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The Fag

One of my follower and regular comment maker on my posts is a chap called Fred. He wrote this as a comment, but it deserves to be on a page of his own.

From now on, any other comments worthy of this will go here, I hope he might carry this on.


I would love to go to The Saint Helena Grammer College for Wayward Boys, over the age of 21, and girl prefects over the age of 18.

I do think it very important that lads like me learn to respect women, on the first day we all learn females are superior and must address them in a formal and respectful way. Ann Jones must now be addressed as Miss Jones, while she Miss Jones may simply address me as boy.

There are other things used to enforce their superiority, all female prefects are present during the male pupils admission which includes their medicals. Demonstrations are often given by the senior prefects on male control to the younger new intake of prefects.

It’s not unusual for a lad to be bossed around by a prefect younger than himself, little things like nut squeezing to bring a lad down, or the much favoured “gooley kick” but there is one very strict rule regarding the “gooley kick” no shoes are allowed ! But the prefects get around this rule by wearing plimsolls, the lads soon realise the prefects most feared are the ones wearing plimsolls, and indeed within a day or two of the start of term.

It seems all the prefects now choose to wear simple black gusset plimsolls, the prefects quickly learn of other uses for their plimsolls such as giving an on the spot slippering some of the prefects get quite wet when they have a lad kneel in front of them to remove a plimsoll ready to punish them, extra punishments are often administered should the lad forget to press his lips to the toe of each plimsoll before the prefect chooses which slipper he’s allowed to remove, which he’s to be punished with.

Of course she could make the pupil remove his own plimsolls none of the lads are allowed to wear shoes or trainers only black plimsolls these are slightly different from the one’s most of the prefects wear being the lace up variety. The lads aren’t allowed laces though, so their plimsolls flop around as they walk and plimsolls are often lost during P.T. and cross country lessons, but that’s of no matter as the cost of new replacement plimsolls will be stopped out of his pocket money. But of course he won’t be issued with new plimsolls just an odd well worn one to replace the lost one, if he’s really unlucky maybe he’ll be issued with plimsolls that a prefect has discarded as being too tatty for her to wear, but before they are issued to a pupil their elastic gussets must be removed to add insult to injury often the pupil that will wear them is charged with this job!

Some of the prefects like to pick out a lad to be their fag, there are often give away signs that the lad is a fag, things like his hair the prefects like to experiment with hair dyes so what a good idea to try it out on a lad first.

Then there’s the haircuts. some of the prefects have been known to give their fags a simple basin hair cut to mark them as their fag and of course for amusement.

But others just rely on the fag uniform, outside school hours pupils are allowed to dress in their own clothes where as most prefects demand their fags dress in simple P.T. kit consisting of thin gym shorts a terry top and plimsolls, some of the lads picked for special training would be required to wear a gym skirt instead of the shorts.

A few of the prefects found it amusing to experiment with training their fags to the plimsoll, these prefects wore a slightly different plimsolls they were more expensive than their standard plimsolls but the extra cost wasn’t an issue as it was simply taken from the pocket money of the pupils involved in the experiment though still the standard black gusset plimsoll their plimsolls sported a smooth rubber toe cap training would start in a simple way such as having the lad kneel and greet all the prefects by kissing the toes of their plimsoled feet. Progressing to slipper jumble where the prefects would remove one of their plimsolls and throw it into the centre of the room the now stripped and blindfolded lad would be required to match each slipper with its owner simply by scent!

The prefects often noticed a lad giving a sly kiss to the plimsolls innersole. Of course regular checks would be carried out during the sniffing and kissing for erections, those without would be expelled from the experiment !

The others would be milked and instructed on how to use their cream to give the prefects toe caps a mirror shine.

Several of the prefects were lesbians and enjoyed the control they had over the male. Sex plimsoll training amused them more than the other prefects, it was a great way of belittling a simple male and it was enough for them to have a male dedicated to their plimsolls, indeed the plimsoll trained male made excellent servants when they left and wouldn’t bother them for sex. No it was enough for the simple male to be allowed to worship their plimsolled feet or sometimes as a special treat one of the ladies might leave her worn plimsoll under his pillow.

Asa’s note….

I have asked Fred if he will come to be photographed as a fag, with my girls in school uniform.

more to come?

I hope so…

Busy busy busy doing moving! la, la la, laaa la la la la laaa!

