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Up Skirt Evans – Part 7

I thought I would bring these into synchronisation. The real story is in black and white…

But after I post a part/chapter I like to pick a couple of ‘choice’ photos to display in colour, and put them here…

Here are two from the last Chapter….9a, which I have just posted..

A confession…

On Thursday I was with Charlotte and Samantha (above) expecting to have quite a busy shoot. They got their uniforms on, complete with Blazers, white socks etc and it was one of those days where things take control and a different route is taken. We role played, as we often do.

I was teacher, they were naughty. I look at this photo above, from a shoot a few weeks ago, and think to myself….”bloody hell Asa! Only two days ago, you had her school skirt up, her knickers down, and was spanking her pert, firm, ripe bottom!” I have done it to them hundreds of times, but it still takes my breath away. I am still trembling….lol…and thanking my lucky stars! I hope they never fall down.


The Spanking Adventures of Up Skirt Evans – Part 9 (a)

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This part of the story comes in two parts. ‘Part A’ is the preparation.

The story continues…

Charlotte gets a taste of the slipper

Part 1: Preparations

It was the end of another week at St. Angela’s school for girls. The last bell of the day rang loudly as the weekend beckoned to all the excited girls who surged out through the school gates for home. However, as far as Miss Evans was concerned, the last bell on Friday afternoon signified something different. She had an appointment with her Mistress and she was going to experience her first ever slippering as punishment for ‘trespassing’ into Miss Tanner’s punishment storeroom the previous week. She was both very excited and fearful at the same time as the appointed hour slowly approached. Having witnessed Karen Smith’s severe slippering the previous day, she knew exactly what to expect. She had had to visit the lavatory several times during the afternoon, fearful anticipation making her bladder work overtime.

Miss Tanner had given Charlotte the plimsoll that morning for ‘safekeeping’ and told her to make sure that she brought it with her when she was summoned to her study later that day. She had placed it in one of her desk drawers, but now retrieved it. It was a heavy black gym shoe with a yellow and very flexible rubber sole. Charlotte tapped it across her hand, wondering nervously what it was going to feel like when it walloped across her bare bottom. How many other bare rumps had it ‘visited’ during its life?

Whilst everything in Miss Tanner’s own home displayed what could only be classed as elegant taste, her collection of corporal punishment equipment in her storeroom could only but be described as bizarre. She had a deeply ingrained fetish for collecting all sorts of punishment implements and furniture, most of which she had never had the opportunity to use in her role as school headmistress. Whilst her storeroom was well equipped with all the standard school punishment implements, such as a variety of plimsolls, hairbrushes, straps, tawses and canes, it also contained implements rarely employed in modern educational establishments, such as carpet beaters, martinets, riding crops, birch rods and the like. Her collection of punishment furniture was even more bizarre. Yes, she had all the standard furniture required to bend naughty girls over for a sound slippering and caning. She had a wide leather topped desk, a sloping school desk and gym horse, all eminently suitable for supporting girls during punishment. However, her store also contained several small rocking horses, a hobby horse, a long green velvet padded ottoman bench and a little wooden stool and washing dolly. She even possessed a St. Andrew’s Cross, something that would look more at home in a dominatrix’s dungeon than in a respectable girls grammar school!

As Charlotte heard the last of the girls and staff leave the school, she locked the outer door to her office and waited. Initially all was silent, apart from the loud beating of her own heart. Miss Tanner had told her to wait in her office until she summoned her into her study. Meanwhile she had been instructed to strip naked and put on the special neck collar her mistress had given her last week, signifying her position as her mistress’s ‘spanking pet’. She slowly removed all her clothes, folding each garment carefully and placing them on her chair. She then took the collar out of her desk drawer and put it on. All was still very quiet in Miss Tanner’s office. What could she be doing? Charlotte wondered, feeling increasingly nervous.

After a few minutes, her nerves got the better of her and she crept over to the study door to try and hear what Miss Tanner was doing. Was her summons imminent? Suddenly she started to hear noises, items of furniture being moved around. “What is she doing?” Charlotte asked herself. “Perhaps she’s going to tie me down across the flogging horse,” she surmised, feeling a surge of excitement at the thought of being restrained. The idea rather appealed to her!

