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Vintage School

This set to open this section are reputedly the oldest spanking set there is.

Same set I think, just not sepia.

37 photos so far ( not necessarily in school, some are school girls at home or other places. )


She hears the door open and her brothers and sisters walk in…
If you ever shame this family again, the curtains will be wide open and you will be naked!
I have told you many times girls! Get caned at school and you get caned at home as well…
The light is on, it is dark outside. They can hear excited chitter chatter and giggling. This is going to be very humiliating, and even more so tomorrow when they set off for the school bus.
The three girls he bullied and their parents are stood watching, smiling sardonically. She is getting a dozen for each girl.
Next time rehearse!

Nothing to say? Not even sorry?
The whole dormitory of twelve girls are getting six each. Except the last one, who is getting 12

This is for your own good! I get no pleasure from it!
yeah, right!
…when she has gone, the vibrio comes out of the desk drawer!
Your bottom is going to glow brighter than the embers you naughty girl!
On a school outing this 5th former who had been nothing but a nuisance all day, got a spanking before everyone!

Vintage Fetish and B.D.S.M.


But it will just be photos, no descriptions or little stories…

There are 140 photos so far…

This was making it a little slow, so part two is here…

You will cry over spilt milk!

Domestic Vintage

Adding all the time, there are 175 photos so far…and then it goes into section two…

I have not been too specific on domestic…

Miss Mildred Richards, Justice Witkower1922, Chicago

In case you have come to this section first, let me give you an idea of my other vintage sections. I try to put real life stories to the photos if I can, but if not, I make one up to fit the situation, even with the artwork of famous spanking artists.

This part is true…

This girl, a flapper girl, was in court for being a nuisance in a cinema, throwing pop corn, and an act of indecency. She was I think know to the police already. Anyway, to cut a long story short, she was sentenced to a public spanking in court, which was photographed and appeared in the press.

This is the photo.

Now, this next bit is fiction…

…this next photo I know nothing about, but let’s pretend it is Mildred, who did not realise the photo was going to be in the press. The next day, an angry Mummy is waiting with a hairbrush when she gets home from work, as a telephone operator.

“If you ever disgrace me like this again young lady, I will put you over my knee on the front porch and spank you before the whole street!”

WHACK! WHACK! …owwwwwww, oooooh…’Sorry Mummy, owww, stop stop, owwwww, I’m sorry, I’m sorry!”

“Shut up Mildred, I will decide when to stop, you have not had nearly enough yet! Another two dozen on each cheek should do it, you naughty girl!”


Imagine the knowing look so her next day as she struggles to it comfortably at work. Spankings were a common discipline with naughty girls in the 1920’s, the other girls would know, and know why she got it too, news would spread like the bright red fire glowing in her plump young cheeks!

Two sisters before a row of masturbating girl friends!
“How dare you leave a hot sweating horse like that?”

smack, smack, smack….


Right young lady, you have waited long enough, now get over this kitchen table!
I told you! I can see him wanking hard behind the curtain, carry on faster, let’s give him a real good show!
Mummy is letting them punish their sister who let them take the blame and get spanked for something last week!
If you want to stay in our cheerleading troupe, learn the moves!
….Happy Birthday toooooo you! Sixteen eh? Right!….smack, one! Smack two…
Don’t ever flirt with Doctors when with a patient again!”

I know it hurts you brat! That is the whole point!
“Illegal to spank your wife my ass! Not in this State honey! That was your State!
“I told you I would smack your bottom every step of the way home from school and I will! Now be careful young lady, swear again and it will be on the bare with a switch the rest of the way, you cheat! You naughty naughty cheat!”
“You really think it bothers me that your friends are watching? Really?”
“My word young lady…..THWACK….you are not going to sit down on your truant playing bottom for a week! I could have died in that playground when Mr.Jones told me! Well…THWAAAAACK….he is giving you another six in the morning… TWACK, THWACK, THWACK……THWAAAAAAAAAACK!”

owwwwwww owwwwww owwwwww ooooooh owwwwowwww ohhhhwwwwowwww ow ow owwww wwwwwwwww!!!!
You bitch, how dare you fuck her on our holiday!
“Count out every one loud and clear, and say thank you Mr.Jones!
“How dare you blaspheme young lady!”
Mmmmmmm I hope he spanks me like that every time I am naughty!
“Yes you heard right! We know you have been short changing everyone! If you ever want to work as a barmaid in this area again, you will take a bare bottom spanking in the bar, right now, before all the customers then go! “

‘Awwww okay!’

