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Mr.Jones’s Study – Part Eleven

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Depending on your point of view, the visions flying into my head as I punished a girl, or watched a girl get punished, got better…or worse!

They also came thick and fast.

Like the day a naughty girl was sent to me for repeatedly not doing homework, and when she was reprimanded by the teacher, she like many other girls, to ‘save face’ before her peers, had been very cheeky. A common offence, but not to the degree this girl had taken it. She had been insulting and quie cuttingly personal.

The girl was dragged to my secretary’s office by the ear, to be dealt with. I had a reasonably quite day, and decided to punish her there and then, so we all marched into my study. I could see the teacher was really annoyed, and hurt, so I invited her to give the girl a bottom blistering twenty four with the heavy size 11 plimsoll.

My secretary was there to help, and record the event in the punishment book, as well as count out the whacks.

It was quite a spectacle to see, and a veritable cocophany of sound to listen to. There is no other sound like it, like leather on willow on a Sunday afternoon on a village green cricket match, the ‘WALLOP of a thick rubber sole on bare soft buttock has a ring all of its own. The only variable being the scream that follows, and these were mighty!

The visions began almost immediately, as the girls bottom was bared for a damn good spanking…

I suddenly saw all three of them, the naughty girl, the teacher, and my secretary, as naked as the day they were born, gleefully asking me to spank their freshly bared backsides!

“Oooooh get you plimsol around our bottoms Mr Jones, and as a thank you we’ll get our lips and teeth around your cock and suck you dry!”

“Good Lord Almighty!” I thought…”Yes please!”

There they were, wiggling their bottoms for me, begging a spanking!

There I was, naked and rampant, my manhood at the obligatory 45′ angle, throbbing and glistening, my hand was raised with my plimsoll, when reality broke in…THWAAAAAAAAAACK!!!! The first one landed.

“One.” Said my secretary.

“Yeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeoooooooowwwwwwww!” Screamed the naughty girl in agony.

“Oh well done! Bravo! What a first class opening salvo, I vouch that after another twenty three of those beauties, she will think again before being rude and late with her homework!!!!”

Encouraged and proud to be praised on her spanking ability, the thwacks picked up rhythm…







As I watched the quivering buttocks wobble and the after shocks ripple to the hips….there they were again, cavorting before my eyes!

My naked secretary was having a grand time, as the teacher and schoolgirl spanked a cheek each!

“Come over here and lick out sopping wet slits out you randy dirty old bugger!” Shouted the teacher, whose cunt looked very inviting indeed!

I told her to bend over and gird her loins as I ran with my cock in my hand, to guide it right up her arsehole, when reality brought me back to life…



“Waaaaaah waaaaaah, no more, I’m sorry pleeeeeeease noooooooo!!!”

“Ohhhhhh marvellous! Well done indeed ladies, keep it up! As hard as you can! Make her squeal and beg, that’s right! Make them count!”

What a spanking, it was classic!

Woooooooooooosh! God knows what went off in my mind next…

There was my secretary, naked, and with the reddest of bottoms! The teacher instructed me…..”Come on Mr.Jones, give her a good fucking, let’s hear her red hot cheeks slap against your belly!”


“Twenty four!!!”


“Jolly good, jolly good! That’s right, the last one is always the hardest! Perfect spanking, well done! Now get the naughty girl in corner time, no rubbing mind! Take a break, I will make us all a cup of tea! Well! Us three anyway!” I chuckled.

As I set off for the kettle, it happened again!

There was my secretary, bright red bottom again, being put in corner time!

I made the tea as I listened to the whimpering girl getting another good telling off and dire warnings.

The kettle boiled, I mashed a pot and placed three cups, milk, and sugar on the tray. “Oooooh I was ready for a cup of tea, it’s thirsty work this spanking.”

We all sat there happily chatting as the poor girl reached to rub her glowing bottom. “No rubbing damn you! Hands on your head! Or do you want another twenty four from me! With the cane!?”

“No Sir, no no no, no Sir, Sorry Sir!”

She cried loudly as her uncomfortable bottom was almost on fire.

Smiling at her predicament, we took our time, “Another cup?”

“Oh yes please said the ladies.”

The girl began to wail louder, and we stifled a giggle apiece!

More visions to come!


Whilst the Cat is Away…Part Four of – ‘The Spanking Adventures of Upskirt Evans’

Whilst the cat is away, the mice will play…

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Much to Charlotte’s disappointment, during the week following her exciting visit to Miss Tanner’s home, things were a little quiet on the disciplinary front at St. Angela’s Grammar School for Girls. She had hoped to assist the headmistress and witness some more spankings, perhaps some slipperings or even some canings. However, nothing of the sort transpired. The girls must all be behaving themselves for once, a most unusual occurrence!

