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Various Spanking Artists ~ No 41 – 60

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No – 41 …Danilo

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No – 42 …Roue

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No – 43 ….Djeki

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No – 44… Alphonse Friaux

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No – 45 …John Tisbury

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No – 46 …Eric Galton

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No – 47 …Rudolf Preuss

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No – 48 …Etienne Le Rallic

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No – 49 …John Willie

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No – 50 …Carlo

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No – 51 …Alan Mac Clyde

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No- 52 …Alan Lawrence

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No – 53 ….Roland Brèvannes

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No – 54 …Paul Emile Bércat

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No – 55 …Waldo

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No – 56 …next up is an erotic sculptor, Bruno Zach

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No – 57 …not spanking, but some lovely studies of bottoms and interesting shadow play. Nikolai Endegor.

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No – 58 ….Eilean Biethe

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No – 59 …Eric Wilkins

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60 …Tom Paine

Sample to be added soon.

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Another one of my spanking artists, to see the rest, click here…

A man from central Italy who has a great interest in classical art, and also, of course, spanking. He has combined the two very cleverly and you can see his skill in the use if photoshop getting better and better.

Look at this sequence…

The original….’Pleading for Mercy’
He bares her bottom and stripes appear
another girl looking guilty appears
He manipulates the man’s face, adds a rod, and strips the girl
To finish with this wonderful scene

You can see his page on the art, why not look him up? Here are a couple more finished ones…

My favourite one of Danilo’s
And an equal favourite…very atmospheric

Isn’t he fabulous?

Hello, a little update.

You will have noticed that I am working a lot on ‘The Inveigle’…it is going though an editing process and I am trying to get to the end so I can get all the photos in.

Writing a story like this, probably eighteen chapters, 100k words, maybe more, is not easy. If I change one line in chapter 16, it could alter another fifty in the book. I have changed a few names and adjusted….but there is lots to do.

Feel free to read, but it is not even sanded down yet, let alone polished.

Be patient with me, what you are witnessing being born in my major work. Along with ‘Saint Helena High School for Wayward Girls’ these are the stories I want to be remembered for. That too will have to go through the same process.

I am 70 this year, there is much to be done here, I do not want to die with my ‘babies’ still in the womb.


Paula Meadows and Janus

Where do I start? If I wrote three pages of thank you, thank you, thank you etc etc it would not be enough. Everything I do is based on what Janus Magazine, and Paula Meadows did, from the photos, to her art and writing, to masturbating in my formative years with their magazine before me. I find it hard to group them separately…

A magazine, with a shop in London I managed to visit just once.

I can’t do them justice, no matter what I write. Their work is so good that it should not be taken and posted elsewhere (like here), so go to whichever search engine you use and type in ‘spanking’ followed by Janus, or Paula Meadows….then sit back and enjoy.

These are the only pictures I am posting…. So here she is. A woman who loves spanking in all its forms, who drew spanking story pictures for Janus, and her own books. And also posed for spanking photos.

Here she is at work.
Here she is in model mode posing for Janus.

Please visit ….

Here is one of her story books, lavishly illustrated in comic book style. An exciting read (I have a copy) and brilliantly illustrated

There are people you come across in life, who you would love to sit down in some cosy cafe and sit and talk to. Paula Meadows is definitely one of them.

So off you go. Enjoy her, and like the other artists and photographers I feature, I hope in some small way I have helped them get even more noticed.


The Friday Night Masturbation Club ~ Part Four

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Charlotte did not know where to look next! She was talking very naughtily about the pictures in the book, each excited girl was having orgasms. Legs were open and finger were just blurs. The noise was so decadent, and the aroma of wet pussies in a small room was intoxicating.

She glanced over to her right and Fae was totally in the zone, her eyes focussed on the book, her mind on the increasing orgasm. “Ooooh mmmmm yes, oh God, yes…yes!”

