Vintage Smoking

I have always liked the old black and white or sepia photos of a sexy girl smoking, even the curly little smoke trails seem to tickle a fancy of mine!

As you know by now, 90% of my blog and site is spanking, and one of the earliest vintage forays was through the work of the Ostra Studio.

I have grown rather fond of Olga, one of their top models and her near perfect bottom for spanking. What I like about this section…..(on my site it will be a sub section …part 2 of “odds ‘n sods and quirky” which in itself is a sub section of another vintage section, called Vintage Stock Pile!…did you follow that? …lol…probably not!) ….is that a great many of the photos are from the OSTRA STUDIO.

To finish off, we have to have some spanking don’t we?! Imagine you are a 1920’s film star, a silver screen idol, living in a country mansion. Go on! Indulge yourself, let your mind go wild with exotic fantasy….get dressed to kill!

Very elegant you look too! ….My word, you scrub up well!

After a hard day at the studio you come back to find your maid, a little tipsy, and smoking your expensive golden tipped Turkish cigarettes!

“Get up you naughty girl! Bend over the back of that chair!” You say as you snatch the feather duster from her.

With straight legs she bends, and presents her bottom well. You pull her frilly knickers down to her knees, turn the feather duster around, and using its cane handle you stripe her bottom well!

Hope you enjoyed these….Asa.

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