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Karen’s Naked Caning

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Miss Kenworthy led the naughty naked Karen to the desk she had positioned for caning her over, and showed her how she wanted her to position her bottom.

For a few seconds Karen forgot the seriousness of the situation and imagined the roles being reversed, and herself caning Miss Kenworthy.

But normality flew back in a second as Miss Kenworthy instructed her to take her place. Which she did.

And then Miss Kenworthy caned the bottom of naked Karen.

Karen submitted totally, and in the clothed female/naked female situation, she took her beating well. Showing her inner feelings by pushing her bottom up to every whack. Which of course, Miss Kenworthy noticed, and delivered the remaining whacks accordingly.

The caning came to an end, just another woman, sent from the courts to begin her life as an adult schoolgirl at Saint Helena High School for Wayward Girls.


A damn good caning!

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Sometimes there is only one thing for a naughty brat, a damn good caning on her naughty bare bottom. And Miss Kenworthy is the one to do it. When you have had enough, book her in. Use it as the ultimate threat. “Right! That’s it, I’ve had enough of your behaviour! I am taking you to see Miss Kenworthy! For a damn good bare bottom caning!”

Yes! She will know she has been!!!


Titti Garelli

What what a lovely exotic name this Italian Artist has. Here she is…

A fabulous artist, who for many years was most well known in advertising. But then she branched out into erotica and many other thought provoking avenues. Just put her name in Google, you will find some fabulous stuff.

For me of course, it is her spanking art, and in particular that inspired by Ostra/Beiderer…

What makes these fabulously interesting to me, is that she went out looking for school report cards on local markets etc, looking for actual school report cards to paint on. The ‘Pagella’ cards have all sorts of information on, including punishments.

So….never mind everything else, to have that idea, is brilliant isn’t it, it makes her art work in this genre, one above everything else. I love them…

There are lots more to see if you search.


China Hamilton

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1996 – Erotic Photographer of the Year
2017 – ‘Special Achievement Award’ by Jade magazine for contribution to the subject

Collections of Published Work
“A View From Behind” The Erotic Print Society, London, England (1997)
“Woman” St. Martin’s Press NY. USA (1999) & The Erotic Print Society, London (editions in France and Australia).
“BitterSweet Sex” The Erotic Print Society (2002)
“The Cabinet of Dark Things” The Erotic Print Society (2005)
“Intimate Obsessions ” Editions Reuss (2007)
“Velvet Nightmares” A Collection of Short Stories (April 2009) by The Erotic Print Society
“Erotic Domination” Editions Reuss (2017)

As you can see, this man was…sadly yes, was…a wonderful photographer and writer of erotica…..1946 to 2018

It is a name I know of, everyone who likes erotica likes him, and everyone who loves spanking, loves him.

Here he is….

He had a wonderful collection of erotica as these photos show…

I am guessing he photographed in his rooms often, like this one…

Here are some of his book covers…

If you google his name you will see lots of his work. But here is a small selection…

I hope I have inspired you to search for him, like my friend Robin….the wood carver…inspired me.


The Spanking Wood Carver

Say hello to Robin. A man of a similar age to me, who is also into spanking. We are becoming quite good friends, he likes to write stories, and has a passion for walking and steam trains! Perfect.

He creates these beautiful objects…

His favourite wood is lime wood, but for the painted ones, he uses jelutong. Each one stands at around 12 – 18 inches.

Rather special aren’t they? He does lots of other stuff, animals etc, and rocking horses…

Wouldn’t one of those be fabulous for spanking my girls on!

Every now and then he will send me an update, and at the moment he is experiment with split draw/open back bloomers…

I have quite a few more to add, and will do regularly as he sends them. Look at this bathing girl, especially this photo from behind, the form of her body could not be better, and accentuated by the position of her legs…

“Bravo Robin! I salute you!”

I would love to see some Inveigle Girls in this format! (See my stories for an explanation).

But enough of my stories…let’s look at the bathing girl…

Let’s look at her…devour her…oh alright then, bend her over and give her bottom a damn good spanking too!

This Amazon too…or in my world, a Gorean fighting woman…they had a special name and John Normans writings of Gor describes them so well.

Is this something you might like to try yourself? Well, I suppose he has thought of running a class full of beautiful spanking loving female wood carvers, where all mistakes result in a spanking, but as an alternative, here is a guide to carving a naughty Victorian girl in bloomers…


The Visit – Part 12

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She would have to decide where to have her next spanking soon, and I could tell that she needed her pussy rubbing to climax too!

There is an old stool, which I purchased when an old school closed. It was almost certainly for spanking on, because it was from the staff room, and no desk had enough height to take it. Well, so my mind says anyway, and it had been there for many years I was told.

“So you think naughty girls really went over this for the plimsol or cane?” Asked Kate.

“I am as sure as I can be yes, I bet many a twitching pussy and trembling bottom rested on there.”

I saw her quiver. “Ooooh Mr Jones, just think!”

“I do, often!” I laughed.

She tried it out for size. “It is very soft and springy.”

“Just what you need for flogging on!”

She bent over.

“Settle down on it Kate, push your tummy down on the old leather. The idea is to grip the stave.”

She tried it.

“I can only just….reeeeach.” She squirmed.

I chuckled, “try bending your knees and pushing forward, see how your bottom lifts.”

