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A New Year’s Eve Show ~ Please take your seats…

Good evening, please take your seats, refreshments will be available afterwards, and my naked girls will mingle with you all to say hello, and bend for a few smacks on their bottoms. Please be kind, just nice little smacks, for them to enjoy.

This year I have tried to mingle colour photo sets with a mix of black and white sets. Appreciation seems shared, 50/50, so what to do? I have tried to take a lot of colour out of these, to make them not quite black and white, and not quite colour.


You all sit. Like all amateur productions, little things go wrong, and you chuckle as the purple velvet curtains open, and Samantha shrieks …..”eeeeeeeek!! we are not ready yet, close them!”

The curtains quickly close. I walk out in my red shiny jacket and black top hat.

“Ladies and Gentlemen, welcome to our New Years Show, on behalf of me and my girls, allow us to entertain you”. I wave my hand and walk backwards off the stage, the lights dim, the curtains open.

You hear three gentle coughs, and then the piano plays beautifully. Samantha tickles the ivory expertly, All the songs tonight come from the ‘Greatest Showman’, and are sung by Charlotte and Kate, quite well.

As you know, the girls are quite accomplished, and are often on stage, in real life, dancing, and acting. As each song finishes, you all applaud loudly, and as one song fades, another drifts to your ears.

They sing their last song, and they look at each other nervously. Hoping they have pleased you all, without being spanked…for a change.

You all applaud enthusiastically. (I hope!)

I walk onto the stage again, and wish you all ‘A Happy New Year’ and thank you all sincerely for your support. I back away once more, the curtains open and there they are, blowing kisses to you all.

Not what you expected was it? No spankings! Whatever is Asa Jones coming to?

I just fancied something a bit different for a change.

The girls will now serve drinks and are happy for you to fondle their bottoms and give them respectful smacks.



Oh go on then!!!!…….

The Visitor ~ Part Three

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Watching a new visitor to my studio is always fascinating, and the baring of her bottom for the first time is very exciting, one can never see enough new bottoms, and they never fail to delight and surprise.

Hers was special, I saw that instantly, as the tight fitting knickers which fit deftly into the crack of her bottom, cast a delightful shadow, showing the curve of her cheeks magnificently…

As she hooked her thumbs and fingertips into the waistband of her tight, white, knickers, she watched my delight with triumph in her eyes. She deserved her moment, is was quite a spectacular bottom.

Your colour bonus this week is the delicate lines on her cheeks, left by the tight, white knickers, before being lowered.

more to come…


In Threes – Number 16 -Saint Helena High School for Wayward Girls ~ Volume Six – Maid Training ~ Part 14

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Poor Kate, her occasional spankings and canings back at Saint Helena High School for Wayward Girls now seemed eons ago, her bare bottom was a constant mass of red and stripes ever day…and she loved it!

She could and would never tire of her Mistress, and vice versa.

In the service of Miss Kenworthy discipline was never far away, and after her thrashings down stairs and on the stairs, her bottom was again shown no mercy as the slipper slammed into its bare cheeks again and again, the whop, whop, whop echoing in the adjoining bedroom and returning across the landing to join in with new smacks. The acoustics at the top of the stairs made it sound magnificent

And our colour bonus is…

more to come…


Photo Set ~ 501 – Mr Maxwell’s Chair

As with Mr.Maxwell’s Desk, click here…

…this will be much more than a photo set. Eventually he will have a page on my ‘Contributors Page’ and all these completed ideas of his, will go there, click here to see the rest…

This is how it works….I notice people who put intelligent comments on my posts, and e-mail them. We get to know each other, and I ask them to join my club. Once they have been there a while, contributing, e-mailing, and putting ideas on the club suggestions page, I invite them to an event, to meet my girls.

This time he sent me a short story about the ‘Dean’s Chair’, I am going to develop it slightly, and put up in posts, in numbered parts, like I did with 479


To make the story a little longer, I am going to group with an idea I had, which was Mr.Jones’ Baton.

We need a very very naughty girl, who has disgraced herself badly and let the school down. A disgrace to the uniform.

Enter Kate.

She has just knocked on Mr.Maxwell’s Study door. He has opened it and told her to stand on the carpet. He gently closes the door…with menace.

She stands still, and hears the brass bolt slide easily into its locking mount. That is not good news, a locked door means it will be a severe punishment, using one of his famous disciplinary techniques, like her previous visit to the infamous ‘Mr.Maxwell’s Punishment Desk.’

He turns and tells her calmly, but with great authority, where to stand.

The wise girl does exactly as he says, in silence.

He stands behind her. She can hear his breathing. All other sounds vanish, like some mantra in meditation, the breathing takes control, it seems to go on for an age.

Slowly, like a hunting animal. he walks around her, still not a word is said.

She watches him.

He stands before her and raises his arm, with a pointed finger, like some kind of spectre about to pronounce some portent of doom.

She tries to swallow, but her mouth is dry.

“Pass me the baton from the hooks.”

With trembling knees, and butterflies in her tummy, she walks to the small rack.

Part 2

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Part 3

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Part Four

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Part 5

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more to come…


Mr.Maxwell’s Desk…Photo Set 479 ~ Part 7

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The spanking was over, it was now time to write lines, in her very best hand writing…”All naughty girls end up on Mr.Maxwells desk, like I have” …200 time.

“I have finished Sir.”

She got up…

She passed over the lines, and left, knickerless. She would be back at the end of the day to pick them up, along with a letter to her parents. Which would probably mean another spanking.

