Up in the Purple Boudoir – Part Two

This will take you to part one…https://www.spanking-emporium.co.uk/spanking-emporium/?p=8145

….after an enjoyable prelude to sleep, they were left alone for the night. I went to my room and settled down for the night, and went to sleep listening to giggles and other noises.

Next morning, as always I was up early…lots to do! Eventually I heard a sound or two and went up to see them, with a cup of tea each and a biscuit, to see what they wanted for breakfast. I put the tea tray on an old table by the door and knocked..”Are you up?”

“Yes! Come in!”

I opened the door slightly, picked up the tray and walked in…”Bloody hell! That’s what I call a welcome to a new day! Slept well?”

We sat and talked…do you really expect me to remember what about?

I started telling them about their roles in the shoot I had planned, which seemed to excite them.

They asked for a full English breakfast each, something told me they would be ravenous when I got back…