Mistress and her Pets – Part 3

Follow this link to part two, then on to part one. https://www.spanking-emporium.co.uk/spanking-emporium/?p=8070

Sunday morning, the day of reckoning. Mistress has added the totals of merits and de-merits, for the past week, together. She is telling the girls what is to happen later, and how many strokes.

She produces the cane, and their bottoms twitch in anticipation. She taps each one on the head and tells them how many they will get.

“Charlotte, six.”

‘thank you Mistress.’

“Kate, six.”

‘thank you Mistress.’

“Samantha, six.”

‘thank you Mistress.’

“Lucy, 36.”

‘Ohhh come on! That’s not right, you do not know what you are doing! Stupid Mistress.’

“Make that 100.”

‘thank you Mistress.’

“The talk of caning you has got my pussy wet, put your hands up my skirt, pull my knickers down, feel my pussy, squeeze my bottom, stroke my thighs….until I orgasm. That would be very good pets.”

Mistress began to buck back and forth as the orgasm hit her clit…

It was Charlotte and Samantha who put a finger each up her pussy and sliding them back and forth, one up, one down as she squealed her orgasm…”Oooooohhhhhhhh my pets, my pets!”

She switched on the camera and caned each girl in turn for her followers on her web site, (that particular morning there was a mass orgasm of 3458, in the ratio of 2010 men 1448 women.)

She then put them on display, and the followers slowly calmed down to watch the post orgasmic spectacle of wiggling sore bottoms, many repeating their orgasms, some three times and few even more.

Why not join them, four finer bottoms you will rarely find together….so, hands on cocks, fingers on clits and in pussies, annnnd begin…up, down,up, down…pick up speed, that’s it, let’s all try and come together. They will not stop until the last one of you has done, so no rush…enjoy!


Wiggle, wiggle…

Wiggle wiggle, thrust thrust, wiggle…

Knees bend, wiggle wiggle, thrust thrust….knees bend, bottom out…

Mistress watches each little screen as girls and men reach their climax, whilst her girls wiggled away, encouraging them with naughty words…’come on, shoot on my bottom!’ “Imagine I am licking your clit as Mistress spanks me!” And so on, until there was just one hand left…yours….moving faster, and faster, annnnd…ooooh there you go!

“All done! See you next Sunday!”…as you switch off you watch them hugging.

Bye bye!