Towards the middle of the week, Miss Tanner announced that she was attending a conference for headteachers and would be away from school for most of Thursday, leaving the deputy headmistress, Mrs Smart, in charge of the school. She gave Charlotte a list of work she wanted her to do. Charlotte managed to complete these tasks by lunchtime, leaving her at a loose end for the rest of the day. What to do to fill her time? She could type up the medical notes that the San Sister had given her to do, but they could wait.

In the end, Charlotte decided it was a golden opportunity to explore the headmistress’ study whilst she was out all day. In particular, she wanted to have a closer look inside Miss Tanner’s punishment store room. She locked the outer door to her office and then, feeling somewhat naughty, entered the inner sanctum of the headmistress’s study, and through a matching door set in the far wall, she entered the ‘Punishment Store Room.’

Miss Tanner had shown her a glimpse inside, the previous week. She gazed at the array of implements and apparatus she had only briefly seen once before: canes, tawses, various paddles, slippers, hairbrushes, plimsolls and martinets. All of the implements had at some point in time had close ‘acquaintances’ with the naked bottoms of naughty girls. What stories might they tell if they could but talk, and even stranger tales mignt some of the more curious pieces of apparatus tell. There was a small rocking horse and a hobby horse. Beside these was a piano stool, and a tiny stool, and a large bench, covered in green velvet. She even spotted an old fashioned washing dolly. There was also a pile of black painted timber, with ropes. She thought that these must be some theatrical props stored here and went over to examine some shelves at the back of the room.

……. she spotted the official punishment book and carefully reached it down.

She flicked to the most recent page and there in black and white was a record of the four spankings she had assisted and witnessed so far:

Reading the punishment book entries reminded Charlotte of her earliest attempts to feed her fascination for spanking. Apart from the odd spanking references in mainstream books she had read, there had been precious little available to fuel her spanking fantasies. In frustration she had resorted to looking up the definitions of spanking related words in the Oxford English Dictionary…’SPANKING – an act of slapping, especially on the buttocks as a punishment for children.’….’BUTTOCK – the two round fleshy parts of the human body that form the bottom.’ ‘WALLOP – to strike or hit something hard, such as a bottom.’

“How sad, “ she thought, “but, at the time, I did find it rather arousing and it certainly helped to fuel my thoughts when masturbating in bed at night!”

However, now that she had ‘tasted stronger drink’, actually witnessing a number of girls being spanked and having been spanked herself twice, there was no going back! She craved more spicy inputs to fuel her fantasies.

She then flicked back to the beginning of the punishment book and skimmed through the remaining pages, every now and again stopping to read the entries where a caning had been awarded. She noted that such entries were fairly infrequent, but almost all of the canings consisted of six strokes and all were delivered ‘on the bare bottom!’ How she yearned to witness a caning, what most people would consider to be the ultimate and most severe school punishment.

She left the punishment book on the desk and took hold of one of the canes hanging from hooks at the back of the cupboard, and for good measure a large, size 10 slipper, with a very polished sole. She hung the cane on a small blackboard in the corner of Miss Tanner’s store….

…and placed the slipper on a school desk that stood besides the board. Her hand strayed across her bottom, clearly outlined by her tight-fitting skirt, caressing it…

…before long she pulled up the skirt and slid her knickers right off. Picking up the slipper she whacked it down on her bare bottom a few times, Whack! Whack! Whack! Now she knew why it was so polished! What a sting it gave, it must have skimmed across bare naughty cheeks thousands of times, the leather sole shone.

“Mmmh! That felt quite nice! I bet it stings awfully when Miss Tanner applies it full force, to a naughty girl’s bottom, ” she thought, her bottom tingling delightfully.

She then placed the shiny soled slipper on the desk and looked at the crook-handle cane she had hung on the blackboard. She had chosen a rather thin whippy looking cane. She caressed the smooth wood in a sensuous manner and then tried swishing it through the air. What a thrilling sound it made! She repeated the action several times, closing her eyes as she tried to picture a naughty schoolgirl bent over the high punishment stool that stood in the corner of the store, having her bare bottom thrashed in the Study, by Miss Tanner with the very cane she held….swish! thwack! swish! thwack! swish! thwack!

Charlotte then had another idea. She put the cane down on one of Miss Tanner’s desks in the store room and bent over it, stretching her arms out to grip the far side. ‘‘Not bad, although the front edge is digging somewhat into my stomach,’’ she thought as she savoured the smell of the bees waxed top.

