here is the thicker, harsher one…

This one cracks like a pistol

Here they are together, although I suspect your eyes are focussed on Charlotte’s pussy…

The Bannister Rail

Charlotte loves to be my maid or housekeeper and get spanked for being naughty. I asked her to clean the stairs, (a favourite job of hers) whilst I was outside putting a coat of protector on the decking I had built recently.

I had been at it for half an hour, my knees were aching and I was parched. I went in to make tea, and could hear a delightful noise from the hallway. She had succumbed to temptation…again!

Her cleaning equipment was discarded, she had straddled the bannister rail and was rubbing her pussy against it!

I creeped in slowly and watched her until she was close to her orgasm, and told her to stop. I put her in position and spanked her until she had a wonderful climax.

I took my tea and sat on the stairs as she slowly massaged her still throbbing wet pussy on the rail. Her tea was on the little table below her, cooling, she cannot drink it hot. Let’s ask her a couple of questions…

“Do you like being a naughty girl and being caught masturbating?”

“Yes I do, a lot!”

“And being spanked on the bare bottom at the place of your naughtiness?”

“Oh God yes! In fact…oooh…mmmm…I am cumming again Mr Jones, just talking of it…spank me again…oooooh, please….spank…mmmm…me oh Ohhh again!”

Sorry! Got to go! Duty calls…

The Girl Next Door

There is a girl who lives next door to you who gets regular spankings. You have heard them and have been excited by them. Today you can hear her getting told off, so find an excuse to do a bit of gardening.

You see, she came home from school and had a cigarette in the garden.

Mummy came home and caught her.

You get your hedge clippers and get as close to her conservatory as you can as the telling off gets louder. “You naughty girl, you are not old enough to smoke! You promised me you wouldn’t! Yet here you are! Get that skirt up and knickers down! It’s a spanking for you!”

In between the bushes you feel safe. A good look around seems to confirm that you are. You open up your trousers, pull them and your underpansts around your bottom and kneel. You begin to masturbate and listen.

The bare bottom spanking begins, the sounds are wonderful. You stand, and look over the hedge, cock in hand, wanking. You can see it taking place!

You push closer. Another look around shows you are still safe. Her bottom is gorgeous!

Wanking harder and faster, you watch and listen as Mummy smacks her lovely bottom, chastising her all the time.

The spanking and chastisement reach their crescendo. You are almost there, but not quite. Then, ohhhh, then! You hear Mummy tell her to stand in shame at the patio doors. You know just the place, a large knot of wood is missing from the fence, you crouch again, watching, still wanking.

Your cock is throbbing now and close to cumming, it gives a delightful tremble as she gets her final telling off.

Where the idea came from, we do not know, but just to the right, two feet below your spy hole is another one. You shove your cock through it and fuck it as you look at her stood in disgrace, it is behind a plant, she cannot see it. But the fact it is in her space makes you feel as though you are fucking her. You cum in spurts, all over the Rose bush. You look down and see it hanging in strands, steaming. You look back to her, and can hardly wait until the next spanking, as spunk drips off your cock into the soil.

Maid Training – Part 3

Lady Samantha is very fastidious, and the stairs have to be immaculate, and kept spotlessly clean. Poor Kate is regularly punished for failing in that particular duty, and as she often does, Samantha punishes at the site of the crime…

You spend a while with Charlotte

You also spend a £1.00

Do you remember when Charlotte was punished for showing her bare bottom to the boys whilst they masturbated?

Click here…

Well, you might have wondered if her spanking had any effect on her behaviour.

Well…yes. But only in the way she does it now. She decided to do one on ones now, and after school when it is quiet.

Yesterday you approached her for the first time, saying that you had heard she was quite naughty and would show her bottom for £1.00. She replied “Only if you have a good wank whilst you do, and I’d like it if you squirted all over my bottom.”

This, not surprisingly appealed to you. So at 4.15 the following day, you enter room 310 and there she is. She knows that this room is on the floor they clean last of all in the evenings, so all was safe.

“Hello.” She smiles.

She has positioned a stool behind her. “Take your shoes, socks, trousers and underpants off, and sit there. Feel free to say anything, no matter how rude. And don’t forget, when you are about to spurt, stand up and let it fly all over my bare bottom.”

Your cock twitches and as you remove what she asks, it pops out and sways magnificently. You pass her the money, and sit down on the cold stool. Being naked from the waist down, in a classroom with windows all around, at tree top height, is so sexy. You grab your cock and begin to stroke…

“Oh God! Your bottom is beautiful.” You say as you go faster and harder. Your wet glans with its foresking running back and forth makes a wet clicking noise, you also grunt and moan a little. “Ooooh fucking hell, this is lovely Charlotte!”

“Glad you like it, I love your noises!”

She bends forward.

You can feel it rising and wank furiously as you stand and move closer. Your eyes are focussed completely on her bare pert bottom, wiggling and thrusting before you.

Here it cums, it rises fast, the top of your cock goes into spasms, fast wonderful, majestic spasms, spurting warm spunk all over her arse, especially the crack.

Spurt, splatter! Again your cock pulsates in your hand as you let out a low long growl.

She pushes up on her tip toes and stares forward as she feels the warm milky liquid land and run down her cheeks.

She loves the feel of it.

Mistress and her Pets – Part 1

Mistress picks up the phone and presses ‘1’…a direct line to her slave girls harem. She counts the number of rings. It rang six times, ‘they will pay for that with six strokes of the cane each, on their pretty bottoms’, she thinks. But for now, she had a need. She stood up when her Head Slavegirl, Samantha answered.

Mistress was a bit of a hygiene freak and wore gloves a great deal of the time. Even for the most personal of jobs when at her toilet. She spoke to Samantha…”Ahh hello dear, I feel a bit tense, I need attention, come here now.”

“Yes Mistress.”

Mistress holds her four rope leashes, and waits, impatiently.

In they came, crawling on all fours submissively.

“Come quickly, form a semi circle at my feet, come, come, quickly girls!”

Starting with Charlotte, she attached a rope leash to each of her naked girls.

“Right then girls, follow me to my relaxation corner and attend to my need.”

She lay on her special place where her girls stroked, and caressed her…


And kissed her…

Then her mind went to her phone call, and their punishment…

See part 2

Spanked in Detention

Charlotte had been in detention many times, it usually meant lines or an essay. But after being caught charging a £1,00 a time to wiggle her bare bottom for masturbating boys, she got a surprise.

“if you are so intent on baring your bottom young lady, you can bare it for me! ” Says Mr.Watson

“By that, I mean you are getting your bare backside reddened over my knee!”

“It’s no good begging and pleading girl! Come here, now!”

‘Awwww Sir.”

“Now don’t be silly about this. You know I have the authority to do this!. Over you come, get over my knee!”

He sat down and led her over his lap.

He started with a firm dozen on her crisp, tight, white school knickers, her soft rounded cheeks bounced as she let out sharp squeals.

“Oooooh, owwwwww!”

Then her knickers came down. The humiliation of him seeing her red bottom, and no doubt her pussy, would stay with her for life!

She had heard of them, and even wanted to see one, but never had she thought that she would ever get an over the knee bare bottom spanking.

What a loud, struggling, embarrassing spectacle of herself she made!

Mr Watson was so annoyed with her silly behaviour, that he finished off by kneeling her on the spanking chair and striping her naughty bottom with his cane!

Ten years later he saw her in the supermarket with her husband and three children. How he chuckled as she shot away in squirming embarrasment!