Maid Training – No 7

The life of subservience for our dear Kate continues with her in the bedroom. Mistress Samantha demands extremely high standards with everything. I mean impossible standards. Nobody could ever attain them, which of course is what they both want.

Mistress likes her knickers ironed smooth. It is early morning, and having drank her tea, and eaten her toast in bed, she showered whilst Kate made her bed. But when she got dressed the knickers she chose to wear were creased! How could anyone expect such a delicate Mistress to have creased knickers next to her pussy?

“How dare you not make all my knickers smooth? Bend over!”

“This is making my back ache! Have you no consideration for your Mistress? Get on the bed! You can have another six for being so thoughtless and demanding! You must always consider my back when being punished, and not just bend over anywhere.”

“Yes Mistress, sorry Mistress, I am so thoughtless, is this better?”

“Yes! Marginally! Now push up for each stroke” WHACK, THWACK!”

“Owwwww, ooooooh!”

“Just think of the pain you put me through having to bend at silly angles to cane your bottom. When I have finished caning you we will change places. You can rub my body cream on my back, you have no idea how I suffer!” WHACK WHACK!

“I am so sorry Mistress, cane me hard, teach me Mistress, Yesssss ooooh, yessss owwwwwww, thank you Mistress!”

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