She then jumped up and pulled out the high punishment stool into the centre of the room. She bent down over it, her hand grasping the crossbar as she wiggled into position. It certainly raised her bottom up higher than the desk, but she found it almost as hard and uncomfortable. She then tried bending over another padded gym horse, like the one that Miss Tanner called her ‘flogging horse’ in her study. It was very comfortable but Charlotte struggled to stay bent over it as her legs were a little too short. Finally, sliding off the horse she tried bending over the low school desk by the blackboard. She giggled as she thought, “I’m being a bit like Goldilocks in the ‘Three Bears’, trying out all the different chairs and beds!”

‘‘Ummmh! That’s a better height and more comfortable than the desk,’’ she thought.

She wiggled her bottom around and kicked her legs in the air, saying out aloud in a wheedling little girl’s voice, “Oh please, Miss. Please don’t cane my poor bottom too hard! I promise to be good and not do it again.” Charlotte giggled.

She then stood up, retrieved the cane from the headmistress’s desk, and then bent back down over the school desk. Taking the cane in her right hand, she held it half-way down the slender shaft. Rather awkwardly, she placed the cane across her exposed bottom, stroking her exposed cheeks.

“Mmmhh! That feels nice!”

Then raising the cane slightly she tried flicking it down, producing a soft swishing and then thwacking sound as it smacked down on her bottom. Disappointingly it only imparted a slight sting to her awaiting cheeks. She tried again, this time raising her arm higher and then bringing the cane down with a little twist of her wrist…Swish! Thwack! This time, Charlotte felt a much sharper sting. “Oh Miss, it stings! Please stop!” she uttered, again in a little girl’s voice.

She continued, delivering a series of similar harder strokes, which had the effect of generating a beautifully warm tingly feeling in her bottom and in her pussy. She was now beginning to feel rather wet. Unfortunately bent over the desk, she was unable to use her other hand to assist her growing arousal and had to be content with grinding her crotch down against the corner of the desk.

Swish! Thwack! “Oh! Yes!”

Swish! Thwack! “Ummmmm!”

Swish! Thwack! “Owhhh! …Yummy!!””

Swish! Thwack! “Aheeeye!….YUMMEEE!”

Lovely as she found the feeling of the self-caning, grinding her pussy into the desk was not going to bring about the ‘result’ she yearned for. She stood up again, her skirt still rolled up around her waist. Then, she took the cane, inserted it’s length between her moist pussy lips and started to rub the shaft up and down….slowly at first and then more rapidly. That felt quite good, but still didn’t quite ‘hit the spot’. She reversed the cane and carefully inserted the end of the crook handle deep into her cunt.

“Ohhh! Mmmmhhh!! That’s more like it!” she uttered, moaning loudly as she jiggled the cane around inside her.

She closed her eyes, and tried to picture herself bent over the desk, the cane thwacking down across her quivering bare cheeks…swish, thwack! swish, thwack! swish, thwack!

She couldn’t resist shouting out, ”Oh yes! Oh! Oh! Oh! I am such a naughty and very randy young lady! I deserve to be thrashed as hard as you can, Miss!……Mmmhhh!” Swish! Thwack! …Swish! Thwack!

Just as she was getting into a steady rhythm, the phone started to ring loudly and insistently in her office. “Bother! Just as things were beginning to come to a head,” thought Charlotte. She dropped the cane on the floor with a loud clatter, rushed into her office and grabbed the phone, just as it stopped ringing. “Bother, bother, bother! FUCK!” she exclaimed loudly, staring angrily at the phone in her hand. “I should have ignored it.”

Unperturbed, she went and sat down on the edge of the desk and inserted her fingers into her needy cunt, trying desperately to finish herself off. It didn’t take long.

Greedily, she managed to bring herself to orgasm three or four times before she finally felt remotely satisfied.

She would have loved to have continued her exploration of the headmistress’ punishment store with its cupboards, shelves and racks.

Probably to try out some of the other implements it contained.

Unfortunately the time was fast approaching 3.30 and the headmistress would soon be back from her conference….EEEEK! In a panic, she rapidly pulled her skirt back down and returned to the headmistress’ study. She quickly tidied up, wiping the cane with a tissue before hanging it back up and shutting the punishment store cupboard doors and the stout white, painted oak door. Unfortunately, she failed to observe the punishment book still residing prominently on desk next to the cupboard, the size 10 shiny soled slipper was still on the traditional school desk and her wet knickers lying on the floor underneath it.

