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A Touch of Glamour…(and more!)

At most of my shoots I take a few photos of my girls just being what they are, beautiful, sexy and naughty. I will put them here…You will also see a continuation of photo sets, that page ( click on the menu above) was full.

Just chatting between scenes, and I walked by.
In the changing room, I was sat drinking tea and Stephanie posed for me…click!
We have known each other for so long that I can just sit and drink tea in the changing room. It’s lovely and relaxed, full of happy chat and…….flesh! They are happy for me to click away. Like being a fly on the wall.

A few more changing room ‘snaps’ pour yourself a cup of tea, have a chocolate biscuit, sit and chat about spanking with us a while…

And back to a bit of glamour, but if you like the ‘in between the scenes’ shots, click here…

.and here…Photo Set 325


Here too…

Photo Set 326

…and now we will carry on…

Look at these three naughty girls! “Excuse me, can we walk behind you and see the other side?”

“Yes! We will wiggle our bottoms for you if you like.”

“Oh, yes please!”

One of them shouts…”there are tissues over there if you need them!”

I think we might, don’t you?

A valentines gift.
The gift did not stop up for long!
Following Charlotte’s bottom upstairs is such a joy!

As I said, I am using this as a depository for photos in waiting or some I am not sure where to put! So as you scroll down, you will see all sorts. Here are some more sets.

Here is a nice set of two maids…Photo Set 327

Amber crawling for Charlotte…Photo Set 329

Interviewing a model for a job…Photo Set 330

Some stills from the video about a naughty daughter in law…Photo Set 331

Me spanking Amber and Charlotte…

Charlotte sunbathing….

It was a sunny day, Charlotte was in the garden, sunbathing by my side.

People come and go in life, like this follower who came to see us quite a few times to be spanked in role play. She got to spank a naked Charlotte one day..

I would love to have shown her face but I promised not too., and of course I respect that.

This is the day of our train video…happy days!

As a special treat I got the girls some blushing buns one day!…

Charlotte is wanted! Please try to find her, there is a reward! Click here…

Photo set 332, ‘Charlotte’s Request’, click here…


Come on, grab your coat, I am taking you to a cafe for Photo Set 333, click here…


For Photo Set 334 we are going to a Headmaster’s Sudy, a rather sexy fantasy one! Click here…

I have tried to do a couple of spanking photos without bottoms…

So somewhere are two girls in vests, socks, and shoes.

Can you guess whose knickers they are?

Charlotte in a predicament…

How to look naughty and guilty without really trying!

Even the Saint in the painting is looking to the sky, ‘such naughty girls’, he’s thinking, ‘what can I do with them?’.

Let’s look at their bottoms shall we?

Photo Set 335 is with a fire hose!

Click here….

Photo Set 336 is about control and humiliation….of Charlotte

Click here…

So is Photo Set 337

Click here…

And 338 too…

Click here…

Photo Set 339 is quite naughty! And is the start of a new story…

Click here…

Mr.Jones – a retro view – 27

A high punishment stool, with a low bar to grip, legs apart, bottom high, discarded knickers in a crumpled heap on the floor.

…in my hand I have a flexible, red leather tawse. Let the punishment begin.

“Do not let go at any point during the twelve you are to receive, understood?”

‘yes Sir.’ Comes a meek trembling reply.


The Patio – Part Two

To read the rest, click here…


The joy of peeling thin fancy edged material from warm expectant flesh fuelled their desire.

Knickers were teased, suspenders were snapped, breasts and buttocks bobbed free and loose, eager for caress.

Charlotte’s bottom needed attention, her cheeks begged for a sharp kiss of pain, in the fresh air where the noise of a smack sounds so very delicious.

“Oooh spank me Samantha, smack my bare bottom hard so I know that everyone near can hear, please, let’s be naughty out here!”

Caution vanished. So what if they did make a noise? It was there home, they were secluded, and nobody could see. Charlotte bent over, her bottom pushed out eagerly for an open air bare bottom spanking.

Samantha looked at her two magnificent globes of soft decadent flesh, and began to draw her hand back for the first smack…

It’s a shame you will have to wait for it! More soon!


Photo of the Day – 36

A touch of glamour today.

Samantha looking demure and thoughtful. (That what looks like a telephone wire, is the edge of a glass table on the lamp)

I have a lot of my girls in glamour poses, all jumbled up with thousands of other photos in an indecipherable mess of a filing system…but by the time I depart, they will all be on here.

Then, I suppose….my site will go ‘pop’ and just disappear like a bubble.