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The Spanking Adventures of Up Skirt Evans – Part 20

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Having ‘ridden’ and whipped Charlotte to the point where they both had reached a climax, Samantha dismounted. It was Charlotte’s turn to spank and whip Samantha’s bottom.

The two girls quickly changed places. Charlotte wasted  very little time in lowering Samantha’s jodhpurs. So eager was she to give Samantha’s bottom a good spanking to match what she had just experienced, she didn’t even bother to pull up her own jodhpurs.

As she peeled Samantha’s jodhpurs down, Charlotte giggled, “Oh Samantha, what HAVE we got here?”

She stood back to admire an elaborate transparent pair of ‘string’ knickers which didn’t exactly do anything to cover Samantha’s bottom. They were clearly designed more for their erotic appeal than for any practical purposes!

“Where on earth did you get those from, Sam? I’ve never seen anything like those before!”

“Oh, I bought them from a rather nice little specialist lingerie shop off the main street in town. Do you like them?” Samantha replied, nonchalantly.

“Oh yes, they’re really very sexy, but I don’t think we’re going to leave them on. I’d hate to damage them!” So saying, Charlotte quickly pulled them down…

…and then landed a very satisfying slap across Samantha’s right cheek… SMACK!

“Naughty young ladies who wear provocative underwear deserve to have their bare bottoms soundly smacked, DON’T THEY Samantha?!”

Samantha gasped, letting out a little yelp at the suddenness of the first smack and then, giggling, said, “ Oh yes, Charlotte, naughty girls do deserve to have their bare bottoms soundly spanked!”

Without further ado, Charlotte got into a steady rhythm slapping Samantha’s bottom hard… left cheek, right cheek, and then centre… 




Samantha’s squealed and wriggled, but continued to thrust her buttocks out to meet Charlotte’s hand, with a look of unadulterated bliss across her face.







more to come…


In Three’s – No-9 -Princess Spanky Takes a Job – Part 4

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Princess Spanky just had to attend to her need, the house was empty,’ The Governess of Spanking Dreams’ surely must be out for ages yet. She rested against the conservatory door. She had no idea who or even if anyone could see her. She hoped that someone would.

She looked from one instrument of punishment to the other, she felt naughty and excited. What she was going to do, in a room with glass walls was naughty…very naughty. She hitched her dress up, to reveal her split bloomers. Cool air drifted over her wet pussy.

“If my Mistress knew, she would probably use that tawse on my bare bottom!” Said Princess Spanky to herself, as she began to rub her excited and engorged lips…it felt divine, and very…very…naughty indeed!

She lifted a leg up to help part her slippery lips, and began to rub faster, harder, and with a dip of her middle finger…

More to come.


The Satisfaction of a Perfect Smack…

This is an old friend of mine, who unfortunately lives too far away, to invite over regularly for shoots, but I hope too. To me she is the embodiment of a perfect teacher, headmistress, mummy or Aunt.

This photo of mine, I think, summarizes the feeling of satisfaction of delivering a damn good resounding smack on a deserving bare bottom! And trust me, this bottom deserved it, and deserves many more!

To have a brat over your knee, someone who has been a pain, and an annoyance, and have a vice like grip of their waste, oooh!!!! …there is no feeling better than listening to the perfect THWACK! And then see the girl buck and wriggle, trying to escape, whilst letting out an almighty squeal!!

Oh yes, there is nothing quite like it. You know she deserves it and God, you are going to deliver it, and many more!

Can’t you just see it in the satisfaction and enjoyment in her face!

Well done Miss Iceni….that is just right, oooooh!! …how I enjoyed seeing this spanking! I had to remind myself to click the camera!


Samantha’s bottom after a spanking….

The aftermath of a spanking, when a girl lies on the bed, feeling satisfied, her warm bottom reminding her of what happened earlier.

She must have been quite naughty in the studio that day, it is not very often I redden the thighs. It is something I reserve for a special punishment. It is at moments like this when I wish I had kept a punishment book. But I am afraid it is all lost in the mists of time. I remember the day, but not the actual offence.


In Three’s – No 7 ~ The Train Day! – Part 4

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the description of one of my favourite ever days continues…

“Whew, I need to train more! Ha haaa train!! Get it?” Said Charlotte feeling proud of her wit. “Shall we continue our walk and dance around the station?”

