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William ~ Part 6 …the birch and the carpet beater.

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Charlotte pulled her naughty boy by the ear to a miniature rocking chair which she made him kneel in with his hands on the floor. “Right young man, your red sore bottom is now going to feel the birch, which they say is like a thousand bee stings!”

And give it him she did! How he howled!

‘Boy’ was done for, a whimpering, blubbering wreck. Snot hung from his nose. But there was one more ordeal….the carpet beater. Six of the very, very best!

And that was it. William was given exactly what he asked for.but it was too much for him. He walked stiffly out. A day later he sent a text saying he did not want to be Charlotte’s naughty boy any more. We never saw him again.


Punished for Smoking

You have just seen Kate, caught smoking…

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Which is part of this developing story…

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“So yet again you have left class, or probably missed a class altogether! To come and masturbate where you should most definitely not! And…AND….finished off by smoking! You have broken a serious rule! You are not old enough to smoke anyway, so you have broken the law young lady! Get here….stand there! You are going to smoke one cigarette after another, and then, on the last one, I am going to cane you all the way from start to finish, the cigarette will not leave your mouth, your bottom will be as red as the end of your cigarette!”

She slowly worked her way through the remaining cigarettes, obviously feeling poorlier and sicker by the minute.

I bared her bottom in preparation, the room was getting hazy.

“How dare you take that cigarette out!!?” She began to gag, wretch, cough, and splutter. “Put it back in….now!” I raced to pick up the plimsol as she desperately tried to gasp fresh air…

I grabbed the plimsol and wrapped my arm around her waist, then walloped her bottom. “Put the cigarette back in you naughty girl, you have another to follow, and I will flip your bottom all the way through it even if you are being sick!”

I then flogged her bare bottom. She puffed away like the Flying Scotsman! Desperately trying to finish the last cigarette! She coughed, moaned, cried, squealed, wretched and gagged all the way through…

I put her in corner time, and opened the windows, she was sick three times in a waste paper bin.

I had my Secretery type up a letter to her parents, suggesting that they give her the spanking of her life.

Her lungs and bottom suffered that day, especially at home, as you will see soon…


Saint Helena High School for Wayward Girls (Charlotte’s Story) – Chapter 14

Chapter 14: Charlotte rides the rocking horse

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After the tawsing, Miss Kenworthy untied Charlotte and led her to a small horse.

“Sit on the saddle my dear, you are going to gallop for me. Your destination is before you, the Saint Andrew’s Cross. Mount the saddle and sit astride it. Push your bottom up and out, overhanging the back… make it proud for me.”

“Oh, I would love to Mistress Kenworthy,” replied Charlotte, her voice sounding full of lust.

Miss Kenworthy smiled in satisfaction at her new title. She rather liked it. She picked up a very whippy riding crop.

She whacked Charlotte’s plump willing bottom hard and fast…”come on my little pet, gallop for me!”

And…ohhh….she did! The saddle rubbed on her clit as she pushed down. The shock waves from the crop sent whirls of delight, in a spiral of pleasure, up and down her dripping cunt. Her bottom was ablaze with pain as the little riding whip cracked across it.


“Ohhh fuck, yes, yes, yes, fuck fuck. Yes, yes! Make me gallop. Oh yes… YES!”

Miss Kenworthy’s own pussy was delighting in its own spurts of sensual joy as she fiddled her fingertips against her mound, watching the crop bounce off the rippling buttock, listening to the sounds of cracks and the noise of Charlotte’s orgasm ripping through her galloping body!

As Charlotte’s orgasm hit hard, Miss Kenworthy gave her bottom a quick burst of whacks, like machine gun fire! Charlotte howled!


And slumped…

…with her bottom getting a few ‘slowing down’ whacks from the crop.

