The Spanking Pet – Part Four

This will take you to part three, then each one has a link to the previous set,

Having all taken turns in spanking their pet, naked, in the diaper position, they decided to take her on a little walk. Mistress Samantha went for a Gorean Collar and a red silk leash.

Together with Mistress Kate and Mistress Charlotte, they put the collar on their pet, Lucy.

Mistress Charlotte took the leash and told Lucy to get on all fours, and follow her.

Watching the delightful sight of Mistress Charlotte leading their pet Lucy, her blushing bottom swaying and pussy glistening, Mistress Kate and Mistress Samantha looked at each other.

“We have made a good choice.” Said Samantha. “Yes indeed, I am so pleased we have our very own plump bottom to play with.” Replied Kate smiling happily.

Lucy’s voyage of discovery had begun, let’s see where it takes her, come back soon!