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Mistress and her Pets – Part 3

Follow this link to part two, then on to part one.

Sunday morning, the day of reckoning. Mistress has added the totals of merits and de-merits, for the past week, together. She is telling the girls what is to happen later, and how many strokes.

She produces the cane, and their bottoms twitch in anticipation. She taps each one on the head and tells them how many they will get.

“Charlotte, six.”

‘thank you Mistress.’

“Kate, six.”

‘thank you Mistress.’

“Samantha, six.”

‘thank you Mistress.’

“Lucy, 36.”

‘Ohhh come on! That’s not right, you do not know what you are doing! Stupid Mistress.’

“Make that 100.”

‘thank you Mistress.’

“The talk of caning you has got my pussy wet, put your hands up my skirt, pull my knickers down, feel my pussy, squeeze my bottom, stroke my thighs….until I orgasm. That would be very good pets.”

Mistress began to buck back and forth as the orgasm hit her clit…

It was Charlotte and Samantha who put a finger each up her pussy and sliding them back and forth, one up, one down as she squealed her orgasm…”Oooooohhhhhhhh my pets, my pets!”

She switched on the camera and caned each girl in turn for her followers on her web site, (that particular morning there was a mass orgasm of 3458, in the ratio of 2010 men 1448 women.)

She then put them on display, and the followers slowly calmed down to watch the post orgasmic spectacle of wiggling sore bottoms, many repeating their orgasms, some three times and few even more.

Why not join them, four finer bottoms you will rarely find together….so, hands on cocks, fingers on clits and in pussies, annnnd begin…up, down,up, down…pick up speed, that’s it, let’s all try and come together. They will not stop until the last one of you has done, so no rush…enjoy!


Wiggle, wiggle…

Wiggle wiggle, thrust thrust, wiggle…

Knees bend, wiggle wiggle, thrust thrust….knees bend, bottom out…

Mistress watches each little screen as girls and men reach their climax, whilst her girls wiggled away, encouraging them with naughty words…’come on, shoot on my bottom!’ “Imagine I am licking your clit as Mistress spanks me!” And so on, until there was just one hand left…yours….moving faster, and faster, annnnd…ooooh there you go!

“All done! See you next Sunday!”…as you switch off you watch them hugging.

Bye bye!

Over the Stool Charlotte

It was not long after the parents evening and getting the belt from Daddy, that I needed to punish Charlotte again.

See here…

Cheating in an exam, is a very serious offence. I decided to give her a very hard fast spanking wth my thick soled, heavy duty plimsol, thirty swats. No mercy.

“Silence! This girl as you know, has been found to be cheating. Whilst all of you have been revising, working hard and diligently getting ready for the test, she has not! I am going to make her squeal and dance before you all. Charlotte! To the stool, now. You know the drill, present that bare bottom for me, hurry girl!”

I stood by her side, looking as stern and as cross as I could. I put my left palm in the small of her back, pressing her belly to the stool and delivered a blistering attack on her buttocks. She did indeed squeal. Her legs kicked. It was fast and furious, the deep whacks of rubber on soft bare flesh echoed around the room with her long gutteral yells of pain.

Her bottom was ablaze!

“Right young lady, get yourself in disgrace once again, out to the front with you! You will be pleased to know that a letter is being typed for you to take to your parents. I suspect your Daddy will be excersising his right arm with his belt again this evening! He told me last time that the next will be at your front door. So I expect a lot of your chums here will see the spectacle!”

Eager laughter and excited chat rippled through the room, I had just ensured a large vocal audience.

She danced a merry spanking dance at the front of the class as the rest of the girls giggled at her plight.

“Now that is enough of your hopping about, it is no good thrusting your bottom forward you silly girl, it will not move away from the fire burning in it! Bend over, poke that naughty red bottom out to the whole class and let them see what a silly, naughty, young girl you look. You can stay there until the end of the class, then go to my secretary for your letter!”

A Very Pretty Good Girl gets a Spanking – Part 3

Well, this is her third spanking at school, it looks like we will have to drop the ‘good girl’. Click here to see her second, which has a link to her first

“Well Charlotte, once again your bare bottom is going to get a spanking! It is parents evening soon, I am going to have to have a word with your Mummy and Daddy. I know your Daddy well from the golf club, he has an excellent swing. I suspect you will be experiencing it first hand! Get to the form, bare your bottom, bend over and place your palms flat upon it!”

