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Anybody fancy meeting me and my girls? See a spanking or three?….

It’s obvious really, here I am, freshly kicked out of my studio and looking for places to visit and shoot in until I find a home, and shoot in after if we get all get on.

Do you live within easy driving distance of CHESTERFIELD in Derbyshire, U.K.? Do you own a farm, stables, interesting old building, a wood….any photographic interiors?

Do you like these?….

Would you like to witness a shoot at your place…of course, we need tea and cake!

Contact me if you are interested.


A little update…

Having been told by the owners of my studio that Me and my girls are not the type of people they want to have around, you can understand that my girls and I are a bit glum….feeling hurt and unwanted. Sat drinking tea, eating cake feeling like lepers on the edge of a biblical village.

As you know we have been kicked out. We understand what they mean, but all the same, it is not nice when people say their businesses are tainted by ‘People like us….so go away! we do not want you here!’

We’ll be okay. We know that you like us 😊😊😊😊😊😊😊

The search for new places goes on, people with broader, kinder minds are making kind offers. These places are already agreed to, but not ready to use yet….but hopefully in a few months you will see the results of naughty girls being spanked by angry mummies etc here…

But when I go to my blog, and look at all my photos, I just find it all a bit sad, to think of my school and Victorian sets, being dismantled and put into storage….possibly never to come out.

So today…sadly, I just can’t be bothered! Sorry. I am at the studio now, moving things, packing plimsolls and canes away.

Poor Mr.Jones…..poor Mr.Jones girls….not wanted, pissed off, and so the world ….NOT YOU MY DEAR FOLLOWERS! Your kind words are wonderful!

But the rest of the fucking prudes in this WOKE WORLD can go and bollocks today! Go and make your money, and then being the hypocrites that you are….have a wank whilst looking at the photos ‘People like us’ create for you!!

Not that I am bitter or anything…


Ma and Pa at the Gym

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Ma and Pa at the Gym

: Pa decided to go the gym. He lamented woefully how he had not regained his youthful figure. Ma’s pies and puddings and wonderful Delights completely made him forget himself. Enough is enough said Pa and joined the local gym..

:At the gym was a personal trainer believed in unusual measures of persuasion..a Ma in lycra with special shoe known as a dap…if Pa gained weight he’d get a tap with the dap – the more the pounds, the more the whacks. If he kept to target green flash would be directed at another place – Miss Lycra would bare her seat and receive a whack or two. ‘Twas worth the pain of diet plan to see Miss Lycra peel down her uniform…

:Then one day as Ma was steaming with some friends at the gym in came Miss Lycra with her curves, unknown to Ma, and proceeded to tell the assembled crowd about this chap with whom she had a special arrangement ..

: Ma was listening and the ladies were laughing until Miss Lycra uttered the words “he has a tummy to admire and eyes full of desire but his heart is really in the rear..”..

:Then it became clear of whom she was speaking. “ That’s my man Miss Lycra dear, and now your rear is in contention for I shall wallop your bottom bare for taking liberty without permission..”

: and Miss Lycra was then and there upended across Ma’s knee with bottom bare in the air for all the ladies to see. And individually and as one they watched and waited as Ma dealt with the delectable bum they had the same thought. They appreciated the OFJ for all their own diet pain and as those cheeks turned pink all those ladies shifted in their seats and thought of misdemeanours and omissions of their own – was the remedy in front of them?

: When Ma had finished with the miscreant Miss the orb over her lap it was quite pink. She let her up and with a parting whack said “now miss next time have a think and ask before you leap”. Miss Lycra smiled and said she would and thought that “woman packs a whap with her hand, what might she do with a dap?”, which brought forth an emerging plan…

: meanwhile the ladies one and all had an itch they just couldn’t contain so asked Ma to scratch it for them and one by one without delay they went over her lap, bottoms bare of all shapes and sizes and Ma certainly did her exercises…but who among the Ladies of Steam would do the same for her?

: Till when they all were satisfied one of them (a bottle blond but quite perceptive) said “our lady spanker needs a dose, I think we all should help her”. And so it was those ladies of steam, sitting on freshly spanked cheeks, had Ma stretch out across their laps, her beautiful bare and plump terrain a fresh canvas for their attention – and they did oblige with willing hands for their mentor of give and receive…the sighs of contentment could be heard between there and Barnt Bare Acre Green!

Robyn’s Longer Works…

This is something I will use in the future, but I needed to make the page now, to insert into Robyn’s page, which you can find by clicking on the Contributors’ button in the menu above.

For a while there will be nothing here! That’s not very exciting for you is it?

So to fill a space, let’s have a chat with Charlotte…

“Hello Charlotte, you look naughty! Have you come to school with no knickers on again? Bending over for things, or stretching for things hmmm? So everyone can see your bottom and pussy?”

“Maybe!” She giggles.

“The girls say that you masturbate in class, is that right?”

“It might be. That’s for me to know and you to find out!” She chuckles delightfully.

“Is it true that you get into trouble on purpose to get your bare bottom punished? And no secretive answers this time…..yes or no?”

“Mmmmmmmmm…….ooooohhhhhh, now let me think. Erm….YES!” She blushes!


Robyn’s Erotic Words – 4

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As I love reading and re-reading vintage spanking erotica, I thought that I would post today a wonderful extract from ‘Two Flappers in Paris’ written by an anonymous author in the 1920s. The author conjures up some arousing images, which I hope you will enjoy.

In the introduction to the book, the writer begins by saying:

“I have often had occasion to visit Paris, and it is always with the greatest pleasure that I return to this delightful city, where every man can satisfy his tastes and desires, whatever they may be.”

So starts the erotic exploits of a British diplomat in Paris in the 1920s. No sooner does he arrive in Paris than he meets two young flappers (called Evelyn and Nora) and persuades them to let him ‘educate’ them in the ways of love at a high class brothel. ‘Uncle Jack,’ as the two girls call him, arranges lessons for the two young virgins in a wide range of erotic pleasures. In this extract, they are educated in the erotic pleasures of flagellation, with the aid of a young maid called Rosie.

The three coloured illustrations to be found later in this extract are by an unknown artist.

Robyn x

When my two charming ‘nieces’ and Rose returned, Madame conducted us to the whipping-room. It was a large room hung with dark yellow velvet ladders of varnished wood, the bars of which were here and there provided with straps, a wooden horse covered with soft leather, a cupboard containing every kind of instrument of flagellation, a long wide sofa and a narrow oak bench, both of them furnished with straps, and finally the whipping-chair formed the furniture of this comfortable apartment from which no cries or appeals could escape.

Not that it was a room of torture, far from that, but, as I explained to the girls later, there are certain refined voluptuaries who never feel the supreme pleasure so keenly as when they have been severely scourged by a female hand.

We must of course admit that there are tastes of all kinds.

As soon as we had entered the room, Madame left us to the tender care of Rose who alone had accompanied us. My little friend invited us to be seated and then said, ‘I must tell you, young ladies and monsieur, that it is a rule of the house that no visitor may enter the whipping-room without receiving a whipping. It is a tribute which must be paid! With which of you shall I begin?’ Evelyn and Nora, crimson with confusion, declared that they would be much too ashamed to be whipped before me.

At this Rose laughed heartily. ‘Really?’ said she. ‘Perhaps you are afraid that your uncle would be shocked at the sight of your charms?. . . If that is so, you may banish all fear. Monsieur is no novice, I can assure you. He has seen many a whipped bottom. And I don’t mind admitting that he has seen mine dancing under the rod not so very long ago.’

‘But,’ objected Evelyn, ‘it must hurt terribly!’