Today threw up a surprise, a few hours to myself, so off I went with my tool box to the studio, I left text message with my three valuable assistants, and they arrived withing half an hour….perfect.

It was mostly carrying stuff up to the top floor, I have been doing it bit by bit, but help was so very welcome, especially in their shapes…..a moving day like no other!

“Can you take those three up next please?”

“Yes Mr. Jones.”

“Yes Mr.Jones.”

“Yes Boss.”

Off they go, I’ll get the kettle on and make tea. At my age it is grand to have young fit able bodies around me!

It amuses me how they check their phones every five minutes, and it amuses me, even more when, every time they do, there is a message or something waiting for them! My camera is by my side all the time, just in case they stretch or bend! Like Charlotte in the background!

I find an excuse to go for a closer look!

She could not reach whatever it was and asks for help to move it along, I got a pack of buns out and could not resist saying, “There are some nice buns here.”

They all thank me, I smile to myself and carry on!

“Can you get that material down please Samantha whilst you are there.”

“Yes of course!” She climbs up on the leather Chesterfield Settee, and reaches for it…

Even doing jobs and working, they have a way of moving that catches the eye, don’t they?

Samantha chimes up, with a giggle, “We have seen you with your camera at every opportunity! I suppose you want to finish off with our bare bottoms?”

I grin from ear to ear….”Oh go on then!”

Such obliging girls!

“Have we all been good girls today Mr.Jones?” Kate shouts.

“No! You all deserve a spanking, too much tea drinking, too much time on your phones and too much frivolity!!”

“Oh good!” Laughs Charlotte, and they all bend over.

Always one to oblige I picked up a plimsol…

“”Right then, present those bottoms properly, knees bent, and hands between the knees!”

So I put my camera down, and gave them all six on each cheek for being very good little helpers!

Then it was time for bye byes, hugs, and kisses, and off they went….until the next time!

And there you are, I bet you all thought I have it easy, smacking bottoms and taking photos, but not today…hard at it, all day long!


Saint Helena Correctional Institute for Unruly Girls ~ 1965 – Part Seven

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Miss Kenworthy then moved on to Kate…

“You really are three very naughty…SMACK! …girls….SMACK!”

“Owwww.” Yelled Kate.

“Look at you, is this how your parents envisaged you at this age? Bent over in a row with red bottoms!? Hmmmm?”

“No Miss.”

“No Miss.”

“No Miss.”

“I don’t think so too…..SMACK, SMACK, SMACK!!”

“I have plenty of equipment to bring naughty girls into line, trust me, and I will not…SMACK!… hesitate to use them all….SMACK!!…. hard!”

Kate felt that being last was a huge disadvantage, because Miss Kenworthy was reinforcing her message with some resounding smacks.

She stopped spanking them. It was the first time and she did not want to overdo it. “There, that is the lightest spanking you will ever get from me …be warned. I am always lenient the first time, but after this I will show little mercy to your cheeks!”

“I do not want to see any of you back for a spanking or worse any time soon. Understand?”

The three bent over girls replied in unison…

“…no Miss Kenworthy, we do not want to come back, and we are sorry.”

“Very well, I accept your apologies. Now….I have a group of first years coming in here soon, you can all stay there as an example! Until I tell you to leave.”

She went to the door and let twenty three girls in, who were all giggling and pointing.

There will be more 1965 style discipline coming soon.


New Cromlechville…

An introduction…

How women end up here, nobody really knows, but what usually happens, is that they stay for a long time, many deciding not to go back to whence they came.

Some say that women who think of spanking naughty boy’s bottoms a lot, give off a kind of scent, and the scent is pulled towards the Matriachs of New Cromlechville, as if by a giant magnet. And somehow, they draw them to Cromlechville.

Lets create a character, she needs a name, and I rather like Felicity, it sounds old, yet could easily be a retro name plucked into the modern world. She is attractive and in her mid 20’s.


Felicity had been sacked, not made redundant, but sacked, for sexual misconduct. She was a first line manager and as such had to do staff appraisals of the young men in the Call Centre where she worked at the time. One young man in his late teens had been nothing but trouble, and trying to manage people at her tender age, especially men, was difficult to say the least.

It was her own fault, she had been brilliant at calling the companies who had fleets of company vehicles, and by a mixture of flirting and a good knowledge of cars, which she had always been interested in, had seen her sell vans, lorries and prestige vehicles. two years ago she had won Employee of the Year.