Charlotte could see she was the first to have a major climax…”oh here she comes! Go on get, get them fingers right in, we are all looking at you…come on, come on, diddle that button for us!”

Sat next to Fae was Amber, who on hearing the words and looking at all the fingering, felt a huge surge of vitality run in spirals up her pussy!

“Oh here cums Amber, look at those fingers in her knickers, they are like bees wings! Definitely a rubber and not a poker is our Amber…come on baby! Cum for us! God you look so happy when you cum!”

“Oh my word!” Shouted Charlotte…”I am surrounded by cumming cunts! Come on girls all together now! Oh here she cums, Sapphire is on the boil! Cum for me…cum cum cum!”

Sapphire’s cunt was shooting little spurts on the desk…the noises she made were deep and guttural, like some animal! “Oooooooh fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck!”

Charlotte urged them on and on…”cum on you dirty bitches, finger those cunts, shove one up your arses, cum cum cum cum!”

By now the girls were fingering all holes and bouncing about almost hysterically the noise of orgasms built to a crescendo!

“Oh my goodnight!” Shouted Charlotte….”I am surrounded by gaping cunts, love juice and orgasms! Yes, yes, yesssss, all of you cum all around me!”

“Oh God, my pussy is running like Victoria Falls after all that!” Said a gasping Charlotte.

The others were now slowly calming, just little shudders. “You turn Charlotte! Get yourself on show, do one of your specials for us!” Said Sapphire.

Next is Charlotte’s turn!

Oh, and by the way, Miss Black is getting to the end of her work and thinking of going to the venue she has to appear at soon.

Oh dear Charlotte…be careful!


Three Naughty Sisters ~ Part Four

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…last time you saw all three girls get a spanking together, but it could be any combination of them! A few days have passed by since the postman’s visit.

The girls are home from school and waiting to see what’s for tea. They could be quite good at times like this, they would set the table, peel potatoes, wash the pots and lots more. But, very often, things did not get that far.

Like today, look at them, three lovely sisters all chatting away. Not is all it seems however, look at Charlotte.

Can you see? She is distracted. All three sisters are the same, whatever they are doing, naughtiness and mischief is an instant distraction. There is only one thing they cannot resist…temptation.

Whatever the conversation was about, it has gone out of her head, Charlotte’s eyes and mind are on one thing, the bottom of her sister Stephanie. You see, Charlotte had her hair in a pony tail today at school, and when she got home she took it out, and put her simple elastic bobble on her wrist.

A bottom, a peachy bottom, just a couple of feet away, and an elastic bobble close to hand. She decides to aim it and flick it on her sister’s bottom, she is so focussed on it, that she just has to do it!

She takes aim, and begins to stretch the bobble as far as it can go!

If Stephanie had kept her school knickers on, she would have been okay, but with her dress riding up, and her thong tightly nestled between her plump, firm white cheeks, it was irresistible!

Then….TWAAAAAANG……CRACK! Charlotte let it go, and it hit her cheek hard, very very hard!

“Yeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeoooooooow! What the bloody hell!…that hurt!!”

The scream was so loud, it made Samantha scream too!

Charlotte began to laugh.

Stephanie began to cry a little as she rubbed her stinging cheek..

Mummy exploded!

“Typical! I’m home from work for ten minutes and world war three starts!” She shouts as she bursts through the door.

“What’s going off?” Mummy demanded to know.

Stephanie and Samantha pointed to Charlotte and said what had happened.

Mummy grabbed Charlotte’s ear. “So you think inflicting pain on someone’s bottom is funny do you!!? Well lets see how you like it!”

Like a chorus, Stephanie and Samantha spoke together. “Spank her bare bottom Mummy, show her what it’s like!”

Suddenly the room was full of action, as Mummy moved quickly to grab Charlotte’s ear, the two sisters standing up to throw fuel on the fire by saying how horrid she was, and that they were just sat quietly talking and she did it just to be nasty!

“That’s it mummy, you show her, give her a really good spanking, she’s been a very naughty girl hasn’t she Mummy?” Said Stephanie.

