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The Spanking Pet – Part Three

This will take you to part 2, which in turn leads to part 1…

Now it was the turn of Charlotte and Kate to spank the well presented bare plump bottom of Lucy, their pet.

First was Charlotte…

Then it was Kate’s turn…

Then something a real joy to witness took place. It was as if I was not there with my camera, as they talked deeply and sensually about a spanked bottom, the colour, the marks, what excites them about spanking, and so on.

More to come, if you are thinking… ‘has this set got legs, I like it.’ Then consider my answer….’think of it as a spanking centipede!’

A Spanking Orgasm on Neddy

You have seen Karen ride her little masturbation horse alone, now it is time to see her ride it for her Mistress.

Mistress knows when her sub has a need, she can smell her in the air, she can see her restless body giving the signals.

She has seen it today, and made her wait, she loves the control and watching her girl writhe in torment. “Girl, come to Neddy’s Room.”

‘oooooh yes Mistress, thank you Mistress’

She instructs her girl to mount the horse.

“Stop thrusting you dirty little bitch, I can see the saddle is dripping already, I want your plump little cheeks hanging over the back, move it to where I like it. You know you love it, it’s time for a country gallop!”

“Come on, further, you can poke it out better than that. Move back to touch my crop….that’s it…a bit more…just a little more.”


And so she began to spank her. The little horse rocked, slowly getting faster and faster, her wet dripping pussy lips grinding into the saddle harder, rubbing that clit on the leather covered with cunt juice…

When orgasm arrives, Karen is galloping faster and faster, screaming pleasure and naughty words, Kate is spanking her harder and quicker, also using naughty words….this is the orgasm.

Sorry it’s blurred, Kate picked up the crop, she cropped her hard and fast to bring her off, rubbing her own pussy at the same time. The whole bed was shaking, and so was I.

Pony Training

Rosie bottom as you know by now keeps the ‘Blushing Buns Cafe’ where waitresses are spanked before customers if the err. She likes to keep them on their toes, literally! Either when bent over for a across their bare bottoms, or when they are having staff training, like today.

After the cafe has closed for the day, and with only a few lights on, they are alone. The furniture pushed to the side. “Come on girls! It’s pony time!”

“Oh goody!” Say her girls.

“In position girls!”

“Annnnnd, trot!”

“Ohhh lovely posture girls, well done, whinny for me! Knees up, good girls!”

“Now get on your knees, I need to pleasure myself…”

The two girls got in their usual position, and Rosie sat on the back of Kate. The girls bobbed up and down, which served two purposes. She watched the bottom of Charlene bobbing up and down, the ripples and movement exciting her, whilst at the same time pushing down hard on Kate, rubbing her pussy to orgasm.

More from the cafe soon!

Naughty Samantha’s Bottom

Samantha has been a naughty girl, and been sent to the front of the class.

“Bend over. Take your knickers down for a spanking Samantha, face the class, and tell them what you are.”

She bends over…

Looking worried, she says, ” I’m a naughty girl.”

She reaches to the waist of her knickers, and pulls them down.

I walk behind her, and give her a fast spanking, making her wriggle and squeal. “Now turn around Samantha, let the rest of the class see what a naughty girl ends up with.”

“Yes Mr.Jones Sir.”

She turns, embarrassingly to show her red bottom to the whole class.

Giggles ripple around the room. “I see you are blushing at both ends Samantha.”

A laugh circulates the classroom.

“Now place your feet apart Samantha, you can stand with your bottom on show until the end of class.”

“Yes Mr.Jones, Sir.”

And there she stood, legs apart, navy blue school knickers stretched taut, her blushing bottom on show, and everything else, for fifteen minutes.

Nature’s Gift

It’s a beautiful summer’s day, birds are tweeting, little white clouds are gently moving in the sky, a few butterflies. We are walking and chatting when I spot the sun on a railway bridge, the old mellow stone catching the light perfectly. We’d probably only have half an hour before the shadow was covering too much of the wall. “That sunlight on the honey coloured stone reminds me of the colour of your skin in the sun, it would make a great contrast in textures….similar colours, one soft smooth and warm, the other rough to the touch and cold in the shadows. Fancy getting naked?”

“Yes, of course!”


“That’s nice, is the sun warming your bottom?”


“Present it, push it out, and just lower your head out of the shadow…bit more….ooooh perfect!”


I got the shot I wanted!

Here it is…

Look at the light on her bottom, and the similar colours. She is like a chameleon, changing colour to suit the background.

Thanks Charlotte xxx

Friends Bring a Book

This set of photos is a carry on from my story, ‘The Welcome Home’

Click here if you want to read it … 

Samantha told her friends about her disciplinarian gentleman, Mr Jones. She already knew of their interest in spanking, and made a secret arrangement. You see, the two friends had told her of a book they had found, a spanking book, and she arranged for them to come around for coffee.