She then unlocked her outer door and returned to her desk. She picked up the San Sister’s notes and started typing.

My girls masturbating

This is one of a group of sets I put under ‘Glamour’, click here…

It is only natural in a shoot that my girls get sexually excited. I encourage them to masturbate when the need arises. If they do not want photographing, I don’t, As a gentleman I offer privacy, but sometimes, knowing that people will see….it makes it even more exciting, so they say yes….yeses..YESSSSSS,….

There are not a lot, and many are tucked away in long forgotten files and folders. But as I find them I will put them here..

First up…Charlotte…

Next up is Kate

These are posed for a story, but Kate being Kate….found it very exciting and had a real orgasm. It was very interesting and sexy to watch as I took the photos. You see, she drummed her finger tips on her clit….very gentle, but very fast…God, she came hard!

Remember, these are not posed, they are real moments of pleasure. More to come, as I find them. And of course, being what type of photos they are…

Only with the girls permission.


The Friday Night Masturbation Club – Part Twelve

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…all three naughty girls had had a bare bottom spanking before the other girls, now it was time for the caning of the Very Naughty Girl who had drawn the picture on the board as well as masturbating in a group, after school, in a forbidden room, with her friends, looking at a naughty book.

Miss Black walked up to her…”Right! Now it’s your turn, and for you young lady, it’s a visit from Mr.Whippy to your bottom!”

“Get yourself out here…NOW!”

Fae, usually stroppy, often cheeky, and quite a leader, was subdued. She hated the other girls seeing her like this and tried to be her normal self. “Oh, if I must!”

“You cheeky, arrogant young girl! I am going to teach you such a lesson!” Boomed Miss Black.

And that was it, the wind had been taken out of her sails. “I’m sorry Miss Black, please don’t cane my bottom…pleeeeease!”

“Quiet! Bend over! present your bare…bottom…to…me…girl.”

Fae could see that pleading was useless. Up close, the staring eyes of Miss Black were terrifying.

Miss Black had won the situation easily, all the girls spanked, and now a whimpering wreck of a once bratty young girl was bent over, bare bottom up, before her. She looked around the rest of the trembling girls.

The cane in her hand looked deadly, she oozed confidence in its use. Her arms looked big and powerful, and Fae’s bottom looked vulnerable and exposed.



There before the symbol of her defiance, the drawing of Miss Black getting a whack on her bare bottom, was Fae, legs kicking, begging for mercy, screaming…”I’m sorry, I’m sorry Miss Black…OWWWWWWW, OOOOOOOOOOHHH, STOP, PLEEEEASE STOP!”

Of course no such thing happened, Miss Black caned her authority over Fae’s bare bottom!

She laid the law down to the rest of the group, the flexible rattan wagging around menacingly. And made them all stand at the front.

“Now let that be a lesson to you all. Now what do you say?”

“Sorry Miss Black.”

“Sorry Miss Black.”

“Sorry Miss Black.”

“Sorry Miss Black.”

Once again the authority of Miss Black over naughty girls was demonstrated.


Photo of the Day

You will eventually see this photo (in black and white) in the story – ‘The Spanking Adventures of Up Skirt Evans.’

It is all about soft shadows on slowly moving flesh, the ripples in the muscles, and the gentle tossing of hair. Distance too…you can see the destination, Samamantha, looking commanding, barely visible. The journey as Charlotte makes her way…a naked woman, submitting to a fully dressed woman of authority.

The way Charlotte’s bottom moved…oh my…I will never forget it.

And to think, that this moment in time, frozen for eternity in this photo, was only a few seconds of my life in a long sensual spanking shoot.


Mr.Jones – a retro view – 32

Tight school knickers on a young firm bottom, what a delight. In this case they are bottle green. What a wonderful moment in any spanking. The chastisement over, the naughty girl in position and resigned to her fate. The spanker, in this case Charlotte is doing what we all do…appreciate the moment. Her thumbs have just slid into the elastic, it is time to slide them down and bare a naughty girls bottom for a spanking!…but no rush, a moment to savour.

Thank you for your patience whilst I have been uploading the Inveigle

Thank you for your patience.

This is my favourite story, but not the most popular because it is set in Victorian England. Lots of bloomers and birchings!

The challenge of illustrating a full length novel is huge. I am still taking photos and trying to do all my other stuff.

The story is finished, it is quite well illustrated to chapter ten. You can now read it all and know what happens. You will see photos added as time goes by.

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My posts will be back to normal now!


