Happy Customers become Friends – Part One

I have told you about my clients, the girls who come to see me for a spanking. Whom I now class as my dear spanking friends. You never see them, obviously and quite correctly, I am sworn to secrecy, it is the only way with these, unless they ask, then I put a photo of their bottom up. They find that naughty and exciting.

I have told you of ‘my girls’ …models whom I have worked with so often, that they are now my very dear friends. You often see these, Samantha, Charlotte, Kate, Lucy, and occasional extras, also becoming familiar to you, like Cherry, Karen, Amber and others.

I have mentioned my events now and then. These take two forms, an attended event where people watch, and another type, where I put on a special happening for a follower, who also becomes a friend. Perhaps the most well known of these is Lucy, she saw a picture on my Twitter, of a public spanking. She commented how she wished it could happen, I said it can, it did! And now we are the best of friends, spanking friends. She works for me often.

Consider this…Men and women! MARS AND VENUS!!! As the book says.

I thought that getting a group of men to come to my studio to watch my girls get bare bottom spankings and join in…yes spank the girls! Would be easy. Was it? No! Most dropped out one by one, and when the day came, only three came and I lost money.

So..I tried girls. Never let me down! Not once!

So here we are…meet Emma.

She followed me on Twitter, slowly became a friend, and then one day I asked her if she would like to come to my studio. No pressure to be spanked, just come, to see, a little tour, and meet the girls.

She asked, “could I spank them?”

“Of course!” I replied.

She came along, we had a lovely chat. I invited Kate and Charlotte. Emma and I dressed up for role play, a Victorian Master and Mistress. With two naughty maids, Charlotte and Kate. We sat knee to knee, and spanked them both in turn over our laps. What fun!

Then she spanked them alone and asked for photo souvenirs. Here they are. She does not want to show her face, hence the mask.

As you can see, they got along very well!

Talk about the cat who got the cream! What a happy photo.

They spanked her too, a real good spanking with a strap, you can see that’s next time.

Bye for now!