Charlotte’s Fifth Visit to Miss Kenworthy

Here is a link to the fourth visit, then each one has a link to the previous visit…

…Charlotte’s punishments had up until now been getting worse, in the sense that the implements and apparatus to bend over were getting more….what shall we say…exotic?

So she was surprised to hear after this telling off that she was to go over the knee of Miss Kenworthy.

There was a reason for this. If a girl shows a sign of being a natural submissive, then Miss Kenworthy keeps an ‘over the knee spanking’ until this stage. If a girl is just plain naughty, then she starts with one.

… ‘It is all in the eyes’ says Tamara. ‘I can tell, 90% of the time, when I meet a girl, it’s the way they look down, and up at the same time….their head bows down in shame or obedience, yet their eyes take a naughty look up. I think it is so they can remember my stare later, when they are stroking their spanked bottom in bed with one hand, and rubbing their pussy with the other.’

‘To confirm my belief, before I consider making them ‘an offer’, I see how they react.

By this I mean that a true submissive not only wriggles and squirms in pain and delight, they grind into your lap, find a point of pressure to rub their pussy against, and then rise! Oh I love to see them push up to meet the next smack! I also try to catch sight of their face. If you can see pleasure with their discomfort and pain, then they are what I am looking for.’

Whatever does a ‘Head if Discipline’ in a school mean by this? What offer?….hmmm?

You will find out…but for now, the over the knee spanking…

Can you see the subtle hint of pleasure in going over the knee of Miss?

Look…there, can you see it? Charlotte is not just bending over for her spanking, she is willingly presenting her bottom to her Mistress.

Again! Look! Look at Charlotte’s face as her knickers are gripped.

Now study her face, see the need for pain, the desire for humiliation, the yearning for satisfaction that only a spanking, in whatever form, given by your chosen Mistress can meet. (Or if you come to me, your Master.)

Yes…there is a naughty girl getting exactly what she needs.