The Inveigle – Chapter Nineteen

Chapter 19: The grand finale

Saturday night came and the theatre was full. Not a single seat was left empty. Everyone had been shown to their seats in the usual manner. The two young ladies, Emma and Melanie, sat in the same seats as they usually occupied. They could see the box where the ‘Lady in Green’ with the black mask had always sat, but she was not to be seen. It had a curtain drawn across it. They had speculated that the evening’s ‘star attraction’ might be her, but now they had confirmation that it was.

Eleanor walked onto the stage and cracked her whip, the theatre went quiet. Abigail gave a nod to Lucy and a spot light was shone onto the box in the upper tier.

“Ladies and, more ladies, we have a new start to the show,” shouted Eleanor

The curtains to the box opened and there she was, the ‘Lady in Green’. She was dressed only in her open back bloomers and camisole top, with an Inveigle girl standing guard each side of her, both holding a cane. The whole crowd went… “Oooooooooh.”

Abigail stood up in her box and addressed the audience,

“You all know what she has done, tonight, and every Saturday night she is going to get twenty four strokes of the cane at the start of the show. She will then keep her bottom on show throughout the performance, and will not be allowed to rub it. At the end of the show she will be made to crawl on a lead, led by me, to the foyer naked. A different route through you all will be taken every week. There she will be placed in a pillory from her own dungeon. Hanging by the side will be a leather paddle. Feel free to use it as you pass by! All of you may do so and there are no limits to the number of smacks you may wish to award her!”

She then signalled to the two Inveigle girls to bring the lady down to the stage. A tall stout lady called Sarah Jones, one of the Inveigle’s cooks, appeared from the side of the stage just as Jacqueline was reluctantly marched on by the two girls.

Abigail then addressed Sarah, “Would you please horse this lady on your back if you please, Miss Jones.”

Before Jacqueline was able to react, Sarah grabbed her wrists and swung her around with ease, hauling her helplessly up onto her back. She then faced away from the audience so that her back was presented to the audience, with Jacqueline dangling helplessly from it.

One of the girls approached Jacqueline and unceremoniously undid her drawers and let them fall to the floor. Then the two girls took up their canes. Abigail had deliberately chosen these two girls, not only because they were very experienced caners, but also because one was left-handed so that both girls could use the full force of their forearms. This would permit both cheeks of Jacqueline’s bottom to be very soundly and very evenly caned… twelve equally stinging strokes from each side!

Glancing up at Abigail, they awaited for their cue to start, flexing and bending their canes between their hands, almost like athletes limbering up for a competition. Finally, after a dramatically long pause in which everyone (including Jacqueline) held their breath, Abigail gave the signal. The girls raised their canes high and began the show…

Swish, Thwack!
Swish, Thwack!

Swish, Thwack!
Swish, Thwack!

Swish, Thwack!
Swish, Thwack!

Swish, Thwack!
Swish, Thwack!

Swish, Thwack!
Swish, Thwack!

Swish, Thwack!
Swish, Thwack!

Unused to such a severe caning, Jacqueline screamed loudly and wriggled her bottom in a most obscene manner trying to avoid the canes mercilessly thrashing her. However, Miss Jones held her firmly over her back and the two Inveigle caners were far too experienced to miss even a wildly gyrating target. Not a single stroke failed to find its mark.

Swish, Thwack!
Swish, Thwack!
Swish, Thwack!
Swish, Thwack!
Swish, Thwack!
Swish, Thwack!
Swish, Thwack!
Swish, Thwack!

As the caning continued, everyone’s eyes were glued to the action. At last, ‘the Lady in Green’ was getting her very painful comeuppance. No one felt the least bit of sympathy for the nasty bitch.

Finally, the last two strokes were delivered, always the hardest!


        SWISH, THWACK!!

Once her caning was over, the two girls led her back to the box and made sure she turned her back to the audience so that her now well-welted bottom was clearly visible in the spotlight. People cheered and jeered.

Then the music rose and the show began. The Inveigle was now back as it always had been, providing spanking entertainment for their all-female spanking enthusiasts.


The Inveigle – Chapter Eighteen

Chapter 18: Victoria is abducted at knifepoint

The creation of the girl’s room was soon begun, orders were placed with artists, specialist upholsterers and furniture makers were summoned. The walls were stripped and redecorated, beds were ordered. The worries of Jacqueline and the horrific murders were pushed to the back of their minds. Peace and happiness began to rise again in the days that followed, albeit with caution.

The Inveigle with its glorious gold sign stood bold and proud before the world.

