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Important Announcement

On April 16th here in England a law was passed about ‘deepfake images’. Even making them and keeping them on your own computer is illegal and you can get a hefty fine, be stupid enough to share them and it could mean prison.

They mean sexually explicit pictures where a face has been replaced by another….but like all laws when written, it broadly encompasses much more.



A fictitious town with its own riding school, museum, art gallery, reading societies, art galleries, transport system etc and much, much, more, was a place created by me, to cater for the need of naughty boys who follow me and my blog. To read and see hundreds of pictures of naughty boys getting their well deserved red bottoms with oodles of public humiliation, before women. The photos which I classed as art were beautifully crafted, and made by a dear friend…Cromlech.

Because of this news report it italics below…(typical of newspaper reports on t.v., radio, and all mainstream newspapers), I have taken down three areas of my blog…

  1. All work by Cromlech.

2. The Domination of men by women.

3. Competitions involving any photo shop work.

I was banished from my blog and nearly lost everything once for a picture involving nuns spanking each other, and some people from the deep south taking offence to it. It will not happen again. It took me weeks to get it sorted and come back.

So, read this, from yesterdays newspapers…

The British government today announced it’s taking a zero-tolerance stance against sexually explicit deepfakes by introducing a new law that will mean creators of such content are at risk of being convicted of a crime even if they don’t share the video or image.

AI-generated deepfake pornography videos have been around for a while, so much so that the content has become a genre in the more prurient corners of the internet. In 2018, a number of porn websites as well as message boards banned such videos, but it hasn’t stopped what has been called “involuntary pornography” being shared online.

In 2018, the actress Scarlett Johansson called the internet a “lawless abyss” after she became a victim of deepfake celebrity porn. Just recently, Taylor Swift aired similar animus against the practice as she also became a victim. With the rise of generative AI and the fact that it’s now much easier to create deepfakes, there have been calls to introduce new laws against such content in the U.S.

But the U.K. has taken up the mantle in this fight, with its Ministry of Justice explaining that just by creating a sexually explicit AI-generated image, a person could be handed a heavy fine and gain a criminal record. If the image or video is subsequently shared, that could mean prison.

Under the U.K’s “Online Safety Bill”, the sweeping legislation the U.K. introduced to tame the “Wild West” of the internet – it’s also been called Orwellian due to its invasive nature – it was already illegal to share such content, but now just the process of making it could get someone in trouble.

“The new law will mean that if someone creates a sexually explicit deepfake, even if they have no intent to share it but purely want to cause alarm, humiliation or distress to the victim, they will be committing a criminal offense,” explained the Ministry. The country’s Minister for Victims and Safeguarding, Laura Farris, said this sends a “crystal clear message that making this material is immoral, often misogynistic, and a crime.”


Like my stories, actions have consequences. So sadly I have taken down what so many of you came for. Sorry.



Samantha’s Apron Day – 20

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The atmosphere in her lovely house was one one calm, mixed with a heady scent of sexual arousal, not just for Samantha, but of course the strain of being gentleman whilst watching and smacking Samantha’s bottom stretched their trousers and self control of Fishmeister, James and Stuart to the limit.

Samantha spotted this…quite easily!

She made a suggestion. “I do not do sexual favours really, we have only just met after all, but I do understand need. Why don’t you all go in there…” She pointed to a bedroom. “….and one at a time you can come and masturbate as you look at me, I like that.”

“Yes please.”

“Yes please.”

“Yes please.”

Samantha smiled at the speed of the almost instantaneous replies. “Off you go then, I will be here waiting for the first of you.”

First out was Fishmiester…who walked down the corridor slowly, and totally captivated by Samantha’s bottom. “Can I….?”

“What? Shoot all over my bottom? Of course.”

He picked up a chair and sat, and looked at her….and began.

She loved the noise of a masturbating man, the wet click click clicks getting faster, his moans, and shuffles in the seat. She pushed her bottom and pussy out for him the very best she could. And listened.

As invited, he shot his load, high and far, to splatter all over her full round cheeks. You cannot see him he has a good range and is sat out of view.

He thanked her, and with tissues in hand, he walked exhaustedly back to the room. Samantha went to clean up, shouted the next, and went into another room.

“I’m ready James….come and find meeee!”

He soon found her, and she was polishing a mirror. “Sit down James, do you mind if I watch you do it in the mirror?”

