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Say hello to Abigail

So there I was talking to Charlotte and Samantha, and I asked, would you ever like to play Mummy and Strict Aunt if I got us a girl to play the role of a wayward daughter or naughty niece.

Their eyes lit up….”try and find someone who looks a bit like us, and not so tall so she looks like she could be!”

I think I have done that very well…

Abigail’s spankable bottom

So, watch this space, she should appear later in the summer.


‘B’….this is an entry from one of my writing competitions.

This had to centre around this photo…

“In my class cheats are caned. Each of you will be receiving six strokes of the cane, six of my very best ! Charlotte you’re first, take your knickers down to your ankles and bend over the stool. Do it now or leave !

I felt my ears tickling and knew I was blushing crimson as I lowered my knickers in front of the whole classroom. When my knickers reached my knees I felt my short uniform skirt rising and rising…

I finally had to bend over the stool and heard faint ohs and ahs from my classmates. I knew that my skirt was no longer covering my derriere. I closed my legs as tight as possible.

On the bench my chum Samantha was as white as a sheet. We both knew that joining the District Remedial School for young ladies over eighteen would be like traveling back in time with school uniforms and corporal punishment…

I heard the cane whistling and a split second later I felt a streak of fire across my bum ! The pain grew and grew and I bawled, “OH! ARGH! OUCH!”

O&P Spanking Stories

I have visited her site, it is very interesting, all based around a school, which you can join as a teacher or pupil and role play. I was tempted myself, I used to like spanking chat rooms etc. But I am too busy nowadays.

Click here…

Asa’s Writing Competitions ~ Entries I want to share…

Congratulations! If your story appears here it means that I think it worthy of sharing with my followers. I hope you enter future ones too. I will probably organise art competitions too…eventually.

I hope this does not seem too presumptuous of me, after all, who am I to judge. But I assure you it is done in the right spirit, I am trying to help would be writers etc by sharing a space.

At the time of writing I get 3k views a day, so in a week that is 21k, in a month 84k and so on. Who knows who will read or look at your work. If this helps you in life I am happy…

Competition One

Based around a single photo of Charlotte over a high stool with Samantha looking on…

Click the links for entries I deem readable.

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A letter from Keiter

No-4 by Robyn

Competition Two

No-1 by Hawkeye

Competition Three

This has led to Jean Marie having her own page.

The Friday Night Masturbation Club ~ Part Eight.

For the rest of the story, click here…


“What on earth is going on here girls? Need I ask! So you have been sneaking in here, after school, to masturbate together? And how long has this been going on I wonder?” Boomed Miss Black.

“Being here after school is the same as trespassing on any property! Wether you are a pupil here or not, you should not be here! You are not covered with insurance for one thing! But what about night classes? Anyone could have discovered you! A fine example that would show the world wouldn’t it!?”

“And as for this book! Who brought this in? It is disgusting! It is pornography! You are not even old enough to look at this material, let alone have it in your possession!”

“You Charlotte! You would not even stop when I was stood looking at you, shouting for you to stop! My word young lady! All your parents are going to hear of this!”

“Don’t you dare snigger madam! This is not a laughing matter!”

“And who may I ask did this filth on the blackboard? Hmmm? Someone thinks I need a spanking it seems! Well! Let me assure you girls. IT WILL BE YOU GETTING BARE BOTTOM SPANKINGS!”

“You are all getting spanked for trespassing and public masturbation! But whoever drew this will be caned on their bare bottom before you! And…AND….IF NOBODY OWNS UP! YOU WILL ALL BE CANED ON YOUR BARE BOTTOMS IN THE CAR PARK, NEXT TO THE MAIN ROAD, BEFORE EVERYONE!”

“So who did it…ten…nine…eight…seven…”

All eyes slowly turned to Fae.

More to come!


Mr.Jones’s Study – Part Two

To see part one click here……


There is a soft knock on the door from my Secreteries office at the allotted time.


In they come, expecting to be stood to attention, reprimanded and then bent over and caned. But I decide to savour their company and watch them squirm. They are always well turned out and lovely to look at. “Sit down on the two chairs there.”

Can you believe it? As I stand at my filing cabinet, getting the punishment book out, they begin to whisper to each other! “QUIET! You are in enough trouble as it is! In this room you only speak when spoken to!”