“That’s perfect Kate.”

“Thank you.”

She smiled her lovely smile, almost asking.

“Just one more Kate, try one more. You’ll love it.”

“Okay.” She smiled…


This could go on and on….visitors obviously like to go to the Headmaster’s Study, the ruin, the Victorian house to dress up as Victorian Maids.

But do you know the best way to find out? Come to see new!


Hello…been updating my vintage spanking sections today.

Here are a few of what I have added….

I have added a little group of Claudette Colbert….

These two are stills from a couple of vintage spanking films, I have quite a collection….I bet that does not surprise you really….lol!

The first of the two is full of movement isn’t it? In the second, the girl has been spanked and was stood in the corner, it turned her on so much that when the teacher is looking the other way, she masturbates!

In various sections I have added around another 30 today.

Just click on vintage and have a look around, see if you can find them. I have 10,500 photos on here, so it could be a challenge! Have fun.


Speech Day – Part One

Speech Day, a very important event in any school calendar. They day of rewards and awards. Where all the good girls proudly walk up on stage, to collect certificates, cups, and accolades.

The naughty girls are told to behave, and basically keep out of the way.

Kate as you know has been caught doing all sorts of things, and mostly it was to do with masturbating with things she shouldn’t, who can forget the cane handle, or the school bell incident! Click here to see and read about them and more…

So Kate set off to school, dressed beautifully, like all the other girls for this special day. But ‘Speech Day? Me? Really?!?’ Thought Kate.

Nearly all the staff, students, and parents of good girls were all in the assembly hall. Which meant that classrooms and such, normally occupied, were empty. ‘God! I love Speech Days!’ She chuckled to herself at the thought of the good girls getting their good girl rewards. ‘It’s time for this naughty girl to get her reward!’

She walked down corridors normally teaming with schoolgirls and noise. I wonder why she has her hockey stick? There are no games today.

She walked from room to room in the stillness. Distant traffic, bird call, and the noise of the school building creaking were her only company. She began to feel sexual anticipation, down below.

Room after room just did not seem quite right, she did not know what she was looking for, but knew she would find the right one…no rush. Somebody had just got the first award, she heard distant applause.

She found one which was just right…perfect! And went in, deliberately leaving the door as open as it could be…wide open.

The spanking stool that every class room had was in position, the cane and other implements were well stocked, varied, and lying around here and there.

She opened a window, wide, it was late spring, the heating was still in use. But it wasn’t for temperature control, she opened it, like the door out of naughtiness. She expected a loud orgasm, and wanted the noise of it to fly!

She arranged a couple of things and found a suitable desk.

Then she said, rather loudly…

“I am now going to take my knickers off, play with my pussy, then fuck myself with my hockey stick!”

The words flew out of the window and down the corridor, and in the distance she heard clapping from the school hall. She smiled, ‘oh? Is that for me? I had better do a good performance then!’

In the hall a good girl sat down with her award, and as suspected, nobody even realised Kate was not there…

More to come


Miss Kenworthy puts Charlotte on the St.Andrew’s Cross – Chapter Fifteen.

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Chapter 15: Charlotte is secured onto the St.Andrew’s Cross

Having watched Charlotte orgasm on her little spanking rocking horse, Miss Kenworthy desperately needed to cum herself. She led Charlotte over to the cross. Her pussy was very moist, and inside her whole body felt extremely excited. Watching a bottom react to her crop, seeing a submissive react to her voice, listening to the crack of crop on skin, and the little piercing screams that followed, had ticked every erotic box in her sensory list.

Slowly Miss Kenworthy’s moved her hand sensually on herself as Charlotte pushed her bottom up and out willingly, to please and excite her Mistress.

Miss Kenworthy knew exactly what Charlotte was doing. Watching her standing on her tiptoes was thrilling. The curves of her bottom viewed from above were incredibly sexy. However, best of all, was resting her free hand on Charlotte as she whipped her, She could feel Charlotte’s body react to the shock waves from the riding crop travelling through Charlotte’s bottom and up to her own finger tips.

When she moved her hand back to her own body, it was as if the trembling, sensual, vibrations were transferred with it.

Slowly her free hand made its way to her slippery slit, she felt her pussy juices running. The first step was her own thigh.

As she put her hand gently on her thigh, her senses were not focussed on her hand, she could hardly feel her soft well shape thigh. But her well shaped thigh could certainly feel her hand, especially as it moved up.

Her fingertips played with her erect little clit, which she could easily be felt through the thin material of her now dripping wet knickers.

The continued whipping of Charlotte’s bottom, coupled with her fingertips jiggling on her clitty produced what was like an electric shock, running in spirals up and down her wet slippery slit.

Something quite magical then happened. The only thing connecting the two were united minds and the crop held against Charlotte’s bottom. Miss Kenworthy came very hard, almost frighteningly so, like a seizure of pleasure. The vibrations of her orgasm juddered down the crop, and Charlotte felt them. They travelled through the soft flesh of her ripe, plump rump into her own wet pussy.

Pussy? It doesn’t really sound decadent enough at this moment….

Two delicious wet cunts, pulsating in unison as each pumped lubricant and orgasmed through the highly stimulating effects of spanking, domination and submission. The peak of their orgasms was colossal….both not moving other than convulsions running from body to body, back and forth conducted through the riding crop.

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