Vintage Stock Pile

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It seems a shame to have them all sat waiting, when you could be enjoying them. I am putting them in the categories below…

A) Vintage School, B) Vintage Domestic 1 and 2, C) Vintage Fetish and B.D.S.M. 1 and 2, and D) Odds n Sods! 1 and 2

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Vintage School….click here…

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On the Stairs and into the Bathroom

This is a continuation of the relationship between Mistress and her maid, as seen in ‘I am keeping my eye on you young lady!’ To read that, click here

…after her spankings in the kitchen, it is time to clean the stairs. Yesterday the naughty maid did not do a good job of them at all, and so today she starts her day off in disgrace, bare bottom on show to anyone who passes by, at the site of her crime, the stairs.

Then she is passed a toy tiny brush and dust pan, and made to sweep it from top to bottom and back again, also with her bare bottom on show.

When at the top, she is made to crawl on hands and knees into the bathroom. A job she hates, because Mistress hates smears!

After inspection, the stairs were deemed satisfactory, and she was allowed to pull her crisp white panties up.

Into the bathroom she crawled.

A rather flambuoyent one it is too. Mistress likes the unusual. She sat on her large imposing chair to watch the maid nervously do her work.

“Did I say to leave your skirt down? My word! You are getting above yourself, lift it up, let me watch you little bottom wiggle in your knickers as you clean!”

And then it was the worst job of all….the bath. How the maid hated the bath.


Two reasons, one was that she had never cleaned it correctly yet, no matter how hard she tried, Mistress always found a smear. The second one was the long handled bath brush..

You will see that soon…

An Unusual Relationship – Part Two

To understand, I recommend you read part one … Click here…

So have a look at these, they are sexy photos of a Mummy, who really does spank her daughter. Not two models posing, but a real daughter, who has is often naughty for real, and has her jeans taken down by a cross mummy, intent on teaching her wayward daughter a lesson by spanking her…

Deborah, her mum, says that it is so important to take the jeans down herself, rather than her daughter. It gives her control, and makes a naughty daughter feels that she has no control over her bottom’s destiny any more.

Look at that stare. Charlotte cannot return it, here is a mummy completely in charge of the situation. Without words she is saying…”right young lady! You have been a naughty girl! Let’s get these down and bare your bottom! My word! You are going to get such a spanking, and look, the whole world can see what a naughty girl you are!”

Now remember, this is a two way arrangement. Charlotte wants to feel like a naughty little girl who is getting a smacked bottom, a spanking. Her mummy loves the feeling and loves to smack her daughters bottom, it is how it should be. She says. Charlotte feels love from it, correction and care. The love afterwards, as you will see later in this series is as important as the spanking.

The world knowing that she gets her bottom spanked is humiliating for Charlotte, but she loves that. Knowing that some people find it sexy and masturbate, and others ridicule her and point…’look at the naughty girl getting her just deserts!’ It is what she needs.

More to come, hope you are enjoying this exploration as much as I am being privilidged enough to witness it for real.

A Very Pretty Good Girl, Gets a Spanking – Part Two

To understand the concept of this, you ought to see the first part, which you will find here…

The good girl whom everyone thought would never get spanked has spent a lot of time thinking, and masturbating under her bed sheets, about her first spanking. In fact, she was a little naughty on purpose the second time.

“This is becoming an habit Charlotte, get out here now!”

“Yes Mr.Jones”

Once again, sat at your desk, you take great interest in her demise.

Out she walks to where she is directed. “Stop there, turn to face the cross, bend over and bare your bottom young lady. The class is going to see your red cheeks again!”

“No, you silly girl, that is not enough, and you know it isn’t, bend over more, push your bottom out to the class ready for a jolly good spanking!”

“Awwww, yes Sir.”

“That’s better!”

I walk slowly down the row of desks, to fetch my plimsol. As I do I keep my eye on the target, she can feel me looking, and listens to my slow deliberate foot steps, the class is silent, you could hear a pin drop.

You are sat on the desk next to where she was, you look down the seat and see me stand to her side, and give her twelve good whacks, at which she wriggles and squeals.

“Right young lady, let that be a lesson to you. Go to the naughty corner, put your hands on your head, and stand in disgrace with your red bare bottom on show to the class, until the lesson finishes.”

“Sniff…sniff…yes Mr.Jones Sir.”

Inveigle – Chapter Seven

Chapter Six is here, and each chapter is just a click away, until you get to chapter One, enjoy!…

Continued…. The girls felt like they were wrapped in cotton wool as they stayed in isolation in their bedroom and upper floor, whilst preparations for an escape to London were made.

The photographs were developed, coloured and framed in Mahogany. This wood, although expensive, was a favourite of the lady whom Victoria was going to see. She took six, each in matching frames with a deep maroon mount, cut in an oval.