Trying hard not to stare at her excited nipples, I smiled warmly and said ‘Yes, flowerpot! let us carry on with our adventure. After you.”

She knew very well why I was being a gentleman. One was that I like being a gentleman, the other was that I liked to see her bottom sway. So she giggled as we set off, and wiggled her bare bottom at me. She was simply just not bothered who saw!

I remember thinking two things. One was, ‘that needs a smack’ and the other one was, ‘God I am glad this naughty daring girl is my friend!’

We got to the end of the platform and made our way by the carriages. The music was still audible and she twirled, with a beautiful smile…

More to come…

In Three’s ~ Number Six – ‘The Window Cleaners View’ – Part Five

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In your heart of hearts, and in your mind, this was exactly why you had applied for the job in the first place. Biding your time, building up your reputation, being obliging and polite, was now producing the fruit of your dreams. Without making it obvious and with a chamois leather in your hand, you dutifully got deep into the corner of every pane of glass. But of course, your eyes were focusing on the other side of the window.

You sat on the plank, the sun shone warmly on your back, the sound of a hockey game in the distance, and girls laughter from another window told you one thing…everything was normal. naughty girls getting spanked was normal, you sitting on the plank, cleaning the window right there before it happening was normal. You were just doing your job. A perfect view of two pairs of naughty school girl knickers was normal. You almost burst into song!

You shuffled along to the left, your bucket was hanging there, the leather needed a rinse. The view you got, took your breath away.

There, before you, were two naughty bottoms, bare and trembling, waiting for a spanking. Two ripe young pussies poked out towards you.

Your eyes kept moving from bottoms down to school knickers and back up. To the whole world, you were just doing your job. The fact that you could spin your bucket on, or hang it on you manhood was obvious only to you. What a joy, the voyeuristic instincts in you were being treated to the most wonderful erotic peep show.

more to come…

Week Two – Thursday ~ Part 4… The bully gets her second spanking, of three!

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…it will take you to the start of week two in the story, ‘Weeks in the Life of Mrs Pollard’, where, if you wish to read from the beginning, there is a link to week one.

…the punishment of the horrible, spiteful bully continues. Having only just stood up from being spanked by one of her victims, Charlotte, she is now told by Mrs pollard to go straight over the knee of Stephanie.

“No, no, nooooo please no! By bottom is on fire! I have only just got up! They are laughing at me and ridiculing me, they are being horrid to me! Stop them Mrs pollard, pleeeeeease!” cried Shona.

“Don’t be silly you awful girl, you have been spiteful yourself, you deserve every smack! GET OVER NOW!!!!”

Samantha giggled at the commotion between Mrs Pollard and Shona, Charlotte walked to her space, her hand red and sore. Stephanie sat down.

Shona, crying like a baby who had lost her dummy, bawled loudly as she went over the knee of Stephanie. “Whaaaaaa waaa…no nooo noooo!”

Stephanie wasted no time, and started spanking hard and fast!

Smack, smack, smack, smack…..

“Owwww, oooooh, yeeeowww, ohhhhh!” Cried Shona pathetically.

“Smack her harder, faster, make her cry more!” Shouted Charlotte.

“Oh well done Steph! What hard fast smacks…keep them going, keep them going!” Encouraged Samantha.

“Oh I am not stopping yet! Enjoying it Shona? Ha ha haaa!” Stephanie asked the bully sarcastically.


Mrs Pollard was enjoying the spectacle of a bully getting her comeuppance. “That’s it Stephanie, lean into each smack, make every one count, I want her botttom glowing like a beetroot by the end. Not so clever now are you Shona? And listen to that laughter outside the window, the whole school is laughing at you!”

Stephanie rose to the task magnificently, her hand was a blur, smacks were coming faster than machine gun bullets!

“OOOOOW, OOOOOOOOH, OWWWWWWWWWWWWW!!!!” Squealed the bully, as great cheers and hoots of laughter drifted in through the open window.

How the girl howled! She needed sympathy, but all she got was pain, ridicule, laughter and encouragement for more. Such are the wages of bullying. No mercy was shown.

