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The Pond

This is part three of this…


The butterfly flew away and The two girls carried on their walk.

They sauntered down a path, bees were busy on the pretty purple-blue ‘Grandma’s Bonnets’, the sound and scent of early summer hung heavily in the warm air. They passed through a wrought iron gate into the orchard and lawns…

They passed by the curious and large ‘Wendy House’ by the trees, towards their house.

And on to their pond. “I can hear frogs!” Said Samantha, as they approached their pond.

“Ooooh frogs. They are okay, so long as they don’t move! I find them a bit scary when they do.” Commented Charlotte.

“I doubt they will. They seem to spend their life not moving with just their heads poking out from the pondweed!” Giggled back Samantha as they paused to look.

“Oh look, there’s one!” Said Charlotte.

“Oh yes!” Agreed Samantha.

I sat and watched my friends a while…


Colette at School ~ by Redrobin.


Author’s note

This story was inspired by a single throwaway line in the recent 2018 film Colette, starring Keira Knightley. Colette ghost wrote a series of novels about a girl called Claudine, based on her own personal experiences in C19 France. These were published by her husband, Henry Gauthier-Villars. He published Colette’s novels under his own pen name, ‘Willy’.

The first story, Claudine at School (Claudine à l’école), describes the final year of 15-year-old Claudine at secondary school in the village of Montigny, her confrontations with her headmistress, Mademoiselle Sergent, and her fellow students. The story begins with the new school year, marked by the arrival of the new headmistress, Miss Sergent, and her young assistant, Miss Aimée Lanthenay. Although Claudine begins an affair early on with Miss Lanthenay, Miss Sergent soon discovers the liaison and discourages Miss Lanthenay, ultimately taking her on as her own lover. Claudine feels betrayed and causes trouble for the two women with the help of her friends. Miss Lanthenay’s sister Lucy (Luce) arrives at the school, and Claudine mistreats her, but Lucy idiolises Claudine nonetheless.

The dialogue in the film went something like this:

“Have you started writing the next novel yet, Colette?” Willy inquired in an irritated voice. “You’ve had weeks to get started on it.”

“No I haven’t,” Colette responded sharply. “I’ve had far more important things to do.”

“What would have happened at school if you hadn’t done your homework, Colette?’ Willy said in an exasperated voice.

Colette laughed and replied, “Oh, I would have been given lines to write or maybe the headmistress would have put me across her knee and spanked my bottom!”

That’s all that was said, but it got me thinking how it might have been continued. So here goes!

The Wonderful Kiera Knightly
thank you for the inspiration!

Willy raised an eyebrow as his eyes suddenly gleamed with interest. “Were you ever spanked at school Colette? You didn’t mention it in your first novel ‘Claudine at School’.”

Colette looked at her husband and could see his evident interest. “Well, if you really must know, yes I was….on a number of occasions. In fact I remember it was rather nice!” she replied, laughing. “However, I didn’t put it into the story because I really didn’t think it would be of interest to the readers.”

“You clearly don’t know many of our readers very well. Of course they would have found it interesting. You must tell me all the salacious details, Colette.

“If that is what you would like, Willy,” replied Colette, “but you mustn’t be shocked by all the ‘salacious details’ as you phrase it!”

It all started in a rather innocent way as a schoolgirls’ play game. You probably know the sort of thing young children get up to when left to their own devices. They’re often keen to reenact situations that they encounter in everyday life.

During the long lunchtime break, a group of us girls would head to spend some time in a secluded glade in the woods a little way from the school. It was far enough away from the school not to be disturbed. Sometimes we would play the game we just called ‘school’. One of us would take on the role of headmistress, whilst the rest played her erstwhile pupils. From time to time, someone would pretend to play up and the headmistress would dutifully scold them and even sometimes put them across her knee for a mock spanking. As one of the ‘big’ girls (I was 15 at the time), more often than not, I took on the role of headmistress. You know me, always very bossy and assertive even at that age!

