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Jean Marie’s Erotic Words – 4

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My naughty little friend Jean Marie is toying with starting a blog. I am not saying that she is saying goodbye to us, but she might. here are her thoughts on what she might write about….

3rd S.E. submission

​As I discussed with Mr. Jones, I’m thinking about starting my own blog.

This experiment in submitting written pieces on the Spanking Emporium blog is kind of a trial run at that, trying it on for size. In my first piece, as I struggled to decide how to approach this, I provided an introduction to things about me. In my second submission (don’t you just love that word?), I painted a fantasy featuring some of my tastes. In this third submission (Yes, Sir! As you wish, Sir! Please may I have another cane stripe, Sir? That word makes my mind reel), I want to take a deeper dive into my tastes, for you to see if we think alike.

​IF I start my own blog, I think I’ll call it, “Butt Stuff.” I want to address everything to do with my butt. To clarify, I’ve got tiny tits, have always been self-conscious about them, but do not want to have them artificially enhanced. And since puberty, I’ve had a shapely large ass, which has garnered a LOT of attention. And my pussy and my ass have always been inextricably linked (and I’m not talking about that thin divide between those two holes, the perineum, as I like to call it, the Bridge of Sighs). So much of what satisfies my butt excites my pussy.

First and foremost, of course, is spanking. My blog will primarily focus on impact play. Before this GODDAMNED virus, it seemed like I was getting spanked all the freaking time. A Canadian friend in the scene, Hermione, commented that she was amazed at all the many and varied spanking experiences I’ve had, which made me reflect that, though I got started late, I have played more than my fair share. So, I want to discuss hand spankings over the knee, and leather strappings, riding crops, birch switching, and wooden paddles and canes. I love all my pervertibles, from hairbrushes to spatulas, wooden spoons, pancake turners, wire whisks, even insulated electric cords. I’m now exploring slippering and multi-tailed whips for the first time, so the future looks bright!

​I am unashamedly open about being anal-erotic, so would like to colloquy about this in all its manifestations, whether fingering, tonguing, figging. anal sex I’ve shared with men, strap-on butt sex I’ve enjoyed with women, butt plugs and training. I’d even like to tip-toe into the shrouded territory of enemas.

​I’d love to discuss all the discipline-oriented literature out there, the fun of role playing, erotica, the topics are nearly inexhaustible!

​With ALL of the aforementioned topics, the concept of trust enters in. I hope to develop a sense of mutual trust with you, my audience. I hope to have a dialogue with you via the comment section. I’m excited about what’s to come, as well as a little scared. Those are the emotions I feel when I pull my panties down and provide my hind quarters for a session of discipline. Here we go…!

Lots of vintage updates today….

Emporium: a large shop that sells many different types of goods, or a shop that sells a particular type of goods: an ice cream/antiques emporium.

In my mind, (and in reality if ever you come to my antiques centre) an emporium is somewhere with corridor after corridor, with room after room, with door after door….all leading to almost secret corridors, rooms and doors, containing many hidden away corners…

If you generally walk around my site, you end up a bit bamboozled, so many corners. But….If you go to my vintage…well…you’ll get delightfully lost!

It’s huge, and because a lot are from my old days of searching antique book shops, postcard fairs, and a couple of lovely older women who bring me secret findings and drink tea with me as we talk spanking. I am confident to say that you will find oodles of stuff that is nowhere else….although it might be now! And I don’t mind that.

If you look in my curio section, or my odds n sods section, or my bits n bobs section, you will see I have added two bronze spanking plaques, like this one…

If you go to my vintage b.d.s.m. Sections…yes, in the plural, you will find lots more like this one I have added today…

If you go to my vintage school section, this is new today…

And if you wander down the corridor of domestic discipline and peep in section 4, you will see I have added…

Get the idea? Maybe try the vintage smoking set, or the set(S) of vintage sets, my special BORS sets, or vintage pornorgraphy sets, or…or…or

Why not just dive in, have a walk around the dusty, musty corridors full of bottoms ( there are four glorious vintage bottom sets), art, photos, curios and, and ….oh god! There is all sorts.

If you get lost, that’s your own daft fault, don’t bother shouting, nobody will find you….


Spanking Faces – Set Two

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Here is a study of a naughty girls face, when being told she is going to have the cane wrapped right around her pretty little bare bottom twelve times, and the authorative face of the lady who will give it.