Stephanie was satisfied, and she unceremoniously pushed the sniveling girl off of her knee. How ungamely she looked, as she cried, with her red bare bottom stuck up, and snot hanging from her nose!

She hugged her bottom pitifully, but there was no time to waste. “Right girls,change over. You next Samantha!”

Samantha was a great athlete, captain of the hockey team and she had the best tennis serve in the school! Shona was terrified of what was to come, her bottom abalze, swollen, and painful, the first blisters starting to rise.

“Right young lady, lets get you over! I need to practice my swing!”

How Stephanie and Charlotte laughed.

“You are really going to get it now! Show her Samantha, make her scream!” Shouted Charlotte.

To which a loud long cheer arose from the window! “Go Samantha Go! Go Samantha Go! Go Samantha Go!”……and on and on and on!

more to come…

Keep your eyes on the apron!

Samantha has a lovely new apron, it is from the 1950’s, I got it her from one of my fellow dealers at my antiques emporium. I actually got her three, you can see two more of them on the table…..oh come on! Stop looking at her pussy! I am talking to you!!!

Show them Samantha, hold it up so they can see.

Nice isn’t it?

Oh good grief! Look at you all, I get over a hundred visitors an hour now, and not one of you have looked at the bloody apron yet!!!!

Its in mint condition, never been worn, straight out of an old set of drawers from an old…..oh sod it, nobody is bloody listening to me! Put your tongues back in! The floor is a bit dusty.


Saint Helena High School ~ Book Three – Chapter 3 – Part One….just added

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Then soon, part two will be done, and knickers will fall.

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Marie and Jean met Lucy and George – Part 10/10 ~ The Epilogue

I have noticed that ‘B’ likes epilogues! And very good they are too.

You can see more of B’s work, including the rest of this story by clicking on ‘links and contributors’, then on ‘contributors’.

You will find a link to her lovely blog, as well as her spanking game. This is quite wonderful, you can have a look at it by clicking here…

Marie and Jean met Lucy and George, the epilogue….  

Monday morning back in school Lucinda wanted to have a look before accepting defeat and paying her bets. I was magnanimous and briefly raised my miniskirt to show her that this Frenchy isn’t a softy. She gracefully gave me high five. Her A Team of Amelia and Amy also acknowledged me as a true English schoolgirl.   Miss Fritton had me come to the front of the class and raise my skirt for her. She said, “Good job for a French gent.” I almost smiled, but she wiped it off with adding. “Next time that you are caned, you will show your bare bottom to the whole class!”

The image that shot into my mind, was exciting and the thought of everyone seeing the image in my thoughts, for real, was stimulating, horrifying, and many more things besides!

I had one of my best glowing blushes according to my classmates.


A few months later, without any more caning, but with a few more spankings and beltings the whole class got their A Levels with honors.   Jean bought be me a Mini Cooper S and Lucy got a vintage Triumph Spitfire.   We were both easily admitted to a software school. We had decided that we would be working as partners and Lucy would take website design and I would take programming.

  A few times the boys sent us to have our reports evaluated by Miss Fritton and we came back with suggestion written in red which were translated with fiery reddening of our bums.

We eventually graduated, and started our business. We had invited George and Lucy to again celebrate our first web designing contract. I was baking cupcakes. I put them in the oven, and sat down at my desk, working on the project. Jean said I was becoming obsessed with it!

  I forgot them, and the fire alarms went off! Jean told me not to be so silly, and concentrate on the cooking, rather than trying to burn the house down. He spanked me, and said I had to spend the rest of the day with no skirt and knickers, just my apron!  

So, I put the work away, and concentrated on my buns.

Somehow they looked under cooked…

I had another look and they were under cooked! I had set the temperature wrong, because I was still daydreaming of my project!

I tried again, but stupidly, set the oven temperature wrong again! My mind was still full of my project!

A second time, they were under cooked!

 I knew what it meant. La fessée cul nu au martinet devant George and Lucy.   I was glowing as I took off my skirt, and with nothing more than my apron I took the position over the dining room for my bare bottom whipping with the martinet. I was feeling warmer and warmer…

That’s it the end of our (B and Asa) first four hands story, we hope you enjoyed it,and we will have another one starting next Saturday!

…. (hopefully!)