Rose’s laughter increased. ‘Not at all, not at all!’ said she. ‘Please remember that we are here for our pleasure and not for our pain! Don’t be alarmed, young ladies, and make up your minds to go through it. One thing is certain, and that is that you will not leave this room without having had a whipping, nor will your uncle either!’

‘Oh, for my part,’ I said, ‘I will gladly submit to the rules of the house.”

‘Then,’ said Evelyn, ‘you have it first!’

‘No,’ said Rose, ‘that would be breaking the rules. We must always begin with a visitor who is making a first visit to the establishment.’

‘Evelyn,’ said I, ‘I will give you my word of honour that I will go through it after you and Nora. And besides, didn’t you tell me that you were “prepared for anything”. If you want to understand things you must learn by personal experience . . . And I assure you that you won’t suffer any pain, but quite the contrary!’

‘But you will see me!’

‘And have I not some little claim to such a delicious reward?’

‘And Nora will have it after me?’

‘Yes, after you, and I after Nora!’

‘Oh, good heavens, very well then; do with me as you like!. . . ‘

Assisted by Rose, I led her to the armchair. The seat consisted, so to speak, of two arms placed close together, hollowed out like a gutter, and thickly padded. We directed Evelyn to kneel down on it and this she did without much hesitation. Promptly Rose fastened her legs to the arms by means of two broad webbing straps, and then directed her to place her arms round the back of the chair: these she fastened securely at the wrists by means of another strap. Evelyn then noticed that her stomach was resting on a sort of velvet cushion fixed at the bottom of the back of the chair.

‘What is it placed there for?’ she asked, a little frightened without knowing exactly why.’

‘To support you, darling,’ I said. ‘Now, don’t be afraid!’

Touching a lever, Rose set the back of the chair in motion. It fell slowly, but steadily, backwards, drawing with it the upper part of the astonished Evelyn’s body. A cry of distress issued from her pretty lips, and Nora, frightened too, rose from her seat and seemed inclined to cry out.

‘Don’t be frightened,’ I said quickly. ‘Be a good girl, Nora. I’ve told you that no harm shall happen to Evelyn. You can have complete confidence in me.’

Evelyn, meanwhile, continued to utter little cries of terror which became more plaintive when, the back of the chair continuing to fall backwards, the dear girl found herself flung forwards, quite gently it is true, and without her fastened limbs or her body suffering any pain whatsoever. The downward movement only ceased when the back was almost parallel with the floor, and as the arms had risen as the back fell, Evelyn found herself exactly as if she had been on all fours, that is to say her bottom was raised in a way most admirably adapted for a whipping. This position in itself was already extremely exciting for Nora and me as spectators. But what was it compared with what I was about to see!. . . The mere idea of this made me tremble with desire. Evelyn, on finding herself thus exposed, felt a very natural feeling of shame. She cried out more loudly and her lovely face expressed terror when she found herself thus placed with her head lower than her heels.

Rose gently reassured her. ‘Oh! Miss Evelyn,’ she said, ‘you are not going to cry out like a little baby, surely! .. . You know that it’s only fun! If you really deserved to be punished and if we wished to do so, we should not take so much care to make you comfortable, should we? You will see how curious it is and what strange and powerful emotions this new experience provokes . . . Now, be a good girl, and we will begin my operation. ‘Ah, yes! Monsieur Quatrefois will see your pretty little bottom! He will see it birched! And what if he does! I don’t suppose that you imagine it will be the first time that he has seen such a thing! I can assure you that your bottom will not be the first that he has seen under such conditions; will it, monsieur?’

‘I’m obliged to confess that it will not!’ said I, laughing. But the shame which is inseparable from the ‘preparation’ for a whipping had now taken complete possession of Evelyn. Her face was crimson and sweet little tears appeared on her long eyelashes and this attitude of humiliation, I must confess, gave me infinitely more pleasure than if she had taken the situation as a matter of course, to be merely laughed at. Rose delicately seized between the thumb and finger of each hand the edge of her light skirt and turned it up slowly over the patient’s shoulders. Evelyn uttered such a cry of distress that, if I had not restrained myself, I should have flung myself on my knees before her and kissed her little lips, so pretty in their timid fear, in order to comfort her.

‘Oh, what are you going to do?’ she sighed.

‘I am about to uncover this part of you, miss,’ said Rose smiling. ‘You don’t suppose that we are going to whip you over your petticoats, do you?’

‘Evelyn, darling,’ I said in my turn, ‘if you really wish to know everything, you must submit to everything. And it’s all the more easy to do this because, I assure you, it isn’t a punishment that Rose is about to inflict on you but a most delightful caress!’

‘Oh, I believe you . . . But it seems so dreadful! So shocking! Oh, do get it over quickly!’

Rose, highly amused, proceeded to raise the soft petticoat and then her light and skilful hands sought out, under the waist and the upturned clothes, the buttons of the drawers. And, as is always the case, this search was the beginning of the excitement, and what a novel excitement it was, for Evelyn. I could see it in the nervous trembling which shook her charming posteriors, still protected by their thin covering. I could not take my eyes from those splendid rotundities, the bold roundness and fullness of which were thus suddenly revealed to me. The drawers, made of the finest cotton, were open crotch drawers as every self-respecting flapper’s drawers should be. At the bottom of the slit, near the thighs, a little end of her chemise peeped out, and trembled like a little tail. How I should have loved to raise this little tail and insert beneath it an investigating finger or an inquisitive glance! The drawers, very full in the legs, although at this moment were tightly stretched by the jutting-out position of their sumptuous contents. Rich Valenciennes lace, forming an edging, fell down over the well-formed calves encased in their charming open-work black silk stockings. They were as pretty a pair of drawers as you could want to see, and I could not help wondering if Evelyn, anticipating what was in store for her, had put them on for my benefit. I hoped I would find Nora was equally dainty in her choice of underwear when her turn came to display them.

Meanwhile Rose, having found the buttons, slipped the drawers down to Evelyn’s knees, and then slowly, and with gestures which seemed almost religious, raised the fine crepe chemise and turned it up over her shoulders with the petticoats. It was indeed a lovely sight which presented itself.

To be sure, I have seen the bottoms of many girls and women in my time, and as, no doubt, many of my readers have been equally fortunate, I see no reason to deny it. But this time I felt more deeply moved than ever before, and with good reason, for Evelyn’s bottom was an absolute marveland it is so still, I may say at once! What painter, were he at the very top of his profession, could produce that delightful fruit of pink and white flesh, so attractive and so delicate in its development? . . . But even if he did succeed in this task he would only have produced an incomplete work, infinitely inferior to the reality: there would be wanting life, manifesting itself in those quiverings and tremblings the mere sight of which intoxicates one. There would be wanting above all that imponderable thing, the feeling of seeing, of admiring, a virgin’s bottom, a bottom pure and fresh, absolutely chaste and never yet uncovered at least to the eyes of a man, never yet soiled by the slightest touch. I gazed upon it with an almost religious emotion, with which was mingled, let it be said, no slight admixture of hot desire.

I did not dare to ask Rose to allow me to whip the delightful treasure, but at that moment I made up my mind to use my utmost endeavour to be able to do so at sometime or other; whether my hopes were ever to be realised this, as Rudyard Kipling would say, ‘is another story.’

Rose, who no doubt was not quite affected in the same way as myself, had taken from the cupboard two instruments of flagellation. She placed one on a seat near the armchair and held the other in her hand.

The first was the classic instrument, a birch rod, formed of thin whippy twigs about two feet long, bound together for half their length and covered with broad red ribbon.

The other, which she held in her hand, was a martinet, but of a kind that would have been of no terror to a naughty boy. While the wooden handle was bound round with soft leather, the six leather thongs, about a foot long, were covered with crimson velvet. In this way the severity of the whipping, which is always possible as the result of the excitement of the operator, would be so much diminished that the only effects of a love-whipping would be an extreme irritation of the senses and an intense desire for an effective relief.