Mr. Trentham and Victoria having gone on that first trip to see the Belgradys were now on one of their regular visits to the circus zoo. Their common interest in animals was something they loved to share. Victoria had grown very fond of the elephants and stood looking at them, whilst Malcolm was inside talking about an upcoming shoot with The Belgrady Girls.

She put her hand in a brown paper bag. “Oh come here you big handsome brute, let me give you one of your favourite buns.”

A cold voice spoke from behind her. “I have my own favourite buns, two of them, and they belong to you Victoria. Keep very quiet and close to me. It’s time for you to come home.” The girl saw an expensive tan leather glove holding a glistening knife, which hovered very close to her throat. She turned slowly to see Jacqueline. They were alone. The lady in Green had picked her moment well.

It was tea time at The Inveigle when the news broke. The peace and happiness of the morning shattered like a crystal chandelier landing on a marble floor.
Mr Trentham ran into the Inveigle. “Help, help! Victoria has been taken, I’m sure of it. I found her bag on the ground near her beloved elephants. Oh God, do you think it ‘s him? The Ripper? Oh God, she was in my charge. I was talking to Esmerelda about some pictures and left her to wander alone. Oh God please forgive me.” He slumped to the floor in tears.

Abigail and some of the girls ran to comfort him.

Jacqueline and Victoria were at the station at that very moment boarding a train. Two large brutish men in tight fitting suits stood close by Victoria all the time. She was terrified. Once the train left, the men left. The journey with Jacqueline was a horrifying experience. They were in a single carriage. Jacqueline had tied Victoria’s hands together and sat with the knife opposite her.

Once back at the Mill House, Victoria was stripped by Jacqueline. The slave girl from the Inveigle was nowhere to be seen. She had probably served her usefulness and had been disposed of. She put a collar around Victoria’s neck and attached a leash to it.

“Come with me Victoria. Let me remind you of how things used to be.”

Victoria vomitted.

The Inveigle burst into action, girls were sent to the Three Bells to get some big Irish lackys to guard the building, and the Police were called, just in case Mr Trentham’s fears were correct. Fear spread into The Inveigle like a black evil mist. The front doors and foyer were violated by it, and it began to creep into every room.

Mummy Bear summoned a meeting of the starlets. They sat in the parlour.

“It’s her isn’t it, Jacqueline, oh that foolish, foolish Lucy! If we wait here whilst the police investigate, Victoria could be dead by the time they have done. We need to act now. We need to satisfy our minds, we need to know, we need to act!”

The girls knew it was the Lady Jacqueline who was behind Victoria’s disappearance. Everyone was sure that it was her.

“We are going to get her back. We’re going to get that heartless bitch and we’re going to bring her back here. That woman is going to feel the full force of ‘The Inveigle’. Never again will she strike fear into your hearts my lovelies,” exhorted Abigail, exuding an air of command and authority like a General leading her troops into battle!

Lucy could be heard sobbing in the foyer. The dreadful news had now reached her. Abigail opened the door and told her to come to her.

“Look Lucy, you behaved badly, but your punishment is over and done with. Nobody deserves sorrow like this. What’s done is done, come back to Mummy Bear, let’s start again”.

The girls clapped and gathered around the pair. It was as if this simple action heralded a new dawn.

“Don’t worry Lucy we are going to sort that bastard of a woman out once and for all!’ announced Fae, pulling Bessie out from her garter and firing it into the air. The excitement was getting the better of her, and the opium made it seem quite an acceptable thing to do. Her brass goggles were around her neck, and she swayed slightly from side to side.

The girls stood in silence and looked at a smiling wavering Fae. Smoke drifted up from the barrel. A hole in the foyer roof was full of smoke and small nails and bits of wood were gently falling to the floor.

Mummy Bear spoke sternly to Fae. “Tell me how watching you swing like a mad woman grinning on the gallows would help the situation? You are not going to kill her. I have other plans for her. I’m not wasting any more time, Charlotte and Samantha know where that evil woman lives. We are going to get a train if we have to…right now if needs must, but first we are going to her husband’s place. They might be there!”

Fae looked down and said one word. “Sorry.”

The chorus girls were told to look after the sad old Inveigle until they returned. The Irish boys would protect them from harm. Like the train that Victoria had sat on plans moved at a pace. The chase was afoot!

A sight that Whitechapel had never seen and was unlikely ever to see again brought people to a standstill.

Abigail kicked the foyer doors open and strode into the street, on each side of her were Samantha and Charlotte. Behind here were Sapphire, Eleanor, Fae and Amber. So too was Malcolm Trentham, with murder in his eyes.