On one such occasion a girl called Lucy started to be very mischievous during one of these games. She started poking one of the other girls in the ribs and pinching her bottom as they sat on the ground in a semicircle around me in our mock classroom. The poor girl started to squeal and then burst into tears with Lucy’s unwanted attention.

Lucy was a pretty but very irritating 13-year-old, the younger sister of our young 19-year-old assistant teacher, Mademoiselle Aimee Lanthenay. Lucy had blue eyes and lovely golden yellow curly hair that reached half way down her back. She had a real crush on me, but I found her rather irksome and often mistreated her badly. However nasty I was towards her, she still seemed to idolise me and would try to follow me everywhere I went. I much preferred her older sister, Mademoiselle Aimee, on whom I had a crush.

Anyway, back to the woodland ‘classroom’. Trying to sound as stern as possible, I scolded Lucy for her silly behaviour and informed her that if I had to stop the lesson again, I would give her a sound spanking in front of all the other girls. I then continued to deliver a mock lesson on some topic I cannot now remember. However, within minutes, Lucy started her ‘poking and pinching game’ again.

“Right! Lucy, you were warned. Come out to the front now and get across my knee,” I said, sitting down on a convenient tree stump, theatrically patting my knee with my hand.

Lucy stood up and approached me, a mischievous look in her eyes.

“Oh Miss,” Lucy said with a smirking expression on her face, “do you have to spank me? I’ll be good as gold from now on.”

“Of course I do. You can’t say you weren’t warned. Now come here and get over my knee.”

Lucy slowly approached me and gracefully placed herself over my waiting lap, wriggling her petite body to make herself comfortable. I gazed down at her, wondering whether I should try to push the boundaries of our little game a little further than usual. As I’ve already said, Lucy was such an irritating little girl, following me everywhere I went. She never seemed phased when I was rude or nasty towards her. She seemed to lap it up and return for more. Perhaps it was time to try to put a stop to her ridiculous adoration of me. Should I spank her properly rather than just give her a series of playful slaps over her skirted bottom as was normally the case during such games?

After a little internal deliberation, I dared myself to take the game a few steps further and in my best imitation of our stern headmistress’ voice, I said, “I think a proper spanking is in order, don’t you Lucy?”

“Oh yes Miss, I’ve been so naughty. Please spank me hard,” replied Lucy giggling, saucily waggling her bottom at me.

“Are you really sure you want me to spank you properly, Lucy?” I inquired.

“Oh yes, Miss, I’m sure…please be so good as to do so!”

“Well, so be it then, Lucy. How can I resist such a charming request, but please do remember that you’ve asked for this.”

Without further ado, I took hold of the hem of her calf-length school skirt and rolled it slowly up over her back to expose her white stockinged legs and frilly open-crotch bloomers tied off with a pink ribbon around her waist. The other girls sat in silent anticipation, eagerly watching the developing scene as they started to realise that I was departing from the normal ‘script’. The expression on their faces was one of ‘Will she?!’

“Are you really going to spank her properly, Colette?” asked one of them.

“Why not? She has been a very naughty young lady and has agreed to let me do so.”

“Shouldn’t you bare her bottom if you’re going to do it properly, Mademoiselle?” another of the girls asked mischievously.

“Well, I suppose I could do so. What do the rest of you think?”

“Oh yes!” I could hear some of the others saying excitedly, their eyes riveted on Lucy’s frilly drawers lying across my knee.

“No, you can’t do that!” Lucy shouted out, as she suddenly realised where things were leading. “You can’t expose me in public. It wouldn’t be decent!”

“Go on Miss, you said she should be spanked properly. Open her drawers and give her a good walloping on her bare botty! That’s how the headmistress spanks us when we’ve been naughty,” shouted out another of the younger girls, clearly desperately keen to see some real action. Many of them also found Lucy rather irritating and thoroughly annoying, so no one had any real sympathy for her plight.

The girl whom Lucy had poked and pinched spoke up, “Go on Colette, you’re the headmistress. Spank her properly and make her squeal for forgivenesses! She really hurt me with all her silly poking and pinching. She deserves it!”

