A Perfect Blend

Tamara, or Samantha? It has to be both. Domme or sub, she does it right, and is all the better for it.

As you know I am a Dom, being born in 1951 it seems and feels natural to me. I have no disregard for a male sub. To be honest I often fantasise…of being a woman, a submissive one. Sent to see Miss Kenworthy!

She understands, she can use empathy. I have had her over my knee, like all my girls. She is lovely to spank. I have filmed and photographed her as a Domme, and seen her deal with both men and women.

Like a perfect blended whisky or cocktail, she is just right. As a stand alone fine wine, red or white, she satisfies the palette. Let’s have a look at her…

Just like Mary Poppins, but without the ‘practically’…she is perfect as she is!