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Important Changes…

My blog being off-line was probably the fifth time in around ten years. Each time it makes me think of the frailty of it, how would I cope without it?

My web host assures me it won’t happen, call me a pessimistic old bar steward, (posh English slang for bastard), but they said similar things before the Titanic set sail!


I advise you to acquaint yourselves with Twitter (X) and Tumblr, two excellent places to hold a blog, not as good as this, they are all different, but each have their own merits.

I am going to put little videos on twitter (X), as well as my photos. As regards interaction it beats this hands down. I have always yearned for comments, and some faithful wonderful people on here, have realised that, and I am so grateful to them. Hence the club I set up, to reward them. That will continue.

But on X, I get ten times more interaction than on here, and tumblr will be similar.

I am making two sites on Tumblr, one is ‘Saint Helena High School for Wayward Girls, and the other will be ‘The Inveigle’. Tumblr is actually better that X in my opinion, you can write more and post more photos, so a spanking enthusiast like Suzette for example, who is now thriving on X, could keep a quite adequately sized blog.

This will make me busier, but…if all goes tits up…I will be able to carry on.

Also events are so easy to fill on ‘X’ and people are more than happy to pay the ¬£100. I am now chatting regularly with the man who runs spankee finder, so finding more girls for an event might be easier for me, if I need them.

So…if I was you, I would get myself on X and Tumblr and join in the interactive fun….


The answer is time, I will now not have time to post every day on here. I will try to post as often as I can, and it will be most days. This blog is still the most important, because all other things refer to it. But I aim to do the same on the others, and treat all four importantly.

Then….if the blog fails one day…the Emporium will carry on and on.


Black and White Set ~ Number 34 – ‘That skirt is too short young lady!’

Samantha has turned up in a ridiculously short skirt and has been sent to the detention room.

I have positioned a stool and a plimsol strategically, she will see them as she comes in.

Knock, knock, knock…

“Come in!”

I tell her where to sit and she takes her place.

“That skirt does not even touch the seat Samantha, does it?”

“No Sir, it kept getting creased so I shortened it.”

“Don’t talk stupid girl, we have a regulation length, you are not wearing regulation length are you?” I ask firmly.

“No Sir, I suppose not.”

“There is no suppose in it is there…..” I say as I walk around her, to stand behind. I look at her, and add. “I can see your knickers, what about when you write? Hmmm?!…I expect that whoever is sat behind you sees a lot more!”

“Bend forward in a writing position Samantha.”

She does so, blushing profusely.

“As I thought!”

“I put it to you Samantha that the purpose of this skirt is to excite any boy or boys who sit behind you, I understand that you have taken to sitting at the front and dropping things like your pencil at regular intervals. Is that right, is my assumption correct? Now…..answer me truthfully girl, if you lie, there will be dire circumstances for your bare bottom in morning assembly!” I shout.

She sits squirming and sniffling.

I kneel to see the view. “My word Samantha, this leaves very little to the imagination!”

“Well? And let me tell you that crying will not save you, and very soon you will have very real tears to show off.” I say harshly.

“I like to show my bottom and knickers off Sir, you are right, I do it on purpose just like you said.

“Very well, if you like showing your bottom off, we will display it….STAND UP! Get to the flogging stool young lady!”

She goes to the stool.

“Bend Over!”

She does so and a shaft of sunlight appears, as if to predict the future through the Venetian Blinds.

I raise her short little skirt.

I lowered her crisp, freshly laundered tight, white, school knickers to reveal her bottom. “There you are, your wish has been granted, your bottom is displayed!”

I notice her cringe.

“I will punish you shortly, you can contemplate your actions and the consequences in the mean time.”

I sit at the desk at the back of the room, holding my size fifteen plimsol in anticipation.


Photos Set ~ 538, this is part of photo set 510 ~ Part 5

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We left Samantha waiting for her spanking.

I gave her a bare bottom spanking in the same position as the last photo you saw, but in this one, as you can see her bottom is delightfully pink.


Samantha and her spankings….