Sensing the mood of the assembled company, I decided to go for it. It was about time someone really took Lucy to task. My hand took hold of the pink bow that held Lucy’s drawers together at the waist and, with a flourish, pulled it undone. The rear flaps of the drawers fell back and her well-formed plump, round rump sprang into view. Her skin looked beautifully soft and almost the color of alabaster, more like a Greek statue than human flesh…a rich whitey cream.

Feeling a cool breeze now wafting across her denuded bottom cheeks, Lucy gave a high pitched squeal and a red blush spread across her face. She crossed her legs and tried to clench her buttocks tightly together, trying hard to hide her exposed bottom and what lay between her legs.

“Oh Colette, what have you done?” she wailed. “It’s so embarrassing. I shall tell my sister how you exposed me so shamefully. What on earth are you thinking? My sister will tell the headmistress, and she’ll surely take a martinet to your bare bottom, you horrible bitch! See how you feel then!”

In a calm voice, I replied, “Don’t be such a silly baby, Lucy. I thought you wanted me to spank you properly and I have every intention of doing so now that I have got this far. Play the game and let’s entertain the class!”

So saying, I took a firm grip around Lucy’s waist with my left hand, and carefully pushed back the flaps of Lucy’s drawers as far as they would go to leave a clear field. Then I raised my hand and slapped the right cheek of Lucy’s bottom with a resounding smack! Lucy let out a loud squeal and kicked her stocking legs in the air as her buttock wobbled on impact. I then delivered another smack to her other cheek, producing a similar reaction from Lucy, her bottom now displaying two pinkish hand prints where my smacks had landed.

I gently caressed the two plump globes of bottom flesh savouring the feel of this highly spankable bottom and enjoying the sense of power that I had with Lucy firmly held down over her lap. Then, raising my hand again, I continued spanking Lucy as hard as I could, interspersed with a steady procession of questions, to which Lucy could only manage to squeal her brief responses in between each smack.

“Is this what you asked for, Lucy?” SMACK!

‘‘Yeowwh! No, no!

“Is this what you would call a proper spanking?” SMACK! SMACK!

“Yeowwhhhh! Yes, but please, please stop, Colette. It hurts!”

“You’re such a naughty girl, Lucy, aren’t you?” SMACK! SMACK! SMACK!

“Aghhh! Yeow! ….No I’m not!”

SMACK! SMACK! SMACK! SMACK! “Oh yes you are! Admit it, Lucy, or I shall continue to spank your naughty little bottom until you do so!”


By this time, Lucy was howling loudly and kicking her legs in a most obscene fashion as she tried to struggle free. Her bottom was beginning to take on a much deeper red colour as I continued to wallop her bottom. I was enjoying myself immensely. I’d never before administered a proper spanking, but I was rapidly finding out what fun it could be, particularly with someone so irritating as young Lucy!

“You bitch…stop, stop!” Lucy managed to shout out between her sobs.

Unfortunately, Lucy’s use of the word ‘bitch’ for a second time only encouraged me to wallop her bottom even harder.

“I’m a bitch, am I?” I said. SMACK! SMACK! SMACK!


“I had better live up to my name then hadn’t I, Lucy?”


“Yeowwhhhh! Yeowwhhhh! Yeowwhhhh!”

“If you admit that you have been a very naughty girl and apologise nicely for calling me a bitch, I might just stop spanking you,” I said as I continued to rain down harder and harder smacks across Lucy’s naked cheeks, making them really dance and bounce up and down across my lap.

Lucy seemed to be rather stubborn and, despite the pain and her yelps, she steadfastly refused to do so. However, I also was made of stern stuff and had no intention of stopping until I got an admission and apology from Lucy. And so my hand continued to rise and fall, filling the air with the sound of loud smacks. The class sat staring in total admiration of my treatment of Lucy’s posterior. They seemed to be enjoying every minute of it.

