Over the Piano Stool Charlotte!

I think by now that a lot of you will have seen my piano stool, it presents a girls bottom at a lovely height for spanking. They cannot bring their hand back to protect their bare bottom, because they would fall over. It is perfect for the plimsol to be delivered hard and fast. Like Charlotte, here once again.

After I sent her home with a letter and a red bottom, her parents have whole heartedly agreed with my methods and encourage me to spank her bare bottom when needed, with any implement I choose, where I choose.

They cannot explain her transformation. I can, she likes it. But I am keeping that to myself.

The class have been for a trip to the local art gallery, and Charlotte has been exposing herself before some paintings taking selfies. She never thought about the cctv footage, which I now have before me. I have given her a severe reprimand, and ordered her to write a letter of apology, which she can deliver after school.

I have now taken her to her classroom, it is lunch. “Charlotte, bare your bottom and kneel on the piano stool I have placed there for you.”

“yes Sir.”

“Now place your hands on the floor or grip the stool at its base.”

‘yes Sir.’

After lunch the class comes in, there are fits of giggles and excited chatter. I do nothing to stop it except to tell them to sit.

I tell them about her photos on the trip, and tell them she is getting a bottom blistering 24 on each cheek, with my size 13 plimsol. And after school I am driving her, with no knickers on, to the museum, to deliver a letter of apology, where I am giving her another dozen before the assembled staff. Charlotte goes wide eyed at this, the class guffaw.

I quickly dispense the punishment and send her hopping and jumping about at the front of the classroom, where she stays until home time and her return journey to the museum.