Back at the Mill House, Victoria was firmly held in a set of stocks, her beautiful bottom bleeding from a sound whipping. Jacqueline was sat with a flute of Champagne, wearing her bottle green corset, admiring her handiwork.

“My husband will be back soon. He will be bringing an army of Orientals. I should forget any thought of returning to that cesspit. You will be joined over the coming weeks by your pathetic old mill girl friends. I have plans for all of you….beautiful ones, at least from my point of view anyway.”

All the girls had their working outfits on. Walking determinedly down the street, came the oddest looking posse the World had seen. They were dressed in an array of items, top hats and bowler hats, burlesque attire, abring mistress’ coat, feathers and sparkling jewels. They strutted down the street in an angry mood. Tough-looking men moved out of the way, The Inveigle’s heart had beat its way out of its body and was walking down the street to find a missing girl. Nobody messed with The Inveigle girls… Nobody!

And at that moment in time, Mr Trentham was proud to be called one!

To gasps of shock, horror and admiration they got on a tram and headed for the London House of the doctor. An elderly woman shook her head and tutted through her tight lips.

“If you want to keep that last wobbly tooth I suggest you never do anything like that in our direction again,” snarled the formidable Fae in her direction.

The whole tram looked away and kept silent until they reached their stop. They walked down the road to the house like a line of gunslingers in a cowboy town.

They didn’t just knock at the door, they almost battered it down. A butler answered and was pushed aside like a blade of grass. They could hear voices and stormed into a sitting room.

“Where the fuck is she?” Asked Abigail.

The doctor stood to protest, but Fae silenced him as she got a firm grip of his testicles. She asked again on behalf of Abigail. “I know you will have something very sharp in that bag. I am looking for a new tobacco pouch and the makings of it are in my grip right now. Think carefully if you value your deep voice. Where is that wife of yours? Where is Jacqueline?”

He stammered a reply. “She’s gone home on the train with the woman I think you are looking for.”

He would have said anything under present circumstances. Betrayal seemed a fair exchange for his manhood. He would be out again tonight, and he was already considering a trip to America. It looked like it was going to be alone.

As the Inveigle ‘mob’ noisily left the house heading towards the station, he muttered to himself, “Fuck the Orientals!” He then counted some gold coins into a small bag, a sizeable sum. Having the Orientals after him would be insufferable. Those Triads had ways of making you take days to die. He left the money on his desk, wrote a note of thanks, saying there was a handsome bonus for their wasted time. He picked up his doctor’s bag and slid off into the narrow streets. Such was his concern for Jacqueline.

On reaching the train station, they all crammed into one carriage, and the train lurched into life. Steam hissed and wheels skidded, as it chuffed into motion.

There was little conversation during the journey, other than just the necessary discussion about the next stage of their rescue operation. The small station where they changed saw something they would talk about for years, as the unusual group walked over the footbridge to catch their connection.

It was evening when they arrived at the Mill House town. The two girls and Fae knew the way. Speed was needed. Abigail summoned a carriage in the station rank and stuffed a handful of gold coins into the driver’s hand.

“Don’t ask one bloomin’ question, just let us get on board and take us to the Mill House, now!” she said in a ‘don’t-mess-with-me’ sort of way.

He asked nothing and drove the carriage away, Mr Trentham sitting by him up top.

The girls shook and swayed together, each with their own vision of what was to happen.

Jacqueline looked at the clock, he would be here soon, the train was always on time. She would have fresh tenderised meat for him to carve. She tied the rope around Victoria to a hook on a chain, and winched her screaming body up. She then walked slowly around the hanging, almost unconscious, naked Victoria, and started to whip her again, despite the obvious bloody welts evident across her back and bottom.

Crack!… Crack!… Crack!

Victoria cried out, albeit now almost beyond the pain. Then Jacqueline wiped the wounds with a vinegar-soaked sponge, causing the open wounds to sting almost as badly as the whip’s lash.

“Stay awake my dear, the Doctor will be here soon for you.”

That should have been a message of hope in any circumstance, but for Victoria it almost caused her heart to stop beating. She had heard rumours that he had skinned a girl alive once.

The carriage galloped into the circular courtyard. The girls looked up to their old bedroom window and the roof that heybhad used for their escape. They all lept out of the carriage and rushed to the door, ringing the bell that hung beside it loudly.

Down in the cellar, Jacqueline continued her sadistic whipping. On hearing the bell ringing she paused momentarily and said, “Ahhhh, here comes the doctor, right on time!” She then laid on another whiplash right across the summit of Victoria’s now very raw looking buttocks.

SWISHHH, CRAAAACK! Victoria screamed, loud and long.

