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The Blushing Beauty of a Spanked Bottom

One of my clients came and asked me to play an angry Headmaster, who bares her bottom, and gives her a good old fashioned spanking with a plimsol. With no mercy, and only stopping when I am satisfied. Followed by a few of the cane. She said I must not stop until I considered her bottom was punished very well indeed.

I asked if I could photograph the results.

She said yes, and I promised not to show her face or reveal her name of course.

Here is her bottom, on fire, after a rapid twenty on each cheek with a Plimsol and as requested, a few of the cane…on the bare.

The Spanking Pet – Part One

Three women, Charlotte, Kate and Samantha decided that they wanted a young female pet, who liked to be spanked. They decided on a girl called Lucy after putting an advert on social media. What they liked most, was that the girl had just left school.

They met in their school room, and the induction of Lucy into their sisterhood was to make her strip before them…

They had only just met, and they loved her lack of confidence and humiliation. She was made to come in her school uniform. She looked and sounded every bit the immature, shy schoolgirl.

How they smiled and giggled at her embarrassment.

“It is no good covering your pussy Lucy. We want to see all of you.”

“Oh! You have a bush.” Exclaims Samantha. “How delightful!”

“Right…your first spankings! Let’s get ready girls!”

My Victorian Maid – Part One

My dear, gentle, quietly spoken, submissive Kate is my studio maid. I treat her as a victorian maid, my victorian maid. I dress up too, I cut a fine figure in my Victorian gentleman’s attire! When we play, I act a strict Master, and punish her as I see fit.

I had a full victorian maids outfit made by a seamstress in Edinburgh, an exact copy from original drawings.

My studio is huge, spread over many areas, I set her tasks, she does them dutifully and well. I reward her often. But….she is also quite likely to be caught asleep, masturbating with a candle, or drinking my port etc.

Here she is as a good girl, busy dusting…

So when you are having a nice normal day, think of us. Know that we are in our vintage world, And that Master and maid still exist. When you are having ‘one of those days’, think of us even more so, think that a fine victorian rump might well be getting reddened! That, I hope, will brighten your day.

She loves a good telling off, so let’s imagine she is in trouble. A good finger wagging telling off, is putting her in her place.

“Looking at the floor in shame is not going to get you out of trouble you naughty maid! Get to the settle and bend over!”

“Come on girl! You know the drill! Skirts up!”

“You are getting a good brisk spanking with my slipper Kate, undo the waist tie, let your bloomers down.”

Meekly she replies. “yes Mr Jones Sir.”

“Bend your knees, let’s have that bottom in the correct position!”

“That’s better!”

Now let’s dwell on this sight. Wonderful isn’t it? Every time I spank these plump firm cheeks I feel I am back in time. She looks and feels every inch a victorian maid with a perfect victorian rump!

I like her to place her hands between her knees at this point, and do not allow her to move them until I say. If she does, the crop or birch comes out!

I took this just seconds before giving her thirty good hard fast whacks with my antique polished leather slipper, with a good thick sole. Her bottom reddened nicely.

You will see her often, and I promise her bottom will be red!

You see, once reddened, you can not shoot other build up sets. So be patient please.

Up in the Purple Boudoir

Remember the secret stairway set? This is where Samantha and Cherry ended up.

“Oh look, a four poster, is this where we are sleeping?” Asks Cherry.

“Yes!” Says Samantha excitedly. “Together, naked!”

“Oh my!”

And in they crawled.

And in they settled!

I try to look after my guests and took them up a pot of tea and biscuits, and asked if they wanted anything for supper. They slid to the edge of the bed…

“I can see you are settled.” I said as I poured the tea. “Anything else you’d like?”

They giggled and came up close to the edge of the bed…

“Yes there is actually.”

“Oh yes, what?” I said, eager to please.

They leaned in close to me…

“A good spanking each, and then you Mr.Jones.”

The Visitor – Part One

I have run a spanking service for around ten years now, spanking mainly young women with a need for correction, usually a mild spanking in my school room after putting them in school uniform. Sometimes the cane or Tawse, even the birch for naughty maids. I try to cover every need and think I do, some unusual ones too.

I have a lovely regular client base now, who have become friends. Some have lost contact, some have moved, but the remaining fifteen come back for more, and more.

Slowly building up trust, reliability, secrecy and safety reputation, I now never advertise for new girls.

It has been fun meeting them, and even more fun keeping them happy and exploring their psyche.

Many of them follow the same pattern, nervous and curious at the start, until….almost taking control and then ….making demands! Which of course they get the cane for!

Kate is acting out a typical first visit, which nearly always starts at my studio. I have five spanking venues, they usually cover the lot and pick a favourite!

It is nearly always the school to begin their journey, so many young women want to be a naughty school girl. In they come…”Oh I cannot believe I am here! I have seen this place so many times on my computer screen!”

Oh they do look so pleased with themselves, especially when they see all the props, especially the stool…

Yes, I think it safe to say That eight out of ten go for my knee or the stool first.

Lots more sets in this series to come. Come back often!

Charlotte’s Second Visit to Miss Kenworthy.

Chapter 4: Charlotte’s Second Visit to Miss Kenworthy.

Endlessly masturbating about her new heart throb and having been wanting a spanking by her ever since she had first seen her, this young submissive schoolgirl, Charlotte, has managed to find her way back to the detention room.

She has been given work to do.

Miss Kenworthy comes to look at it after fifteen minutes and notices something on the other sheets of paper. Yes, she has done some work, but has also been drawing erect penises with sperm squirting from them!

“Right young lady! Stand up!”

“Hmmm, at least you have the correct school knickers on Charlotte, and I must say you are always extremely well turned out. However, you naughty girl, you are still getting a bare bottom spanking from me! Let’s take these down shall we?”