It made them jump, they looked quite shocked.

“Sit facing forward, don’t move, sit still and be quiet….whilst you can. Because believe me young ladies, you will not be able to sit when I have done with you!”

I stood looking at them, my erect manhood shielded by the filing cabinet.

My mind wandered…in my thoughts they opened their legs and said “…please don’t punish us Sir, you can put your hands up our skirts and in our school knickers, if you don’t Sir.”

I had to stop my little fantasy and let the jib crane in my trousers subside….

“Right! Stand up, turn around and face the chairs.”

To be continued….

Three Naughty Sisters – Part Seven

To read the rest, click here…


Stephanie stood on the landing naked, biting her lip. She could hear her two sisters giggling excitedly in the bathroom, talking about her ensuing naked spanking, as they took turns to wee. It seemed to take ages, both girls pee’d a long time!

Out they came, and took their positions to watch. “She’s a right naughty girl isn’t she Mummy?” Said Charlotte.

“She is Charlotte.” Replied a frowning and serious Mummy.

“I bet you are going to give her a long hard spanking to teach her a lesson aren’t you Mummy?” Beamed Samantha.

“I am darling, yes!” Answered Mummy.

Stephanie scowled and accepted her fate, a humiliating naked spanking before her sisters…

“Over you get! And I am waiting for a special word.”

“I’m sorry for playing with my pussy with my toys in the bathroom and deliberately making my sisters wait Mummy”

“Apology accepted. But you can still bend over!” Instructed Mummy.

Samantha and Charlotte giggled at Stephanie as she wriggled and encouraged their Mummy to keep going!

The smacks and squeals echoed down the stairwell!

More to come, all three get it next time!


Mr.Jones’s Study

Part One…

Part Two…


Part Three

Part Four

Part Five

Part Six

Part Seven

Part Eight

Part Nine

Part Ten

Asa’s note…

More to come

A Naughty Victorian Maid’s Spanking…

I have been updating the story called ‘The Inveigle’, by adding some photos to Chapter Four.

To find it, click on ‘Photo Stories’ above, (top of page) and scroll down to it.

There are lots of sexy photos, like these, and I think…lol…Well, I hope!…a good read!

I know they are a little dark, it is intentional, to show the typically darker, oil lit rooms of the day.



Mr.Jones’s Study – Part One

Here is my office, a little cluttered I know, but if a job needs doing, then it is worth doing well. So I have plenty of equipment. Behind you, (as you look) is a French window overlooking the ‘Saint Helena High School for Wayward Girls’, manicured lawns. Mr Wallis the caretaker and gardener does an excellent job.

As you are aware, I am the Headmaster. I punish girls every day, sometimes ten or more. But I am going to concentrate on two of my favourites. Samantha and Charlotte, two best friends. Both are excellent pupils, winning awards and sporting events, and such like.

But they are also, two of my most frequent visitors. Their bottoms….always bare bottoms, have had lots of attention from my rattan, leather, plimsols and wooden rulers, over the years.

Here they are…


What I have never really shared with you, so far, is this. I get aroused when I punish the girls. My thoughts as I whack away at their plump young cheeks are very often sexual. But of course, I never act on it, I am a gentleman.

The images in my mind when punishing their naughty, pert, bare bottoms, are quite something, and I want to share them with you, so now and then in this particular account, there will be my thoughts!

More soon…

Eric Galton

Eric Galton was an F/F spanking art illustrator. He made 8 illustrations for The Misfortunes of Colette (circa 1930, issued privately for subscribers only by Gargoyle Press), the English translation of the French spanking novel Les Malheurs de Colette by Aimé Van Rod.

Les Malheurs de Colette is a spanking novel by Aimé Van Rod. It was first published in 1914 by Librairie Artistique et Édition Parisienne Réunies. There is also a 1928 edition by Édition Parisienne which was illustrated by Georges Topfer and has a cover illustration by Martin van Maële. The novel was translated to English under the title The Misfortunes of Colette, which features 8 illustrations by Eric Galton. It was issued privately for subscribers only by Gargoyle Press in circa 1930.

One can see how Galton based three of his illustrations on Topfer’s.

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