I thought that Rose was now ready to put an end to Evelyn’s agony of mind by proceeding to whip her at once, but such was not the case . . . Turning a little handle at the side of the chair she caused the arms to which Evelyn’s knees were strapped to open with the result that the lovely girl’s thighs were forced wide apart. Nor was this the only result.

At first surprised, and then really frightened, Evelyn uttered such cries of terror that Rose was quite dismayed.

‘Oh, do be quiet,’ she said impatiently, “you really are too tiresome! Let me tell you, miss, that if it was left to me I should give you something to cry out about!’

‘Come, Evelyn, come!’ I said in my turn. You know it’s not serious. Don’t make such a fuss, you are not going to be hurt!’

Nora was sitting by my side, and we were just behind Evelyn. Rose was standing by her left side in such a way that Nora and I could admire in their most intimate details the treasures of our little companion. What first attracted my attention was the tight little pinky-brown button-hole which Evelyn tried in vain to conceal by closing the cheeks of her bottom. . . The attempt met with no success owing to the wide stretch of the thighs. Underneath appeared the first little brown curls, as fine and soft as silk, which grew thicker as they ascended till they formed a thick downy fleece. In this nestled, like two rolled-up petals of a fresh crimson rose seeking to hide itself in the shade, the tightly closed lips of the virgin spring of love.

How compact and fresh it all seemed! And how profoundly moved I was at the sight of such lovely charms so beautifully and so indecently displayed. My nerves were on the tingle and my blood seemed to course in hot waves through my veins . . . By me sat Nora, her face scarlet! She had taken my hand, the little darling, and was pressing it convulsively.

‘Nora!’ I murmured, ‘my darling! I am just in the condition that Father Rustique was; do you understand me? My ‘devil’ is aroused!’

She moved uneasily on her chair, blushed still more deeply and stammered, ‘The devil? . . . Oh, Uncle Jack!. . . ‘

She lowered her eyes in confusion. I gently guided her hand to the spot where the devil was making his presence felt. At first she seemed to wish to withdraw it, but I held the soft warm little hand there with gentle firmness.

‘Do you feel it, dear? Tell me if you feel it?’

‘Yes. . . Oh, yes, I feel it,’ she sighed. I felt her tremble delightfully but I did not wish to push the experience any further for the moment. And besides, Rose was now beginning to whip Evelyn, whose bottom at once began to dance while she uttered little cries, whether of fear or pleasure it would not have been easy to decide. Skilfully handled, the velvet-covered thongs of the martinet wrapped themselves round the plump and muscular cheeks of Evelyn’s bottom. Pretty red stripes soon began to appear and, presently, the by no means severe and most delicately applied whipping began to produce the desired effect, that is to say an intensely sensual sensation.

Evelyn ceased to utter her little cries. Only, ‘Ah! ah! ah! . . . ‘ escaped from her lips as each stroke fell, while her eyes assumed a dreamy look. Finally the intense itching sensation became so unbearable over the whole of her tender bottom that she experienced an uncontrollable desire to be whipped more severely.

She herself assured me of these impressions later on, as did Nora, but I need hardly say that I was well acquainted with them myself. Evelyn, then, having ceased to cry out, now found herself a prey to the very demon of lasciviousness. Her bottom was quivering and dancing in the most indecent manner and she had quite given up all attempts to hide from us the most tender and secret parts of her lovely body. Her breathing became quick and sharp, her burning sensations seemed to increase her beauty and impassioned words escaped from her red and patted lips.

‘Ah! Go on! Go on! Harder! oh! It’s maddening! Oh! It’s delicious! Oh! Go on! Harder Still! Ah! Ah!. . . ‘

Rose, alert and intensely interested, increased the severity of her strokes, knowing well that the only effect would be to excite, and not to damage, the tender flesh. Suddenly she dropped the martinet and took up the birch, judging no doubt that the glowing bottom was now prepared for the more severe attack of the supple twigs.

And she was right. The whippy birch, curling round the beautiful trembling and quivering globes, came down with a hiss on the hot crimson flesh. Here and there livid weals were raised and dark red stripes appeared, but Evelyn, beside herself with the intensity of the sensations which she was now experiencing for the first time, uttered not the slightest complaint although she was now really undergoing a pretty severe birching.

Virgin though she was, under the effects of the whipping, she had lost all modesty and I am certain that at this moment she would have gladly yielded me her maidenhead. But I had promised Madame R that the girls should leave her house virgins in body and I was determined to keep my promise.

When Rose saw that her patient had reached the paroxysm of passion, she dropped the birch, took up the martinet and, with gentle and carefully directed strokes, began to whip her between the legs.

The velvet-covered thongs, following the deep valley, struck, or rather caressed, the soft treasures which I have described.

The effect was really astonishing.

Evelyn stiffened the whole of her body in a supreme spasm. With nervous contractions she agitated her thighs and bottom, while a deep sob of pleasure issued from her lips and was repeated again and again.

Nora, surprised and a little frightened, pressed close up to me. I felt a supple young body against my shoulder, a sensation which was not calculated to diminish the fire which was consuming me. I passed my arm round her waist and gently fondled the magnificent rotundities which I was looking forward to being able to admire in a few moments as conveniently as those of her little friend.

‘Are you wondering what Evelyn’s sensations are?’ I asked in a low voice.

‘Yes. . . ” she admitted.

‘Well, she has been having a perfectly blissful time. Would you have thought that a whipping was able to produce such a wonderful effect?’

‘No, indeed, Uncle Jack!’

‘You little darling! You shall try it yourself in a moment. It is not only by putting the devil into hell that one can feel this delightful sensation, as I have told you, and now you have the proof of it! Oh no, there are many other ways, I can assure you.’

Evelyn remained for some little time overcome by the swoon into which the supreme excitement of the voluptuous whipping had plunged her. She continued to sigh softly and Nora, reassured by what I had just said with regard to Evelyn’s sensations, suddenly began to laugh heartily. This rather surprised me, having regard to her recent emotion, and I asked her, ‘What’s the matter, Nora: what makes you laugh so?’

‘It’s Evelyn,’ she said, bursting out again. ‘The spectacle is so comic! Oh, how funny she is. Look how she is wriggling her. . . her bottom, and how she is showing. . . everything and so comically too!’

‘Oh, Miss Nora,’ said Rose, assuming the magisterial tone of an irate schoolmistress, you are wrong to laugh at Miss Evelyn. In a few moments you will find yourself precisely in the position that she is now in, And a little later you will behave exactly as you have seen her behave! All those who enter this room go through the same contortions and utter the same sighs!

I will now unfasten Miss Evelyn and prepare you; now, come along!’

Nora, confused and crimson with emotion, wriggled on her seat and pressed more closely up to me.

‘Oh, no!’ she murmured. ‘I won’t!’

She made an adorable little grimace, so charming that I felt tempted softly to bite her lovely little mouth to punish her for being so insubordinate.

‘You won’t?’ I said in feigned astonishment. ‘Oh! what a horrid word! Let me tell you that no well-behaved young lady in a whipping-room ever says “I will” or “I won’t”: merely for this you will have to mount the chair, so come along!’

I took her gently in my arms to move her towards the chair but she resisted a little, and this gave me the chance of feeling her supple plump body under the thin material of her dress.

‘It will have to be,’ I said. ‘Be a good girl, Nora, and don’t compel me to use force. You know that a girl ought to obey her uncle, don’t you?’

‘Now, Miss Nora, come at once,’ said Rose in her turn. ‘Now it will be Miss Evelyn who will laugh at you!’

‘Indeed, Nora, you surprise me,’ said Evelyn, ‘What has become of all your old pluck?’