After a while, there started to be a subtle change in Lucy’s response, which caught me totally by surprise. Lucy’s wild kicking and wriggling, changed to more measured rising and falling of her buttocks, almost as though she was presenting me with it to be smacked. Her yelps of pain also started to change to sounds more akin to moans of pleasure. These started off quietly, but steadily became louder and louder. I also noticed that there was an increasing amount of dampness between her legs.

I was a little puzzled by this change and temporarily stopped the spanking, gazing at the now crimson cheeks that lay twitching across my lap. She was clearly deriving some perverse pleasure from my spanking. I found that very strange! Oddly, Lucy’s bottom continued to rise and fall in a rather obscene manner, even though I was no longer spanking it. She suddenly realised that I had ceased walloping her and looked over her shoulder at me with a pleading, tear stained face, and said, “Please Colette, please don’t stop! Spank me hard and fast… please!”

I wasn’t at all sure what to do, but in the end I started spanking her harder and harder. Her plump little bottom writhed and wriggled over my lap until suddenly her body seemed to convulse and she let out a loud cry of ecstasy. How intriguing!

She lay limply across my lap, sobbing quietly. I gently caressed her bottom feeling the heat that I had generated, trying to calm her down. The other girls looked rather taken aback and rather horrified by what they had just witnessed. I decided it would be best if I stopped the game and suggested that they all had better return to the school for their afternoon classes.

As the last of the girls left, I gently pulled Lucy’s drawers back up and re-tied the pink bow around her waist, and then pulled her skirt back down, instructing her to get up. As she slowly rose off my lap, she turned her tear-stained face to me and smiled, saying, “Oh Colette, my dear Colette, thank you! I love you so much. That was a most beautiful experience. I’ve never felt anything so wonderful in my whole life.” She then bent forward and kissed me on the lips, before running off after the other girls as though nothing had happened!

I was left sitting there feeling totally confused. Far from finally managing to shake off Lucy’s infatuation with me, the spanking I had just given her seemed to have had the opposite effect. It had strengthened her adoration for me! I had enjoyed spanking her, but I was also left puzzled by the fact that she too had enjoyed the experience. How could that be? Surely a spanking was meant to hurt and punish, not to generate pleasure?

It must have been my Catholic upbringing, but I started to feel pangs of guilt at what I had just done and felt a strong need to confess to someone about it. But who? Then it occurred to me that I must talk to Lucy’s sister, Mademoiselle Aimee. Although she would probably be furious at what I had done to her younger sister, I felt that she was the only person who might be able to shed some light on the strange occurrence and I desperately needed to apologise for my behaviour toward her sister.

Later, after lessons had finished for the day, I sought out Mademoiselle Aimee in her rooms. Fortunately she was in and I got straight on with my confession, relating everything about what had transpired during our lunch break in the woods.

Aimee sat there in silence, giving nothing away about how she felt about my behaviour towards her sister, Lucy.

Finally, once I had finished recounting my tale, I ended by saying, “Mademoiselle, I have been very horrible to your little sister. What is even more terrible is that I enjoyed it. Can you ever forgive me? You must punish me like I punished Lucy. Please Mademoiselle, please spank me! I need to atone for my sins.”

The beautiful Mademoiselle Aimee looked at me with a slightly amused expression on her face and said, “What you did to Lucy was very nasty, although I can understand why you might have been driven to do it. As for her reactions towards the end of the spanking, I’m not sure if I can really explain that to you very easily. However, I am more than happy to spank you to help you ‘atone for your sins’ as you put it. You have been extremely horrible towards Lucy ever since she arrived at the school and thoroughly deserve to have your naughty young derriere well spanked!”

“Oh Mademoiselle, please do. I won’t be able to feel happy again until you have done so. Please spank me, please,” Colette pleaded.

“Very well, Colette, I will, but rest assured it’s going to hurt! Now remove your dress and place yourself across my knee.”

