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Robyn’s Naughty Reads – Part Two

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continued…24 is part four of ‘Girls in Uniform


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25 ….is part five of ‘girls in uniforms

Fantasy Figures

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Robyn’s Erotic Words – 21/5 – ‘Girls in Uniform’ ~ Fantasy Figures

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A Mischievous fantasy figure: Alice in Wonderland

Asa has just started preparing a new story based on a set of photos featuring Charlotte as ‘Princess Spanky’ dressed in a ‘uniform’ of her own choosing, although with a clear nod towards Alice in Wonderland. Doesn’t she look rather fetching and highly spankable in this outfit?


Here is Amber Pixie Wells in a film called ‘Go Ask Alice’ produced by ‘Punished Brats’ in which she receives a long, hard hand spanking from her mother for drifting off into ‘Wonderland’:

First with her skimpy little knickers up…

And then of course, with her knickers down…

The photographer Robert Babylon produced this rather erotic set of images depicting Alice in Wonderland…

Here is a sample of the ‘Cosplayer’ Kalinka Fox’s work depicting a rather raunchy version of Alice in Wonderland. No spanking, but you can imagine it as she poses provocatively over a mushroom in the second set of images!

The Fem Dom artist Sardax’s slightly different take on Alice dressed as a Dominatrix holding a riding crop and whip. Not how one normally pictures Alice!

Sardax used photos of a dominatrix called ‘Mistress Aurora’ dressed as Alice for some of his inspiration. The whipping frame in the background is very reminiscent of the ‘Berkley Horse’.

Of course, there are many other outfits for adults now available on the internet portraying fantasy fairytale figures of all sorts (‘cosplay’), such as Cinderella, Goldilocks and Little Red Riding Hood – many of which would have the same appeal. So let your imaginations fly, ladies…go get!

Here is the incomparable Dita Von Teese’s take on the fairy tale character, Snow White:

Apparantly Dita is not averse to some spanking play from time to time! She certainly has a lovely bottom for it…

Lingerie retailer ‘Lover’s Lane’ did this sexy Goldilocks image. Daddy bear should certainly take this young lady across his knee for eating all the porridge and turn her golden bottom bright red!

More to come


From a book dated 1897…

You know about my vintage spanking books and how I trade etc…

I have just been looking through an old book on Russian Folklore, of course, the main theme is spanking and punishment…mainly of maids, or girls in service anyway.

A few nice drawings, but not enough to make a feature of, however, I found this, and think it amusing…


I think the signature is of J.While.


Three’s – Charlotte the Spanking Pet ~ Part Six

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The spanking reached it inevitable conclusion, a red sore bottom, and satisfied spankee and spanker. Even though this is a relationship, pain and red bottoms are a must, so too are traditions. It is what both our girls need.

So now it was time for corner time, the last smacks were deliverd to the delicious sounds of crisp smacks on soft buttoks, accompanied by sueals of pain, and in this case, delight.

“Right you naughty girl! Your bottom is quite red enough, it is time to put it on show. Get Up!!” Ordered a strict sounding Samantha.

“Yes Mistress.” Replied Charlotte, softly. As her beautiful, round cheeks, supporting a lovely freshly spanked rose hue, pushed up.

Samantha watched it rise, gently, and magnificently. Stroking it as she did so.


When I have written part seven, a link will be added here.

“Hmmm?” said Princess Spanky

You will find two developing stories about Princess Spanky, here…

…”Hmmmm?” said Princess Spanky. “How does that work then? Its nearly night time, yet when I put my parasol up, it turns to day time!”

Inside the conservatory the Governess of Spanking Dreams smiles and says… “Why are you surprised my dear? We are in a spanking fairy tale. It’s magic of course.”

Princess Spanky looked all around, and could not see her Mistress.


Knickers Removal ~ Set 48 – One girl at a time

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This time, two naughty girls, Charlotte and Samantha, in my study together. But instead of being punished together, like time, they are to be punished one at a time.

You have seen the punishment sequence elsewhere. This section deals with the removal of knickers, so now it is naughty Samantha’s turn…

It is sad to think that this, my old study has now gone. But even though progress is slow, my new one is rising from the ashes in my new studio. Which now has a very poash new name. I needed a postal address for it, so people can still send me knickers, plimsolls, artwork etc

Obviously I am not putting my address up here, but I can now tell you my studio name. ‘Church Studio.’ Not my choice, but the owners of the old silk mill it is in. I think it is because of the church style window I have…

Same girls, same photographer, same props… building.


Another Taster of what is to come…

In the story of Princess Spanky working for the ‘Governess of Spanking Dreams’

I am afraid to tell you, that whilst she was sure that the Governess would be ages at her meeting. She was sadly mistaken.

Getting a little bored with her chores, she got a carrot from the refrigerator, and was using it to satisfy herself, as her Mistress came home. Having no idea she was caught, by Mistress, who in shock watched through the window….Princess Spanky carries on towards orgasm.

Oh dear, another spanking on its way!

“Whatever next?” I hear you ask.

Wouldn’t you like to know!!!

Be patient, lots of fun is coming your way.


Corner Time – Set 5 – The Mirror of Shame

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Putting a girl in corner time is so very useful. It serves so many purposes, an example to other girls, time to reflect on her naughtiness, and consequences, humiliation etc

To add another dimension to it, I like the use of a mirror, so the girl can see her shame, and also, her disciplinarian (me) sat at my desk.