‘Miss Nora used to be brave, then?’ said Rose jeeringly. ‘What a change!’

‘Yes, indeed, she was,’ continued Evelyn, ‘We used to consider her the bravest girl in the school.’

Evelyn’s remarks seemed to rouse Nora’s pride.

‘I am just the same!’ said she, turning up her sweet little nose and looking at us each in turn with her great blue eyes, more blue by reason of the crimson of her cheeks. ‘And that there may be no doubt about it I will show it you!. . . too!’

I burst out laughing at these words. The little darling! She did not see the humour of her remark in her innocence. For, indeed, if she was to show us how brave she was, she would have to show it to us, namely that which I was so longing to see. Of her own accord she knelt on the arms of the chair which had been restored to their position by Rose who immediately strapped her knees and hands as she had done in the case of Evelyn.

It was quickly done, for Rose, like myself, found an added excitement from the semblance of resistance which the capricious Nora had offered.

Immediately the back of the chair was tilted backwards, the arms were raised and the machinery which operated them was set in motion in spite of the agonised appeals of Nora.

‘Oh, yes! you may cry! You see what you have let yourself in for!’ said Rose. ‘You will have to show everything at once as a punishment for your resistance. And I am sure that we are about to see something that will be well worth our careful attention, for you are charmingly pretty, Miss Nora!’

The little rogue had murmured this in the culprit’s ear and I saw mat she had taken advantage of the opportunity gently to bite the lobe of this ear, which is one of the most exciting caresses that I know, especially when, at the same time, the hand of the operator is ‘at work’ either under the petticoats or inside the trousers.

Now, Rose’s hand was ‘at work’ under Nora’s petticoats in a way which, as she admitted to me later, at once aroused an extraordinary sensation of pleasure.

The skilful ministrant to my desires unbuttoned the drawers and let them down and then, slipping her hand under the chemise, she softly stroked and tickled the trembling globes of Nora’s posterior charms.

The strange and novel sensation seemed to drive the sweet girl almost mad. Little cries and entreaties mingled with sighs were evidence of this, as well as the undulations of the loins and the trembling of the bottom which always result in the case of one not accustomed to be thus handled.

But Rose knew that she was not mere to gratify her own pleasure.

Evidently delighted at having thus excited Nora, she stood up, came behind her and turned up the petticoats.

If Nora’s bottom was apparently less muscular than Evelyn’s it seemed to be just as attractive in the harmony of its curves and the full development of its sumptuous globes.

I have said that the girls of Madame X’s school were well known throughout Paris for the smartness of their dressing and Nora’s undies were as dainty as those of her companion. The drawers, of fine cotton like those of Evelyn, were now hanging loosely round her knees, and for the first time I caught a glimpse of the soft white flesh between the tops of her stockings and the edge of her chemise.

A moment later and Rose had turned up the chemise and immediately were displayed before me, delightful in the indecent completeness of their exposure, the beauties which so far I had only pictured in my mind. Here, indeed, was the eternal fruit offered to the appetite of man, that wonderful fruit which, from the distant time of the earthly Paradise, has offered itself to the pious hands of the lovers of Eve.

But had there been one fruit in that famous garden like that which Nora now offered to our unraptured gaze, its mere presence would have explained the madness of Adam.

It was a combination of form and colour calculated to amaze and delight the most experienced painter of the nude. The skin was so soft and fine that one felt a desire to kneel down before the beautiful globes and bite boldly into them and perhaps to smother them with kisses, or to make them quiver with the gentle ridding of the fingers or under the stinging embraces of an elastic birch. In the shady valley, where grew a fair and downy moss, thanks to the wide separation of the thighs I could admire the rosy virgin jewels which seemed to invite my lips.

‘Nora,’ I said, ‘I can assure you that you and Evelyn are perfectly adorable from all points of view. How on earth, darling, could you wish to hide such treasures from us? It would have been a crime, Rose, wouldn’t it?’

‘A regular crime!’ said Rose. There was no doubt that she was very much excited by the fair charms of Nora, and I could not help suspecting in her certain sapphic tastes which I had never been aware of before.

Rose now took up the martinet and, while with her left hand she softly caressed Nora’s cheek very sensitive as I could see to the gentle tickling, she began to whip her bottom, following the same method as she had employed in the ‘correction’ of Evelyn.

From the very first, Nora showed by her contortions and lascivious movements that, though a blonde, she was as sensitive to a whipping as the dark and more highly strung Evelyn. For a long time and pretty severely as it seemed Rose continued to whip her, then she substituted the birch for the martinet when she judged that the right moment had come.

Presently the velvet-covered thongs of the martinet resumed their delightful task, working up to the final scene. The tight little button-hole and the rosy lips, as fresh and pouting and closed as Evelyn’s, received the last tender strokes which brought on the inevitable crisis.

Nora’s whole body quivered and contracted and then . . . jerk. . . jerk. . . , a panting “o. . . h! o. . . h! a. . . h!” and a deep sob of delight marked the crowning point of her enjoyment.

Standing just behind her, with her bottom and thighs arranged in such a position that we could see every detail of the child’s emotion, we watched the love-fit run its course for a full minute, then the sweet girl seemed to collapse, overcome by pleasure and confusion.

Delightful power of youth! How much, as I watched this charming scene, I regretted my young years when the same simple cause would have produced on my nature the same pleasant effects. But alas, it now required more than a mere whipping to produce in me the final spasm.

Nora, half laughing and half weeping, so intense had been her enjoyment, was unfastened and prettily proceeded to adjust the disorder of her raiment.

‘And now, Monsieur Quatrefois,’ said Rose, shaking a finger at me, ‘it’s your turn! Oh, yes! and you deserve it. I’m certain that what you have been watching with so much interest has made you feel very naughty! let me see!’

Boldly she came up to me and unbuttoned the front of my trousers with her soft and skilful little hand. Then I felt it creep in under my shirt, just tickle for a moment my balls, and then proceed to the condition of my tool.

‘Ah, I thought as much!’ she said. ‘Now, sir, you will have to be whipped: come and kneel down here at once without making any fuss about it.’

It would have been ungracious on my part to refuse after what Evelyn and Nora had been through, so I did at once as Rose directed. Immediately she fastened me down securely and I felt her active fingers unbutton my braces and let down my trousers. Next moment I was aware that I was uncovered from my loins to my knees, and close to me, highly excited and blushing divinely, were Evelyn and Nora, examining me attentively with a somewhat nervous smile.

‘Is it I who am to whip you?’ asked Rose with a meaningful air.

Immediately objections were raised to this. Of course this was just what I wanted and I asked Rose to accede to their wishes. Rose, highly amused, handed the martinet to Evelyn who, on this occasion, did not fail to assert her right of priority!

Evelyn looked first at the martinet and then at my behind and it was evident that she was shy about beginning the operation.

‘Well, Miss Evelyn? . . . ‘ asked Rose smiling, ‘what are you waiting for?’

‘I. . . oh . . . Do you think, mademoiselle, that it will hurt Uncle Jack?’

‘Just as it hurt you; no more and no less!’

‘But. . . but where shall I strike?’

‘Well! It seems to me that the right place is conveniently displayed! Right across the bottom, to be sure! And another on the lower part, just where it is most sensitive. If you want to produce the greatest feeling of shame and also the highest pitch of sensual excitement it is just across the lower part of the bottom and the upper part of the thighs that you should apply the strokes. But now begin and I will direct you as you proceed.’

And Evelyn began to whip me. Thanks to the velvet covering of the thongs, the whipping was a mere caress and I had all the impression of being whipped without any of the pain, while I had the special delight of knowing that it was Evelyn and later on Nora who was inflicting the pleasant punishment.