“And we’ve been good girls haven’t we Mummy? Just sat chatting, it’s her, it’s always her getting us in trouble!” Added Samantha.

Mummy knew perfectly well what her daughters were like, they were all as bad as each other when the mood took them. But in this instance she agreed, the other two had been good, and using that fact, along with a jolly good bare bottom spanking might…just might…teach her a lesson. “You are a naughty, naughty girl Charlotte, I’m going to spank your bottom before your sisters. They are good girls!”

“No Mummy, no no no, please, not before them! They will make fun of me! Please no Mummyy!”

How Samantha and Stephanie delighted in the developing scene! They settled back on the sofa for a grandstand view!

How they enjoyed watching their naughty sister being told off, and made to bend over for a spanking. They felt so excited! “That’s it Mummy, you teach her! Lift her dress up, let us see her bum!”

Charlotte protested and struggled, which made it even better for them!

“Charlotte’s getting a spanking, Charlotte’s getting a spanking!” Sang the two sisters delighting in her torment and embarrasment!

Mummy lifted her dress.

Charlotte pleaded, ‘no Mummy, pleeeeease!’

“Take them down Mummy, show her what happens to very naughty girls!” Shouted Samantha with glee!

And down they came!

“Oh yesssss! Good old Mummy! We can see your bottom again Charlotte! Make it really red Mummy!” The girls encouraged.

“Oh I intend to!” Replied Mummy.

The encouragement was working!

The spanking started! And straight away Charlotte made a great fuss, embarrassing herself with loud squeals, jumping about and pleading for mercy. Which of course is just what the two sisters wanted.


“Owwwwww, ooooooh, no more no…..ooooooowwww! Stop stop please! It hurts Mummy, owwwww! They are laughing at me Mummy…owwww!”

“So they should! You silly naughty girl! Carry on girls you laugh! It serves naughty Charlotte right!”

They, laughed, they made fun, the jeered and ridiculed the hopping wriggling Charlotte!

And the naughty girl wriggled and jumped as she got the spanking she deserved.

“Ooooh that’s hurting! Look how she’s kicking! That’s it Mummy! Make it sting, teach her a lesson Mummy!” Spurred on Stephanie.

And that is where we will leave it, a perfect scene of domestic discipline for you to devour…a naughty girl being spanked on her curvy pert bottom, wriggling and squealing as the stinging hard slaps from her mummy land repeatedly. And all the time her two sisters laugh, point, and make fun…

Samantha gets spanked next!

See you soon!


The Wonderful Public Spankings of Helga Bode

Helga Bode, as far as can be gathered, was a female German artist who created a lot of spanking art (drawings and watercolor paintings) in the 1920s.

Besides spanking and related corporal punishment scenes, she also drew enema and bottom fetish scenes. Her range of age and gender combinations varies widely; her most common ones are F/f, F/F, F/m, M/F, and M/m. The scenes depicted range from historic to contemporary of her time.

Little is known about the artist. A number of her works were published as illustrations in German semi-scientific sexology publications in the 1930s, but these were not commissioned illustrations; rather, the artwork was probably given to the publishers by Helga Bode’s former psychotherapist whom she had entrusted with a considerable number of her drawings and paintings.

She was very good at portraying public spankings…

In a police station, the lady is probably her mother witnessing the caning and ready to take her home, probably for another strapping from Daddy. I saw a spanking bench in a police station in Fort William, it said they were usually given by the sergeant.

This looks like a row of girls getting ready one at a time for a serious flogging on a spanking bench where they will be strapped to. Judging by the woman, probably a teacher or a matron, I am guessing a school.

A school birching before the class. He seems well supplied with naughty bottoms and birches. The birches are in water, in the bucket, often brine for cleaning and sterilising, as well as keeping them supple.

A religious setting, probably a Convent School where the visiting Pastor is dealing with an unruly girl who is retrained for the beating.