James sat, and looked at her, as she watched him, examining him almost, as he masturbated. “Try not to soil my mirror.” She said as he increased his speed.

He was fascinated by her, and masturbated hard and fast, watching her watch him.

“Can I…..?”

“Yes, you can shoot all over my bottom James.”

Within minutes another fine load of steaming, warm, sticky spunk, ran down the crack of her bottom.

He left, she cleaned herself and waited for Stuart.

He walked in as naked as the day he was born, his manhood swaying from side to side. She was kneeling at the bottom of the bed. Their eyes met in the mirror.

He stood still, his mouth slightly agog, looking at her. His cock pulsating, and jerking up and down.

“Ready then?” Samantha asked looking at it. His wait must have been torturous.

“Do me a favour will you?” She asked.

He knew instinctively and shot a huge load of cum all over her bottom.

“I am going to have a quick bath, be a darling and make a cup of tea will you?”

Stuart went to pick up James and Fishmeister. They walked to the kitchen. Fishmeister said….”Bloody hell, that was amazing, I shot all over her….”

The other two laughed, and their glorious stories of their hat-trick unfolded.

Samantha smiled as she heard their laughter, and then gave herself an orgasm in the water.

More to cum…..but give the poor old lads a few minutes, none of them are as young as they were you know!

Ohhh…nearly forgot….your colour bonus. Don’t make a mess of the screen!


Part Three of Mr.Maxwell’s Chair ~ Photo Set 516

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For a moment she faltered, I could see her mind co-ordinating what I had just told her to do.

“Take my uniform off? But once this is off, I have little left.” She thought.

I waited and coughed. “Ahem.”

She began to disrobe…

She fumbled, and paused. Her mind was not working correctly. She began to lift her green gingham summer dress, then stopped, she was in a little panic I think. I waited some more, and watched her.

She let go of the hem. My eyes drilled into her….”Ahem!”

What followed was almost surreal. I am a lover of the Romantic Pre-Raphaelites and their beautiful Gothic, complicated art. It was as if she was going to lie down in water for Rossetti, and be covered in rose petals.

She moved gracefully, like a swan, her silhouette against the pale warm wall captivated me.

It was as if I was watching a muse of Millais, or Hunt strip seductively for a sketch in some crumbling, romantic studio.

She looked serene, and I felt a tremble go to my soul. The light in the room looked like a studio, with delicate lighting control. Picking up fine shadows and delicate curves. Her movement was smooth, and unhurried.

I watched as she wriggled to let the school dress slide down, revealing her navy blue knickers….quite transfixed. She looked every inch a woman.

Her skin took upon it a delicate sheen, the arch of her back and the recess of her backbone thrilled me.

Her full ripe, plump bottom pushed through the navy blue material as if daring me, inviting me, to bare it and spank it,

She glided like a mysterious angel of spanking, drifting to an alter of pain. To hand her ceremonial robe of gingham green on a stout peg.

She reminded me of a medieval nun in a nunnery, removing her garments for her Abbess to birch her. She stretched up as lithe as a snake, to reach the peg, which somehow became the most important object in the room. The symbol of spanking…the Holy Grail of Blushing Bottoms.

She paused, and regrettably I broke the silence of the spanking spell. “Your underwear too please.”

The schoolgirl strip tease that followed was as far removed from a seedy Soho Club as you could get. What followed was schoolgirl spanking eroticism of the highest order, as we both drifted easily and delicately back into the sound of silence, and my beautiful, vintage, hollow sounding tick… tock… tick…. tock… clock.

The smell of Kate, and the soaked in beeswaxm on the polished oak completed the atmosphere. The world once more drifted away…

More to come, sorry to wake you up! My eyes were closing then!!!


Samantha Tries the Other Side ~ Part Twenty

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Charlotte tugged at her pet’s leash….”Walkies!”

She took her down a couple of flights of what looked like almost unused stairs, the only footprints behind them, in the settled dust, were theirs. Down corridors they wandered, and suddenly they came into bright light. The vision of the warm day outside felt like a peek into another world. people were working in a yard, loading vans, checking lists.

Samantha pulled back a little. “But what if they see us…naked?”

“I have walked here many times, the sunlight at this time of day is dazzling, nobody will notice us, trust me.” Charlotte replied confidently.