“yes Mr.Jones.”

I spank her lovely curvy bottom soundly with a strap and send her to the naught corner, and much to your delight I tell her to display her bottom until the bell goes.

A sight you remember for the rest of your life!

Bits ‘n Bobs, Odds ‘n Sods, and some a bit Quirky – Part 2, …INCLUDING ‘Glorious Bottoms Parts 1, 2, 3 and 4

Once a section gets up to around 200 photos, it can make updating it a bit slow and laborious, so here is part two. Just in case you found this first, here is part one…

Slowly I am adding a few words to some photos, like this for example…

Thank you for attending gentlemen, let this photograph show the good ladies of Bristol what I will do with their wayward daughters if they enrol at my ‘School of Correction’

Can’t be sure, and it is my own fault for not being organised and keeping all my notes in good order. But when I found this, it said in the note that Mrs Walters, the professional Bircher of naughty bottoms in Bristol, (I have written of her at length) used to allow photographers in to record some of her punishments, and this was one. I have started an illustrated story all about her, it won’t be coming soon…I have a lot of other stuff to finish first. But here it is…

Click here…

Some bottoms for you! Most of these are submissions from Tumblr and vintage sites. As a photographer myself, I know the annoyance of having your photos used without permission. If any are yours, just say, and I promise to delete or credit as you wish…

Click here for ‘Glorious Bottoms Pt 1’

And here for ‘Glorious Bottoms Pt 2

Here for Glorious Bottoms Pt 3

Here for Glorious Bottoms – Pt 4

And to carry on with this section, QUIRKY PART 2

On my search for spanking related vintage, curios, retro, and antique, I came across these bronze plaques…

Came across these at a visit to an auction, some little very engravings…

Click here…

Came across these photosAuction of a sea coconut! Guess what I would do to them if I was marooned on a desert island and they washed up! Spank one and somehow fuck the other I think!!!

Do you like shiny bottoms? Then click here…

I have a few vintage female fighting photos, so thought I would group them together…

Another 84 photos…

This is a screenshot from one of my vintage spanking films. The naughty girl is so excited by her spanking that she masturbates in corner time behind the teachers back!
Oh little miss Stroppy! Does she need her knickers pulling down and spanking over the net before everyone or what?!
Fresh lettuce anyone? Just dip in…HAVE A GOOD LOOK…LOL

Skittles anyone?…

Let’s have a little parade of vintage bottoms….

Believe it or not this was drawn by a 12 year old boy. You can see the book it came from by looking in my ‘A Peek Inside’ section, in vintage.
Girls!Girls! Stop fighting! I will spank you all, just be patient. I will decide who goes first, not you!
I bet Barnum never thought of this!
The losers get spanked by the winners!
…in my mind anyway. I could soon boost attendances…lol
“Oooooooh party games! We love party games don’t we girls? What do we do?”
Right, first you pull a name out of the hat, then go and kneel before whoever you get.
“Oh I say, how exciting!”
…they do so.
“What next, what next?!?”
Well, you undo the fly before you, and take out the cock. Then suck hard. The last one with a mouth full of spunk, gets strip naked by the other girls and spanked by each one!
“oh, what a jolly good game!”
…off you go then!
Awwww, but all the guests will be coming down for breakfast soon!
“Yes, exactly!”
“Tell me again, tell me again!”
sigh…Okay! But this is the last time! “Your bottom is the nicest I have ever soanked and I want to spank it every day!”

I think these two are on an early spanking party…

Found this one on Pinterest, I wonder if LIFE means life magazine?

I must say, that the old acrobat schools in the 1930’s had some very innovative spanking positions for the naughty girls in their classes!