Abigail was expecting Victoria, after receiving a letter two days before. Arms outstretched in a warm embrace ‘Mummy Bear’ welcomed back one her old Inveigle Girl at the entrance. ‘It’s good to see you Victoria, come and tell me all your news, and the photographs, I’m dying to see them! And who are these two naughty girls you speak of so highly, do you think them

‘Oh God yes Abigail, I’m not sure if any has tasted a man, I think them both virgins.’

Abigail smiled, certain clients would pay handsomely for virgins.

‘Talking of Sapphists, how’s the ‘masher’ who started just before I left, she almost got me to stay you know! Dressed like that, oooh!’

Abigail laughed as she showed Victoria through the resplendent Mahogany double entrance doors with stained glass. ‘Speak of the devil!’ She laughed, as Scarlet was on her way to the bar across the road, she needed her daily dose of absinthe, the delicious pale green liquid which took her away to a fairy land, along with much of the rest of Bohemian Society who socialised around the theatres and brothels of London. Even in day time she cross-dressed as a man in top hat, black suit with white gloves, shirt and bow tie. Her bright red rose matched her glossy lips. ‘Me? The devil? Ha, give me some credit Mummy, I’m much worse than that amateur!’

Victoria laughed. ‘Oh it’s good to be back, why did I ever leave?’

Abigail took her arm, turned to her and pushed her face up to an intimately close position. ‘You would be as welcome as the flowers in spring my lovely, come back to my bosom, come back and suckle with mummy bear!’

Victoria blushed, and had to cool her face with her fan. ‘Oh yes please, Mr Trentham has been a delightful adventure, but my heart is still here. I’d love to come back Mummy Bear.’

‘Then consider it done my lovely. Now, tell me about these girls, you said in your letter that they came from the same mill as you and Fae! Are they manufacturing them there?’ She laughed as she placed two china cups and saucers on the green velvet table cloth.

Victoria looked around the photographs in Mummy Bear’s parlour, all those frames, matching the ones she had in her bag, with all the girls she had ever had working for her. All the beautiful girls she had had, in more ways than one. She looked up to her photograph, it was four years old now, yet it seemed like only yesterday when she had met dear Mr. Trentham for the first time. How time flies.

Abigail poked the fire, and poured the tea. ‘Milk or lemon?’

So it was, as if she had never left, a soothing heart warming chat in Mummy Bears parlour. A delightful pastime, which made you feel safe, looked after and warm from head to toe.

The photographs were laid out on the table and Abigail was delighted, more than delighted, she was ecstatic. Praise flooded from her lips, they were the first coloured photographs she had ever seen, they were naughty, and magnificent. She spoke of her plans, that every room was to have naughty photographs, showing the skills of the girls and to ignite the imaginations of the female visitors. They were all to be coloured like these.

Victoria knew that Abigail would want the girls and the photographs, but all the same, when confirmation came from that mouth, and the eyebrows, it was lovely. She couldn’t help herself, she needed the attention she had missed so much. ‘Please may I sit on your knee Mummy?’

‘Of course you may, but take your undergarments off first.’
Soon Victoria was riding the lap of her Mistress in ecstasy , she was back where she belonged, on Mummy Bears lap, why oh why had she ever been away. All the girls loved the talented fingers of Mummy Bear.

After another refreshing cup of tea, Abigail stood rinsing her hands. ‘That was nice, did you enjoy your visit to Mummy Bear’s Parlour.’ She smiled broadly to herself as she looked down at her hands. She knew that Victoria would be blushing again, she liked to see a girl blush, on all four cheeks If at all possible.”

Victoria returned by a steam train from Waterloo feeling excited, but a little sad that she was to tell her Mr. Trentham that she was moving back. But it was not the end, she would see him most weeks and she had the news of all those naughty photographs for him to take!

She arrived back at the studio to deliver the news, and it was accepted, as she thought, with mixed feelings.

She comforted Mr. Trentham that night with stories of the girls she knew and why she could never be totally satisfied by a man. She promised him that he would be allowed to watch her with some, and that many of the girls who were to visit him were liberated and always very grateful of any help. And hope was given too…”Maybe, you could spend more time in London, I think she wants lots of work!”

Charlotte and Samantha could hardly sleep. Tomorrow they were going to go on their first trip to London since they had left as orphans, and on a steam train too, how exciting was that!

Mr Trentham decided to accompany them on their adventure, he needed to see a friend of his who was situated not many streets from ‘The Inveigle’. Hopefully he could use his studio, Deborah was a good client who paid handsomely so long as the work was perfect and on time. He had lay in bed, in the middle of the night, thinking of little else.