This is true, I have stood there with my girls, with men working only feet away. It is like we are invisible. The girls have played with themselves, and done very naughty poses. I have spanked them….it is quite amazing. Nobody has ever seen. If the poor unsuspecting workers only knew eh? The walk meanders many ways, a future part will concentrate on it, but for now, their next port of call…

She came to a room with various apparatus in, and tied her pet to a suspension bar.

She picked up a cane. “We have unfinished business to carry on with my little pet, don’t we?”

“Yes Mistress.”

“Present yourself for another caning.” Commanded Charlotte.

“Yes Mistress.” Replied Samantha, gripping tight.

Charlotte took a slow deliberate aim, dragging the cane back and forth across Samantha’s buttocks.

Samantha’s breathing increased, and she began to writhe.

Her pendulous breasts swung gently as she writhed. “I love you Charlotte.”

“I know my little precious darling, I know….shhh.”

“I understand you, I know what you need. I love you too, very much. Are you ready?”

Slowly time passed, and Samantha’s breathing slowed. Then, she breathed in a deep gulp of air, and nodded her head. “I am ready Mistress, cane me!”

And cane her she did, hard. Six strokes, true and firm, in quick succession.

Then a calmness fell, as Samantha gathered her will and strength. Charlotte watched, and after a while said simply…”You have not done yet, get over to the cross.”

More to come…


Black and White Set ~ 25

Two naughty girls have been trying the patience of the Headmistress and Deputy Headmistress for months. After many threats, they need to deliver and show the girls that they mean business, whilst at the same time keeping something in reserve, if they need it.

They are both waiting outside the Detention Room after school

Their wait is made deliberately long, they are very nervous. “You don’t think we’ll be caned do you?”, “Oh God, I hope not….surely!”

The Deputy Head approaches, brandishing a cane. It terrifies them. So does she!

The Headmistress opens the door and tells them to enter, she too has a cane. Things do not look good for the two girls.

They are spoken to strictly, using few words. “In you both come…..You naughty girls!”

Once in, the door closes clinically behind them.

They are severely reprimanded, and are shaken by the threats of what is coming to their bare bottoms…

The two girls beg forgiveness and say how sorry they are. The plan has worked, they are terrified of the cane and it is the ultimate threat. Sentence is reduced to two dozen of the plimsol each, on the bare, with no mercy to be shown to their delicate bottoms.

Almost grateful for the plimsol they accept their punishment gladly, the dire warnings of a thrashing with the cane if they find themselves here again ringing in their ears!

Into position they get, the two women take their weapons, and move in.

The two very naughty girls look to each other as their bottoms are bared and a rush of cool air sends goose bumps all over their soft white vulnerable plump cheeks.

The two women lay into their bare bottoms with full force from the first to the last whacks. Merciless, very hard, vicious whacks and thwacks land fast as the bare bottoms redden quickly whilst bobbing and wriggling!

Eventually they stop, bottoms are bright red and very hot, the women can feel the heat from them easily. The spankings are over, but will never be forgotten…or will they?

Who knows if they will come back?


Victoriana Part 2

Part Two of another fine spanking story by my dear friend ‘B’. If yyou want to see the rest of her work, click on ‘Links and Contributors’ and then click on ‘Contributors’. Once there, scroll down to her page.


Victoriana part 2

Saturday morning I was wide awake before my radio alarm clock. It told me that it was 6 AM. I realized that I wouldn’t be sleeping another Z. I got out of bed and prepared a toast with slices of French goat cheese. I mused, Imagine France, that goat cheese will be cheaper, and I’ll have an expat allowance.

I had decided last night. I was going to visit the Ecole Ecarlate. I of course, knew that écarlate means scarlet. What a strange name for a school. I also wondered about that promise of guarantied results. I further mused, What about the méthode traditionnelle, and the school uniform? The little wheels between my ears teased. “You might be spanked till you are fluent!”

I shrugged. I am not afraid of a spanking. Daddy spanked me till I got my O and A Levels, and continued till I graduated from my banking school.

With a second cup of coffee, I searched on my cellphone for that Birchwood Manor at Switchingham Village. Once I had found it I tried 3D, but I got a “Private Property” message. TomTom said that it wouldn’t be more than a 20 minutes bike ride.

