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Waking Samantha

Have you read my spanking vampire story? (She bites spanked bottoms!), well these are some photos I didn’t use, and thought you might like to see them.

If you fancy reading the story, click here…

This is a nice way to wake up if you like a spanking…

And a lovely way for us to appreciate the extraordinarily beautiful body and curves of Samantha…

Oh look! Someone is tickling her bottom to stir her a little, what a sexy thing to steal your day Samantha?

“Hmmmmm, yes.”

Oh my, a sexy lick of her bottom! How naughty, get on your knees Samanth, you know what you need…

“Ohhhh, Samantha, if ever a bottom has needed a smack to start the day, it’s yours!”

“A smack? Oh no…I need a good spanking and my pussy rubbing before I shower!”

“That’s a good plan!” Says Cherry.

So a spanking happened…

There you are, some photos were almost the same I know, but why leave them in a file on my computer when you can see them?


Mistress is Waiting – Part 3

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“I am going to punish you, you have done nothing wrong, I just desire it.” Said Mistress.

“Let’s start with a spanking…get up!” Ordered Mistress.

‘yes Mistress, thank you Mistress.’ Replied the slave girl, Cherry.

“And now my crooked stick, let me lay that across your cheeks!”

‘yes my beautiful Mistress, do as you desire, I am yours, use me, whack my bottom hard and fast.’

“Now some more snacks for your plump soft bottom! Present it!”

“yes Mistress, anything you wish Mistress.”

{What a beautiful bottom Cherry has. I have spanked it and can testify to its softness. Probably the softest bottom I have ever spanked, like a feather pillow, my hand sank into it almost!}

Mistress gave it more smacks, she could not resist the feeling of spanking it.

And Cherry could not resist the smacks….


‘…more Mistress, harder harder…yes, Ohhh yes Mistress!”

“Now get where you belong my dirty little bitch, on your knees, between my legs.”

‘yes Mistress.’

And that is where she can stay, where she belongs. It suits her well, doesn’t it?


Mr.Reece gets the Junior Tawse

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“And don’t think you have finished you naughty boy! I have much more…MUCH MUCH MUCH MORE, for your naughty red bottom!”

Mr Reece did not dare to answer, or even move, as Tamara picked up the junior tawse, a supple red leather strap with the end split.

She bent over to whisper…”I am going to make you squeal even higher with this.”

She stood ready, making sure she had plenty of room to swing the tawse.

She raised it high, behind her back…

And delivered a vigorous spanking, the tawse being just a blur as thwack after thwack echoed through the room, interspersed with high pitched squeals!

He held his position well as the leather set his cheeks on fire time and time again.

Then she bent down again, to inspect the damage, the effects of a thrashing began to fill her mind, what had she been missing? She knew, exactly what path her life was going to take. She needed this. Once tasted, it had to be sampled again….often!

“Well, my dear naughty boy, you have tired me out, thrashing a naughty bottom is both exhillerating and exhausting!” She said gently. Then stood to look at what else she could use on the red sore bottom trembling and shaking before her.

Before her was another tawse, dubbed as the ‘senior one’. Thicker, less pliable, narrower and longer.

“This looks menacing Mr.Reece!” She said gleefully as Mr Reece kept quiet, knowing that anything other than complete compliance would spell disaster for his poor bottom. The urge to rub and comfort his cheeks was almost unbearable. But bare it he must.

She picked the beast up, and sat flexing it, eagerly.

“Oh my word! This is stiff!! I bet it makes a sound like a pistol! Had enough recovery time you naughty boy? Don’t answer! It was rhetorical. Let’s try it shall we? Hah! Again, don’t answer, you screams will do that for you!”

With a gleeful expression, she pushed herself up to try it…

More to come…


A Christmas Message

Hello again.

I really do appreciate all of the people who visit my blog, my web site, my tumblr and Twitter (although at this moment in time my Twitter is suspended, but should be back soon.)

Sit down, let’s spend a while together. I am not professional, other than a bit coming in from my videos, I make no money. If you take into account the rent I pay, and model fees, I lose money. But money is not the be all and end all. I do this for the love of it, and like to share it with you for free, to all you ‘like minded’ people…

I pour you a glass of port, put another log on the fire, and pass you a mince pie. “Merry Christmas” whoever you are. Colour, religion, wealth means nothing here. Let’s be friends, man or woman, gay or straight, and enjoy the female bottom, and smacking it!

