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“Now then, it is your turn! Young Lady…” By ~ Asa Jones

When a group are in trouble, I always save the ringleader until last…

“My word young lady, you are going to get a damn good thrashing on your bare bottom. Hold her tight, you two! You have just seen your two partners in crime get six of the best each! But you, as ringleader, are going to get twelve! Brace yourself, and expect no mercy!”

Harsh I know, but standards must be kept and examples made. This bloody school is full of the naughtiest of girls, and it is them who will be beaten, not me, I will carry on in this way until the whole blasted school behaves, all 850 of them!!


KNOCK KNOCK….”Come in!” by Asa Jones

Its quite amazing, how nearly every time I slipper or cane a young naughty girl on the bare, my secretary finds a reason to come in, usually just after I say “Bare your bottom and bend over!”

It’s almost as if she does it on purpose….

“Just a moment Charlotte, I will sign that shortly, please wait whilst I administer six of the best to this girls bottom.”

She smiles and stands with the paper before her.

I do not mind at all of course, a bit of humiliation for a naughty girl is always welcome.


“Now stop being a silly girl and stop kicking…” by Asa Jones.

“… the sooner you keep still young lady, the sooner your twelve whacks with the plimsol will be over, and you will be back in class. I am going to count to twelve, if you are not perfectly still by then, you will remove your skirt and knickers, and we will proceed to the playground, dragged there quite unceremoniously by your left ear, no doubt kicking and squealing in protest. Whereupon we will wait for lunch time, and you will go over my knee, sat on the boundary wall for twenty four good hard, first class whacks! And you will stay there bent over, guarded by Prefects until the afternoon classes commence! What is it to be?” I shout harshly to her.

She takes her position in silence….perfect poise and silence.

That’s better…..THWACK THWACK THWACK THWACK and on….

She kept still, as best she could, but the silence only lasted one thwack… ::smile::


Just added this to Domestic Vintage ~ Section 4

Click here to see more, and remember, ‘Domestic’ is only a small part of my vintage corridors and stairways!

Full of spanking vintage atmosphere isn’t it?

Asa’s Note…

So long as it looks vintage, I am happy, I mean, I have tried to recreate it my photo shoots a few times, its fun. So all you photo shop experts out there, why not get busy in sepia or black and white, lets see if your photo gets on my pages. It might even inspire a whole new section, named after you!


The first entry in my latest (CHEEKY BOTTOM) Competition, has arrived…

Here is the first entry…

I have it on good authority that she was spanked just before the photographer ran down to take this.

To find out about the competition, click here…

Feel free to enter, anything will do, even photo shopped, so up to the top of the Eiffel Tower anyone? Come on Cromlech….this could be your chance to shine! Just one entry each though.


Gibson’s Curio No-2 ~ The Mystery of the Spoons

Welcome to the second of Mr.Gibson’s Curios, he has come across an intriguing photograph…

He is an avid fan of my vintage sections in particular, and if you wander the same dusty, cobweb infested, corridors of my ‘Vintage Vaults’, say hello to him. Click here to see his page…

This is what he read when he discovered the photo on a web site…

“I was browsing some delightful Victorian black and white postcards and came across this, charmingly titled ‘Two Lesbian Lovers 1851’ that’s all, what’s with the spoons ? I enlarged and viewed it under my Sherlock Holmes magnifying glass and there are no signs of manipulation, titivating, image distortion or what not, they are SPOONS, so perhaps a ‘caption competition’?”

I am sure that someone, somewhere, amongst your fans, will have, if not the answer, an amusing caption.

Good idea Mr.Gibson, I always like to run a competition, and have done so many times.

So…..CAPTIONS PLEASE, please add them as a comment.

Asa’s Note…

During my research over the years I have come across long handled wooden spoons used for posture training in Victorian Lady’s Finishing Schools. I also know that ‘spooning’ was a slang term for lesbians in love. Maybe they have heard of the phrase and the cheeky girls have had this taken to show what they are.

My caption would be from MRS WALTERS…(see the link below to learn more of her)…

“Your deportment is disgraceful, I am sending you out to stroll around the park, with these spoons in the hollow of your back. Lets see if they straighten your figures, I hate slouching!! When you get back here, you can both bend over and bare your bottoms on the front steps and take a damn good spanking from them! Now off you go! And think about what is going to happen to your bottoms whilst you stroll along!”


A Girl with a Pearl Earing

I have always liked this painting, the look over the shoulder is to me, mysterious and sexy.

I have only ever seen the top half and wondered about her look. Of course, now I have seen it all, it is obvious…

She has just been told she is getting a spanking…

That is only my interpretation of course…..but it fits her look, of a mixture of nerves and sexual arousal.


I have just updated ‘Mary and the Granite Lady ~ Part Two’

Click here to read part one (advised)…

Click here to read Part Two, which I have just edited.


This is a lovely time consuming project that I never want to end. Tom is currently drawing pictures for part three. I am editing all his original art to adapt to the sizes/colours needed, and writing the stories.

Please be aware that as well as my own blog, I deal with my contributors inputs, and run the Asa Jones Spanking Club. As well as all my usual shooting and photo editing and developing my studio, arranging shoots and dealing with sales etc in my on-line shops, and physical shop..

Hence, the update to the favourite story you might be following, takes time.

Thanks for your patience.