This was music to Charlotte’s ears!

The cool air drifting over her bare bottom made goose pimples cover her cheeks. The fact that the glorious Miss Kenworthy was only a few inches from her bare bottom…looking at it, made her feel wonderful. A tingle ran from her bottom, to her pussy and right up to her brain.

Look at her smile…Yes she is naughty, but I want to make sure you understand…she dreams of being spanked, she wants it…she needs it. Being in this detention room, with her bare bottom about to be spanked, is exactly where she wants to be.

The room began to fill with the sound of smacks and delightful little yelps!

Click here for the next chapter…

Mistress and Her Pets – Part Two

Oh dear, the pets had been rather naughty pets. Squabbling and arguing over a game of cards. So, Mistress gathers them and tells them they are to be spanked.

“I had to put you all over my knee last night, for all that racket in your bedroom! Really? Pillow fights and bouncing on beds, drinking wine, at two in the morning! Then, this morning, instead of doing your chores, you decide to drink copious amounts of coffee, and play cards! Fighting like cats and dogs when I come back from the shops. You are acting like silly, out of control, teenage school girls! Well…”

They listen…

“So all of you, on hands and knees now. Your bottoms are still red from yesterday’s spankings, and in your case Lucy! A caning. Come on, chop chop! Don’t dilly dally, on all fours…right now!”

Just close your eyes, and imagine the noise!…..lovely!

Parent’s Evening – Part One

At this school girls must attend parent’s evening with their parent(s). This gives the girls a chance to come dressed up, with, (in moderation) some make up. The school looks delightfully colourful on these evenings.

For the good girls, it is a social event. They can go for coffee/tea/cakes in the hall. Light music is playing and a chance to praise a talented daughter in public is encouraged. Rivalry between parents is huge, nothing could be better than a girl doing very well indeed, and Mummy getting one up on her friends in the school social standing.

Conversely, a Mummy whose daughter does not do well, feels shame and embarrasment. Not just on this evening, but the days that follow.

Special rooms, a row of eight classrooms is set aside for parents who wish to discipline their naughty daughter on parent’s evening, the old fashioned way.

Cleverly, the row of classrooms is next to the hall. So tellings off and spankings can be heard easily. Most Mummys leave the doors open, it is a tradition. If they cannot get praise for their daughter, at least there is a chance to show other parents that they know how to spank!

Any implement or apparatus can be used.

Imagine it! All the pleased parents and good girls drinking tea to a crescendo of whacks, smacks, raised voices and squeals. To make matters worse for the naughty girls, the only way back to the car park is by the double doors to the hall, which are wedged open! Many a girl is seen being pulled by the ear, with a threat of more to come at home, as they trot along with a red bum on show and knickers being held at their knees with one hand. The other hand gripped in Mummy’s.

And so, here we are on Lucy’s parent’s evening. Mummy expected praise, but has been told Lucy has gone astray!

You are sat with your good girl and some friends, you see Lucy dragged by the ear into one of the rooms. Already another five are being punished, but Lucy, whose Mum is a show off, interests you most of all. You listen…

“Seventy percent attendance this term! Where the hell have you been! You are getting a jolly good spanking young lady,”

‘Nooooo! Not here, pleeeeeeease Mummy, no, no, nooooo!’

There is such a struggle, as there often is when a girl gets a long, fast, hard spanking from an angry Mummy. “Hold still whilst I smack your bottom, damn you!”

Mummy hears laughter from next door, and comments like…’she can’t control her, …sounds like Lucy is winning, ….I think Lucy’s Mum needs some help!

This is like a red flag to a bull, for Mummy!

“Your knickers are coming down, you naughty girl, hardly any bloody homework done! And answering back! My word!!”

How Lucy wriggled, what an almighty struggle ensued!

But once Mummy had her wayward daughters arm behind her back, it was over for Lucy! She got….

A jolly good bare bottom spanking.

More to come in later sets. Hope you are enjoying seeing our favourite brat get her bottom reddened!

Lucy on the Cross

Lucy!….energetic, eager, excitable, funny, and with a lovely bottom, perfect for spanking. And…she needs to be spanked, hard.

But today we are satisfying another need of hers. To be exposed, and to have pain inflicted on her nipples and pussy…

The thing with Lucy, which you have to remember, is that she needs to have her face not on show. Nothing wrong with it, it’s lovely! Especially her eyes and cheeky smile. No….it is to do with recognition.

So what do we do to satisfy her need to be exposed? We put a mask on, a rather sinister one. Just think, a person might say “I would like to spank Lucy and put pegs on her, and humiliate her.” …and we invite them along.

It could be someone she knew! And they would never know…unless she spoke. She has a lovely accent, and they would recognise her. Anyway….the rest of the set!

A Naughty Schoolgirl’s Pair of Knickers

You eat your lunch in a quiet corner of your school, so does this girl who you like a lot. Over the weeks and months you have grown close, she fancies you, you fancy her. But…you are a bit shy, so she makes the first move. You have both eaten lunch, at the usual two desks opposite each other, you expect the usual witty, interesting conversation to follow. But no, she puts her finger to her lips, and whispers “shhhh.”

This is what happens…

She asks, “Do you like looking at me in my school knickers?”


“Would you like to see more? A lot more?”

….breathing quickly…..’yes please.’

She smiles her disarming smile again and says, “Alright then!”

Your eyes concentrate and focus on the view under the desk.

She fingers herself gently and adjusts her position. Your eyes resume the whole view…

She slides her knickers down.

Then that bloody Mr.Jones walks in, “come on you two, lunch is over, get back to class, I am using this room in half an hour.”

She deftly lets her knickers slip down and picks them up, then as you walk out, she puts them in your pocket, and whispers…”Sit next to me all afternoon.”