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Samantha the nun and other things…

You will never know just how much work Robyn and I do behind the scenes, lots of what we do will not be seen by you for months, some of my photos will not be seen for years! All patiently waiting for the time they are picked and inserted into a story.

I am busy making sections, for naughty red bottoms, corner time, masturbation, spanking faces etc etc, I have added them, along with my dear Samantha to this section…

Go and have a look, find the sections and have a browse.

Always busy for you!


Naughty Girls in Corner Time

Corner time does not actually mean a corner, it is any girl after a spanking, put somewhere on show.

This goes with ‘Red Bottomed Girls’, click here…

And ‘The Removal of Knickers in Preparation for a Spanking.’ Click here..

I have photo sets and stories, but I know that a lot of you want to look at categories, so to save you trawling through, I am making sections to suit. Faces of spanked girls will be next! And Masturbating Girls after that!!

This will grow as time goes by, like everything else, but I will put alerts on my blog for you. Some will overlap of course, red bottoms and corner time for instance, but I will try to put unused photos in. I take so many in a shoot, I always have lots of very similar ones!

Anyway, enough prattling on! I can do that in stories….

Two girls being put on show to the class as an example.
Even a Teacher can be naughty!
“Owwww!” …..”Ooooh!”
“Miss, they are shooting pellets and peas at our bottoms!”

“Oh yes, so they are. Now face the front or you will both get three more!”
My maids often end up doing corner time, especially before I spank them. I like to make them wait!

As much as I like putting any girl in corner time, or just on show, but you can’t beat putting a naughty schoolgirl in one!….

Damn it young lady! Do you want another four!? Turn around, put your nose to the wall, and keep that naughty bottom of yours pushed out!

…see the next two!
Stop shuffling! Put your nose to the sole of that plimsol, any more fidgeting and you will feel it across your bottom young lady!

Sometimes I make bloody stupid mistakes! See that photo above? I left one of my spanking paintings on the wall….I mean, what school would have that up…okay, yes, apart from mine I meant!

Every now and then I put a spanking show on for invited guests, I put pictures and art works of mine on sale…. this was a couple of days after, and I had forgotten to remove it….::groan::

It’s of a schoolgirl getting spanked naked in a quadrangle, and the caretaker is looking on most interestedly! ….::chuckle:…. I love the dirty world that my mind lives in…if only eh?

But let’s be honest, I bet you never even looked at it did you?

Cherry knows you are looking and zooming in on her bottom, and loves it!

And now you know why I call this girl Cheeky Cherry!


Of course I pulled her back out of corner time and spanked her again! I dragged her out by the ear, smacking her bottom every step to my chair, and spanked her twice as long and twice as hard as her first spanking!

Corner time at my studio means standing a girl anywhere in the building for ten minutes, people are used to it, even other women. I have asked and would not do it otherwise. They think it fun, and most give a little smack or five as they pass.

I also have the humiliation dress when needed!

No wonder the postman, reps, and visitors from other places on the site where my studio is, love to visit!

Back to the classroom….

I love to spank a girl at the end of a lesson, after having made them wait! Then I tell them to wait, until the next class comes in. Even if it is a set of first years.

Humiliation in corner time is wonderful, leave a girl like this, with a cane between her cheeks, and leave the room for five minutes. It has a sobering effect on the haughtiest of girls!

Much more to follow!

Knicker Removal – Set Eight

To see the rest, click here…

It was only a matter of time before Neddy made her appearance. Come on young lady, climb up on the saddle, and bare your bottom for the crop. Let’s make you gallop!

Move back further dear, poke that bottom out as far as you can, lean over as far as you can too, stick it out and spread your arsehole for us, show us what a dirty little exhibitionist you are…and tell us you need a spanking!

“Ohh I am ready Sir….I need a good long hard spanking Sir!” She shouts eagerly.

Yessss that’s it, good girl. Now start rocking, feet on the base, you have a long hard gallop ahead of you, look, here is your first hedge to clear…make noises as if you are galloping…

“Yes Sir…..clippity clop…. clippity clop….come on girl, hup hup hup!”

