Thrasher Smiths’ Stare!

You are at school, you are a girl, a naughty one, sat by your best friend, equally as naughty, but not very often the instigator of your combined misdeeds.

It is double maths, you are bored. Miss Smith is a bit of a dragon, and a free spirit as regards corporal punishment. “The only way to control a headstrong girl is to make her understand that she is always just one step away from a red sore bottom!” She had said to you once, before a particularly long over the knee spanking.

She had an impediment, the poor lady had progressively gone deafer and deafer, until she had plucked up courage to go for an hearing test. Yesterday she got her first hearing aids. They were miraculous!

Girls in her class had been taking liberties, trumping noises on the back of the hand being a firm favourite! Especially as she walked around the room or bent over.

You and your friend of course, have no idea that today, her hearing is almost superhuman!

She bends to a drawer, and you do a long one, much to the class’s amusement. She is not stupid, now she understands the amused looks she has seen as she has turned to the class over the past two or three months. She reaches up to write….another…more laughter. Little ‘breaking of wind’ sounds are then heard from you and your friend at shorter and shorter intervals.

After sitting back at her desk Miss Smith kept looking up, to track the silly noises. As she suspected the instant she heard the first one, it is you, and your friend.

She bided her time. “Give them enough rope and they will hang themselves.” She thought.

She pretends to look for something, and sooner or later you think…’she will go in a bag or a drawer soon.’ So, you wet your forearm, take a big breath, press your lips to your skin, and together as she moves, you prepare to blow!



Instead of reaching to her drawer, she stands, a formidable giant of ogre proportions staring down at you! Instead of a huge fart apiece coming from your lips, two little pathetic squeaks come forth.

The class giggles and then slowly descends into silence, as she stares. And what a stare! It almost turns you to stone.

“Silly little girls, amused by the sound of bodily functions from the posteriors! I should have known it would be you two who find such infantile nursery humour the height of entertainment at the age of sixteen! If you find bottoms so amusing, then let us entertain the class with some. I have found that inflicting great pain on a young girls buttocks bring forth a variety of much sillier noises, accompanied by much jumping about and dancing.”

You both swallow dryly.

“Stand up! Both of you!” She looks to your friend, “I suspect that this was your partner in crimes idea? It usually is.”

She stands silent, a true friend. You own up….”Yes Miss Smith, it was me…I…I…thought…I…”

“You thought I could not hear! Well…look!” She says, as she shows two shiny new hearing aids.

She picks up a tawse, and speaks to your friend. “I think a crisp dozen on each cheek should provide an excellent show!”

Then she picks up a long flexible cane, and flexes it to an arc. “As for you! I think the same, followed by a dozen with this!”

“Both of you, remove your knickers and place them on the desk.”

Fumbling and trying to balance with some dignity, you do so.

“Remove your ties, lift up your gym slips…HIGH! …and tie them up with the ties around your chests, just under your breasts!”

You do so.

“Out here….NOW!”

You both begin to cry in fear and embarrassment, as naked as the day you were born from the top of your white knee socks to just under your firm pert young breasts. Your bottoms have never felt so exposed or vulnerable.

(Try it…if you are alone, bare your bottom, imagine it is you, walk to me….I know exactly what you are going to do…you are very naughty indeed! Maybe I should punish you!)


You are made to face the class, your friend faces away.

The sound nod of supple leather on soft young firm buttocks echoes around the classroom.


… After the tawsing, she is sent to the corner, then you are made to poke your bright red bottom to the class….

WHACK…WHACK…WHACK, the sound of yellow rattan whistling through the air to land on already red, sore flesh, now fills the room.

She was right, you both have jumped about wriggling in a ridiculous humiliating manner, whilst making the most stupid noises.