Their little country station was on a branch line, they would have to change trains at a town a few miles away, then it was a pleasant coastal route which swept up into the city.

The town’s station had four platforms and was quite a busy place due to the cattle markets there. Lots of people went to buy cattle and other livestock, today was market day and the place was busy.

They didn’t notice the lady on the other train opposite sat with the distinguished man with greying hair. She sat back in her seat, and nudged her Doctor husband to look. ‘So Victoria has had something to do with this has she? We knew our Mr. Trentham had something to do with it, from the card. He’ll have to pay, and so will she. Then we will bring the girls back to where they belong. I know where she will be taking them, I know it very well indeed. I think I’ll need a bigger mask my love.’

‘Yes dear, of course dear.’ The train pulled away, and went down the branch line on which the girls and Mr Trentham had just travelled.

The journey to London was a happy one for the band of four, a light hearted breezy sort of journey. It matched the weather.

As the train pulled into London the girls went quiet. It was busy, it had gay bright signs and posters, yet also dirty smoke stained buildings. They were so high. They could see famous places that they had only read about, and they were not going back to the slums of their childhood, they were going to a better sort of area, not posh by no means, but a thriving bustling busy area, where anything and everything happened, every day.

Victoria and Mr.Trentham then guided them to a horse and carriage, and the busy streets drifted by like another world, so different from the dark brooding mill where the journey from this place had taken them to all those years ago. It was a triumphant return, old enemies were left behind and almost forgotten, this was a brand new start, on a bright sunny day. Life and the future looked good.

The carriage pulled up outside a brick building four storeys high, the outside wall ran in a curve, it was almost like a small Albert Hall. ‘Come on girls, this is your new home! It’s time to meet Mummy Bear!’

They both looked bewildered and said in unison. ‘Who?’

They looked up at the dark red sign with gold lettering, it read ‘The Inveigle’.

Their eyes slowly moved down to the doorway, and there to greet them was the most unusual sight they had ever seen. A young woman in a top hat and dressed in a suit. A small girl whom they thought they had seen before somewhere, she had a purple bowler hat with a feather stuck out at a jaunty angle, another girl who was very young winked at them and was smoking a pipe, in the middle was an older lady who was soon to be introduced as Mummy Bear, and leaning against the door was another lady in a top hat, with a bright red sparkly jacket, in her hand was a whip.

Mummy Bear spoke first. ‘I knew you were almost here, I have eyes everywhere. So I thought we would do an Inveigle welcome, Eleanour, do your stuff.’

The lady in the red coat, top hat and carrying the whip, walked out to stand before them. She turned to The Inveigle, swept her hand towards it in a majestic sweep, and cracked the whip! Dust rose into the air from where it struck. She looked at them and slowly walked up to their faces.

‘Welcome to the wonderful, the marvellous, the naughty and downright rude Inveigle!’ Her voice boomed and the whip cracked again. ‘Come on in!’

The people in the street let out a little cheer, the girls knew beyond doubt in just a few seconds, that this was where they belonged. With pats on the back, happy smiles and promises of friendship they were ushered into a stunningly beautiful and clean foyer.

They had arrived at The Inveigle for the first time.

A delightful treasured memory that would last forever.

Click here for chapter eight

Friends bring a Book – Part Two

You ought to read part one first really, so click here

After Kate and Charlotte had their wonderful orgasms looking at the spanking book as Samantha turned the pages and talked dirty, it was her turn. “I bet your pussy is trembling and twitching in anticipation Samantha, shall we give it a long, firm but gentle rub for you?”

“God yes, it won’t take long, I am really ready.”

The girls began, their gentle fingertips and palms gently rubbed that most sensual area of a woman to bring her to climax in only a minute!

With her legs wide, her wrists gripped, Samantha bobbed up and down frantically as the orgasm cascaded in waves through her body…” Oh fucking hell…yes…..yesssss oh fuck…..mmmmmmm…….oooooh yessssssssss!”

Ooooh, look how her nipples are stuck out. I think she rather enjoyed this bit of the shoot!

The Visit – Part Three

To understand you really ought to view the previous sets, go here to set two, which in turn leads on to set one…

She moved on from Neddy, and saw a Victorian maids outfit. “Ohhh I must dress up in this one day Mr.Jones”

She turned slightly and saw the washing dolly, stool, and plimsol. “This looks interesting.”

“Try it.” I said. “Stand on the stool, grip the handles and bare your bottom.”

I gave her a crisp dozen with my size 13 plimsol, which reddened her cheeks.

She smiled fondly at the apparatus and moved on to the next piece of equipment for spanking….