What a fall from grace she had.

Shehad filled the appraisal form in and read back what she had written.

The man objected, and she said, half joking, that she would make it a lot better if he let her spank him! Very bold, and the inexperience of life, and reading far too many spanking novels had led her to a silly mistake. he said he wanted to think about it, and could he have a cup of tea.

She went for two cups, feeling very excited, and in her absence he set his phone to record. She came back in feeling very dominant and said some silly things, that were recorded in all their glory.

She was reported by him and her Disciplinary Tribunal ended up with her being dismissed. Her life felt ruined, she had been on tablets for two months. The job offers she had had were poor, and many refused to employ her when they read what she had done anyway.

Last night she had cried herself to sleep. She lived in Manchester and felt a long way from her family home. She decided to pay them a surprise visit and break the news to her proud parents. What a shock it would be to them.

They would expect her in her Audi TT, but instead she would turn up in a fifteen year old Vauxhall Astra, a black one, which looked good and was great for its age, despite having over 100,000 miles on the clock.

She locked up her Apartment over the antiques shop, and put a brave face on, and set off. She drove over the Pennines into Derbyshire. The scenery was gorgeous, and she felt peckish. She decided to count six turns right, and then go to the first village and find a cafe or something.

What happened between taking that turning and entering Cromlechville she will never know. But quite out of the blue there was one of the quaintest little towns, mostly built out of local honey coloured carboniferous limestone, she had ever seen. She pulled up on the main street outside the ‘Reading Rooms’. She loved books…spanking books, and little book shops like this could quite possibly have a couple hidden away. Her favourites were the old French ones with beautiful art work. There was an ‘A’Frame with a menu, it must have a cafe too.

A few people, all women smiled at her on the pavement as they passed by her car as she locked it. “Morning, another lovely day.” one of them said.

It was too, perfectly splendid in fact.

She walked into the bookshop of her dreams, a veritable emporium. Little corridors, stairways, reading lamps, the smell of coffee, and best of all…the smell of toasted teacakes!…with a hint of cinnamon. “Yum, yum, spank a bare bum!” She whispered to herself. “I am going to have a latte, and a toasted tea cake.”

She walked over to a woman of a similar age to herself, who was sat reading, and eating a scone with jam and cream. Drinking what looked like a beer, through a straw! “Excuse me, where is the counter? I can smell some lovely smells, but cannot see where to buy stuff!”

She casually looked down at the book the girl was reading, and could not believe her eyes which had both widened as big as the pretty plate that had the scone on. But most of all the bookmark caught her eye!

Not making the slightest effort to hide the book, the girl gently closed it and said….”Go under that archway, and follow the smell to Miss Kenworthy.”

She was so lovely, and immediately kindness radiated from the young woman, who took a sip of her beer, and re-opened her book, smiled, and looked down. Felicity stopped, and turned back, “I am ever so sorry, I do not want to sound rude, and make it seem that I was looking at what I probably shouldn’t, but that book, where do I find that section?”

The girl laughed. “New eh?”

“Yes, I have just drove in, never been here before, I mean this place.”

The girl giggled. Thought for a few seconds and then said… “You will find them on every shelf, floor to ceiling and on every floor. Collectible spanking books, and rarities are on the top floor. Ask Miss Kenworthy, she knows everything there is to know about…” She held the book up…”Spanking naughty boys and men.”

She knew for certain she was not dreaming. Before going to find the food and drink she asked….”I never, noticed the name, where am I?”

“You are in the Blushing Buns Cafe. Pink and red icing on delicious buns are a Speciality of Miss Kenworthy.”

“Really?!….and the town?”

“Cromlechville” The woman smiled her reply, “Sounds a bit like it’s in America, where you might find a super hero, doesn’t it?”

“It does, yes.” laughed Felicity, and followed her nose a few steps and stopped. She turned, and asked. “The book mark, did you buy it here?”

“No.” Laughed the girl.

Felicity frowned, showing her curiosity.

“They are free.”

They both laughed, her first friend, Charlotte had been made.

She went under the arch, and on the left was a white sofa, with another girl, resting on it…reading.

Felicity looked down at the book.

“A good read?” She asked politely.

“Oh yes, first class, its a spanking good read.

She reached the counter.

“Hello, Miss Kenworthy I presume?”

“Correct, may I halp you?” Smiled Miss kenworthy radiantly.

