The Spanking Gauntlet

I have no idea where the inspiration for this came from. I remember in some old western film and a horror film where people have run the gauntlet, being chopped with tomahawks or beaten with clubs….lol…nice!

Nothing so brutal here! Just crawling along a row of knees, naked, having their bottom spanked and nobody stops until the naked spankee reaches the safety of the floor at the other end!

As I was organising one of my public spanking events ‘Pop!’ …it suddenly popped in, then out of my mind, down to my fingers, and was soon typed in a message to Lucy. Within ten seconds she said yes!

You know what Lucy is like, she agrees to most things spanking, so long as she does not show her face. She was in good company actually, the three male visitors to my studio for the day did not want to show their faces either!

On the day, she had been spanked otk twice, tawsed, caned, and had a board ruler across her bottom. She had also ridden Neddy whilst being made to sing ‘I’m a naughty girl’ as Samantha and Kate caned and riding cropped her red bottom.

After all that, and just for the pure enjoyment of spanking, (and her pay of course) she eagerly crawled along ‘The Spanking Gauntlet’ three times!

Have a look…These are not in the exact proper order, they were taken over the three runs, which took place straight after each other, Lucy running around to the start, shouting ‘again, again, I want to go again!’

Smacks rained down on Lucy’s bottom as hard and fast as people could, three times, and she was held a few cheeky times.

She did well….three cheers for Lucy!

Satisfied customers all round!!