After a long shower and having dried my hair, I pulled up my new white cotton knickers. I also selected a very conservative matching bra. The Victoriana white blouse and the shortish tartan pleated skirt followed with the black sweater. Next were the knee-high socks and I selected a pair of black brogues. In my tall mirror, I smiled for having traveled back in time. ‘Back to school naughty girl!’ To be safe with the cloudy weather, I added a lightweight hooded raincoat.

It was a leisurely ride, and before the village, I took the long private alley leading to Birchwood Manor. I discovered a lovely old stone house with a superb English garden. I parked my bike and gently tap-tapped the door with the old brass knocker.

A middle-aged gentleman with an impressive mustache and an elegant tweed suit opened.

“Good morning Sir, it is about the French lessons.”

“Indeed! Compliments for the uniform. I am Monsieur Maurice.”

He led me into a small office with two comfy chairs in front of an old wooden desk. I immediately noticed the magazine on his desk. Its name of Janus meant nothing for me, but the picture on the cover confirmed what I had imagined about the méthode traditionelle.

“We shall begin with a test. We have to assess your level to decide if you have the basics for turning you into a fluent French speaker.” He showed me an antic school desk with an attached seat.

The test took one hour, it was written and oral. With that cover of Janus in mind, I did my best, but he grimaced for my accent. While he corrected the written part, I prayed that he wouldn’t reject me.

Finally he gave his verdict, “C minus, a barely average grade.”

I blushed, “I am sorry Sir. Does it mean that I don’t have the minimum requirement?”

“Hahaha! Why is it that important to be French fluent?”

“Its about a promotion, and a great position with our agency in Calais.”

“It will take 3 months, alternating 3 weeks with us including weekends, and one week back at your bank.”

“Phew! Thank you Sir!” I beamed. I was elated.

“How many years of French have you had?”

“Seven, Sir.”

“Such a poor grade after seven years of French. You should be ashamed of yourself.”

I lost my smile.

“It is evidence that you were lazy. You deserve to be punished.”


“As a lazy girl you will be severely spanked on your bare bottom.”


I couldn’t say that I was surprised when he stood and pulled me over his knees. It was nonetheless quite embarrassing to be pulled by the ear as a ten-year-old. He swiftly raised my skirt. I expected that much, but he lowered my knickers. Daddy had never pulled down my knickers, he only pulled them up. I felt a hot flush and knew that I was blushing as red as a peony. 

He spanked my bottom and thighs. I tried to keep my legs tightly closed. He had callous hands, probably from maintaining that lovely garden. He spanked hard and counted the smacks. After forty smacks, I started pedaling my legs and no longer cared what I was showing. He pinned one of my arms behind my back, and had one of his legs locking mine, and continued.

“Repeat after me for your first French lesson. Les paresseuses sont toujours fessées cul nu !”


“OH! AH! AIE! AIE! Les paresseuses sont toujour fessées cul nu. OUCH! AIE!”

I got one hundred smacks. I had never received such a long and severe spanking. My bum and thighs were throbbing.

He helped me stand up and ordered, “Don’t rub! Stand in that corner with your knickers still down and holding your skirt up.” I was quite contrite. “Sniff!” I was indeed back in school and already spanked,and  well spanked.

While I was in the corner, he asked for my full name, age, address and more as he completed my file. “You will be boarding, sharing a room with 3 girls. The next term starts in a week. Your bank will have payed my fee by that time. There’s no refund if you quit before the end of the term. If you quit, your bank will be made aware of that. You will return to Victoriana for a full kit.”

“Yes Sir.”

“I promise that you will be fluent, as if you had a French mother. Pull your knickers up, adjust your skirt and give this invoice to your bank. You will notice that my methods aren’t mentioned. You may, if you want, tell your colleagues that you will be spanked as a naughty schoolgirl till you are fluent.”

“Oh, I won’t, Sir!”

“Very well, run along.”


To be continued…

NB : Les paresseuses sont toujours fessées cul nu = Lazy girls are always spanked bare butt.


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Voting is Now Open – ‘Batch Four’, of TradCP’s ‘AI’ Art to choose from…

If you go here, you will find his stories and art, along with the first three selections for a sort of AI Calendar I am doing next year. The winner you vote for….(do so by leaving a comment at the bottom, for your top choices)…will be for April 2025. Each art work is numbered for you to refer to.

Click here for his page…(The photos this month are below.)