” A latte, and a toasted tea cake please.”

Two hours later, she left the reading room with its charming ‘Blushing Buns’ cafe, and got into her car. To follow the directions Miss kenworthy had given her to a guest house. She looked at her purchase, her reading for tonight.

She smiled a broad smile, put the book down, and drove away.


Every town in the area has a Mayor or Mayoress, New Chromlechville is no exception.

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Evening Classes are run in the town, one of the favourites being the Life Drawing and Art Classes…

Of course there is a School…

More to come…


The Domination of men by Women…and a secret little town called ‘New Cromlechville’ ~ by Asa Jones




Chromlech and I have talked at length, and I have assured him that his images will be re-made over the coming years using photos of my girls, they are all happy to show their faces after all, and appearing in the town of ‘New Cromlechville’ will be fun for them.

It was sad, deleting all of his works of art, but alas, they have now all gone.

I thought about using Cromlech’s photo’s that were from behind, or blurring out faces. But I tried this on stories with Suzette, and the viewing figures went from…..not very good, to bad….to almost non existent, so I stopped her story. (for now, see later) No point in spending time writing, blurring photos or cropping them, if nobody looks or reads it. It took longer to do them because of heavy cropping or blurring than a normal story, which after a while usually ends up with around 3000 reads, the best hitting 20,000, or 30,000 reads, but unfortunately even after four or five months, they had not reached three figures. My conclusion is, that even though spanking is all about the bottom, people want to see facial expressions. BUT!!!!! There is good news, Chromlech is changing faces for me, so Suzette and I can now have to crop no more….watch this space…’The Minx and the Prince’ will return.So…watch this space, the town of New Chomlechville will rise from the ashes.


Are you a submissive male? Do you crave photos depicting the punishment and humiliation of naughty boys? Then please enter a delightful, yet secret little town, click here…


For years I have been writing volumes of one of my most popular stories, ‘The Saint Helena High School for Wayward Girls Chronicles’, featuring the head of Discipline, Miss Kenworthy. They have now started taking boys!…

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A story sent in to me by a follower…

The Fag

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I will still use lots of mine of course. All my work is copyrighted…

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You can use any of my work, so long as you credit me. If you do not, boom! I report you to the people above, they will track you down!


Illustrated FemDom stories by Asa Jones…

The first story for you, is one about a respected male teacher, Mr.Reece. He taught my main Domme, Miss Tamara Kenworthy at school. The silly man took up-skirt photos of her knickers, and she caught him. And from that day, one of the most famous Domme’s in the UK was born.

To read this story, click on ‘Photo Stories’ above, then scroll down to number 74, volume 3

The second story is about my dear Charlotte. Most of you know her on my site as a submissive, one of my girls who gets spanked regularly, but she has been punishing naughty boys for years. Such as William…

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The next one is a new project I am working on, we already have the ‘Saint Helena High School for Wayward Girls’, we also have the ‘Saint Helena Finishing School for Wayward Young Ladies’. But coming up now is…

The Saint Helena Grammer School for Wayward Boys, where female prefects and an all female staff, teach ‘Correction’, to the boys in their care. It will appear here, bit by bit, like all my other stories.

Story Three…. You will see this develop, it is the one mentioned above…

YES, it is the same one as the top of the page, but because it is my third F/m story, I thought I would put it here too.

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So, for now, this section is only 5-10% of what it was, but it will grow.


Victoriana – Part 3

Victoriana part 3 , the continuation of another lovely spanking story from ‘B’, one of my top contributors, who has her own page on here. You can read all of her previous stories by clicking on ‘Links and Contributors’ in the menu bar above, then clicking on ‘Contributors’ and scrolling down to her page.


The ride back home meant a mean dilemma. Sit on my skirt and have the saddle none too kindly massaging my still throbbing bum, or pedal high above the saddle and have my skirt flying to show all the farmers in their fields my well smacked thighs. I decided to remain firmly sat on my saddle, and was firmly reminded that I was spanked cul nu as a paresseuse.

Monday morning, I accepted the Calais offer and gave the Ecole Ecarlate’s invoice to my manager. He raised both eyebrows when he saw the amount.

“I will be fluent in 3 months, Sir!”

“I sure hope so!”

He must have read the fine prints, and found the no refund policy if the pupil gives up the program. He sternly added, “Don’t you dare quitting!”

