Public Punishments – 1

Every now and then I invite people/followers to an event/shoot/or a ‘meet the models for spanking’ session…

This, (what you are going to see) was an event. Three men turned up to witness a real spanking, and caning, along with seeing Neddy in action and a naked spanking gauntlet.

I met them all with tea and biscuits, gave a little talk, and spanked Lucy over my knee, on the bare bottom, before them. This broke the ice nicely.

Why Lucy?

To keep quite a long story short……She first introduced herself after I put a post up about being spanked in public, to which she replied, “I neeeed one of those….pleeeease!” I said it could be arranged, and this is the result! That takes care of about six months! What happens in this series of sets is over about three hours, one sunny day…

I wanted to take lots of photos, some to use in my sets, some in my stories, and some just to record the events. As with my female clients who come for a spanking, I treat everything I do in confidence. No faces of the visitors will be shown, and neither, (by her own request), will be Lucy’s. Which is a shame, because it is a nice happy smiling one.

So, imagine the scene…me working as normal, directing the girls with some script I have dreamed up, but with three men, watching. It all took place in just one of my rooms.

Part one…

The three guests were told they were like flies on a wall at a school, Miss Kenworthy had a girl in her room for some serious discipline, one step short of expulsion. Repeated offences and bratiness, many complaints from staff, and finally resulting in playing truant and going on a shoplifting spree. The police had arrested her, and demanded discipline ‘of the highest order’ or criminal proceedings would ensue. Miss Kenworthy promised them that she would get a lesson she would never forget. She had let her school down, she was on a road to disaster and crime, she had to be corrected, and would be, severely.

A telling off and an otk spanking started the show…the men were enthralled from the first second. The Head Girl was in attendance, which was quite normal. Some girls get scared and even physical on occasions, and need to be held or restrained. Lucy was not scared, she was a little defiant, unrepentant.

Miss Kenworthy told her off.

She was told to write on the board three times, ‘I will not steal.’

Then without further ado, over she went.

Sorry about the star on the gentleman’s head, but it is for privacy, I hope it does not spoil your enjoyment, there will be quite a few!

The spanking was brisk.

Lucy was holding firm, not giving Miss Kenworthy the satisfaction of squeals and a struggle. So she asked Kate to pass her the hairbrush.

How the girls fear this hairbrush.

All the girls were in role now, I moved about stealthily, trying not to spoil the scene or the atmosphere. Miss Kenworthy did not hold back…

She wrapped her legs around Lucy, and held her firm as twenty good solid hard smacks landed on that wonderful bottom! How she wriggled and squealed, begging for mercy! None came…

Soon Lucy began to buck like a horse, letting out huge yells, wriggling away on the lap of the magnificent Miss Kenworthy, who carried on, faster and harder. Smacks like pistol shots echoed, and the men winced. But they could not look away. They were in the zone, I was invisible.

Trust me, if you are close to Miss Kenworthy in full flow, you cannot look away. It was all I could do to remember to take photos!