“Right, young lady, let’s get you tied up to the cross now, my pussy is crying out to cum too

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The Head Girl is allowed to cane a naughty girl

Imagine the scene, a Headmistress has bonded very well with the Head Girl, and when punishing naughty girls, she uses her to hold and retrain the ones who struggle. After a few conversations, after punishing various girls, the Head Girl expresses her desire to do it one day, when she is a teacher, or Headmistress.

An ideal opportunity comes along, when a really nasty, spiteful girl is in big trouble. She is a bully and a thief, and the Headmistress decides that some humiliation would do her a lot of good. To show her how it feels to have someone around her own age have power over her.

“You made those two girls lives a misery! How could you be so cruel? I think it is time for you to know how it feels for another girl to have power over you!”

“And now, I am going to give you twelve strokes! You horrible child! I gate bullying and am going to beat it from you. And you Miss Cooper, can start writing an essay for this month’s school magazine, entitled, his it felt to cans a squealing, hopping, squirming bullies bare bottom on behalf of all the poor girls she victimised.”

Kate is made to sit on the Naughty Stool

Poor Kate gets a lot of spankings as you know, usually for masturbating where she shouldn’t and getting caught. But today she has been caught cheating in an exam. I have come to the classroom in the lunch hour, and spanked her, quite hard, with a plimsol. A few tears, but Kate is a tough girl.

“Right! This is not the end of it young lady!” I say to her as she sniffs, trying her best not to cry. But I can see she is in pain and really wants to rub her bare bottom..

“Stand up straight, before the projection board, and no rubbing your bottom. You can put your hands together in the small of your back.”

And there she stands until the class comes in, from lunch. “Sit quietly! You all know she was caught cheating! Now she is in disgrace.” I pick up the naughty stool and place it before the class. “Sit on there Kate, let the class see your shame and disgrace.”

Much to the other girls amusement, she winces as she sits, saying…’ow, ow, owww, ow!’

‘She does not look ashamed’, I think to myself.

So I pull her gym slip up. The class giggles, but she is not phased. She just looks at them, almost with contempt.

I decide to turn her around, the class are looking with a sort of admiration, almost hero worship! So I tell her to turn.

I position her with her red cheeks hanging over the edge of the stool, and tell her to lean forward, elbows on knees. This displays her in an embarrassing way and once again the room is full of giggles.

The class goes quiet, and sit working with the occasional titter as one of them looks up. I stand at the back of my class, behind them all. I look at her bottom. I put my hand in my pocket, it has a convenient hole. I move my fingertips over my manhood, pulling my handkerchief down. They have no idea I am wanking, not even when I shoot my load into my handkerchief.



Hiya…I have had a telling off for not putting a ‘not safe fo work’ warning on my images where I sell them.

I have got two days! It’s a right ball ache of a job, but must be done! Or so says Abbi the community administrator!….huh! I know what she needs!

So I will not post until they are done.


The Detention Room – 1

Or so it is called nowadays. In my school it was the punishment room, the sign on the door spelled it out on an unpolished copper plate, with cream writing. Only a small sign, but it struck fear into your heart. Like most such rooms, it was next to the Headmasters Office. You never went in that door, you only came out of it. You went in via the secretaries office.

I asked a friend of mine, Peter Birch, whom you will no doubt know, he is rather famous in the spanking world. As much as I am an enthusiastic hobbyist, he is just as much an enthusiastic professional. As you can tell by his outfit he wore for this shoot. Charlotte you already know of course.

Good Lord! Another man in my domain! Spanking one of my girls! I can almost hear you gasp! It will not happen often, my studio is my trade mark, I only use it for myself…but he was a welcome, and honoured guest.

So….something that happened many times, a girl ends up in detention, quite likely to do some laborious written work, but just as likely to have her bottom punished. The name Eliott on the board, is the character chosen for Charlotte. Let’s look through the keyhole!

More to come…


I felt proud this day, to work with such a well known man in my studio was a bit nervy. Charlotte felt the same. But he was full of praise and complemented my photography.

Hmmmm…now who next? Some ladies I think…can’t be doing with seeing my girls over other men’s laps!