Naughty Girl – Charlotte

Authorative Lady – Samantha

I would like two of my contributors, Jean Marie and Robyn to write of this.

Jean Marie, from the naughty girls point of view.

Robyn from the authoritarian point of view.

Then I’ll try to marry them together, (no…not Robyn and Jeanie! Their writings!)…. in a story or long scenario description.

So come on girls, put your thinking caps on, take the naughty girls knickers down and get busy!


An article on carving bloomers!

Before we go on, you need to understand who Robin is. He is first and foremost a trusted friend of mine, and also my main researcher. He has his own page on here, which has a link to his second page…his wood carving page. Click here…

You might think Robin has been quiet….well that is a good thing, it means he has been up to something! In this case, another spanking wood carving. I asked him a while ago if he would talk us through a spanking carving, this is the carving of his choice. Read on, it is very interesting…And a word of advice, keep looking at the electrical plugs and sockets, just to remind you what a lovely size of carving this is…

A step-by-step guide on how to make your own erotic carving. This is a relatively easy carving project to do in that it doesn’t require carving faces, hands or toes!

It’s not always easy deciding what to carve for my next project. It can sometimes take days or even weeks to find an image that might inspire me. Even then the pose may prove too difficult to carve in wood. More often than not, I base my carvings on someone else’s carvings, adapting it to suit my tastes and abilities. Whilst a plain wood finish can look nice and is fairly discrete, I have grown to enjoy fully painted versions.

The open-crotch split drawers’ carving I have just completed was inspired by images on the internet I found of a vintage walking stick handle, carved in the 1920s out of ivory. It was also inspired by my love of vintage images depicting Victorian and Edwardian ladies in open-crotch bloomers/drawers, as well as Asa’s own lovely images of his models wearing such garments.

The Antique Walking Stick Handle
An Ostra Studio photograph showing open back drawers.
An irresistible photo of one of Asa’s models, Kate….very much an inspiration for the carving.

The beauty of the walking stick images is that they show the carving from all sides, which enabled me to draw up the front, back and side profiles. This allowed me to cut out the basic shape of the figure from a squared block of lime on a bandsaw.

Before attempting the large carving, I carved a very small walking stick sized protype to try to see how easy it would be to carve. There was little point in doing a larger version and wasting expensive timber if it wasn’t going to work out! Fortunately it did, as the images of this small carving below show. Incidentally, it fits very comfortably in the hand with the fingers caressing the buttocks if it were to be attached to a stick.

Returning to the larger version, I altered the pattern slightly to include open, split drawers rather than knickers as in the original and decided to reveal all the lady’s legs and booted feet:

The pattern was then transferred to a 5x5x13” block of lime and the basic shape cut out on a bandsaw:

The profiles were cut out and the remaining parts of the pattern pencilled in. Note extra wood is left on the base to attach it to a carving vice, an invaluable piece of equipment:

The rear view was then worked on first. Surplus wood around the sides back to the line of the dress was removed to reveal the bottom and legs:

The legs and buttocks were then separated down the centre line and rounded towards the centre and sides from their own centre lines:

This was steadily refined and sanded, carefully cutting in the line of the drawers and ‘fluting’ the bottom edges to give them a frilly appearance.

Work then started on the front of the figure, removing wood to reveal the head and neck:

The head and sides were rounded from the centre line to produce the overall figure:

The hair was then textured with some wavy cuts.

The lines of the folded up dress and petticoats are carved in like a series of steps, as well as the line of the boots and some shallow grooves on the sides to suggest the folds of the dress. The seam of each stocking and of the drawers etc…were burnt into the wood with a wood burning tool:

The completed carving was then sanded down again and sealed, before painting two undercoats of white gesso which helps the top coloured layers to adhere to the wood.

The painting of all parts was then done with acrylic paints.

And finally, a comparison of the final carving and Kate, although Kate takes the edge by a long chalk!

Asa’s note.

Thank you Robin for an excellent article, detailed and descriptive. Your photos are superb, especially the penultimate one taken from above. If I owned one I would make a little birch, and a cane. Even if the carving wanted to sit, she would never be able to!

Sorted….the new place!

One thing about living in England is that if you are a slightly eccentric old spanker like my good self, and know where to look, you can find somewhere reasonably easily. Thank you to a like minded gentleman, I now have a new place to shoot in.