I did as she bid. Divesting myself of my cotton dress and underskirts, I lay down across Mademoiselle Aimee’s comforting knee. I felt my cotton drawers being slowly parted and my shift raised above my waist to expose my bare bottom to the air. Then the spanking began. Aimee started slowly, much to my relief, with little more than light slaps. I had never been spanked before. However, whether it was because it was Aimee who was spanking me or not, I started to find the experience of having my bare bottom spanked really quite arousing. After a while, Aimee gradually started to increase the intensity of the spanks and I went through a period of real pain and tears to the point I almost asked her to stop, but didn’t. Rather perversely you might think, I was desperate to know what it was that had given Lucy so much apparent pleasure from her spanking.

Aimee suddenly halted her spanking and I thought she was going to cheat me of the possibility of finding out what lay ‘on the other side’ of a spanking. Fortunately I was not to be so cheated.

“You really were a wicked, naughty girl, Colette, to spank my sister in the way you did, and to admit that you enjoyed the experience. Being an older girl than Lucy, on the verge of adulthood, I think you deserve a more severe punishment than just a hand spanking. I’m going to use my martinet on you to make sure that you feel you have truly atoned for your sins! Now, get off my lap and bend over my desk.”

I shuffled slowly over to Mademoiselle’s desk and bent forward, grasping the far edge tightly. As I did so, I could feel Mademoiselle loosen the ribbon of my drawers and they slid down on the floor, leaving my bottom and thighs totally exposed. She then opened a side drawer on her desk and withdrew her martinet, an innocuous looking little whip with nine relatively short leather ‘tails’ attached to a wooden handle. In France, this was regarded as the definitive instrument of punishment in schools rather than a birch or birch. I had never seen one used, but I was soon to catch up on this missed part of my ‘education’!

Standing to one side, I saw Mademoiselle unbutton the right sleeve of her beautifully embroidered white blouse and roll it up. She then raised it over her shoulder and held the end of the leather tails in her left hand. After a short pause, she brought the whip swishing down right across the crown of my bottom, the tails fanning out as they collided with my cheeks each delivering a sharp burning sting. God, how that hurt! It far worse than the hand spanking I had just experienced. Again, Mademoiselle raised her arm and proceeded to deliver another, even harder stroke. This time the tails curled around the lower, fleshier part of my cheeks, some managing to reach between my legs, causing me to squeal loudly.

“Do you think that you are beginning to admit the error of your ways?”

“Yeowwhhhh! Oui, Mademoiselle!” I yelled as she brought the whip smartly down for a third time, this one licking painfully around my upper thighs.

“That is good to hear, Colette. However, I think another dozen or so strokes should impart the lesson you truly deserve, so hold on tightly!”

Mademoiselle then set about me with a will, her little martinet swishing across my bottom from the left and from the right, sometimes high on my bottom, at other times striking across my fleshy thighs and straying between my legs. Oh, how I danced to the tune of that nasty little whip! And yet, as she continued the fire in my cheeks steadily spread to my loins. Involuntarily my rump started to rise to meet each stroke. I just couldn’t stop it, willingly offering itself for Mademoiselle’s attentions! Finally I was now beginning to understand Lucy’s strange behaviour. The pain was starting to convert into pleasurable sensations and I started to feel moisture dripping from my inner thigh.

As these sensations built, my whole body suddenly exploded as I felt an enormous surge of pleasure sweep through me and I let out a scream of pure ecstasy. Even though I was only 15 at the time, I wasn’t totally innocent and realised that I had just experienced my first ever orgasm! No wonder Lucy had been so grateful when I released her!

Aimee had stopped whipping me as soon as my orgasm had subsided and I felt her hand now caressing the contours of my now very warm bottom cheeks, whilst the other hand stroked my hair and neck, very gently and lovingly. It was such a beautiful gesture. I longed to hug and kiss her.

“Was that nice, ma chérie? Do you feel that you are now absolved from your sins?” inquired Aimee.

“Thank you Mademoiselle, yes I do feel a great sense of relief that I have paid for my behaviour towards your sister. And, as far as my spanking went, all I can say is that it was very painful, but also was very delicieuse in equal measure! Thank you so much,” I replied.

