Vintage Fetish and B.D.S.M. Part Two

Part One … getting a bit big, and subsequently would have become slow, so it continues…

Also, don’t forget my BORS sections have some fabulous vintage bondage from our favourite vintage girls…



84 photos here so far…But before you dive in, do you remember that song by Shakespeare’s Sister? Called Stay? Get the tune in your head, and click here…

Now off you go….enjoy!

It’s the look…the startled look on the spankees face that does it, isn’t it?
Notice the trade mark Yves Richards glove…must be Osrra Studio, but I could not see a mark to confirm, hence it is in this section, not the BORS section.

Their is a tap on the door, I shout…”can you come back in half an hour? Charlotte is tied up just now!”
She comes back and Knicks again…’is she still tied up?’
His shop.

There is something about evening gloves for spanking isn’t there?

This could be quite modern judging by the mask, but it was identified as in the 1960’s

SUB SECTION… (or should it be a sub section, with a small ‘s’ because one should always write Domme and sub.)

Here are a few MODERN CLASSIC B.D.S.M…..not too many, I like to keep the vintage/retro feel when I can.

If you read my Saint Helena High School for Wayward Girls….these classics are a clue to the ending!

Something just doesn’t not let me have the bottom of this page in modern times!

Film Connections…

Not quite B.D.S.M. or Fetish, but you will see why these photos are here.

I always had a thing about Claudette Colbert. Here she is getting a spanking…

And here she is on a rather risqué visit to a torture chamber in a museum… from a film ‘I Cover the Waterfront’.

A nice little set for you…

Same girl…I think…

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