When the two little dears had well warmed my bottom. Rose took from them the martinet and handed the birch to Evelyn.

‘Now,’ said she, ‘follow my instructions carefully. Give me your left hand. Do you feel something?’

‘Oh, good heavens!’ exclaimed Evelyn, drawing back her hand quickly, ‘oh, how it frightened me! Whatever is it? . . . ‘

‘Look and see!’ Rose made Evelyn and Nora stoop down and showed them, standing up along my belly, long, stiff and in a fine state of erection, my devil, just in the condition of that of Father Rustique at the moment when he plunged it into Alibech’s hell.

‘Oh!’ said Nora, ‘it’s a real one! a real live one!’

‘A real live devil!’ repeated Evelyn, much moved. ‘It’s the first we have ever seen, isn’t it, Nora?’

‘Yes!’ said Nora. ‘But I wish I could get a better view of it!. . . It doesn’t look dangerous!’

‘The very first! I’m delighted that it should be mine which has that honour,’ I murmured; “you can touch it, it’s not dangerous, I can assure you!’

‘No, indeed,’ said Rose: ‘it can’t bite or scratch, but I think that, before long, the young ladies will find that it can spit pretty freely!’

This sally of wit on the part of Rose made us both laugh, rather to the surprise of the two girls who were unable as yet to appreciate the joke.

Both of them wanted to caress it at the same time, just as one caresses a pretty and curious animal. The condition into which all this put me can be easily imagined!

‘That’s all very well, young ladies,’ said Rose. ‘But we forget that your uncle has not yet had the end of his whipping. Now, Miss Evelyn, place yourself here, on his left. That’s right Now pass your hand under him, and take firm hold of his devil, as you call it. Yes, that’s it. . . Now that you’ve got hold of him, birch his bottom again for him nicely, laying the strokes on harder as you go.’

Evelyn obeyed. The sensation of having my prick thus held in her little hand drove me mad, and as the strokes of the birch fell I began to work my bottom backwards and forwards.

The inevitable result would soon have followed if Rose, who had a new idea, had not withdrawn Evelyn’s hand.

‘Whip him well under the cheeks of his bottom . . . Steady . . . gently . . . not too hard; wait, I will open the arms of the chair wider for you . . . There, now whip him well down the crack. . . ‘

I began to pant and writhe with pleasure but had not quite reached the spending point.

Then I heard Rose speak again. ‘Now, it’s your turn to birch him, Miss Nora. Do as Miss Evelyn did. But there are no fixed rules. The operator should perform as she thinks best: she should try to put as much variety and personal charm as possible into the performance.’

‘Yes, yes,’ I said. ‘I will explain all that to them later. Now, Nora darling, whip me well!’

My bottom seemed fairly on fire, so delightfully was my skin burning, and Nora, encouraged by what Rose had just said, tried a method of her own. She passed her left hand well down under my belly and with the tips of her fingers began to tickle my balls and up and down the shaft of my prick, while at the same time she applied the birch to my bottom in such a way that Rose soon saw that I should not be able to restrain myself much longer if my sweet little tormentor continued her operations. She therefore removed her hand as she had done with Evelyn.

‘That will do for the present,’ said she, ‘otherwise I shall not be able to show you something in a moment which will interest you very much.’

‘Oh, what is it?’ asked the two girls together.

‘You shall see. But first let us unfasten your uncle.’

‘Oh! But. . . !’ exclaimed Evelyn, ‘it’s not finished. He . . . he hasn’t. . . felt what we felt just now; both of us!’

‘Ah!’ said Rose laughing, ‘that’s just what I want to show you . . .! There . . .! Your bottom is beautifully red, Monsieur Quatrefois (Rose’s nickname for Uncle Jack as he had shown himself capable of orgasming four times in one hour with her!). You have had a really good whipping but, then, you deserved it. Confess it and come and receive your pardon with a kiss from your three tormentors!’

I made haste to obey, and I enjoyed from the crimson and fresh lips of my two little flappers, as well as from those of my more experienced young friend, three of the most delightful kisses that I have ever had in my life!

With that, Rose takes them all into another room and has Uncle Jack lie down on a bed. She then gives them a lesson in ‘male anatomy’, subsequently getting the two girls to masturbate him in a most erotic fashion.

Kate and Charlotte Enjoy a Spanking Threesome with a Client

This is another detailed account of a customers visit to the ‘Inveigle’. You will find the story, and all the other accounts of client visits here…

Charlotte and Kate have a threesome with a client…

Occasionally Abigail had requests from ladies who had never personally received or given a spanking before. Many of these had probably harboured a long standing desire to try spanking, but had never been able to pluck up the courage to seek the experience until they became aware of the various services offered by the Inveigle. Some knew exactly what they wanted, but for some potential clients, their desires were a bit less clear cut….’To spank or be spanked? That is the question,’ to quote Shakespeare! One such undecided client was a young lady called Emma, a wealthy single lady in her late 20s.

Emma approached Abigail after one of the Saturday evening performances and asked to see her in private. Like many women who attended the Inveigle shows, she wore a mask to preserve her anonymity. Once in the privacy of Abigail’s parlour, she explained the purpose of her visit. She had never been spanked in her life, but she frequently had erotic dreams involving either spanking other ladies or being spanked herself. She wanted to try both ‘sides of the coin’ with some of the Inveigle’s girls. Having seen Samantha’s and Charlotte’s recent double act, she would dearly like to try out her fantasies with the pair of them…. a double act…or perhaps what might be called a threesome!

Unfortunately, Samantha was not available, but Abigail said that she had another girl called Kate who could pair off with Charlotte. She explained that, whilst both girls were essentially submissive by nature, both had a fair amount of experience ‘topping’. She was sure that they would be more than capable of satisfying Emma’s requirements. Emma was happy with this suggestion and booked a double session with the two girls. She asked for both girls to dress as ladies’ maids. Abigail readily assented to the request.

On the following evening, Emma presented herself at the Inveigle and was shown into one of the private function rooms, referred to simply as the ‘Punishment Room’, by a junior Inveigle maid. Emma was wearing a long short-sleeved floral dress. Being of a somewhat shy nature, she also wore her black ‘Inveigle mask’. She felt more comfortable dressed as the mysterious ‘lady in a mask’, helping to hide her nervousness and the possible embarrassment she might feel in such a novel situation for her.

As she entered the room, she was pleased to note it’s inviting domestic drawing-room appearance. There was a long settle set against one wall, with a sumptuous dusky yellow upholstered chaise longue against another. The floor was covered with thick Persian rug, whilst on the walls hung a series of rather erotic paintings depicting various spanking scenes, all signed with the initials ‘AJ’. Apart from these, there was nothing that really indicated that the room was used for anything other than for relaxation. However, as Emma continued to look around the room, she noticed a small table discretely positioned in one corner, upon which lay what were obviously corporal punishment implements: a stout wooden hairbrush, a long ruler and a variety of leather straps and paddles. Sticking out of a decorative vase, close to the table, were a range of canes of different thicknesses, a variety of riding crops and a martinet whip. Next to the vase stood an empty bucket, full of water and several fresh birch rods. Emma felt an enormous thrill at the sight of all these implements, implements which she had only heard about and had never seen ‘in the flesh’ before.

As she was examining the selection of canes, there was a knock on the door. Suddenly awoken from her reverie and feeling slightly alarmed, Emma just managed to shout out, “Come!”

The door opened and in walked Charlotte and Kate dressed as maids. They stood in front of Emma standing with their heads bowed and curtsied, saying, “Good evening, Mistress.”

Emma drank in the girls’ appearance, such sweet and succulent looking young ladies. “Gosh!” she thought . “What lovely looking girls. I really can’t believe I’m actually here and going to spank them both myself!”

