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The Spanking Pet

Charlotte, Kate and Samantha take Lucy as their pet, to spank and play with.

Click each link in turn…

Part One

Part Two

Part Three

Part 4

Part Five

Part Six

Part Seven

Part Eight

Asa’s note…

…Lucy decided to leave us, so this will not continue as it is, but with other pets, yes. So call back to see.

Vintage Goups of Naughty Girls!

Over my vintage pages there are lots of groups of girls. I thought it time to start putting the new ones I find together.

Not many for now, but I am sure, like with all my other sections, it will grow…


I thought I would start off with my Dad, and his friends. He inspired me in so many ways!

One day son, this studio will be all yours…
“Ohhhh, can I have it now Dad?”

“No son, you are only five.”

The mould for me was cast at an early age….::chuckle::

Friends Bring a Book ~ Part Two of ‘The Welcome Home’

Asa’s Note….

This is another story that will never end. You might also like this one, which fits in very nicely with this…

But to continue…read on.

Following on from the story ‘The Welcome Home’ click here to read it if you have come here first…


Samantha tells her naughty secret of having a disciplinarian…(actually, a dashingly handsome, debonair one…ME! ….Seeing as I spank them all) with her friends…

Part One

Part Two

Part Three

Part Five (oops!)

Part Four…lol

Part Six


Part Seven

At this stage the girls take a bath, I know the link up just now isn’t perfect, but it will be when the story is finished and I go through it all…

The bath

After the bath

Spanking Events

Over the years I have tried various public spanking events, oh it is hard!

You would think an advert saying…’Come and see my girl’s spank and be spanked in school uniform or as Victorian maids would bring a great rush of men. No….chuckle…it brings a lot of enquiries, lots of people changing their minds and just a few turning up! It is a bit like trying to herd cats!

I tend to do smaller events now, and mainly for women only.

Anyway, I have had some success…

Asa’s note

I hope to do more. Be patient with me, I will host them when I can. So many projects!

William’s Great Adventure

Not very often I write about submissive men. Nothing in that, I understand their feelings and have met a few. I just prefer….much much much prefer, the female bottom and glimpse of pussy as I spank!

Here is the story of William…

All the photos are taken for this, so please be patient. Look for alerts and updates on Twitter etc, or pop back from time to time.


Asa’s note…

…always room for more stories of naughty boys in this or other areas, so call back from time to time.

The New Slave Girl

Asa’s note…

This is one of those stories that could be extended easily, so call back often.

This is another in the photo set style of story. Charlotte gets a new plaything…Samantha!

Here are the parts in order…

Most of the photos for this are taken, but still a lot to edit and add. Also this story has a lot more miles in it…might never end!

Keep calling back or look for my alerts.

My Victorian Maid

Asa’s note.

Victorian maids and bloomers are a passion of mine, this could be added to at any time, so call back often.

Kate serves me as my maid, here is our story. Click on the links below, which are in order…