Let’s have some music….”Girls! Come and sing some carols for us will you?”

In they come, happily. “Of course we will!” They answer in chorus.

Samantha takes her seat, she is the musical one. Then Charlotte and Kate come in to take their positions to sing.

They have lovely voices and sing “Oh Little Town of Bethlehem” and “Ding Dong Merrily on High”… Very well they sing and play to. Shall we clap them?….makes a change from smacking their bottoms.

They say thank you, and blow us a kiss…

“That was lovely, thank you girls. Merry Christmas.”

They smile and giggle….”same to you Mr.Jones, and thank you for all our work and spankings!”

“Oh you are as welcome as the flowers in spring my dears!”

Samantha often speaks for them. “We have some baubles to put up with the others, we got them today. Can we stay and put them up, whilst you talk with your guest?”

I look to you…”that okay with you?”

You agree and we sip port watching them hang baubles on our Christmas tree.

I look to you and ask, “As a thank you, for all the times you look at my blog…I get 1500 visits a day now….would you like to spank a girl?”

You say yes, and pick Charlotte, who goes to wait for you…

So, from me to you…yes, YOU!

Merry Christmas, thank you for reading my blog, try to stay safe during this covid pandemic. I hope I cheer you up. Now off you go, and have fun…


Bent Over

Just a little post, I came across these four photos I took of KarenR and thought that if I don’t use them now, they will vanish into my vaults. What happens then is…”now where did I see them?”

You have just seen Karen bent over Samantha’s knee and also in corner time. These are from the same shoot…

There you are, I am sure you will agree, they are too good not to show. Why no shoes? I don’t know!….lol


The Visit – Part 9

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We left that room and moved into the next. The first thing she saw was the Victorian Women’s Prison Bed. “Ohh that looks serious.”

But what captured her imagination most, was a simple brass bed…

Kate moved to the bed. “Oh this conjures up memories of my mummy spanking me!”

“My mummy used to make me kneel at my headboard, and grip the brass rods or the bed knobs as she used her slipper on my bare bottom! Will you do the same Mr.Jones?”

“Of course, whatever you wish.”

She settled into position, her mind drifting back in time.

“Mr.Jones, pretend you are my Daddy, and I have been very naughty at school, I mean really really naughty! Give me a long hard, no mercy spanking….please.”

I love it when they ask nicely, so I guided her bottom into position…

I gave her a long loud chastisement, she apologised profusely and begged me not to spank her. Of course, I took no heed of her pleas and concentrated on the fine target before me…

I made her cry, but knew it was how she wanted it. Then I rubbed cream on her bottom, to cool and soothe. And yes, of course, I attended to her intimate area to satisfy her fully. She was noisey, to say the least!

Then we had a cup of tea, and a butterfly bun each.

More to follow….


Chapter 11 – Charlotte goes over the Vaulting Horse for Miss Kenworthy

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Chapter 11: Charlotte caned over the vaulting horse

Having delivered the six cane strokes with Charlotte bent over the desk, Miss Kenworthy stood back to admire her handiwork. Her fingers gently traced the raised welts that adorned Charlotte’s now glowing bottom cheeks, whilst Charlotte’s weeping form gradually quieted, replaced by barely audible moans of pleasure.

“You may stand up now Charlotte, but I haven’t finished with you yet. When you have recovered, I’d now like to climb over that vaulting horse over there, so that I can give you another six strokes. I want to see your bottom raised up higher and flatter, so that I can deliver slightly more vertical strokes, which will be even harder than those I have just given to you. Do you think that you could bear that?” enquired Miss Kenworthy hopefully.

Charlotte stood in front of her Mistress gingerly rubbing her bottom. Tears still trickled down her face, but her eyes gleamed with obvious pleasure. The caning had hurt dreadfully, but she wanted more! The sensations that it had generated within her were just out of this World. She was addicted to pain and the pleasure that it gave.

“Yes, Mistress. I would be very happy to bend over the vaulting horse for another caning, if that is what you desire,” replied Charlotte.

Their eyes met and they smiled lovingly at each other. They held each other’s gaze for what seemed to them like an eternity, but then the spell was broken as Miss Kenworthy said, “Right then Charlotte, let’s see how you manage to hold your position on the horse. Up you get!”

