Bits ‘n Bobs, Odds ‘n Sods, and some a bit Quirky – Part 2

Once a section gets up to around 200 photos, it can make updating it a bit slow and laborious, so here is part two.

Thank you for attending gentlemen, let this photograph show the good ladies of Bristol what I will do with their wayward daughters if they enrol at my ‘School of Correction’

Can’t be sure, and it is my own fault for not being organised and keeping all my notes in good order. But when I found this, it said in the note that Mrs Walters, the professional Bircher of naughty bottoms in Bristol, (I have written of her at length) used to allow photographers in to record some of her punishments, and this was one. I have started an illustrated story all about her, it won’t be coming soon…lol, I have also started a few others, one over 20 chapters long. You have to be a bit patient with me. Writing takes time, and I get sidetracked with photography and of course…spanking my girls!

Some bottoms for you! Click here..

And to carry on with this section,

When you sign up for lessons with me darling, you accept my ideas of discipline. Now let’s go for a steady walk to the stable yard, gather the other girls, and give this crop a workout!
“You what? I haven’t put my…..ooooh! You are teasing me!”
This surely has to be Joan Rydell lifting her dress, so it must be an Irving Klaw event…..maybe a Christmas party!?
Right then gentlemen, the ticket you draw from this bag says what implement you use, the ticket from this bag, the girl! Get to the start line, and get ready for the starting smack! Good luck, may the reddest bottom win!
“Oh Daddy, not here in the park, we are sorry for being naughty, but no, please, not a naked spanking before everyone…please!”
Pick me Mr.Jones! Pick me! My bottom next, no mine!
“Shhhh be patient! You’ll all get a spanking don’t worry!”
Okay, no police. But car theft and joy riding is a serious crime. Now turn around and bend over! I am giving you all a good spanking! And if you want your clothes back, you will take what I give, no matter how hard and long!
You have been asking for a sleep over all summer long, and when you do I catch you all baring your bottoms to the boys outside! Well, I am leaving the window wide open, they can listen to your spankings! Then you can line up and show them your bottoms again…bright red!
I told you at the interview, mess up an order and you get a bare bottom spanking!
Right, the first one to get their light bulb in and lit, spanks the other one on the bare, bent over, right here!
The Moulin Rouge knicker inspector is a very much sought after position.
If I dress up as a school girl will you spank me on my bare bottom like my mummy used to do?
Its okay, mummy only told us not to end up working in a red light district.
“Oh fuck! The banana has gone right in!”
There is no pound coin on the floor really is there Mr.Jones?
Yes of course I mean it, ten each as hard as you can!
Having risen to a dare, this girl did her cheerleading display with no knickers on, and ended up getting a bare bottom spanking before the audience!

This is a lovely office discipline set, I always like it when one girl who is giggling at another’s plight, gets spanked or caned herself…

And here is another set…

Believe it or not I found this photo in an article on corporal punishment but the copy of the wring was so poor I just couldn’t make it out! How annoying, I wonder what the story was…

Let’s just imagine it was a mass naked spanking of naughty girls!

Smile! You’ve been framed!

Do you like to see vintage girls smoking, well, if you do here are 50 of them, some from Ostra, including two of my favourite Ostra girl…Olga!

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