Just before they came, she wrote a little note, for Mr Jones, and left it on her desk.

Soon after, her friends, Kate and Charlotte arrived.

They could hardly wait to show her the book, written by a famous spanking author Peter Birch, it showed lots of positions. Samantha suggested going into her lounge for coffee, which they did, to look at the book.

She strategically left the back door open and the note on the table.

Soon they were sat costly together in the delightfully decorated room, Samantha in the middle, Charlotte to her left and Kate to her right. Samantha turned the pages, where much discussion and pointing followed at every turn.

Looking at the book soon made Kate and Charlotte moist and excited. ” God Samantha, this is making me horny!” Blurted out Charlottte.

“Me too!” Added Kate.

Samantha looked to the sky. “Well, do something about it whilst I keep turning the pages!”

They did…

The beautiful smell of fragrant excited pussy drifted up to the nostrils of Samantha, mingled with the sound of squelching wet pussies being fingered. The gasps and sweet noises from her friends, and the movement of their bodies and hands excited her so much that she grabbed the crotches of their panties and pulled their legs up. “Oh God, finger your cunts hard for me, let me see and hear you cum!”

The sound of that word coming from the refined mouth of their friend sent shudders up their wet holes, making them press harder and rub faster.

They came hard, both squirting, and dribbling down their cracks to their bottoms…now it was Samantha’s turn to finger her wet slit

You now need to go here…

My Victorian Maid – Part Two

For an explanation and an introduction, you will find part one of this series here…

She has been naughty again, neglecting her duties and sneakIng off to masturbate when and where she shouldn’t.

I have just chastised her.

When being told off she has a lovely guilty, somewhat shameful face and gently swings from side to side. I think the swinging is excitement at what is to come!

“Kate, place the punishment stool where you are and bend over it!”

‘yes Sir.’…..she says this so meekly. She has such a soft voice.

I raise her skirts and lower her bloomers for a bare bottom spanking.

Which I administer firmly.

This is her bottom only seconds after the last smack, she is going…” Oooh Oooh ooooh!” …as her knees rub by each other in the spanking dance, which I love.

Then I leave her in position whilst I go to do some paperwork. Woe betide her if she is not in the same position when I return. She has no idea when. I creep slowly and open the door quickly. I love it when I catch her rubbing! Over my knee she goes for the slipper.

Splash Splash we are Havin’ a Bath!

To see these three girls, completely at ease in my company, naked, bathing, was totally wonderful. One of the best moments in my life.

I think by now that you understand me, not showing off, not gloating because of my good fortune, but sharing my joy. So come on, walk by the side of me, follow me as I direct them and take my photos.

Let’s go through the door here, they are waiting…

Time to go now, let’s leave them, they want to masturbate….oh, I never thought, would you like to see that? Well, all I am going to say is this…

Seek and ye shall find!

Enjoy your search around my sets….say bye bye to the girls!

Cheeky Cherry – Part Two

You can see the previous one here…

“Here again young lady!? Most of the time Cherry you are a delightful young schoolgirl, I enjoy teaching you. But what is it with you some days? You come to school every now and then like some mischievous twin sister! Once again you have been cheeky to staff, and a distraction to others. Showing your bare bottom to the rest of the class…really??? In lesson time??? Did you really think the others would not laugh and you’d be caught. Well, if you want to show your bottom, then you can show it to me you naughty girl. Remove your knickers! You are getting a good bare bottom spanking! And after it you can stay in position, I will then let the whole class in and they can see your bottom again…bright red!”

‘Awww, but Sir…I…I…”

“Quiet! Remove your school knickers!”

“It’s no good standing their grinning like a Cheshire Cat is it? It is not a gold star you are about to receive, it is a sore, red, bare bottom!”

Giggles filter in from the corridor where the class are waiting.

“Sit on the edge of the spanking bench behind you Cherry, let’s get this over with!”

“Lay back, grasp your hands behind your knees and draw your knees up! Come on girl, look lively!”

“Not looking quite so pleased with yourself now are you. Prepare yourself!”

‘Oh Sir! My hat is dropping off!’

Having a conversation with a naughty school girl in this situation is almost surreal. “That is the least of your problems right now Cherry!”

‘Yes Sir.”

It drops to the floor.

“And you wrote that on the board didn’t you?”

‘Yes Sir….sniff.’

“Then it is a crisp two dozen with my size thirteen flogging plimsol for your bottom! If you had lied it would have been two dozen of the cane before the whole school!”

There is a gasp and muffled conversations from the corridor.

I give her a damn good bottom warming spanking!

I open the door. “Come in, and take your seats….QUIETLY!”

Form 5b stumble in…

“This is how you end up if you are a naughty girl! Let this be an example to you all! Now Cherry, in a loud clear voice, say… ‘I’m a silly naughty girl who needs her bare bottom spanking’ …fifty times!”

‘Yes Sir..”I’m a silly naughty….”

Will she be back for more?