He further warned with a sterner voice. “Your father who was my mentor at the home office before his retirement has asked me to encourage you as severely as required. Don’t disappoint us!”

I couldn’t help a deep blush for that warning with the mention of “as severely as required”.

On the way back home, I stopped at the Victoriana shop. “Good evening Ma’am, I am to join the Ecole Ecarlate, and I need a full kit.”

She had a big smile, “I’ll be right with you.”

As she disappeared into the fitting room, I saw in the tall mirror a glimpse of a well reddened derriere peeking out of white lacy knickers.

A few minutes later, I recognized Josephina from the City Hall. We had a brief exchange, and she agreed to wait for me. The idea was to have tea together.

The seamstress had me kitted, “You will also have blue and red tartan skirts, white and navy knickers, and navy shorts for sports as you can’t always be cooped up in class.”

“Its £417, please. Everything will be ready tomorrow. Same as for Miss Josephina.”

After having paid, we went to the nearby coffee shop and ordered high tea. I cheered, “So we are going to be school chums!”

Josephina explained, “I am taking the EU Commission’s exam, and I need to be fluent in two foreign languages. I already have Spanish thanks to my mother, so am taking French because its mostly another Latin language. What about you?”

“I am offered a promotion as Deputy Manager of our Calais branch, and I have to be fluent in French. I bought a skirt from Victoriana, and it came with a leaflet for the Ecole Ecarlate.”

“As you know, my father is into real estate. He helped the Ecole Ecarlate buy the neighboring farm to extend its estate, and that’s how I heard of them.


Monday came. With trepidation and a big backpack, I tickled the old door with the brass knocker. Monsieur Maurice opened, and after an amiable exchange of greetings he led me into a large living room with a mix of antic and modern furniture. I found six girls in their early twenties like me. We were each handed a brochure about the school’s ethos, rules, and regulations, and were soon joined by two more girls. We were all wearing the school uniform with one of the tartan skirts, and were very well behaved. I guessed that was because we had tasted the écarlate welcome spanking.

Monsieur Maurice was joined by a stern looking lady, “Madame Yvonne is my wife and with the help of a cook and his assistant as well as two maids, she will look after the house. We also have a gardener, Monsieur Gustave, who will double as your PE coach. Everyone is of French origin and will speak only in French. From now on you speak French or you will be punished!”

Madame Yvonne led us two floors up to discover our domain. “You have the whole floor, four bedrooms with three beds each, and a common room with telly, and mini fridge. On that floor, we understand that you won’t be speaking in French, unless addressing us or our staff. Tonight you will sew name tags onto every piece of your kit to help us with the laundry.” She handed each of us a supply of tags with our names. She continued with allocating rooms, “We have teamed you according to your test results, Alicia and Josephina, in the blue room.”

I exchanged high five with Josephina aka Josy. We dropped our backpacks and followed Madame for more. “The second floor is reserved for Monsieur Maurice and I. It also offers two studios. One for guests, and one for the chef’s assistant and his wife, who is one of the maids.”

Next we were back on the ground floor, “You have already discovered the lounge and Monsieur Maurice’s office.” A few of us retrospectively rubbed our derrieres. “Over here we have our dining room, the kitchen, and last but not least the classroom.”

Monsieur Maurice led us inside the classroom. We almost stopped in our tracks when we saw a small whip with multiple leather thongs hanging next to the blackboard. Monsieur wrote “Le martinet” on that blackboard. He also explained, “It is the perfect implement for helping the memory of lazy young ladies.”

“All of your tests have showed that you are, as most English speakers, confused by the French masculine and feminine. Therefore we will have regular tests like this one. I will dictate 20 words and you will write M or F for each of them. If you score less than 12/20, you will be punished.

If you score less than 10/20, it will be la fessée cul nu au martinet!”


To be continued…


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Charlotte and Samantha Wander around their House, Spanking! – Part 10

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continued… A little calmer episode, with a climax at the end, as they adjust from outdoor spanking to indoor spanking, and begin a tour of their house.


After their lovely spankings each, in the courtyard, they have reached the conservatory, and upon entering, close the door.

Hardly being able to keep their hands off of each other, they busy themselves making a cup of tea.

But spanking is never far from their mind, and after playful taps, fondles and giggles, they decide to give each other another one. Charlotte spanking Samantha at the central breakfast console first.

And then swapping over.