Meanwhile within the study, Miss Tanner was busily preparing for the arrival of her naughty little pet! She wanted Charlotte’s first experience of the slipper to be a painful but also an exciting and memorable one. After rummaging around in her storeroom, she picked up the small low wooden stool which she had used with Karen’s slippering and for good measure she also picked up the wooden washing dolly.

She walked back into her study and placed the items on the carpet. Then, kicking off her high heels, she decided to test out her equipment. Standing carefully on the low stool she bent gracefully over and grasped the dolly’s handles. “Perfect!”, she thought. “My bottom feels beautifully presented.”

She then tried bending her knees slightly and dipping her back, which had the effect of pushing her bottom out a little more provocatively. “Hmmm! Even better! I can’t wait to see Charlotte displaying like this!” she thought, feeling a growing excitement at the prospect of ‘dealing with’ Charlotte bent over stark naked on this improvised piece of ‘spanking furniture’.

It was time! She cleared her throat and shouted out, “You may now enter, Charlotte. I hope that you have stripped yourself naked and are wearing that collar I gave you. It’s time to feel the sting of the slipper on your lovely bottom!”

Photo Set 338 – The Control and Punishment of Charlotte ~ No-3

As you know by now, Charlotte loves to be on show, and at times, humiliated and controlled.

I have put a few events on over the years, so some of the girls can experience a public spanking. On one such occasion, a predominantly older group of women came, and at the beginning of the day, each guest was invited to go down to the dungeon, to pretend that they had paid for the use of a girl. (I had three girls there for them.) They were a real mix of ladies, two young, five older, some a bit posh, a couple definitely not….lol…but they got on very well, and had a lovely spanking day.

Charlotte, like the other two girls, had never met them before, after each visit of a guest, she had to take a new position. So imagine the wait each time, when a complete stranger came to view her…footsteps approach…

They were allowed to smack her bottom. They could speak, but she could not reply to what they said they would like to do to her, (if allowed too). She was ordered to smile and look eager at every suggestion. No matter how rude, coarse or vulgar! She was like a Gorean Slave Girl…a pleasure girl.

What would you say to her? Please leave your words in “comments’ or click on ‘contact, and mail me.

These are how they found her, what would you have said? I will add the best at the end of the page.

Photo Set 337 – The Control and Humiliation of Charlotte ~ No-2

Another instance of Charlotte enjoying being made to do something and display herself was after we had shot the story ‘From the Top Floor to the the Cellar’…

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But for now, let’s continue…

She was naked, apart from her hat and shoes, she was feeling exhilarated and sore after her thrashing with a cane. We were on the top floor of the office block where my studio is, and had to make it back down. We had started the shoot very early to avoid being caught, but now it was around eleven o’clock. Not many people use the building, but they do, mostly on the ground floor. Around the building are lots of companies in various buildings, but with me going first it would be easy to get back by the rear stairs, which come out next to my studio.

If we wanted too.

I could read her feelings, I know her needs.

I know the people who work around us, most know what we do, but it would still be risky, and daring. Fortune favours the brave! I told her to return another way….”if we meet anyone just walk on, as you pass them, man or woman, or even a group, tell them you have been a naughty girl. Tell them you have been punished. Then carry on walking. All the way to my studio.”

She looked shocked, nervous and unsure. But I knew it was a fantasy of hers, she also looked excited, aroused, and eager….she agreed, and off we set.

I decide to take her into an adjoining room which overlooks the huge car park af a parcel delivery company. “Go to the window Charlotte.”

She does so.

“I can see the drivers loading up!” Says Charlotte.

“I’ve been punished on my bottom, I’m naked.” Says Charlotte, as she stands naked at the window. Not loudly, but not softly.

“Come on, before we get arrested, go to the other side, to those windows.” I command.

She walks over.

