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At her desk

A lot can happen at a school desk. For instance, a good girl can get educated, a rude girl can masturbate at one, and a naughty girl can be spanked at one.

I can’t help you with the first, I don’t know any good girls!

But with the next two, I can, with Charlotte.

We find her with her hockey stick…

The smooth end tempts her, and there is only one thing Charlotte cannot resist. A hockey stick? Nooooo….temptation!

“Is that nice Charlotte?”

“Mmmmmmm what? Oh God yes!” She replies thrusting quickly on the bulbous end of the stick.

“Naughty though! Especially in a classroom. And you know what naughty girls get.”

“Oh yes Mr Jones, I do, a good spanking….ooooh, a spanking! Oh my, just saying the word aloud sends a tingle right up my pussy….ohhhhh…mmm.”

“Are you cumming?”


Pulling her knickers to the side, naughty Charlotte cums as she rubs, the stick going up and down like a fiddlers elbow. Especially as I tell her she s going to be spanked for being a naughty girl. She loves being called naughty!

“Ohhh oooooh, yes yes…mmmm…oh I am a naughty, oh fuck, a naughty, nauuuuuuughty, naughty NAUGHTY GIRL…OOOOOOH.”

“Bare your naughty bottom and bend over, you naughty girl!”

“Yes Sir”

She has a lovely ‘about to be spanked’ anxious look on her face.

I try her in a variety of positionhs, each one equally divine for spanking.

Oh, yes, that will do nicely. Why not help me? Go and get a plimsol, we’ll have a cheek each….

Some views of Kate’s freshly spanked bottom.

I wanted to spank Kate, and get her bottom a nice colour, with a tawse and cane mark. So we did, and then rushed around to take these. We started on my antique/Victorian bed, it came from Millbank Prison, and by all accounts, female prisoners were birched on them.

Here she is, her bottom on show, (just after her spanking), in blushing pink…

Then off we went to put her on various apparatus, to show her spanked bottom off.

Over the back of a chair.

Over a desk

On the piano stool

Knelt on a little rocking chair

Legs apart, stretched knickers, on the spankng bench.

Then it was time for corner time, as I sat and admired her lovely bottom…

A Naughty Reflection

When you are gifted with a beautiful body, it is only natural to look at your reflection, and admire yourself. Sometimes the reflection seems to take on its own persona…

She whispers to her reflection, “How I wish that when I open my eyes, you were here, on this side, to spank my bottom.”

Writing on the Board

“Oh Lucy! You do not always think do you? Writing silly things on the board whilst my back is turned, then running back to your desk with chalky fingers? Thinking you would not be caught? Really? Too many times Lucy, too many times!”

Cheeky Cherry – Part 3

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So here is naughty schoolgirl Cherry being spanked in a beautiful position, it shows her lovely bottom off to perfection, enjoy.

“It’s no good crying Cherry, you have been very silly writing that on the board! Now I am going to let the rest of your class in, stay there! In shame!”

“Boooo hoooo, no Sir please, they will all see my…”

I open the door…”Enter!”

Laughter, excited talking, giggles and pointing are loud as Cherry sobs in humiliation and shame.

Maid Training – Number 6

Our favourite naughty maid Kate, did a terrible job of the bath yesterday, there were smears all over it! Today she is doing it again, with a toothbrush!

“Keep scrubbing….WHACK, WHACK, WHACK…I do not want to see a single smear….WHACK WHACK WHACK….Come on, faster! Stop stopping!”

Don’t ever worry about our dear Kate, being subservient, in service, and spanked or caned at least once a day, is just what she wants and needs.

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