Nine beauties for you this month

The background and atmosphere he has created here is sublime…


This is his AI version of Kate….(he does not know yet, but he is in trouble! Charlotte and Samantha are jealous!!!!

4 /2

A nice row of vintage beauties for the next one, all waiting for their spanking, and it looks to me like the ones on the right are hoping to be first!


Two girls waiting for their punishment, the door opens and in you go, what bottoms to pick from….who goes first?


The thin trousers of the school uniform show the redness from their classroom spankings shining through, now you are giving their sore bottoms six of the best each here, in your study…


Well, what can I say? ….”It’s a good un! And will take a bit of work to redden it all up equally, but I am up for the challenge, are you?


Now these two next ones, get me excited, I would love to put photos of me on here spanking my girls, and I have just started having some done, by another chap, Chromlech, who is altering my face, for a story. I hope TradCP can do similar, something like these…



The last one is back to where we started, a study scene.


For all sorts of very good reasons, you are going to find the voting for this month very difficult, he has had new equipment and he is getting better. At the end of the year, I might ask him to go through all the winners and bring them all up to his very high standard.

Fabulous work TradCP…well done, keep it up!


Sent for from the P.E. Lesson

Over the past few months I have been doing various sequences with various girls, where they come from P.E. in their vest, regulation gym knickers, socks, and plimsols, to my Study for punishment.

This means they have to wait to be sent to me, from the gym, all eyes will move to them as they leave, and the walk from the gym followes. As they leave, they will hear giggles or muffled words.

A long walk down the corridors follows, the gym and playing fields are on the other side of the school.

Any girl seen will know that whoever sees them will know where they are going and what for.

Their way back, often in tears, red faced, rubbing their bottom will be humiliating and they will hope not to be seen.

On return to the gym they have to touch their toes ten times before the rest of the class and apologise for being naughty and stopping the flow of the class they were doing. This is also a way of adding humiliation to the punishment, as a deterrent to others.


I know you all have favourite colours. I will cover as many as I can. If I do not have what you wish, maybe you will contribute a pair? If you like, leave a comment on what combination you would like. I also hope to do a P.E.Class with a girl returning, doing her ‘touching the toes’ excersises.


This will mean of course that you will have seen all these posts already, but this is one for the future, where all in this group will be together. It will make it easier for you. But, it ought to have something you have not seen, so I put Kate in the pillory, for a nice spanking! Dressed in her P.E. Kit. So before we start, here you are…

There was not a lot of room or range, but I managed to get underneath her with my camera…

So….here we go…


Navy Blue Knickers, White Vest, Grey Socks and Plimsols.


Click here…


Grey Vest, Willow Green Knickers, Buckingham Green Socks, and Plimsols.


Click here…


White Vest, Bottle Green Knickers, Grey Socks, Plimsols.


I am working on this now.


Please be patient, various socks, knickers, situations, apparatus await…and don’t forget, let me know any combinations….I suppose white socks, navy blue knickers, white vest and plimsols will be the most popular.

much more to come…


Bottle Green Knickers, white vest, grey socks, and plimsols!

Another set of a girl being called from her P.e. Class to my study. This time, it is Charlotte…

“I am sending Charlotte to you now Mr.Jones.” Says my secretary, Brigittte on the internal phone.

“Thank you.”

knock, knock, knock… I open the door, and there she is.

“Enter.” I usher her in.”Stand on the carpet you naughty girl.”

Without a word she stands to attention, on the carpet. Her eyes looking around, as a sign of slight panic wells up in her tummy.

Ir stand behind her and tell her she is getting spanked on the vintage flogging stool, and it will be on the bare. I can almost see the fine hair on her arms raise up as I announce sentence for her crime. She has hid in the woods on cross country, had a smoke, and joined the race later. A familiar tale and every now and then the Gym Mistress hides behind a tree. This was two days ago, it is now her P.E. Lesson and I have asked her to be sent to me from that.

“You are a naughty girl, what are you?”

“A naughty girl Mr.Jones.”

“And what happens to naughty girls when they see me?”

“They get their bottoms punished Mr.Jones.”

I look her up and down and say. “Get to the stool please.”

She walks to the stool and stands before it.

“Prepare your bottom for punishment Charlotte. Lower your knickers to your knees.”

“Of course, Mr.Jones.” She replies politely.

Her rather fine bottom was now bare, and it was time to bend over and present it to me…

More to come…