Probably the lightest I give, but the reaction is superb. She wriggles violently, she struggles and is a strong girl, she protests, she squeals, she says “…. that’s enough, that’s hard…owwww, ooooh stop stop…”

It is quite amazing and such a joy to do. She falls out with me afterwards, and sulks, and looks at her marks, but….I can tell….oh yes, make no mistake, she might not like them as they happen, but the build up, and afterwards, sees a change in her whole persona! It took me a long time to get to spank here, and hardly anyone ever has, I have given her a couple for being genuinely naughty, and they were such a real exciting thing!

She knows she likes them, in a strange way, I know for certain she does, she hates it if I point it out to her….but the look she gives, and the respectful way she behaves towards me, and the happiness inside her, make is so very obvious!

Miss Kenworthy likes to be spanked….but she will never admit it!


to continue…

I left her in shame and told her not to move, no matter who comes in to see me.

How I love it when someone comes to see me and one of the ‘posher’ girls is sat with a red spanked bottom. They bury their blushing face and cringe so much.

more to come…


Kate the Maid in Training ~ Part 16

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Submissive maid Kate did as her Mistress, Miss Kenworthy instructed, and walked to the chair she pointed to.

She could almost feel the eyes of Marilyn Monroe in the picture to her right, watching and enjoying the caning continue. Miss Kenworthy felt a little different in this room somehow.

Swish, thwack….

Swish, crack….almost like a metronome the cane fell regualrly. Each time Kate moaned, loudly….oooooh yes!…OWWWWWWW!…yes, yes!

Both women were equally in awe of each other. Miss Kenworthy thought she would never find a girl who needed the cane and to feel pain so much, whilst Kate could not believe that she had found a formidable woman, willing to dish out the cane as it should be. In the Caner’s control, completely.

“I want you to move to the bath Kate, for more caning.”

“Certainly Mistress.” Kate said as they passed each other, with a knowing glance into each others eyes.

Kate automatically gripped the taps, she could see people in the garden next door, they glanced up at her, knowingly.

The methodical beating continued…..thwack, thwack, thwack!

“Do you like them watching dear?”

“Yes Mistress, very much.”

“Put you hands flat on the bath bottom… maid.” Commanded Mistress.

“Yes Mistress.”

“You left smears last week you naughty maid!”

“Oh Mistress, I am so sorry!”

Thwack, thwack, thwack, thwack, thwack! “You will be!”

“Owwwowwoowwwwww, sorry Mistress!!”

Mistress made her scrub it hard and fast as she beat her bare bottom fast and mercilessliy.

“Now move over to the bed young lady! Quickly! I want to keep the rhythm going!”

Kate ran to the bed, squealing “Yes Mistress, yes Mistress…yes!”

more to come…


Photo Set 537 ~ part 4 of photo set 521

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Miss Honeyworth, having regained her composure, gratefully accepted the offer to spank Charlotte the naughty girl. But first, she watched, once again amused by the girls plight, as the girl tried to comply with my instruction of hanging her bottle green knickers on the hook.

It was just out of her reach, and strain as she might, she just could not manage to do it. I coughed….”Ahem”.

Miss Honeyworth bit her lip and looked at me sheepishly in a mildly amused way. I now had a naughty girl struggling in my company and a young woman trying not to giigle, and keep her composure. I was taller than Miss Honeyworth, I am usually taller than most people I meet, and have learned how to use it to my advantage. Looking down at her, I raised my eyebrow.

Inside I could quite easily see why Miss Honeyworth might giggle, but outside I tried to look serious and show mild displeasure. She blushed slightly and tried her best to put her serious face on.

“The knickers on the hook please Charlotte.”

“Awww Mr.Jones, please can’t I just walk around to it?” Charlotte pleaded.

I thought about it for half a second and replied. “No.”

Asa’s note…

Between me and you, I do it like this because I love to see a girl with a bare bottom doing such antics, but of course, I never let that show. Miss Honeyworth however, was grinning like an idiot at a Punch and Judy Show.

I leaned over and gently whispered in her ear. “Miss Honeyworth, please regain control, we must be professional, and quite frankly you are not being. Any more of this nonsense and I will be asking you to stay behind after her spanking to do the very same to you!”

She pursed her lip and went quiet.

Eventually the task was completed and order descended. Miss Honeyworth was now in control of her silly schoolgirl behavior. Charlotte was returned to her position….of sorts..

There was no need for her to stand to attention at this point, so I told her to mount the flogging horse and present her bottom for Miss Honeyworth to spank.