The old Victorian house and the more modern ones you know and love (see up in the menu photos) are still there. But to compensate for my loss of a school room, study, and Victorian Parlour, I now have complete access to my mystery location. I can wander at will, anywhere, and the grounds are totally private and secluded, I can even stay overnight.

Here it is…

I am already drafting stories of school trips to an historic house, naked picnics and all sorts!

Spanking in time to a ticking clock for a naughty Victorian maid…

Spanking for naughty girls on the stairs, by the huge windows…

Naughty schoolgirls, lesbian lovers, maids etc in bedroom scenes, bent over the foot of the bed with an angry mummy….mistress…etc

So many windows!

Around the house…so many rooms!

Bottoms will be bared here, cheeks will blush, pussies will be fiddled with!

And outside there are statues, fallen trees, ponds…and all secluded.

You have much to look forward too. If things go well…no covid lockdown, no blizzards etc I should start to shoot there in January!


Knickers Removal – Set 14

To see the rest of the section that concentrates on a cavalcade of falling knickers and the baring of naughty girl’s bottoms, click here…

Here are the two girls who appear on my blog and site more than anyone else, the enchantingly naughty schoolgirls, Charlotte and Samantha. I wonder what they have done this time? Because this is a photo set, and not a story, does it matter?

Imagine the scene, Mr.Jones with a raised eyebrow, and stern voice has just reprimanded them. The rest of the class has been dismissed, I have walked to the implement cupboard and selected a cane. I swish it as I return. They sit staring forward, not wanting to make me any more angry than I already am…

“Stand up, go to the front of the desk.” …….swish

Two trembling sets of naughty girl’s knees straighten, and they do as they are told. “Stand at the front of the desk, side by side, facing it.”

“Lean over, and hold the back rest, do not let go….if you do, I will start again. You are both getting four each.” ….swish!

“You are getting your four strokes on your bare bottoms.” I say as I lift their skirts to reveal two beautifully laundered, crisp, white, tight pairs of school panties.

In turn, I hook my thumbs into the waistband of their knickers and pull them around their delightfully plump, soft, curvy cheeks. Then I let the white cotton, tumble to the floor to drape around their trembling ankles.

Let’s dwell, let us linger on the beautiful sight on that sunny late summer afternoon. Imagine how it felt for them…the cool air on their bare bottoms as Mr.Jones lowers their panties, slowly. Their bottoms are now bare, and presented, for punishment.

Not long now before the best, yellow, flexible German rattan whacks into their cheeks, and wraps right around their firm buttocks.

Then look how it is from my point of view, delicious soft cheeks, waiting.

Oh my word ladies and gentlemen, just look at them, blazers and skirts raised, framing those soft cheeks, with knickers lowered, pussy lips poking through. It is what we dream of isn’t it. Feast your eyes, devour the scene…..stop a while. Look, just look.

How blessed I am to have two such lovely blonde, pretty girls, willing to bare their shapely bottoms for me.

I decide to give them a spanking first, let’s give those cheeks a nice cherry red, concentrated blush, for the cane to land on. It helps my aim you know…

“Now girls, grip the back rest firmly, brace yourselves. You are getting four of the finest each, remember….if you let go, even after number four, I will start again. You do not let go, you can rub your bottoms when I say and not before. This is of your own making, you have both been very very naughty girls. This is what happens to naughty girls. I have little sympathy.”

I stand to their side, I aim at the nearest first…Samantha. She is gritting her teeth, eyes closed. I will do her with a back hand swing.

Once more, let us think. These two girls love the whole aspect of spanking, like me, it is of great interest to them. The crime, the being caught, the reprimand, the sentence, the delivery of punishment, the corner time…all of it. Yet…yet there is more.

Imagine how they feel when they read this, how they feel when the photo is taken, knowing that thousands of you will look, and imagine.

I think that right now Jeanie for one will have her legs apart, and fingers fiddling away, so too will Emma, Robyn, Brenda and other women who write often. I know that Jim, Ben, Robin, Tony and many others of my male followers will be looking and imagining as they grip and stroke their manhood.

“Shall I walk around, grip their cheeks and part them in turn for you? To shoot your warm runny sperm and watch it trickle? And you girls, why not dip your tongue in, let it run around their rims?”….hmmm?

Oh…the caning, sorry, this is in the knickers removal section….so just look and aim….let the girls feel adored and desired. Let’s all join together in naughtiness. I bet Samantha and Charlotte will do the same as you, imagine that! United by my blog, from England to wherever you are, you might be masturbating at the same time…..ooooh…..come on, get to your climax…is it getting there..hmmm…just a few more rubs and……ohhhhh that blessed relief!