Emma nodded and gave the girls a little smile, but suddenly felt unsure as to how to proceed. She had been so excited at the prospect of the forthcoming session that she hadn’t really devised any plan of action. Fortunately Charlotte was no stranger to sessioning with shy clients and, noticing Emma’s predicament, quickly took control of the situation.

“You asked to see us in the punishment room, Mistress. We have been very naughty and beg your forgiveness. I beg you, please don’t dismiss us from your employ. We won’t ever do it again!”

Emma wasn’t at all sure what ‘it’ was, but Charlotte’s quick intervention seemed to give her the impetus and courage to throw herself into the role play.

“Yes Evans, I did ask to see you. The housekeeper informed me that you both skipped the church service on Sunday morning and she later found you both in bed together, naked! What do you have to say to that?” Emma said in a stern, albeit slightly quavering voice.

Both Charlotte and Kate blushed slightly, but confirmed that this had been the case. In a quiet voice, Kate added, “We weren’t doing anything improper, Mistress, we was just trying to keep each other warm. It’s so cold in our attic without a fire.”

“Really! Why were you both naked then and not wearing any nightwear? Tell me that!” replied Emma, warming to her role.

“I’m not really sure,Mistress. It just felt nicer!” said Kate, with downcast eyes.

“Ummm! Well, I’ll let that pass for the moment, but that doesn’t explain why you missed the church service. You know that I expect all my domestic staff to attend church every Sunday!”

This time Charlotte replied, “We didn’t mean to miss the service, Mistress, but we overslept.”

“This is totally inexcusable! I had originally intended to dismiss the pair of you, but I think that would be a little harsh. No! I shall give you both a good spanking instead. That should keep you both warm in bed, at least for tonight!”

The two girls tried to display a mixture of relief and of alarm. They were good actresses!

“Oh Mistress, thank you for letting us keep our jobs. We really don’t know how we would have survived if you threw us out on the streets. Thank you,” said Charlotte.

Kate looked up and added, “Oh Mistress, thank you. You must spank us very hard to help us mend our ways!”

Charlotte glanced at Kate thinking, “Steady on there Kate, she might give us more than we bargained on. Some of these new clients get rather carried away and we end up having our asses really thrashed!”

Emma then walked over to the table and examined the implements again, eventually choosing the stout wooden clothes brush. Slapping it against her palm, she said, “I think this will do ….for a starter! Now, take yourselves over to that wooden settle, lift your dresses and let down your drawers. Once you’ve done that, bend over side by side with your hands on the seat and with your bare bottoms presented high in the air.”

“Yes Mistress, of course, Mistress,” they said in unison.

As they did as instructed, Emma stood back to admire the two lovely bottoms that came into view, feeling more and more excited by the prospect of spanking them.”

“Will this do, Mistress?” enquired Charlotte looking over her shoulder.

“Oh yes! You both look divine!” replied Emma.

She then stepped forward and stood next to Charlotte and tapped her bottom with the brush, making it wobble delightfully. She then reached over to Kate and did the same, checking that she could spank each of them without changing her position too much.

“Right my naughty little maids. I shall start spanking you now. Don’t move!” With that, Emma started tentatively smacking their bottoms, ….Smack! Smack! …Smack! Smack!

Much to Charlotte’s annoyance, Kate turned her head and said, “Oh Mistress, you can spank us much harder than that! Come on, remember we skipped church and were found lying together naked in bed! Give it some welly!’

Charlotte dug her elbow into Kate’s ribs. “Why did you say that, you stupid girl?”

Kate chuckled, “Oh Charlotte, we both know we like having our bottoms spanked, the harder the better!’

Charlotte’s only response was a loud “Humphhh!”

Encouraged by Kate’s exhortation, Emma’s next few strokes were laid on much more vigorously… SMACK! WHACK! … SMACK! WHACK!…SMACK! WHACK! … SMACK! WHACK!

The girls immediately reacted to this next set of smacks, with no need to put anything on for Emma’s benefit. The hairbrush was being applied sufficiently hard to really sting their bottoms which cavorted delightfully with each smack. Loud yelps flew around the room as Emma stepped up the pace and severity of the spanking she was delivering. “Oh what fun! I never dreamt it would be quite so exciting and arousing!”

She continued for some time, trying to ensure that each bottom got its fair share and took on the same degree of redness as the other….SMACK! WHACK! … SMACK! WHACK!…SMACK! WHACK!

Finally she tired, ‘’Right you naughty girls, time for a change! As Kate seems to be so enthusiastic about having her bottom spanked, I want to spank her separately over my knee!’

So saying, she sat down on the chaise longue. “Come over here Kate and get across my knee,” she said, beckoning with her finger. “Lie sideways and face the back of the seat.”

Kate did as instructed, whilst Emma enjoyed examining her bottom more closely. She parted Kate’s cheeks and had a good long feel of Kate’s beautifully warm, reddened, rounded cheeks.

Emma then got Charlotte to hand her the clothes brush and resumed Kate’s spanking. This time, she showed no signs of restraint. If this girl relished a hard spanking, then that is what she was going to try to give her!

And so the room was filled once again with the echoing sound of hard wood smacking down on soft flesh …SMACK! WHACK! … SMACK! WHACK!…SMACK! WHACK! … Kate wriggled, squirmed and bounced up and down on Emma’s lap, yipping and yelping loudly in response to each punishing smack. It was what she needed and what she wanted! Charlotte closely watched her friend getting her bottom walloped. She too was enjoying the sight and sounds as much as Emma.

Finally, Emma ran out of steam and eased Kate off her lap. “Well girls, how did you find that? Was I strict enough?”

In response, the two girls walked up to her and each gave a kiss. Charlotte then spoke for them both, “That was lovely, thank you Miss Emma. You are a natural! We especially liked the telling off you gave us at the start and I’m sure Kate’s bottom is really sizzling after that walloping you gave her with that clothes brush. However, more importantly, did you enjoy spanking us?”

“Oh yes! It was a fantastic experience and enormous fun. I felt so empowered and, I’m ashamed to say, very aroused!”

“Don’t be silly, Emma,” said Charlotte. “There’s no need to be ashamed. We all get very aroused by spanking, be it spanking someone else or being spanked ourselves. That’s what the Inveigle is all about. Provided that both the spanker and spankee enjoy it, there’s nothing wrong in being turned on by it!”

“Thank you for that. You’ve put my guilty conscience to rest. However, there’s one other thing I’d like to try. Would you mind giving me a spanking, so I know what it feels like?”

“Of course we will. We’ll spank you together! We’d enjoy turning the tables!” replied Kate, enthusiastically. “How would you like us to spank you? With our hands?”

“First give me a hand spanking and then the strap. Do it for real. I mean spank me hard and fast. Only stop when you think my bottom is red enough. Don’t listen to me begging you to stop…punish me. I need to experience a proper spanking!”

“Oh, I think we can manage that if that’s what you really want?” laughed Charlotte.

“Oh yes, please. Thank you!”

“Right then, young lady. You had better go to the corner over there and bend over. Place your hands on the end of the chaise longue and don’t move!” Charlotte said in an authoritative tone. “Kate, prepare Emma for her spanking whilst I fetch a suitable strap for us to use on her.”

Whilst Kate prepared Emma, pulling up her dress and lowering her drawers, Charlotte selected a strap from the corner table and returned to find Emma’s bottom already naked. “Oh Emma, what a lovely spankable bottom you have! Your dress didn’t really show your figure off to full advantage. We’re really going to enjoy spanking you! Now, Kate, let’s warm her up gently with our hands to begin with. You take her left buttock and I’ll take her right.”

With that, the two girls started to spank Emma, alternating their smacks…Smack! Smack! Smack! Smack! Smack! Smack! Emma stoically bore the smacks, only emitting little yelps every now and again.

