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Saint Helena’s Adult Schoolgirls – Part One

You are probably aware of my school. ‘Saint Helena High School for Wayward Girls.’ You can read lots about it in various places on my blog. A good place to start would be by following this link. One day, all these parts and sub sections will be linked together…one day!

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So, imagine the scene, any woman who has been to court in my fictional town, can avoid a criminal record by agreeing to go to the school for correction. Only to be released back into society when deemed fit to be trusted. This means agreeing to dress as a school girl, regardless of age, and agreeing to the use of corporal punishment. This young woman, in her mid twenties, having been caught shoplifting, (not cheap stuff, serious shoplifting of watches and jewelry etc) and being in possession of low grade drugs, has agreed to an open ended sentence.

‘Huh, I’ve lost my job anyway, so I suppose it is better than prison.’

She arrives in the evening, I meet and greet her, then take her to meet Head of Discipline, Miss Kenworthy.

Miss Kenworthy explains in great detail the power she has, and discusses her dossier of crime and what she intends to do to correct her. From a confident woman of arrogance, the woman is reduced to a trembling wreck in minutes. It has also been explained that it is too late to change her mind, she is stuck here for as long as it takes, as painful as that might be.

Miss Kenworthy fetches her uniform.

The transformation from a modern woman of attitude, to a submissive schoolgirl who must expect corporal punishment whenever Miss Kenworthy decrees, begins with her trembling fingers removing her clothes. She must strip naked, before her Mistress, and change.

With an air of authority, and exuding power, the formidable Miss Kenworthy stands to watch…

Friends Bring a Book – Part Three

You ought to read parts one and two really, here is a link to part two, which has a link to part one,

After their masturbation, the girls decided it was time for spanking each other. Kate eagerly agreed to be first. Charlotte wanted to spank, which satisfied Samantha, as her legs were still wobbly from her orgasm.

They stood up together. “I love baring my bottom for a spanking, especially after being told to! Let’s pretend we have just been told to by a Headmaster or Headmistress!” Suggested Kate.

The others agreed eagerly…”ooooh yes, let’s!”….”and slowly!”

So slowly, their deliciously soft yet firm, spankable bottoms were bared.

They put their little aprons on.

Looking through the pages of the book, each girl was going to pick a position to be spanked in, Samantha flicked through the pages for the first pair to pick.

The decision was made.

What a lovely moment in my life this was, it was as if I had disappeared and was moving around the room like a spirit. The warm sun came through the window, casting lovely shadows and a great light for photography, as my three girls spanked. The noise…ohhhh the noise! The smacks, the giggles, the comments, and little squeals. The sight of bottoms having little shock waves running through them, wriggling, gasping, squirming…

This was beautiful spanking, everything I have ever wanted, was there, before me…right before my eyes. This was what I have patiently worked for…

To know these three so well, to witness what I see, to invent and then direct a scene with three beautiful curvy women who know and love spanking as much as me.

I am not sure what has brought us together. Me, all those years ago deciding to become a spanking photographer, knowing nothing about it! Slowly finding my way. These three, all starting their modelling careers in different directions. Yet somehow, we end up living within three miles of each other.

Friends, with a love of tea, cake, long chats, and spanking.

Fate I suppose…

Happy Customers become Friends – Part One

I have told you about my clients, the girls who come to see me for a spanking. Whom I now class as my dear spanking friends. You never see them, obviously and quite correctly, I am sworn to secrecy, it is the only way with these, unless they ask, then I put a photo of their bottom up. They find that naughty and exciting.

I have told you of ‘my girls’ …models whom I have worked with so often, that they are now my very dear friends. You often see these, Samantha, Charlotte, Kate, Lucy, and occasional extras, also becoming familiar to you, like Cherry, Karen, Amber and others.

I have mentioned my events now and then. These take two forms, an attended event where people watch, and another type, where I put on a special happening for a follower, who also becomes a friend. Perhaps the most well known of these is Lucy, she saw a picture on my Twitter, of a public spanking. She commented how she wished it could happen, I said it can, it did! And now we are the best of friends, spanking friends. She works for me often.