Looks like a judicial thrashing with the birch. Probably a group of onlookers are to the right, watching the spectacle. Often the birching room was open to the street on one side, where huge wooden doors would be opened, and huge crowds gathered. See how the poor girl struggles, she will be naked from feet to shoulders, when her shift is lifted. The judge or other dignitary is there to officiate. The punisher looks eager and the two prison wardens quite gleeful. How a pretty bottom must have suffered in those days.

Whipped through the streets or all around the market place, was a common punishment. Sometimes on the back of a cart in pillories. It depended on the size of village or town. Imagine the cheer when some buxom pretty girl was told…”On Saturday you will be brought to the town square, where you will be stripped naked! From their your buttocks will be flogged from one end of the village to the other!”

If she moaned or cursed it would then be added…”…be quiet damn you! You will now have your bottom thrashed all the way back, and any more from you and we will repeat it!”

Here is some of her other work…

An excellent collection of work Helga, no smacked bottom for you today! Instead….turn around, bend over….::pats bottom nicely:: good girl, off you go!


Mr.Reece gets the cane.

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Proud Mr.Reece was broken, trembling with pain, humiliation and fear, he flinched when Tamara said. “Right Mr.Reece, to finish off, you can get a dozen or so of the cane.

Flexing the cane around her own bottom as she stood by his side. “Right! Let’s begin…..present your bottom!”

She was going to enjoy this, she was going to make it swish and crack! And him scream! She took aim.

And then gave him a sound thrashing! The cane fizzed, whizzed and swished! It cracked and whacked and thwacked! He squealed and screamed and yelled…loud, long and high pitched…

As she examined his bottom she could feel the moistness of her pussy. She was thrilled to the core and exhilarated. She knew that tonight she would be fingering her pussy hard, to many orgasms. She drank the sight in.

“Not red enough!” She announced and gave him six more in rapid fire succession…whack,whack,whack,whack,whack,whack!!!

Then she yanked his underpants down, and decided that was enough!

“Right, you naughty boy!! Get into the corner and stand in shame!”

“Ooooh ohhh yes yes yes Mistress Tamara, I will Miss, yes yes!” He squealed as he ran.

To stand on display, in the naughty corner…”oh you naughty, naughty, boy Mr Reece!”

“What are you MR Reece?”

“A naughty boy Mistress.”

“Tell……..again!” She commanded.

“Yes Mistress, I am a naughty boy, your naughty boy Mustress.”

Richard Hegemann

Richard Hegemann (who would also use other pseudonyms such as A. Hegemann, A. Hegener and P. Rollmann, or sign with just the initials R.H.) was a German artist who did many spanking art and fetish drawings in the 1920s, a number of which were published later as illustrations in reputable German publications of Sexual Research Institutes in the early 1930s.

He was from Berlin and created these drawings for his own pleasure and as gifts or commissions for like-minded friends. In addition to (mostly pencil) drawings, he also did some colored works in watercolor. Richard Hegemann’s art shows scenes of dominant women (mainly F/F, F/m and F/M). Boys in Hegemann’s art typically wear a sailor suit. These you can see here…

In Germany of the 1920s, spanking fetishism was considered a serious sexuality disorder that needed therapy, so the artist ended up in psychotherapy in the late 1920s. The pyschologist he was seeing talked her into entrusting him with any drawings she still had. She also persuaded some of her spanking art friends to do the same, so the therapist soon had an impressive collection of original spanking art. (A very similar story happened to Helga Bode.) whom you will see next in this series.

You can see the other artists here…

So just three depicting scenes of naughty girls…

A painful piano lesson, and I suspect the boy is ill prepared for his too. The boy incidentally shows how he illustrated them in his naughty boy spankings he specialised in, dressed in sailor suits.

A mother delivering those immortal lines, “I am doing this for your own good, it will hurt me more than it will hurt you, but you must learn that being naughty has consequences.”

Not many I know, but more than worthy of inclusion in my galleries.