“Right,” said Charlotte, after a few minutes. “That’s your warm up. Let’s notch things up now, shall we, Kate?”

“Oh yes!” said Kate. “It’s payback time for the walloping you gave me!”

This time they spanked Emma in unison, delivering a series of stinging smacks in quick succession… SMACK! SMACK! SMACK! SMACK! Emma’s stoical silence immediately crumbled and she started to frantically wriggle her bottom and let out loud yelps… “Yeeouchh! Yoweeeh! OooooHHHH!”

Once Emma’s bottom was well reddened and well warmed, the girls stopped and gently stroked Emma’s bottom … “Well done, Emma. You took that very well for a first timer. When you’ve managed to draw breath, we’ll fetch the strap to your bottom! However, if you’ve had enough, do say so.”

“No! I’m determined to have the full experience. Please use the strap and don’t hold back, whatever I might say!” replied Emma, trying to sound brave.

“Right you are! …Now Kate, I’ll give her six strokes with the strap whilst you hold her down and then I’ll hand you the strap to give her another six, and so on until we feel her bottom is red enough!” said Charlotte, as she picked up the strap. She showed it to Emma and then turned her attention to her bottom….


“YEOWWWHHH! FUCKING HELL!” yelled Emma as she leapt upright clutching her bottom with both hands. “God! That strap really stings! OWWW! Owwhhh!”

Charlotte was not amused. “Take your hands away and bend back down immediately, Emma. Please refrain from swearing! If you do that again, I’ll strap you even harder….Kate, hold her down more firmly. Five more strokes to come from me and then it’s your turn.”

CRACK! “Yeowhhhhh!”





After the sixth stroke, Emma burst into tears, but Charlotte ignored it. She passed the strap over to Kate and then pressed down on Emma’s back with both hands. “Your turn, Kate.”

Gleefully, Kate proceeded to raise the strap high and brought it down with a loud CRACK, setting Emma’s buttocks back into frantic motion, renewing her cries of pain. She started to beg, “Stop! stop…please that’s enough. Stop! Owwww, ohhhhhh! Stop, stop, enough! Owwwwwww!! owwwwwwww!!!!”

However, as instructed, Kate ignored her pleas and continued to thrash Emma’s bottom with the strap, fanning the flames already lit by Charlotte to new heights. After she had delivered the six strokes, she handed the strap back across to Charlotte, saying, “Your turn again Charlie, unless you think she’s had enough?”

Charlotte carefully inspected Emma’s bottom. It was well-striped and quite red in places. “Ummm! I think another six from each of us should finish the job. There are a few patches that aren’t yet very red!” With that Charlotte laid on six more strokes, albeit slightly more gently than her first set.

Kate followed suit, although rather wickedly laid some of her six strokes across Emma’s upper thighs. Oh how she howled and twisted this way and that in an attempt to evade the strap, but to no avail. Despite being primarily a submissive, Kate was still very adept in soundly spanking a moving target!

Once the girls had completed Emma’s strapping, the poor young lady was a blubbering wreck and her bottom a mass of red swollen flesh. However, it was what she had requested and that’s what the girls had delivered.

The two girls knelt down caressing and kissing her bottom. “There, there my dear. It’s all over now. You took that strapping very well.”

They the helped Emma to stand and rearrange her clothing. “Was it how you had envisaged it?” enquired Charlotte.

It took a while for Emma to reply, but as her sobs gradually subsided, she suddenly smiled and said, “Gosh! I really don’t know how you girls manage to take such spankings time and time again in the shows. It really stings your bum and hurts.” Throughout her response, Emma vigorously rubbed her bottom. Then she added, with a little giggle, “But, I’m beginning to feel some compensation! My bottom is very warm and throbbing, but so also is my cunt!”

Kate and Charlotte laughed loudly and gave Emma a big hug and kiss, “Welcome to the wonderful world of spanking!”

Robyn’s Erotic Words – 3

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All photos by Asa Jones

Many submissive men go weak at the knees when fantasising about being thrashed by an attractive young lady with a riding crop, dressed in riding attire….you know the sort of thing: tight bottom-hugging jodhpurs, long black leather thigh boots and tight white blouse.

The three pictures below, taken by Asa, show Charlotte dressed in such a fashion and doesn’t she look sensational in her perhaps less familiar role as a domme?! In fact, I’m already feeling rather aroused just looking at her. I might even be prepared to drop my domme persona as well as my knickers to present my own naked bottom for her attention! It sends a delightful little shiver through me just thinking over the possibilities! The pictures below were taken from a story written and illustrated by Asa on his blog, called ‘William’s Great Adventure.’ From the look of William’s bottom, Charlotte did an excellent job!

Anyway, I digress. Back to the main thrust of my post. A few years ago, one of my young lady friends approached me with a strange request. Her name, for the purpose of this post, is Ella. I have known her since we attended the same sixth form college together and for a while were an item. Our sexual relationship did include some spanking play. She was submissive by nature and was easily turned on by having her bottom spanked which suited me being of a dominant disposition. She was more than willing to offer her bottom to me, albeit for relatively gentle treatment with my hand and occasionally a hairbrush, never a strap or a cane. We eventually split up when she married the ‘man of her dreams’, a handsome dark-haired young man. As Christmas isn’t that far away, I shall call him Robin to protect his privacy!

Ella and Robin seemed very happy as a couple and they soon discovered a mutual interest in spanking. However, it turned out that Robin was also a submissive, not exactly an ideal fit! Nevertheless, they had each tried very hard to develop a dominant side and took it in turns to spank each other. Unfortunately, whilst it gave them both some pleasure, neither of them felt that their submissive personalities were getting quite what they desired, especially Robin. Ella just couldn’t bring herself to spank him as hard as he wanted her to do so and she wasn’t happy with the idea that he might just decide to visit a professional dominatrix behind her back. It was at this stage that Ella decided to approach me.

Ella explained the problem and wondered whether I might be prevailed upon to give Robin the sort of treatment he craved. Knowing that I wasn’t into men, she felt that it would be safe to turn me loose on Robin! She was delighted when I agreed to her request. It was to be his ‘special’ 30th birthday present from her!

We then went on to discuss in more detail what she thought Robin might ‘enjoy’. Ella wondered whether it might be possible for me to dress up in riding gear and give him a good thrashing with a riding crop. She said that she had noticed on several occasions, whilst they had been out walking in the countryside, how Robin couldn’t seem to take his eyes off young lady horse riders who rode past them. His eyes seemed to follow them, riveted on their tight backsides bouncing up and down in the saddle and the riding crops dangling menacingly from their gloved hands.

I chuckled at this suggestion, since I not only possessed a riding crop (a lovely long, swishy Fleck dressage whip) but also all the necessary riding attire. I had ridden a lot as a teenager and still do when I can afford the time. I then went on to suggest that I might be able to go one better, since I knew of a wealthy lady, called Sophie, who had a riding stable we could use as an authentic venue for Robin’s proposed thrashing. I had got to know Sophie at a fetish club in Bristol and had subsequently ‘played’ with her a few times, so I was sure that she would be more than happy to put her stables at our disposal if I asked her nicely.

A Fleck dressage whip

Ella looked very pleased with herself. Finally Robin could experience what she seemed unwilling to deliver herself! She went on to suggest that the icing on the cake for Robin would be if she and Sophie might witness the event and even participate. She thought that the humiliation of being thrashed by me in front of his wife and another woman would blow his perverted little mind! I agreed and told Ella I would come back to her once I had managed to talk to Sophie.

Sophie readily agreed and said she would clear one of the loose boxes in her stables for the event. I then contacted Ella and made appropriate arrangements. Robin would be ignorant of what would happen until he was actually standing in Sophie’s stables. Ella would get him there under the pretence of checking out the possibility of getting some riding lessons for herself.