I noticed that Miss Honeyworth was shaking slightly.

Miss Honeyworth was moving, in a swaying sort of way, I looked sideways at her, she was in a world of her own, and definitely touching herself.

I decided then, at that moment, that she needs dealing with.

More to come…


Saint Helena Correctional Institute for Unruly Girls ~ 1965 ~ Volume 2 – Part 2

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Miss Kenworthy waited, and the silence was deafening. “So you have nothing to say.” She said coldly…”Not even a sorry?”

“Oh,oh…er I didn’t realise you were waiting for me to speak, yes I am very sorry.” Charlotte replied.

“Hmmm, I think you will be.” Came the response.

Charlotte squirmed, not really knowing whether to look into Miss Kenworthy’s eyes or not.

“I am going to give you a good long hard slippering with my size 13 plimsoll on your bare bottom. Some girls seem to have great difficult in staying still.”

…”I have ways of controlling that, believe me young lady, your cheeks will not be able to escape. You are not leaving this room until I am happy that you have learned your lesson! I will be using this.”

Charlotte looked horrified at the piece of wood that Miss Kenworthy held now, instead of the plimsol.


“Don’t look so worried, I am not using this to hit you with!”

She placed it on the flogging horse, and picked up the plimsoll again. “Stand before the stool, prepare yourself.” Miss Kenworthy said as she strode to the side of the stool.

Charlotte was in quite a nervous state, and now needed guiding, her mind was not really focussing on the instructions, something that Miss Kenworthy had seen countless times in girls about to be punished. She guided her over the stool.

“Grip the rear legs of the stool.”

“Right, lets get these knickers down, shall we young lady?” Miss Kenworthy said strictly as she raised Charlotte’s gym slip to reveal her stockings and navy blue, regulation, school knickers.

more to come…


Black and White Set – 33 Her First Spanking…

She was a strong girl, and as strong as she was…as stubborn she was. She had been disrespectful in class over some political viewpoint, and had called her teacher an idiot. She was asked to apologise, but would not.

“Ohhh I have had enough of you young lady, this will not be for your veiwpoint in the debate, it is for calling your superior an idiot and not apologising…..!!!”

She interrupted. “Well I do think you are an idiot! A stupid idiot!”

Oh dear, the teacher was now angry, and finished her sentence…”I am going to give you a damn good spanking young lady!”

The rest of the girls clapped and jeered, many of them laughed too, she was a very opinionated girl and rubbed many of the other girls up the wrong way.

The teacher grabbed her, and pulled her to her. The girl was instantly rude when the teacher said she was getting spanked on her knickers. Shouting out that this was wrong at her age and she must be breaking some rules.

The teacher assured her she was not! And carried on!

The girls complained all the way through, saying that no other girl gets a spanking this hard and that she had lost control and needed reporting!

But the teacher just increased her speed, in response, and whacked harder. The watching girls cheered the teacher even more.

It was at this point that the girl pushed up and struggled.

“You insolent girl, get back down this isntant or I will call Mr.Jones and he will come with his cane young lady!”

This calmed her down for a minute or so, the cane was a horrid threat.

But as the briskness and severity of the spanking increased, the girl started yelling “Stop! stop! stop!” …..and putting her hand back to stop the smacks.

“Keep your hand down you naughty girl, or I will smack it hard!”

But her words fell on deaf ears.

The girls were now laughing at the whole spectacle, not just at the naughty girl. This angered the teacher even more. “You are not making a fool of me missy!”

And her knickers flew down, to reveal her red bottom.

How the other girls loved to see control swing back to the teacher, and the mockery of the stubborn girl increased immediately. “Look how red her bum is, make it as red as you can Miss!”

And as you will see, she does indeed make her bottom much redder!

more to come…


Over to You ~ Number 3 …NOW CLOSED FOR ENTRIES…

As usual the result will be given in a few weeks time, and then the best ones will be added to the ‘Over to You Section’, in the ‘Contributors Section’.

So get your writers head on, and see what little scenario/short story you can come up with, for this photo of Charlotte and Samantha in their riding gear, outside a door…..what can they be waiting for? Who is on the inside?

I cannot wait to find out!!

Either e-mail me or add it as a comment on the bottom of this page.