Consider this…Men and women! MARS AND VENUS!!! As the book says.

I thought that getting a group of men to come to my studio to watch my girls get bare bottom spankings and join in…yes spank the girls! Would be easy. Was it? No! Most dropped out one by one, and when the day came, only three came and I lost money.

So..I tried girls. Never let me down! Not once!

So here we are…meet Emma.

She followed me on Twitter, slowly became a friend, and then one day I asked her if she would like to come to my studio. No pressure to be spanked, just come, to see, a little tour, and meet the girls.

She asked, “could I spank them?”

“Of course!” I replied.

She came along, we had a lovely chat. I invited Kate and Charlotte. Emma and I dressed up for role play, a Victorian Master and Mistress. With two naughty maids, Charlotte and Kate. We sat knee to knee, and spanked them both in turn over our laps. What fun!

Then she spanked them alone and asked for photo souvenirs. Here they are. She does not want to show her face, hence the mask.

As you can see, they got along very well!

Talk about the cat who got the cream! What a happy photo.

They spanked her too, a real good spanking with a strap, you can see that’s next time.

Bye for now!

The Spanking Pet – Part Four

This will take you to part three, then each one has a link to the previous set,

Having all taken turns in spanking their pet, naked, in the diaper position, they decided to take her on a little walk. Mistress Samantha went for a Gorean Collar and a red silk leash.

Together with Mistress Kate and Mistress Charlotte, they put the collar on their pet, Lucy.

Mistress Charlotte took the leash and told Lucy to get on all fours, and follow her.

Watching the delightful sight of Mistress Charlotte leading their pet Lucy, her blushing bottom swaying and pussy glistening, Mistress Kate and Mistress Samantha looked at each other.

“We have made a good choice.” Said Samantha. “Yes indeed, I am so pleased we have our very own plump bottom to play with.” Replied Kate smiling happily.

Lucy’s voyage of discovery had begun, let’s see where it takes her, come back soon!

An Unusual Relationship – Part 3

You ought to read part one and two really, to understand the real relationships of these women. Click here to go to part two, which gas a link to part one

It was time for the remval of her daughters’ knickers…

Charlotte’s facial expressions are priceless, look at her trying to get a peek at her own bottom being spanked, and the look of horror as Mummy pronounces…’time for your knickers to come down young lady!’

One of my favourite programmes in recent years was a horror one called Grimm, it had six series, and I have watched them three times! There is an actress, or do we call them all actors now? Her name is Claire Coffee, she played Adalind, her facial expressions fascinated me! She is just the same in ‘Bone Collector’ what she is in now. Look her up, she is so similar to Charlotte!

Mistress and her Pets – Part 3

Follow this link to part two, then on to part one.

Sunday morning, the day of reckoning. Mistress has added the totals of merits and de-merits, for the past week, together. She is telling the girls what is to happen later, and how many strokes.

She produces the cane, and their bottoms twitch in anticipation. She taps each one on the head and tells them how many they will get.

“Charlotte, six.”

‘thank you Mistress.’

“Kate, six.”

‘thank you Mistress.’

“Samantha, six.”

‘thank you Mistress.’

“Lucy, 36.”

‘Ohhh come on! That’s not right, you do not know what you are doing! Stupid Mistress.’

“Make that 100.”

‘thank you Mistress.’

“The talk of caning you has got my pussy wet, put your hands up my skirt, pull my knickers down, feel my pussy, squeeze my bottom, stroke my thighs….until I orgasm. That would be very good pets.”

Mistress began to buck back and forth as the orgasm hit her clit…

It was Charlotte and Samantha who put a finger each up her pussy and sliding them back and forth, one up, one down as she squealed her orgasm…”Oooooohhhhhhhh my pets, my pets!”

She switched on the camera and caned each girl in turn for her followers on her web site, (that particular morning there was a mass orgasm of 3458, in the ratio of 2010 men 1448 women.)