Kate’s Story – Part Eleven

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Kate is caught smoking and slippered

Having been caught masturbating twice in detention and punished both by me and her parents, I really thought that might be the end of Kate’s wayward behaviour. However, that was not to be. Seemingly there was no limit to her naughtiness.

One day, as I was walking down the corridor I smelled tobacco smoke coming from an apparently empty classroom. I burst in, to catch her with her knickers around her knees and smoking!

“Kate! What on earth do you think you are doing? Stand up!”

“Do you think me stupid!? It is no good trying to hide things behind your back….show me!”

She produced a cigarette lighter and a cigarette.

“Your knickers sliding slowly down your legs make it obvious that you have just masturbated and followed it with a smoke young lady. You should be in class! Yet here you are…again being naughty! Just how many times have I got to cane your bare bottom?”

She stood looking down in shame. “Come around here you naughty girl!”

“So yet again you have left class, or probably missed a class altogether! To come and masturbate where you should most definitely not! And…AND….finished off by smoking! You have broken a serious rule! You are not old enough to smoke anyway, so you have broken the law young lady! Get here….stand there! You are going to smoke one cigarette after another, and then, on the last one, I am going to cane you all the way from start to finish, the cigarette will not leave your mouth, your bottom will be as red as the end of your cigarette!”

More to follow…


I suppose you ought to see what happened before you entered the room! Here is our dear naughty girl Kate, masturbating before she had a smoke…

Knickers Removal – Set 13

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Jeans! She should not have come to school in jeans….it’s as simple as that!

I give her six. “Now, have you something you ought to say to me?”

‘Sorry Mr.Jones….sniff, sniff….I won’t come in my jeans again.

“Very good, now go to lost property, and get yourself some school uniform. Off you go.”

Pulling them up, she leaves.


No posts today, I had a ghostly experience!

No post today, which is very unusual, although….this is a post!

I have been alone in my studio, packing it all up. As you know I have been kicked out. It has been a very sad day, I cried again! But it is all done now.


The studio is haunted, I have seen him five times. I could sense benevolence, I think he enjoyed our time there, spanking bottoms.

Right at the end, I stood and held my arms out and spoke, aloud…

‘Whoever you are, we know that you are here. I have sensed you many times and seen you five…you are very quick! But I saw you, always in the same place, over there. That day you pulled Samantha’s hair and pushed her shoulder was naughty though! And that man you scared! Naughty you, maybe I should have spanked a ghost!

Me? Oh I welcomed you. When I sat here alone, at twilight, knowing I had to lock up and go down ‘those stairs’ never bothered me. I could tell you were nice. Thanks for not scaring us, I hope we gave you pleasure. It is time to say bye bye….you will not see the girls again, we have been thrown out. I will come for bits to take on shoots, but they will not be here. So…goodbye my friend, thanks for the company.”

I stood to turn off the light, and take one last look….and he was there!

He came behind me, and hugged me.

Now you may laugh, you might call me foolish, even stupid. But it was sweet, nice, and friendly. I know it happened….I KNOW it happened.

Tomorrow my Spanking friends, is the first day of my new style spanking life, I have been inundated with offers. Watch this space! You have treats coming!


Week One – Wednesday

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A series of strange events had occurred. Last week, pages 1-9 of a maths exam disappeared and then miraculously re-appeared. Today the test had taken place, all three of our naughty girls got all the questions right….except one. The one on page ten.

They have never got remotely close to getting 95% before. How obvious! They had not thought that through had they?

They are staying behind, they had been there for half an hour already.

“Right!” Said Mrs.Pollard….”you are all getting twelve of the tawse on each bare cheek! Unless the thief….the cheating thief owns up. She will then get twelve…I am waiting!…five, four….three…two…”

Samantha stood up. “It was me Mrs.Pollard, I don’t know what came over me…L…L”

“Get out here! How dare you!? How very dare you!”

“Get over the stool and get your skirt up!!”

“Yes Mrs.Pollard.”

She gave her four over her knickers.

“Prepare yourself young lady, these are coming down! And you are getting another eight!”

“That spanking was for stealing! Tomorrow, straight after school. All three of you will report to my Study, where we will address the cheating issue!”

They left, supporting a stumbling, crying Samantha.

See you tommorrow, straight after school!