At her desk

A lot can happen at a school desk. For instance, a good girl can get educated, a rude girl can masturbate at one, and a naughty girl can be spanked at one.

I can’t help you with the first, I don’t know any good girls!

But with the next two, I can, with Charlotte.

We find her with her hockey stick…

The smooth end tempts her, and there is only one thing Charlotte cannot resist. A hockey stick? Nooooo….temptation!

“Is that nice Charlotte?”

“Mmmmmmm what? Oh God yes!” She replies thrusting quickly on the bulbous end of the stick.

“Naughty though! Especially in a classroom. And you know what naughty girls get.”

“Oh yes Mr Jones, I do, a good spanking….ooooh, a spanking! Oh my, just saying the word aloud sends a tingle right up my pussy….ohhhhh…mmm.”

“Are you cumming?”


Pulling her knickers to the side, naughty Charlotte cums as she rubs, the stick going up and down like a fiddlers elbow. Especially as I tell her she s going to be spanked for being a naughty girl. She loves being called naughty!

“Ohhh oooooh, yes yes…mmmm…oh I am a naughty, oh fuck, a naughty, nauuuuuuughty, naughty NAUGHTY GIRL…OOOOOOH.”

“Bare your naughty bottom and bend over, you naughty girl!”

“Yes Sir”

She has a lovely ‘about to be spanked’ anxious look on her face.

I try her in a variety of positionhs, each one equally divine for spanking.

Oh, yes, that will do nicely. Why not help me? Go and get a plimsol, we’ll have a cheek each….