She then put them on display, and the followers slowly calmed down to watch the post orgasmic spectacle of wiggling sore bottoms, many repeating their orgasms, some three times and few even more.

Why not join them, four finer bottoms you will rarely find together….so, hands on cocks, fingers on clits and in pussies, annnnd begin…up, down,up, down…pick up speed, that’s it, let’s all try and come together. They will not stop until the last one of you has done, so no rush…enjoy!


Wiggle, wiggle…

Wiggle wiggle, thrust thrust, wiggle…

Knees bend, wiggle wiggle, thrust thrust….knees bend, bottom out…

Mistress watches each little screen as girls and men reach their climax, whilst her girls wiggled away, encouraging them with naughty words…’come on, shoot on my bottom!’ “Imagine I am licking your clit as Mistress spanks me!” And so on, until there was just one hand left…yours….moving faster, and faster, annnnd…ooooh there you go!

“All done! See you next Sunday!”…as you switch off you watch them hugging.

Bye bye!

Over the Stool Charlotte

It was not long after the parents evening and getting the belt from Daddy, that I needed to punish Charlotte again. Cheating in an exam, is a very serious offence. I decided to give her a very hard fast spanking wth my thick soled, heavy duty plimsol, thirty swats. No mercy.

“Silence! This girl as you know, has been found to be cheating. Whilst all of you have been revising, working hard and diligently getting ready for the test, she has not! I am going to make her squeal and dance before you all. Charlotte! To the stool, now. You know the drill, present that bare bottom for me, hurry girl!”

I stood by her side, looking as stern and as cross as I could. I put my left palm in the small of her back, pressing her belly to the stool and delivered a blistering attack on her buttocks. She did indeed squeal. Her legs kicked. It was fast and furious, the deep whacks of rubber on soft bare flesh echoed around the room with her long gutteral yells of pain.

Her bottom was ablaze!

“Right young lady, get yourself in disgrace once again, out to the front with you! You will be pleased to know that a letter is being typed for you to take to your parents. I suspect your Daddy will be excersising his right arm with his belt again this evening! He told me last time that the next will be at your front door. So I expect a lot of your chums here will see the spectacle!”

Eager laughter and excited chat rippled through the room, I had just ensured a large vocal audience.

She danced a merry spanking dance at the front of the class as the rest of the girls giggled at her plight.

“Now that is enough of your hopping about, it is no good thrusting your bottom forward you silly girl, it will not move away from the fire burning in it! Bend over, poke that naughty red bottom out to the whole class and let them see what a silly, naughty, young girl you look. You can stay there until the end of the class, then go to my secretary for your letter!”

A Very Pretty Good Girl gets a Spanking – Part 3

Well, this is her third spanking at school, it looks like we will have to drop the ‘good girl’. Click here to see her second, which has a link to her first

“Well Charlotte, once again your bare bottom is going to get a spanking! It is parents evening soon, I am going to have to have a word with your Mummy and Daddy. I know your Daddy well from the golf club, he has an excellent swing. I suspect you will be experiencing it first hand! Get to the form, bare your bottom, bend over and place your palms flat upon it!”

“yes Mr.Jones.”

I spank her lovely curvy bottom soundly with a strap and send her to the naught corner, and much to your delight I tell her to display her bottom until the bell goes.

A sight you remember for the rest of your life!

Bits ‘n Bobs, Odds ‘n Sods, and some a bit Quirky – Part 2

Once a section gets up to around 200 photos, it can make updating it a bit slow and laborious, so here is part two.

Can’t be sure, and it is my own fault for not being organised and keeping all my notes in good order. But when I found this…God knows where! It said in the note….I’ve lost the bloody thing!!!…. (see what I mean about being organised!)

…It said that Mrs Walters, the professional Bircher of naughty bottoms in Bristol, I wrote of…somewhere! You’ll find it if you look! …used to allow photographers in to record some of her punishments, and this was one. I have started an illustrated story all about her, it won’t be coming soon…lol, I have also started a few others, one over 20 chapters long. You have to be a bit patient with me.

Unless special, the others will be just photos…

2 so far…