Saint Helena’s Adult Schoolgirls – Part One

You are probably aware of my school. ‘Saint Helena High School for Wayward Girls.’ You can read lots about it in various places on my blog. A good place to start would be by following this link. One day, all these parts and sub sections will be linked together…one day!

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So, imagine the scene, any woman who has been to court in my fictional town, can avoid a criminal record by agreeing to go to the school for correction. Only to be released back into society when deemed fit to be trusted. This means agreeing to dress as a school girl, regardless of age, and agreeing to the use of corporal punishment. This young woman, in her mid twenties, having been caught shoplifting, (not cheap stuff, serious shoplifting of watches and jewelry etc) and being in possession of low grade drugs, has agreed to an open ended sentence.

‘Huh, I’ve lost my job anyway, so I suppose it is better than prison.’

She arrives in the evening, I meet and greet her, then take her to meet Head of Discipline, Miss Kenworthy.

Miss Kenworthy explains in great detail the power she has, and discusses her dossier of crime and what she intends to do to correct her. From a confident woman of arrogance, the woman is reduced to a trembling wreck in minutes. It has also been explained that it is too late to change her mind, she is stuck here for as long as it takes, as painful as that might be.

Miss Kenworthy fetches her uniform.

The transformation from a modern woman of attitude, to a submissive schoolgirl who must expect corporal punishment whenever Miss Kenworthy decrees, begins with her trembling fingers removing her clothes. She must strip naked, before her Mistress, and change.

With an air of authority, and exuding power, the formidable Miss Kenworthy stands to watch…