Here we are…let me help…THWAAAACK! …..Jump!


And so it goes…on and deliciously on! Until her bottom is well and truly striped!


Excellent Use of Leather on a Naughty Daughter’s Bottom

This is a set for my ‘Red Bottomed Girls’ section, click here to see the rest…

This girl has been caught shoplifting and brought home in a Police Car. Two Officers march her to her front door to be greeted by a shocked mother. “It is either an official report, or you deal with it to our satisfaction Madam. It needs to be severe enough to teach her a lesson than she will never forget.”

She takes up the offer and gets two implements, a tawse, and a huge leather paddle…then orders her daughter to bare!

Half way through, to the surprise of the officers, she makes her naughty daughter strip.

At this point, the officers were satisfied with the colour of her bottom. “Well, I am not! She is only half way through, close the door on your way out!”

They walked down the path, to find a small crowd, showing concern at all the squealing. “It’s alright everyone, the girl who lives here has been caught stealing and is receiving a valuable lesson from her Mum!”

As the got in the car, they saw that the crowd had moved to the front garden, it transpired that the naughty girl had been a cheeky impudent brat for years….


Kate’s Story – Part Seven

To read the rest, click here…


The consequences of another letter home

After her caning at school, poor naughty Kate had to go home on the bus with the note, saying what had happened and its consequences.

Her mother took the note and started reading it, with a look of increasing shock and horror on her face.

”You were caught masturbating with a cane by the headmaster in detention?! You were using the cane handle inside you?!! You naughty, naughty dirty little girl! How could you?

Blushing like mad and looking rather ashamed, all Kate could say in response was “Sorry Mum”.

“Oh you’ll be sorry young lady, very sorry indeed. Bend over the side table over there, with your knickers around your ankles and bare bottom on show until your sisters and your father get home! Then you can read this letter out aloud! I am going to ask your father to use his belt on your bottom young lady in front of your sisters! Then you can stay there in disgrace, whilst we eat our tea!” shouted an exasperated Mummy.

“Yes Mum.”

Week One – Monday…

To see the rest of this developing story, click here…

It has been a troublesome reminder of working life after a lovely weekend pottering in her garden, the family visiting, and interspersed with a ride out to a country tea room.

What a difference! It is now 3.30p.m. the three usual suspects had been annoying all day long, and are now in detention.

Charlotte is being told off, she has not stopped chattering during detention, and Mrs.Pollard has had enough. “What on earth can you have to prattle on about Charlotte? You have been together all day, had lunch together and had two play times! Is it too much to ask that you sit quietly and do some work?”

Her two friends, Samantha and Stephanie giggle, and she turns to blob her tongue out at them!

Mrs.Pollard is fuming! “How dare you young lady? How….how very dare you!”

“You are getting a spanking for that! That is total disrespect! I was reprimanding you!!! And you turn to do that? Right!…”

She guides Charlotte into position, and picks up a twelve inch wooden ruler, which Charlotte eyes nervously.

“Stand there!” Says Mr.Pollard as she slides her foot stool from under the table with her foot. This is one of her favourite positions, her left leg up on a stool, and a naughty girls bare bottom up high for other girls to see as it wriggles under an expert spanking.

“Come on young lady, up you get! You know the drill, you have been up here often enough!”

Mrs.Pollard delivers ten whacks on Charlotte’s crisp white school knickers, stretched tightly over her firm young cheeks.

Her friends look on at her plight eagerly, and very soon the knickers are down, and the sound of hard smooth wood slapping on pleasingly plump cheeks is filling the small detention room!

What a grandstand view her two friends have! Each one, no matter which of the three, always enjoy seeing the others get spanked! The severity of the spanking picks up, and soon Charlotte’s legs are kicking, giving glimpses of her pussy. Both girls notice, that like theirs when being spanked, her pussy us dribbling.

Mrs.Pollard notices too! And increases her speed.

And so another week begins, for the three naughty girls and a teacher keen to punish them.

See you tomorrow!