Here Charlotte sees apartments, the backs of houses, and offices. Below her is a garage, where men are busy repairing cars. She feels exposed and loves it. She tells them, in the same volume of voice, that she is naked, and has had her naughty bottom punished. She looks to the offices and can see women at desks in a call centre. They only have to look over, and they would see her. This excites her, normal girls, doing normal jobs. What would they think of her if they saw her, what if they saw her punished. Would they ridicule? Some might wish they were her, some might hate her and want to see her dragged naked into the car park….her mind thought all sorts. We moved on.

We reached the studio safely.


Photo Set – 336 ~ The Control and Humiliation of Charlotte – No-1

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Sometimes Charlotte needs more than a spanking. I can just sense when. She wakes up with a naughty, cheeky, bratty way about her. Like this last Sunday, by mid afternoon she had already had three spankings!

“Right young lady! You need teaching a public lesson in obedience! Strip down to your panties.”

It is exactly what she needs and wants, I do not mean this particular method, but the fact that she is to be humiliated and publically shamed, it excites her. She has no idea what is coming, every time is different.

Once she had stripped, I put handcuffs on her, and waited. We had already dined, and we had had a couple of cups of tea. Within half an hour of sulking she needed to have wee. “Okay, I’ll take you for one, but you are keeping your knickers on! Everyone is going to see you wet your pants!”

“Nooooo! You can.’t make me wet my pants before everyone!”

With my camera in my hand, I told her to go to the bathroom…

“Sit down, naughty girl.”


“I don’t want people to see me on the toilet twiddling through my panties!”

I stared, solemnly. “You should think of that before you are naughty…sit!”

I put another set of handcuffs on her ankles, she was now trapped there. “Take as long as you need bratty! Just know that everyone who looks on my site is going to see you wet your panties!”

She held it in, stubbornly…desperately.

“Ooooooooh, awwwwwwww, I can’t hold it in any longer!”

“Then relax, let it flow…wet yourself before the world you naughty girl. Hear them giggle, see them point.”

I crouched down and aimed the lens at her pussy.

And then it came, not in a spurt, but because it was trapped it oozed and dripped, it went on her thighs, her knickers went damp!….then wet!

“Look everyone, Charlotte has wet herself, like a little girl!”

Look at her thigh, see how it squirted!

“Both thighs were splattered, the naughty girl has disgraced herself before you all, she has wet her panties in public… did it feel Charlotte?”

“Totally wonderful Sir…I need to cum now, will you undo my cuffs?”

I did….

I stood outside the door and listened…….”Oooooh yessss yay essss they have all seen me wet my pants, …..mmmmmmmmmm….I’m a dirty naughty …….girl! Ohhhhhhhh ooooooh.”


Nikolai Endegor

Nikolai Endegor

Country: France 🇫🇷

Was born in 1953 in Leningrad, USSR. After graduating from the Polytechnic Institute in 1976, he worked at the Institute of Informatics of the USSR Academy of Sciences. From 1994 to 2019 he was the leading developer of Artificial Intelligence and Image Analysis (Paris). Currently retired.
In 2005 he became interested in photography, being a self-taught amateur. The main characters of his photographs are Paris and its inhabitants. Favorite genres: urban environment and architecture, street photography, photo-art. Awards in photo contests: Best Photographer (Russia), 2009; Le plus grand concours photo du monde (France) 2014; AdMe Photo Awards 2014, 2016 (Grand Prix); Paris Pthoto Prize 2015 (Silver), 2020 (Gold); Black & White Spider Awards 2016, 2018 (Photographer of the Year – 2nd place); Trierenberg Photo Supercirqiut 2019, 2021 (Gold). Exhibitions: Vyborg, Russia (2017); Linz, Austria (2019); Paris, France (2019); Oudenburg, Belgium (2020).

If you type his name into Google, you will come up with some excellent photographs. Like it says above, his views of Paris are excellent.

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My favourites are his shadow play…

But by far, my most favourite of all are his mixture of marble and flesh….

So please, go and give him some love! I have gone and put a comment on his Instagram Site.