‘‘Yes Mistress, with pleasure!”

Miss Kenworthy stood flexing the dragon cane as she watched Charlotte climb up to bend over it and present her bottom to her.

Once in position, she gave her no chance to prepare herself or settle on the horse, she caned her bottom hard and fast….



        SWISH! THWACK!...

As the caning continued, reigniting the welts from her previous caning, Charlotte yelped and screamed at each stroke, her legs kicking wildly in all directions. Yet, she still submitted to this harsh treatment, actually exhorting her Mistress to cane her harder and harder!




Finally, the last stroke was delivered by the expert caner. Charlotte’s bottom was aflame with beautifully parallel stripes. Charlotte lay over the horse almost in a total daze, her spanking fantasies totally satiated. The warmth emitted by her bottom spreading throughout her young body. It felt SO good!

Miss Kenworthy stroked her ‘protégés’ back and gently caressed her thoroughly punished bottom, whispering to Charlotte, “Well done Charlotte…well done! You took that caning very well. I’m very proud of you.”

Through her tears, Charlotte beamed with pleasure at these words of praise from her Mistress.

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Two Naughty Friends Punished Together

Miss Kenworthy deals with two naughty girls at the same time today…

“Very efficiently done Miss Kenworthy.”

“Why thank you Mr Jones.”

“You’re welcome, first of the day?”

“Yes, twelve before lunch, and twelve after. A busy day.”

“Well, don’t let me detain you, carry on.”

“Yes Sir, thank you Sir.”

I turn to you….”Anither busy day at Saint Helena High Schoolers for WYward Girls. Especially for Head of Discipline, Miss Kenworthy.”

Corner Time for an Adult Schoolgirl at Saint Helena High School for Wayward Girls

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The bare bottom, over the knee spanking over, Miss Kenworthy told Karen to stand before the blackboard.

A tearful Karen took her place, but Miss Kenworthy soon put an end to any thoughts of her punishment being over. “Don’t think your bottom has done yet young lady!”……SMACK, SMACK, SMACK!

She tested the temperature of the naughty girls bottom by holding her palm against a cheek. “Oh yes, it needs more cooking!”

She stood.

Karen waited nervously, feeling her looking. ‘What next?’…

“What next Miss Kenworthy?” Asked Karen, a little louder.

“I am going to teach you not to talk during punishments unless spoken to!” Scoffed Miss Kenworthy. “Now keep you hands on your head, don’t move, and stay quiet.”

She left Karen there, whilst she went to the staff room to make herself a cup of tea. All this spanking is a thirsty business.

As the clock ticked, distant traffic passed, radiators clicked, and the sound of school echoed in the corridors, she thought a lot about her new situation. The warmth of the spanking sank in. Phrases like ‘More Cooking Needed!’ made her shake.

Then her body stiffened. She heard the distinctive ‘high heel’ footsteps of her returning. Closer and closer she got, as all other sounds faded away. The door gently closed. She hear Miss Kenworthy sniff. She was watching her.

Karen stood still, like a rock. She knew that Miss Kenworthy’s eyes were on her bottom…

More to come, enjoying it? Hope so.


Ellen von Unwerth – No 29 in my ‘Great Spanking Artists and Photographers’ Section.

This lady from Germany, born in Frankfurt 1954, and still producing great work with her camera, is No 29 in my series of what I consider to be ‘the Great Spanking Artists’, most are artists with pen or brush, but some photographers slip into that category as easily as a cane into a headmaster or Headmistress’s hand! Some you have seen already, there will be more.

To see numbers 1-20 click here…

To see 21-present click here…

To see my photographic tributes to the artists who use pencil or brush, click here…

This lady is much more than a fetish or spanking photographer. I admire her work greatly, as I do all the others. Originally from Bavaria, she started her career in the 1980s and has gone on building up her impressive portfolio ever since. Just type her name into any search engine and prepare to be blown away.

Here is a quote about her spanking work…”I love all the old pictures—of spanking and Bettie Page and corsets. But you can’t do spanking in fashion, so I wanted to do a project where I could really let go and get girls who also love those things.”

Here are some of my favourites…

Brilliant work isn’t it.

My compliments to her and her team.