“That is good, Colette. Perhaps you now understand what happened to Lucy when you spanked her? I know that spanking is meant to be a punishment, but I have also come to realise that for some girls, like you and Lucy, spanking can also bring enormous pleasure! You two are, in some respects, very lucky! As for myself, I’ve never found being spanked remotely arousing, although I have to admit that I did rather enjoy spanking and whipping your lovely bottom!”

I was thrilled by her last comment and, perhaps rather inadvisably, said, “In that case Mademoiselle, I hope that I am very naughty again. I have fallen in love with the whip!”

“So there you have it, Willy, in all its salacious detail! Are you shocked?”

Willy sat there totally astonished by my account, but from the lustful gleam in his eyes, it was obvious that he had found the images I had managed to conjure up for him very arousing!

“Good lord, Colette. I had no idea of what you seem to have got up to at school. Why on earth didn’t you include those scenes in your first book? Many of our readers would have really drooled over such an account and our sales would have rocketed! We really must publish a new revised edition. It will be a scandalous sensation!” said Willy enthusiastically.

“Well, if you really think so, Willy, although there’s even more scandal that I haven’t yet related to you yet, although the phrase ‘scandalous sensation’ might prove rather weak to describe some of the ‘goings on’ in my little village school!

“Good God! There’s more? You must tell me, Colette. What other naughty mischief did you get up to?”

“Another time, my dear. I can’t have you getting too excited!”

John Willie

Another artist I have featured, (This one is No-49), to see the rest, click here…

John Alexander Scott Coutts (1902 – 1962), better known as John Willie, was a pioneering fetish photographer and bondage artist working mainly in the F/F genre.

He was born in Singapore and grew up in England. In the 1930s he taught himself how to draw while living in Australia. Around 1935 he began working for a Sydney-based fetish club as an illustrator and photographer. He also bought fetish paraphernalia and photos from Paris dealers Yva Richard and Diana Slip which had an influence on his BDSM artwork. His artistic style uses many elements that the French spanking artist Carlo had used before: Stiletto heels, stockings, tightlaced corsets with either covered, exposed or half-exposed breasts, and a preference for the colours black and red.

Around 1945 he adopted the alias “John Willie” (willie is British slang for phallus) and moved to New York City where he published his bondage and fetish magazine Bizarre from 1946 to 1959.

The magazine included many photographs, often of his wife. Some of the photos published in Bizarre were purchased from Charles Guyette’s burlesque and BDSM equipment store in New York. Willie established contacts in America through the sub-culture social networks created by Guyette. One of those contacts was Irving Klaw, who sold some of Willie’s bondage illustrations in his Manhattan store, Movie Star News, and by mail order.

As a bondage artist, he is best known for his character Sweet Gwendoline, a comic series that first appeared in Wink magazine in 1947-1950. Published largely in the 1950s and 1960s, the series was drawn in a clear, anatomically correct style that influenced later artists such as Gene Bilbrew (aka Eneg) and Eric Stanton.

In 1984, a screenplay loosely adapted from the Gwendoline stories was made into a campy, sexploitation adventure movie in France called The Perils of Gwendoline in the Land of the Yik-Yak starring Tawny Kitaen. It was also released as simply Gwendoline.

The first half of the film is clearly imitative of the Indiana Jones action-adventure format. The latter half of the story takes place in a mythical Amazon-like civilization ruled by domineering women who wear elaborate, fetishistic leather clothing.

There are many scenes of bondage, nudity, and pony carts (that resemble Roman chariots) pulled by teams of human slaves. However, unlike Willie’s artwork, scenes of erotic punishment such as spankings or floggings are conspicuously absent.

This is where I first saw Pony Girls in mainstream films (albeit c grade) which fascinate me! I would love to be sat in one of the chariots in the film, with four girls like in the film with bare backsides pulling me along. You can see a fabulous clip of the Gwendilene film on You Tube.

…just write ‘you tube clip Gwendoline’ in your search engine…

Girls like this are in the film, and trot along pulling chariots! As well as fighting!

The director, Just Jaeckin, also made the 1975 film based on the well-known sadomasochistic novel Story of O.