And there the two pair of knickers hung, above the naughty desk, with it’s paper and pen waiting for whoever came next.

Kate’s lines were thrown in the bin, and Charlotte’s placed on the desk, atop the plain paper, as was the tradition. The last girl’s lines stay on show, they are never there a full day, because of all the naughty girls who come through the study door.


Delivered in Three’s – Number Five – Charlotte in Wonderland – Part 34

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I have really enjoyed writing this story, I hope you liked it. It has taken a while for Charlotte to achieve her orgasm at the mouth of Samantha, let us allow this story end by watching her have it…

It was a wonderful moment watching and listening to all this excitement come to its climax.


My Christmas Day Post ~ Photo Set 500 ~ ‘From Kate…’

500 sets, ain’t that something? I doubt I will live long enough to get to 1000, but do you know what? I am going to try!…

The way I portray my girls on here, is how they are.

Samantha, you can tell she is a Domme, we have had one or two heated exchanges on various ideas over the years, but we get on very well, despite us both refusing to back down on ideas we have…::chuckle::

Charlotte, she’s funny and naughty and is always giggling at something. Her facial expressions are superb, and often comical. She gets in trouble, and is delightfully sulky.

And Kate, the spiritual one, quietly spoken, and soothing. It is her who gets the honour of being number 500.

I have mentioned that for a month or two our little group has had to adjust to changes in life, Kate has been a real treasure, lets spend some time with her…

She loves everything about the old mill where my studio is. Its’ atmosphere and friendly feeling. seems to absorb her. I am quite likely to find her looking thoughtful as she strokes an old timber support.

This staircase is her favourite, the smell of age, the creak, the light, the ceiling, everything. From now on this is Kate’s Stairs.

She asked me to do a shoot on it, so here she is, on her very own stairway to heaven. The photos are not doctored in any way, natural light, natural shadows and darkness… is exactly as it is.

The stairs are quite steep and long, I need studio lights to shoot at the bottom. “Come on Mr.Jones, keep up!” She laughs.

I should have added, impish, cheeky and naughty to her description, because, typically, her own character, cut into the shoot of this little set. I was directing, a bit seriously, as usual, which always seems to amuse her. I often catch her with an amused smile, observing my antics…(where have I put my bloody camera? etc etc) …I said….”When you get to the top step, bend over as if you are to be spanked on the stairs.”

Do you know what she did?

She giggled, a sure sign that naughtiness is afoot, and said. “No I won’t, and I bet you can’t take a photo before I hide!”

I did my best to chase her…epic fail, but I did get a photo, then my search began. I think she had her little ruse in her mind from the moment she asked me asked to shoot her on her staircase. She likes ‘hide and seek with a spanking twist’… I soon found the naughty girl and spanked her, as you will see soon.

More to come, yes, lots and lots more to come….I hope you are glad about that!

Asa…I dedicate this set to my dear friend Brigitte, whom I know, even though she has not said, thinks of herself in this dress, being spanked by me, on the bare, in my study.

It’s Christmas Eve….Merry Christmas to One and All…

I know I usually do a cheeky one with my girls, this year something a little different, and more personal…

This is within arms reach of me as I write to you every day, every post. A stress ball and a scented candle. Every day, without fail, they get a good whack or two as I flick a coffee stirrer across their cheeks!


Next time I write, you will know what has just happened won’t you?

As the message says…thank you for your continually growing support and comments, whatever your faith or beliefs, wherever you are in this troubled world…I wish you peace, and send goodwill to you all.

If you are in a troubled corner, even in your own mind, somewhere, I hope my posts bring a little bit of relief to you xxhugxx

Asa Jones

Three girls witness a caning… Photo Set 499

Yesterday you saw a protected post, that is because faces of my spanking club are visible….this was a club event you see, the girls were putting on a show for the guests.

Here are some of the photos cropped, to protect club members identity.

The young lady taking the caning is our club submissive, Suzette.

We played a role-play, I was a shopkeeper, who caught four girls, one of them was stealing, I did not know who had taken the chocolate bars.

Another member was the Headmaster, who had the pleasure of dealing out the cane..

The rest of the members were gathered around to witness a real caning on a naughty girls bare bottom, and to meet my girls.

In the role play, we caught the girl out, and she was caned in front of the three girls she had tried to shift the blame on to. It was a good hard real caning.

Fourteen strokes, up to this point.

More to come.


A Little Clarification

The other day I put a post up about Charlotte and Samantha, and a couple of people have very pleasantly responded by wishing them all the best.

I do apologise if I gave the impression they were leaving, the are most certainly not. I know how you all love all of my girls.

Our shooting timings and free time has not coincided, and the common cold and covid have hit. I mentioned them shooting in London, and on a Thursday, ‘my day’, and it is something they enjoy.

There is a name for it, it is ‘change’, that’s all.

I am still going ahead with some new girls, I hope old and new will mix, and as a result my blog will be better. My girls will be more, not less.

I have a big change in my life too, m wife has cancer, and it sort of takes over for a while. My club will help with this, I am asking some of them to shoot my ideas for me, if I have to cancel.

So that is all it is….change.

One has to adapt and turn change into something good, it is like me getting older….it is no good reflecting, just listening to old music, watching old films and such. You have to move with the times, and go with the flow. We are all twigs in rivers….some obstacles are no more than getting stuck in a miniature log jam….a twig jam….that is what has happened, it is just a matter of getting round it, and over it….

Thank you for your concern.