On the day arranged, I arrived at the stables early. Sophie showed me into the loose box we were to use. It was a large airy space. The floor had been swept clean and my riding boots echoed loudly on the concrete floor as I walked in. To my surprise I discovered she had placed an old vaulting horse up at the far end, which I immediately thought would be ideal for bending Robin over. Sophie had thoughtfully laid some old leather straps on top of the horse, saying that we could use them to secure Robin over the horse. She had clearly used the vaulting horse before, but clearly not for vaulting over! I wondered who the unfortunate victim might have been….perhaps it was Sophie herself, but I didn’t ask!

When we heard a car draw up, we left the stables and met Ella and Robin in the yard. Ella introduced us. I noticed that Robin struggled not to keep staring at me and Ella, both dressed in our riding gear. He kept giving us furtive little glances, particularly me as I was carrying my dressage whip casually tapping it against my boots as we chatted. Little did he know what he was in for!

I had only briefly met Robin before at Ella’s wedding. Despite my lesbian tendencies, I still found him quite attractive and, best of all, he had a very cute looking bum in his tight jeans! I was going to enjoy myself if all went to plan!

After chatting for a while, Sophie suggested she should show us around the stables. We spent some time looking at her three horses and Ella asked a range of questions about lessons. Sophie then conducted us into the empty loose box and quietly shut the door behind us, nodding to me.

Now was the time for me to take charge. As Robin was staring around the empty box, wondering why we had been shown in there, I adopted a stern voice and addressed him,

“Ella informs me that you are rather partial to young ladies in tight jodphurs holding a riding crop!”

Robin’s mouth dropped open and his face went bright red. He was speechless as he looked first at me and then at Ella.

I continued, “Well young man, what have you to say?”

“I…I….I suppose that…I am!” he mumbled, looking as though he wanted to sink through the floor.

“You ‘suppose you are’!” I replied. “How do you like how Sophie and I are dressed?”

“Very nice,” Robin managed to mumble again, hoping that Ella wouldn’t hear.

I loudly swished my dressage whip through the air. “How do you like that sound? Does it excite you?”

Robin just stared at me, not knowing what to say in response to my question.

“Ella tells me that you might enjoy feeling this applied to your naughty bottom!” I said, swishing the crop loudly through the air again.

I noticed Robin flinch, but I also observed a definite bulge developing in the front of his trousers.

I laughed. “There’s no need to answer that question, young man. I can see that the answer is clearly yes!” I said, starring pointedly at his jeans,

Robin just looked so embarrassed, he couldn’t give me eye contact.

“Should we indulge your husband’s uncontrollable desires, Ella?” I said, turning my attention to Ella.

“Why not! I’m fed up with him drooling over all these young equestriennes and just look at his trousers. If he gets any more excited, his fly buttons will be pinging off in all directions! If I was up to it, I’d give him the thrashing of his life, but you’d be so much better at it, Robyn. Please be my guest,” Ella replied.

Robin looked at Ella, horrified by her response. I didn’t waste any more time. Quickly I ordered him to strip naked, warning him that if he didn’t there were three of us who were more than happy to ‘assist’ him!

Seeing he was totally outnumbered, Robin reluctantly capitulated and slowly removed his clothes until he stood there naked with his manhood still standing stiffly to attention. I could almost feel sorry for him, but from what Ella had said, I assumed that deep down he was relishing every minute of his treatment!

“I see that, despite your embarrassment at standing naked in front of three well brought up young ladies, your ‘little soldier’ is still rigidly standing to attention! I wonder whether a good dose of my riding whip will make him lie down?” I said, in my full domme mode.

I pointed with my whip to the vaulting horse, “Right, young man. Bend over that horse. My two assistants will secure you with some leather straps. We don’t want you suddenly leaping off it in the middle of your whipping, do we?!”

Robin walked over to the horse in a daze and was guided over it by Ella and Sophie. They placed a strap around his wrists and ankles, joining the two together with another strap. He was now virtually immobilised over the horse.

I stood back, enjoying the sight of his muscular buttocks, which stood out pristine white against his suntanned legs and torso. Whilst I generally preferred spanking and whipping a pair of female buttocks, Robin’s certainly possessed a degree of appeal. I was going to enjoy putting some colour into them!

I started walking slowly up and down, occasionally swishing my dressage whip through the air, the high-pitched whistle amplified by the nature of the room’s acoustics. My boots click-clacked on the concrete floor and echoed around the space. I was trying to build-up Robin’s sense of apprehension which seemed to be working as his buttocks clenched each time I swished my crop.

Ella stood just the other side of the horse stroking Robin’s hair and shoulders, whispering in his ear, “You’re finally going to get your equestrienne fantasies fulfilled, my dear. I hear Robyn is such an expert with that whip. She’ll really make you jump when she gets going, so brace yourself and enjoy!”

It was time for me to get started. I walked up closer to him and started to stroke his buttocks with the tip of the whip, occasionally inserting it between his slightly open legs brushing against the base of his still rampant member. Each time it leapt at the touch.

After a while, I began to gently tap the whip across his bottom, just hard enough to make its presence felt. His breathing quickened as he tried to anticipate when I would finally start to use it in earnest. Robin tried to look over his shoulder to see what I was up to, the sight of me in my riding gear clearly exciting him. There was an almost pleading look on his face, a sort of ‘Please get on with it, the suspense is killing me!’

Finally I took pity on him. Raising the whip high over my shoulder I brought it whistling down across his rump with a loud SWISH! and THWACK! He gasped and yelped loudly in surprise as the first of many red stripes rapidly blossomed across the centre of his cheeks. Both Ella and Sophie jumped at the suddenness of my first stroke. I smiled at them and then continued slowly whipping in stroke after stroke, up and down his quivering bottom.



           …SWISH! THWACK!

Initially he took the strokes in silence, but as I started to build up the pace and severity, he started to let out louder and louder yelps and squeals as his buttocks began to squirm in a futile attempt to avoid my whip and absorb the pain.

I paused and enquired, “Are you enjoying yourself, Robin? Am I whipping you hard enough?”

I waited for a response, but my questions were met with silence.

“Answer me NOW, young man!” I shouted, delivering yet another fiercesome stroke that made him howl out in surprise.




“ARGHHHH! Yes, Miss!” Robin quickly replied, instinctively realising his error.

“That’s better! Now ask me nicely to continue to thrash you.”

“Please, Miss, pl…please continue to w…whip me as you see fit.’

“With pleasure!”

I quickly inspected his cheeks with my hand to make sure that there was no major damage and then started to whip him in earnest, varying the speed and intensity of the strokes so that he was unable to anticipate when they would arrive. This really had Robin writhing and yelping loudly as he lay bent across the horse. What a lovely sight it presented…such lovely firm buttocks under my whip!


When Robin finally stopped struggling against his bonds and broke down into loud sobs, I stopped. His buttocks were glowing hotly, criss-crossed by numerous fine bright red welts.

Ella came round to have a closer look at her husband’s rump, stroking it gently and then, rather touchingly, planted a little kiss on each cheek, before whispering quietly in his ear, “Was that good, my love?”

Robin was still sobbing loudly, but managed to nod his head. Ella reached her hand between his legs and smiled. “Oh dear, Robyn, you seem to have failed to extinguish his throbbing ardour. His ‘thingy’ is still as stiff as a flagpole!” She said, giggling. “Thank you Robyn for whipping my very naughty husband so soundly, but would you mind leaving us for a while whilst I attend to him?”

“Of course!” both I and Sophie responded, as we left the stable, closing the door quietly behind us.

The things you do for friends!

The colour version of Charlotte in her riding attire