This is from Jim Duvall Photography. His version of ‘Newtons Cradle’

When you sign up for lessons with me darling, you accept my ideas of discipline. Now let’s go for a steady walk to the stable yard, gather the other girls, and give this crop a workout!
“You what? I haven’t put my…..ooooh! You are teasing me!”
This surely has to be Joan Rydell lifting her dress, so it must be an Irving Klaw event…..maybe a Christmas party!?
Right then gentlemen, the ticket you draw from this bag says what implement you use, the ticket from this bag, the girl! Get to the start line, and get ready for the starting smack! Good luck, may the reddest bottom win!
“Oh Daddy, not here in the park, we are sorry for being naughty, but no, please, not a naked spanking before everyone…please!”
Pick me Mr.Jones! Pick me! My bottom next, no mine!
“Shhhh be patient! You’ll all get a spanking don’t worry!”
Okay, no police. But car theft and joy riding is a serious crime. Now turn around and bend over! I am giving you all a good spanking! And if you want your clothes back, you will take what I give, no matter how hard and long!
You have been asking for a sleep over all summer long, and when you do I catch you all baring your bottoms to the boys outside! Well, I am leaving the window wide open, they can listen to your spankings! Then you can line up and show them your bottoms again…bright red!
I told you at the interview, mess up an order and you get a bare bottom spanking!
Right, the first one to get their light bulb in and lit, spanks the other one on the bare, bent over, right here!
The Moulin Rouge knicker inspector is a very much sought after position.
If I dress up as a school girl will you spank me on my bare bottom like my mummy used to do?
Its okay, mummy only told us not to end up working in a red light district.
“Oh fuck! The banana has gone right in!”
There is no pound coin on the floor really is there Mr.Jones?
Yes of course I mean it, ten each as hard as you can!
Having risen to a dare, this girl did her cheerleading display with no knickers on, and ended up getting a bare bottom spanking before the audience!

This is a lovely office discipline set, I always like it when one girl who is giggling at another’s plight, gets spanked or caned herself…

And here is another set…

Believe it or not I found this photo in an article on corporal punishment but the copy of the wring was so poor I just couldn’t make it out! How annoying, I wonder what the story was…

Let’s just imagine it was a mass naked spanking of naughty girls!

Smile! You’ve been framed!

She is writing a song about spanking, similar to the other 1920’s hit… ‘The Black Bottom’ but this one is the ‘Red Bottom’
Not spanking I know, but they are drunk, and in those days you had to be 21 to drink…these are barely 17, so they ought to be!
Cute isn’t it?
All I said was….”oh stop arguing, and just sort it out amongst yourselves!”
Yes I would be tempted to take a pair of schoolgirl knickers from a boarding school laundry washing line to wank into!
I suppose some girls might wet their knickers when caned.
imagine a few drips landing on these!
As you know I dabble in antiques and curios, I came across this!

Do you like to see vintage girls smoking, well, if you do here are 50 of them, some from Ostra, including two of my favourite Ostra girl…Olga!

Click here…

Vintage Fetish and B.D.S.M. Part Two

Part One … getting a bit big, and subsequently would have become slow, so it continues…

Also, don’t forget my BORS sections have some fabulous vintage bondage from our favourite vintage girls…



84 photos here so far…But before you dive in, do you remember that song by Shakespeare’s Sister? Called Stay? Get the tune in your head, and click here…

Now off you go….enjoy!

It’s the look…the startled look on the spankees face that does it, isn’t it?
Notice the trade mark Yves Richards glove…must be Osrra Studio, but I could not see a mark to confirm, hence it is in this section, not the BORS section.

Their is a tap on the door, I shout…”can you come back in half an hour? Charlotte is tied up just now!”
She comes back and Knicks again…’is she still tied up?’
His shop.

There is something about evening gloves for spanking isn’t there?

This could be quite modern judging by the mask, but it was identified as in the 1960’s

SUB SECTION… (or should it be a sub section, with a small ‘s’ because one should always write Domme and sub.)

Here are a few MODERN CLASSIC B.D.S.M…..not too many, I like to keep the vintage/retro feel when I can.

If you read my Saint Helena High School for Wayward Girls….these classics are a clue to the ending!

Something just doesn’t not let me have the bottom of this page in modern times!

Film Connections…

Not quite B.D.S.M. or Fetish, but you will see why these photos are here.

I always had a thing about Claudette Colbert. Here she is getting a spanking…

And here she is on a rather risqué visit to a torture chamber in a museum… from a film ‘I Cover the Waterfront’.