Their pet cat, Malcolm, was so used to spanking, that the sounds of smacks did not bother him at all.

Charlotte suddenly thought out loud, “It will be time for the postman! Is that his van door in the distance do you think?”

“Yes.” Chuckled Samantha, thinking of the young man and his blushes over the years.

“Well, we have both been spanked, maybe we should do corner time as he puts the post in the box!”

“Good idea!” Laughed Samantha.

Knowing that the Postman would have to walk next to the windows all the way around from the gate to the post box, they positioned themselves and listened.

Now imagine you are a postman….

You have parked your van, and walked up to your favourite house, hoping for a glimpse of something naughty, like you have had about ten times now.

You walk down the little lane, leading off the main road to their lovely old house. Through the trees and bushes you glimpse it, excitement mounts.

You see something, a quick movement. Oh No! You have not just missed them have you. No! You haven’t, have they been spanking again like before, you do hope so. Then you see them, almost naked, in suspenders and stockings…

What a view. You open the gate and walk slowly by, the gravel crunching under your feet.

Charlotte whispers to Samantha, “He is here, right by the window, listen.”

The footsteps stop, they know he is stood looking and begin to wiggle their bottoms for him.

A few more steps and you stop again. You stare at them, you can see the lips of their pussies hanging easily.

They whisper again. “I hope he has a wank like last time.” Samantha says softly.

You walk to the post box, and put the post in. And stand looking. You are sure they know, they said nothing last time, so you put the bag of letters down. Undo your belt, and trousers, and let your underpants drop down with them to your ankles. You manhood is rampant as your hand grips it, and begins to stroke, faster….faster….harder….

They do not move.

“Listen, he is wanking, you can hear his foreskin wetly moving, and him breathing hard.” Samantha says to her friend.

“He’s moaning now, I bet he’ll cum soon.” Charlotte replies.

You shoot hard as steaming spunk shoots as far as it ever has done from your stiff hard glistening cock. You let out a moan.

You look around, it is perfectly safe, they must have heard you. You get some tissues and wipe your purple head, and dress. You have to say something….”Thank you!”

“You are welcome!” Calls Charlotte.

“Don’t be a stranger Wanky!” Shouts Samantha.

“I won’t Spanky!” You call back.

The ice has been broken, and you walk away.

more to come


Photo Set 519 ~ Part Two of set 507

To see the first part of this ‘spanking pose’ experiment, click here…


If you recall, I now have Kate in the right place to try the experiment out. Ideally I want three or four girls, in the same uniform, in stockings, suspenders, gym slips etc, all side by side in the diaper position. Then my friend Claudia will wield a plimsol on their bare bottoms.

Is it possible? Can a girl fit? Only one way to find out…

So…..we have got Kate in her summer dress, (green gingham) and white socks, with plimsols and navy blue knickers. Her knickers are down.

Sorry about the mess in the background, this will be my classroom, at the time I shot these it was a dumping ground for my equipment and props. I have never used this beast of a seat before, lets see what we can do with it!

It is heavy and big.

“Lets see if we can manage to get your legs behind the back support Kate.”

“Rightio Boss!! Contorting my body again for you Boss!” Grunts Kate in a mildly amused tone.

Somehow, and with consumate ease, she is up and in position in no time.

So there we are, me sat on a spanking stool, talking to Kate, measuring her, and seeing how many can fit, (three okay, four might be a delightful squeeze!)

Thinking about it, and this is funny really, …..I seem to spend a great deal of my time talking to my girls when all I can see instead of their pretty faces is their bottoms and pussy. Wouldn’t surprise me if a pussy talked back!

Enough frivolity…sorry! But I had work to do.

“Try putting your legs up Kate, please.”

“Like this….wheeeee!”

I chuckle, “Yes, like that!”

I remember quite clearly looking at her like this and thinking what a wonderful shoot it will be with a line of them!

I came back round to the bottom side and we chatted some more. Coming to the conclusion that it was perfect.

We chatted a while with her like this, then I stood and put my hands on the rest and talked to her from between her socks.

I have no idea what we talked off, my concentration lapsed.

Anyway…it was a success, and we then spent a while in each others company.

Before we moved on to the next set up, I spanked her, to see how it is in the chair for both of us. She loved it and I could spank easily, a row of six or eight cheeks seems a grand idea, and I hope to do it as soon as my classroom is done.

You will see this with a group next, with the classroom tidy….I hope!