More Excuses!

Lucy, our dear Lucy.

Hardly pauses for breath, excited over just about everything, opinionated, and upsets a few people….that’s most days! She is the perfect brat for spanking. She always blames everything else, nothing is her fault, she is misunderstood and punished unfairly!

Yeah! Right!

The truth from my point of view, is that she is not really naughty. I doubt if she has done anything unkind or cruel in her life. She is a loyal friend. But gets in scrapes. She just cannot help getting in trouble.

I now have someone who understands what I mean. Especially with her over long, excuses. Some just don’t even make sense! Interspersed with her hard done to pleas of being wronged again by an unjust world!

Samantha….she understands.

Lucy does not know when to shut up, and invariably ends up making her punishment worse!

Lucy has been rattling on, at ten to the dozen, for five minutes. All Samantha said was…”Have you anything to say for yourself?”

Lol….I soon learnt to ditch that question!


She gets a stool to sit on…

“Get over my knee…now!”

“Why? I have not done anything! I am being punished unfairly…again! Stupid teacher in this school have no idea! They….”

“SHUT UP!….just bloody well shut up and get over my knee right now!”

“Teachers never swear in my country…hah! They would be…”


Still muttering her disgruntlement she reluctantly goes over.

“Oh really!? You are still wittering on! How many more times? SHUT UP!”

Samantha decides to pull her knickers down and do it on the bare.

“Nooooo, noooo I do not deserve it on the bare! No no no!”

Exasperated, Samantha continues.

“Get up Lucy.”

“Why!!! ha ha, you do not know what you are doing! You bare my bottom, and then….”

“I am going to cane your bare bottom you stupid girl, get over there, NOW!”

Lucy does so.

Do you see what I mean? If she had kept quiet, a spanking on the knickers would have been an end to it, but instead, she is getting a bare bottom prolonged caning.


This is Lucy, and she got exactly what she wanted.

What she needs, and craves. Some deep red painful lines across her bottom.

She loves it! And knows how to get it!