A nice little set for you…

Same girl…I think…

In the Bedroom, by the Window

We have met these before, in the kitchen, on the stairs, and in the bathroom. Each one has a link to the one before. The one prior to this was this, click here…

The house has a few bedrooms, it seems this one has had a very quick bed making, with wrinkly sheets under the duvet. Mistress will not stand for that…

I love the tight white panties, stretched across those lovely cheeks, begging to have two thumbs slid under the waistband, and pulled down. But come down they must! Sorry…

Just a note, look at the bottom of the spanker, it’s important the Spanker has a lovely bottom too. Be nice to give it a smack wouldn’t it?….::smile::

Kate Masturbates in School Uniform at her Desk

We have all masturbated where we should not have at some time or other.

Remember that feeling? Enhanced by the thought of being caught?

Imagine how it feels at a school, in the 1960’s, knowing that if you were caught it would mean at least a spanking, or most likely the cane.

Kate finds a classroom, at lunch, not being used, put yourself in her place. She leaves the door open, so she can hear the noise. She does not take her knickers down, she takes them off! Then rubs her clit, and fingers her slit,with her legs wide open. As teachers, prefects, and other girls walk by the door. Every little sound, every threat of discovery, sends a wave through her body as she works at her orgasm…

This was her first orgasm, restrained yet powerful. I need you to know that this is not posing, it is real masturbation. We did leave the door to the studio open. All the way through I kept telling her that anyone could walk in, and that soon lots of you would be looking at the photos…

Rubbing frantically now, she was building up for a big one. I told her to imagine she could hear footsteps, the Headmaster’s. “He stops at the door, will he come in, how would she feel rubbing and fingering, unable to stop as he starts to shout at the top of his voice.”

My word, she orgasmed hard. She was there, she could see it, she could sense it. She said to me afterwards that as she screamed her orgasm she could see him coming to grab her ear, and pull her down the corridor, still rubbing and orgasming as other girls looked aghast.

The Air Raid Shelter

At the Victorian House I shoot in, the cellar has been converted into an air raid shelter. We have tea breaks down there and because their is a good sound system, the girls can have a little dance too!

Here are Kate and Karen down there…

More Excuses!

Lucy, our dear Lucy.

Hardly pauses for breath, excited over just about everything, opinionated, and upsets a few people….that’s most days! She is the perfect brat for spanking. She always blames everything else, nothing is her fault, she is misunderstood and punished unfairly!

Yeah! Right!

The truth from my point of view, is that she is not really naughty. I doubt if she has done anything unkind or cruel in her life. She is a loyal friend. But gets in scrapes. She just cannot help getting in trouble.

I now have someone who understands what I mean. Especially with her over long, excuses. Some just don’t even make sense! Interspersed with her hard done to pleas of being wronged again by an unjust world!

Samantha….she understands.

Lucy does not know when to shut up, and invariably ends up making her punishment worse!

Lucy has been rattling on, at ten to the dozen, for five minutes. All Samantha said was…”Have you anything to say for yourself?”

Lol….I soon learnt to ditch that question!


She gets a stool to sit on…

“Get over my knee…now!”

“Why? I have not done anything! I am being punished unfairly…again! Stupid teacher in this school have no idea! They….”

“SHUT UP!….just bloody well shut up and get over my knee right now!”

“Teachers never swear in my country…hah! They would be…”


Still muttering her disgruntlement she reluctantly goes over.

“Oh really!? You are still wittering on! How many more times? SHUT UP!”

Samantha decides to pull her knickers down and do it on the bare.

“Nooooo, noooo I do not deserve it on the bare! No no no!”

Exasperated, Samantha continues.

“Get up Lucy.”

“Why!!! ha ha, you do not know what you are doing! You bare my bottom, and then….”

“I am going to cane your bare bottom you stupid girl, get over there, NOW!”

Lucy does so.

Do you see what I mean? If she had kept quiet, a spanking on the knickers would have been an end to it, but instead, she is getting a bare bottom prolonged caning.


This is Lucy, and she got exactly what she wanted.

What she needs, and craves. Some deep red painful lines across her bottom.

She loves it! And knows how to get it!