After a short while the housekeeper opened the door to the Inveigle band of ladies. They immediately pushed in past her, sending her flying onto the floor. A scream pierced the air.

“You are as bad as her you fat arsed bitch! How can you listen to that and do nothing?” shouted Malcolm. “Where is she? Where is Victoria.Tell me or God help me I will….”

Fae cut him short, saying that she knew exactly where she would be. She down some stairs to the black cellar and kicked open the door.

“Help me, for God’s sake help me!” came the cry from Victoria when she heard the voices of her friends..

She was now totally naked in the stocks with bloody lines all over her body, ready for cutting. Jacqueline stood by her, as the whip fell to the floor. She could not believe her eyes….Where was her husband? How did all these women get here?

The room was like something from a medieval torture chamber. Torches burned in sconces and the walls were stained with blood. Evil apparatus, which made the Inveigle’s ‘galloping horses’ look like children’s toys, filled the room. Just how many victims had she abused here? How many girls had met their death?

Sapphire and Amber ran to their friend to release her. Malcolm looked at her and wept. He dare not hold her close as she was clearly in far too much pain.

Abigail ordered the others to strip Jacquelin and bind her hands with the whip. They dragged her outside. Fae walked up behind her and gave her the hardest kick up her arse that she could possibly deliver, saying “Take that you cunt!”

Jacqueline fell to the gravel drive crying and begging for mercy. “Is what I do any different to you?” she screamed.

Abigail looked down at her and in a voice as cold and hard as steel, she spoke in a calm but very firm voice,

“What we do is for sexual pleasure and with everybody’s consent, unless it is a punishment which is in an agreement signed by everyone. What you do is vile, it’s cruel and not just against people’s wishes. It’s torture. You fucking kill people you heartless bitch! We are sexual, you are sadistic. You are nothing like us.”

So saying she spat on the floor just in front of Jacqueline’s face. She then walked around the snivelling woman and told her that she was coming with them first thing tomorrow back to ‘The Inveigle.’ Her face filled with horror, as she could guess what that meant.

Once they had secured Jacqueline in the cellar, they set about bathing Victoria’s wounds. She had had a close escape. It would take a lot to heal her. Mr Trentham stayed with her, to nurse her and care for her. He loved her deeply and within a year they would be man and wife he informed them all. Victoria’s face lit up through the pain and blood. He was a good man and she said she would be very happy to marry him.

If they had not acted so quickly, the death of an Inveigle Girl would have occurred that night, so it was a sombre atmosphere in the Mill House. They were tempted to abuse Jacqueline in her own torture chamber, but resisted. They would make her pay dearly at The Inveigle on Saturday night. Infact, she would pay on many Saturday nights.

Next day the journey back home was a quieter, more dignified affair. People still stared at them at stations and coach houses all the way back to London. Jacqueline was subdued and looked quite resigned to her fate as they pulled her from the station and onto a waiting carriage. The carriage stopped about fifty yards short of The Inveigle.

Jacqueline was once more stripped and made to crawl naked, being pulled along by her own whip, tied to her neck. They stopped at the front of The Inveigle. A huge crowd was gathered.

Eleanor, an expert in the use of the whip, took the handle of it from Abigail. She looked to Jacqueline and then to Abigail who nodded.


The whip snapped at Jacqueline’s feet like a pistol shot, “Stand up and dance you bitch. Dance!!” shouted Eleanor, as she made the whip crack mercilessly close to each foot in turn, she danced as fast as she could.

Laughter and abuse rose from the baying crowd as news spread quickly. An enemy of the Inveigle was an enemy of Whitechapel. Two Police Officers took a look and walked away. They knew better than to interfere with the Inveigle’s justice and a baying Whitechapel mob.

Jacqueline’s eyes were wild as she looked around for help or mercy, but none came.

Abigail held her hand aloft and the performance stopped. She told the crowd what had happened, giving them a brief account of the past few weeks, culminating in what they had found in the lady’s dungeon.

Hisses and boos arose. People spat and threw dirt.

“Let it be known that on Saturday night, and EVERY Saturday night until further notice, that this woman will have her bottom turned bright red by us. This is Inveigle Justice.”

She was dragged inside, news spread fast, tickets sold like never before.

Inside Lucy was summoned and given a birch. “Take this. You are no longer the lowest here Lucy. You now have an assistant. Train her well and don’t show her any mercy,” said Abigail. “But until Saturday, her skin must remain lily white. So take her to the cellars, we’ll keep her down there until then.

Lucy took on an air of importance, and with three other girls she ‘took her down’